Valandil Luinwe - Justin

Pronounced VALAN-DIL LU-IN-WE.

The story of our character Valandil Linw starts in the land of Shimera in the World of Kempin, during the reign of the High Elf Naeris Hadarai. The Linw family served the Hadarai family as Lord of the Western Willows. Valandil Linw lived in Shimera for nearly eighty years as an adolescent where he learned from the nobility of Shimera, however he was never really good with the responsibilities associated with being a noble. Valandil Linw was the second son to Thamior Linw who was the keeper of the Western Willows and the protector of the Treants. A very respectable family within Shimera, however Valandil Linw was never destined to lead the family and had different desires for his life. When his brother turned of age during the first year of the Emperor, he was clearly disconnected from the families political aspirations and often disappeared to the serenity of the Western Willows.  There he trained in the art of the hunt and became so one with nature that many of the elders began to see Valandil Linw as a druid rather than a ranger. His connection with nature while strong was always second to his prowess with martial combat so when his father Thamior passed away Efendril assigned him to the Capitan of the guard. Not wanting to be a puppet to the political needs of his brother, while he supported the succession of his brother, he never wanted to serve his brothers ambition to become the king of the land of Shimera.

Valandil Linw after refusing his brothers position, began to consider his brother a potential threat to his rulership. His connection to the Western Willows naturally gave Valandil support among the elders of the fief. Efendril, worried about the potential spit among the nobility and elders decided to create a plot that would forever change Valandils life. Efendril, plotted to raise the Treants in a attempt to overthrow himself but set the stage to undermine Valandil. Valandil realizing that he was less connected than his brother and greatly displeased that his brother would betray him decided to leave the land of Shimera. Before, his brother could launch his devious plot Valandil disappeared. How exactly is still a mystery but after three years of roaming landed in the Crimson Coast. When Valandil was roughly 140 years old he began to settle around Doker, where he protected small settlements from the raids of pirates and brigands, however he did take advantage of the shipwrecked merchants that were typical around the northern coast. Often Valandil traveled to the City of Order and Port Fikes to sell his newly found wares. Valandil desired more from his life but never found purpose and began to travel around the Crimson Coast living usually outside of the major settlements. Often the mysterious protector of the unfortunate but always finding a reasonable living.

Valandil decided to hear an offer from the leaders of the City of Order and decided to move once again to become a wilderness advisor to the citys watch. Once again his martial prowess has served him and he now practices and trains with the guards throughout the City of Order, and advises them on matters of wilderness survival. There are still some unknown tales of what Valandil did for nearly 100 years living throughout the Crimson Coast, much of which he has chosen to keep secret.


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