In movies, television, and novels there are often story elements or plot points of which the main characters are not aware.  But, these plot points add depth, interest, description, and even irony to the story.  They are a necessary part of storytelling, in most cases.

Role-Playing Games tend to focus on the story immediately surrounding the main characters...the player characters.  But, for a truly dramatic and interesting story, sometimes you have to know about the movements, emotions, goals, and adventures of characters other than the main characters.

These stories do not directly affect or involve the main characters, but the events and characters depicted in these side-stories will play a role in the overall storyline.  They contain player-knowledge and not character-knowledge.

For Story Depth... 

"The Council of the Skull"    

Yevus was young, and he had never been allowed to accompany Captain Johanson to one of the meetings.  Usually his first mate Mergan went with him, but Mergen was busy reading Captain Johanson's flag-ship for departure the next morning.  Yevus and Captain Johanson walked through the dirty streets of Port Toroga, weaving here and there to avoid filth puddles and prostitutes alike.  The sun was going down, and the narrow streets were heavily shadowed.
Captain Johanson put a hand on Yevus's should now and again to direct him this way and that.  Around a weaving drunk about to collapse.  Past a cut-purse posing as a begger.  And giving a wide berth to a couple fornicating up against a wall. 
Captain Johanson sneered.  "These are the citizens of our fair city, boy."
Yevus looked up at the Captain.  He was a tall older man, with blond thinning hair, and plenty of blondish-red stubble on his chin and face.  He was wearing a long navy blue wool coat, and a blue fisherman's hat.  Captain Johanson did not have a flamboyant style, which set him apart from many of the other pirate Captains.  Yevus traced the deep lines in the older man's face.  Lines born of the burden of command, and a character formed in the crucible of a hard life. 
A drunk stumbled from an alley, and saw the Captain and his cabin boy coming down the street.  "Gentleman Bill!  Its Gentleman Bill.  Its me, Tykus, sir!  I served under you on the Jolly Murderer a few years ago..."
When Captain Johanson reached the man, he punched him violently in the face, and the drunk stiffened up and rocked on his heals.  Quick as lightning, the Captain delivered a second blow to the man's face that sent him flying backwards, landing awkwardly on the ground bloody and unconscious.
Captain Johanson and Yevus resumed their journey.  "Do you know why I struck that man, Yevus?"
"I'm guessing its because he didn't address you properly...Captain.""Rightly so, boy.  Rightly so."
A few hundred feet of winding streets later, Yevus and Captain Johanson, stood in the street in front of the Lords and Ladies Tavern.  The Captain turned to Yevus.  "Boy, there's a reason I've never brought you here before.  You've been with me for a year now though, and I see your starting to get some stubble on your face.  So, I trust you've old enough to come here now.  Keep close by me, and you'll be fine."
As they went through the front door of the tavern, Yevus looked this way and that in wonder.  The place stunk of rum, and there were pirates from across the known world in that place...guzzling the stuff by the barrel.  Women of ill-repute worked their trade, some of the right at the tables and bar in plain site.  A few men with yellowish skin were smoking odd shaped pipes, and their eyes were nothing but a glassy stare.  There was a man lying on the floor in a pool of blood, and Yevus was sure the man was dead. 
Captain Johanson walked quickly through this common room, with Yevus right on his heels, and marched up the stairs near the back.At the top of the stairs, there was a long balcony that looked over the torrid scene playing out below.  Captain Johanson walked to the only door on this second story, and knocked an odd pattern of knocks on the door.  The door cracked open, and Captain Johanson pushed through, pulling Yevus along with him by the sleeve of his shirt.
The room beyond was dominated by a long table running down its center, and every bench was well as every bench and chair along the outside walls of the room.  Yevus gulped, and was sure that everyone must have heard it.  Yevus had never seen such a collection of people as filled this room tonight.  They were drinking, and carousing, talking, and laughing.  This was a party, much like the type Yevus had seen the crew of the Jolly Murderer having...but there was a different.  The fun and merriment here was more frantic, more desperate, and Yevus got the impression that the slightest spark of trouble could set off a powderkeg of murder and mayhem here in this room.  Yevus looked around the table as they entered.
There was a clean shaven man sitting at the table, with not a hair on his face or head.  Instead, he had blackish-blue tattoos impressed into every inch of his flesh.  There were symbols, and patterns, and a sea monster or two portrayed upon his flesh.  He was wearing a loose shirt, unbuttoned, and it was clear that these tattoos covered his entire body.  A less-heavily tattoo'd man stood behind him, with throwning knives and other strange and exotic weapons strapped all over his body.
There was yellow skinned man with a long white beard.  He wore a small shimmering red cap and red coat, that must have both been made from silk.  He was smoking one of the oddly shaped pipes like the ones Yevus had seen out in the bar area.  But this man's eyes weren't glazed.  They were sharp and penetrating.  Behind him stood too men, wearing silk vests.  They were young, and their sleeveless clothing showed their muscular arms and yellow skin.
There was a large obeese man, wearing the naval clothing of a Captain in the Navy of the Empire.  His coat was a faded purple, and a bit threadbare, and it was clear the clothing was a remind of his past and not an indication of the present.  He had a huge black beard, and he was drinking beer or ale from a large mug.  He was talking with those around him, and his deep laughter could be heard throughout the room.  Two men in Naval uniforms stood behind their Captain, and a third man in uniform sat in a bench at the wall keeping an eye on everyone in the room.
There was a thin older man, dusky-skinned with angular features, a bright blue shirt, and a neatly groomed goatee.  His dark hair was oiled, and he wore jewelry around his neck, wrist, and fingers.  He held two chains loosly in his right hand, and at the end of these chains were two beautiful women, the chains attached to collars around their neck.  The women sat on either side of him, one lightly stroking his hair, and the other feeding him jungle fruits from a tray on the table.  Behind him were similarly dusky-skinned men, their arms crossed, and angry looks on their faces.
There was a woman at the table, different than all the other women in the room.  She wore a three-pointed Captain's hat with a large feather in the brim, and her dark hair feel to her bare shoulders.  She wore two leather belts, criss-crossed across her naked chest.  She was beautiful...amazingly beautiful, but she had a hardened look.  This was a women who knew how to kill, who probably even enjoyed to kill.  And she carried herself with a confidence that told Yevus she was the equal of any man there.  Behind her were two women, one red-headed and one blond, and both were similarly topless, but heavily armed.
There was a large, broad, muscular man with red-hair and a bushy red beard.  Even though he was seated, Yevus could tell by his relative height to the others that he must have been at least 7 feet tall.  He wore a shirt made of rough cloth, but edged with white animal fur.  His only companion was a huge dog.  A huge wolf-like dog the size of a small pony.  Occasionally the man would toss the dog some meat from his plate, and despite the chaos...the dog was completely at ease in this environment.
There were others...many others.  But there was too much for Yevus to take in.  Among this group were painted whores moving here and there, attempting to find a customer...and others already with a customer.
As Captain Johanson entered, things quieted a bit.  He moved towards the table, and several men got up to allow him a place to sit.  They kept their heads down, and their gaze averted out of respect for the man.
Captain Johanson sat down, and signaled Yevus to stand behind him at his shoulder.  Then he casually raised his hand a bit, and the room fell completely silent.  "Gentlemen...Gentlemen.  We have some business to discuss..." 


Remember, these stories are to add depth to the storyline.  They represent player-knowledge, not character-knowledge.  This story was written to add depth to the Crimson Coast campain.


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