January 10, 2015 

Kobolds run rabid through the City of Order, and a brave party of adventurers confronts them.  A trapdoor in the middle of a field is discovered, and a messenger from a wise friend leads the party to attempt to save Njal and his family from death.  Two families attempt to destroy Njal's legacy with fire, and the party does everything they can to stop the Burners.  The next day, the Law Keeper gives the party a holy charge to hunt down all of the Burners that have fled, and take their lives.  Most of the party celebrates with the people of Order, while a few members raid the empty farmsteads of the Burners, looking for clues and treasure.  A slave boy is found, as is evidence of the various places the Burners are heading.  

Then, the guards watching the trapdoor in the field are found dead around the hole.  The party, accompanied by three of the townguard head down the hole to explore.  About 40' down the hole, the party finds and kids three giant spiders that have built a nest there.  Continuing down the whole, the tunnels widen and become square, and the party comes to a set of double doors.  Forcing them open, the party is attacked by zombies and a zombie dog.  The party destroys the undead filth, and decides to rest.  Closed double doors at the other side of the room hold back unimaginable horrors, yet unseen.  And this is just the beginning of our tale...


Giovanni Piazzi, Moriarty Kellser, Amadius Sorrento, Valandil Luinwe, and Squeedlbrock Starlinblinkbau IV gathered at the Wilding Bar in the City of Order.  It was late in the evening, and the bar was sparsely populated.  There was a female bartender serving drinks, a female bard was playing music, there was a table with three farm owners discussing business, a priest from the Temple of Order and Law eating some food, a one-footed begger looking for handouts, and a very sad man sitting by himself.  The group of young men, an elf, and a gnome had come to the bar at the bequest of Venkat Matsu.  Venkat was the reason the five men knew each other in the first place.  At least five times he had called them together like he had tonight.  Sometimes he brought them together simply to eat, drink, converse, and have fun.  Other times, he had brought them together for a bit of trouble.  They never exactly knew what would happen when Venkat asked them to gether, but they knew it would always be interesting.


Venkat was uncharacteristically late, so members of the group sought to entertain themselves and gain information.  Moriarty flirted with the young female bard.  Valandil began to eavesdrop on the three farm owners, and learned they were gossiping about conflicts and politics among the land-owners of the City of Order.  Giovanni paid the one-footed begger to give him the five names of people that were not pure in their actions or intentions.  Squee struck up a conversation with the sad man sitting alone, and learned that his grief was caused by the fact he had recently betrayed someone for money.  "Is it my fault I have a love of money?  Would not anyone betray a friend if the money was right?  Why should I feel bad, just because the man I betrayed was stupid enough to be nice to someone like me?"  But, clearly the man was deeply disturbed by what he had done.  

The members of the group, one by one, began to notice dogs barking wildly outside.  It sounded as though something were disturbing all of the dogs in town.  Moriarty went to the front door of the Wilding Bar, and looked out into the town square.  He immediately spotted small dark figures darting from building to building, and knew something was completely amiss in the City of Order.  He stepped out of the door, and the dark figures spotted him.  As they came into the torch light of the town square, Moriarty saw that they were 3 or 4 feet tall, walked on their hind legs like men, had dog-like faces, and crude knives and shorts swords in their hands.  They moved forward and started into a full charge on Moriarty...a charge he met in turn with a charge of his own.  By this time, other members of the group were coming out the tavern door, and began to take defensive positions behind the walls of a well. 



Valandil, Squee, and Amadius began firing bows and crossbows at the charging kobolds, while Moriarty slowed his charge, puffed himself up, and yelled at the top of his lungs at the scampering raiders.  The larger group of kobolds kept right on coming, but the smaller group began to worry and stopped running forward.  At about this time, both groups of kobolds were hit with withering missle fire from Squee, Amadius, and Valendil.  Kobolds were falling dead in the street, and the remaining kobolds thought better of the encounter, and fled.

At about this time, the town guard showed up in the town square, and their leader...


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