Venkat Matsu - Mike C.

Venkat Matsu or Venkat the Blue is a mysterious figure in the City of Order. He is one of the few from the city who seems to occasionally disappear into the jungle for days at a time. His wanderings are subject of much speculation and since most people very rarely leave the city they are seen as strange. Nothing good can come from wandering in the jungle according to the man on the street in the City of Order.

Most people have attached evil purposes to his wanderings and in support of their gossip he seems to always show up when something is about to or has just happened. To make it worse it is often something bad. Many of the townsfolk have taken to calling him StormCrow although he often refers to himself as the "Blue". It's unclear what that means.

He often seems to know what is going to happen before it does. It may because he is keenly observant or as many suggest it may be un-natural.


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