Why Squee and Amadius weren't a part of the "Black Aftermath" game... 

"Squee and Amadius on the Road"


Squee and Amadius were walking south on the True Road from Eldermont Keep to the City of Order. Squee kicked a little pebble down the road ahead of him. Every once and awhile he would accidently kick his pebble of choice out-of-reach, so I would adopt a new pebble to kick along. Amadius walked at a leisurely pace, so as to not cause Squee to have to scurry to keep up with his long strides.

Squee spoke up, as though he was continuing a conversation going on in his head. “We’re heroes man...what’s the point in hanging out in some ruins with some creepy dudes we barely know, when we could be in the City...enjoying the fruits of our labors?”

Amadius grinned a little. “Yeah...I’m with you Squee.”

“I mean...what sort of songs does a Black Gorger and a skull-faced pirate king wanna-be like anyway? At least in the Wilding Bar, they appreciate my music.”

Amadius was along for the ride. “Yep. The Wilding Bar is a cool place.”

“And Eldermont Keep is a complete sausage-fest. Other adventuring parties have chicks. Our? All dudes. I swear, people are going to start wondering about us if we don’t add some women to the group eventually…know what I mean?”

Amadius laughed. “Its a gods-damned sausage-fest back there!”

Squee continued on his rant. “Exactly, my friend. Exactly. We’ll drink, we’ll eat, we’ll dance, we’ll enjoy the company of some fine young ladies...and the others will just have to miss out on the fun. Damned spoil-sports.”

Amadius kicked a wayward pebble back in front of Squee. “Lame...straight up lame.”

Squee smiled a big grin, anticipating several days of partying like only a well-known hero can in the City. “We are going to tear it up.”

Several days, 56 shots of hard liquor, 10 pitchers of beer, 4 carafes wine, and a number of loose women later….

Squee and Amadius were lying on their backs in the bottom of Jack Wulf’s small sloop, the “Crusty Whore,” shading their eyes, and doing their best to not vomit again over the side of the boat. The rest of the party was sitting on the sides of the sloop, enjoying the sun and the spray of the ocean in the warm air. Squee nudged Amadius. “Where’d they say we’re off to?”

Amadius put his hand to his mouth, settled his stomach through sheer will alone. A little “urp” was all that came up. “Whew. We’re taking the skull-faced pirate king wanna-be to meet a pirate Captain friend of his...and I think there are some Burners in Galar...urp...that we’re going to behead.”

Squee smiled a weak smile. “I think I’ll stay in the sloop when we get to this pirate parley meeting-thing...maybe get a few winks. I’m paying a heavy price here.”

Amadius had his eyes closed, but he nodded. “I’m with you brother...”

At least, that is the legend as it is told...


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