As DM, I see the players as complete and equal partners in the storytelling of a campaign.  Your characters, and their backstories, motives, values, goals, and actions drive the campaign's storyline forward.  So, the more you know about the game world, your characters, and the story thus far...the better.

In past campaigns I've created a written guide to the campaign that gave important information about the game setting, etc.  But, times have changed.  Every player's phone is a portal to information that is a thousand times better than a written pamphlet.  Here are some of the digital resources available to you at the gaming table every time we play:

1.  The Crimson Coast Website - First and foremost, you have this website and the basic information it provides about the game world.  You'll find information on the other player characters, the Crimson Coast, and the towns of the Crimson Coast.  The "Story Summaries" page features game summaries and interlude stories written by the DM and the Players.

2.  The Lords of RPG Private Group or The JBK Private Page - Each group's private Facebook page is where conversations take place between games.  Each private group is full of resources, background information, stories, and even game summaries.  You'll get more out of the game if you participate in the private groups.

Main Page

Player's Guide

The Characters

Cities and Towns

Story Summaries

World Calendar

Kempin Wiki

House Rules



3. Crimson Coast Wiki  - Never before have I had the ability to host a wiki dedicated to a campaign.  Over time, the World of Kempin wiki and the subsection of it dedicated to the Crimson Coast will provide what is probably the most power resource available to you at a game.  Forget who an NPC is?  Go to the wiki.  Forget details about a specific town or location in the game?  Look it up.  Want to know more about people, places, objects, or the history of the campaign world?  The answers are just a quick search away.

4.  The DM - Of course we would all love to remember everrything about the campaign.  But, that's not always possible.  So, if you run into a situation where you have forgotten something and really need to know it, whether it is at a game or between games, just ask me.  I'll either know the answer or know where to find it.  And your question might represent something we haven't really fully developed, and asking me about it will prompt me to develop it more and fill in the blanks.

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