In movies, television, and novels there are often story elements or plot points of which the main characters are not aware.  But, these plot points add depth, interest, description, and even irony to the story.  They are a necessary part of storytelling, in most cases.

Role-Playing Games tend to focus on the story immediately surrounding the main characters...the player characters.  But, for a truly dramatic and interesting story, sometimes you have to know about the movements, emotions, goals, and adventures of characters other than the main characters.

These stories do not directly affect or involve the main characters, but the events and characters depicted in these side-stories will play a role in the overall storyline.  They contain player-knowledge and not character-knowledge.

For Story Depth... 

"The Duty of a Black Gorger"    

About 10 Years Ago…
The underground Halls of the Gorgoron were 1000’s of years old.  They had survived the birth of the first Man and three ages of Man.  The Gorgoron were one of the First Races, and their blood had remained pure for all these many millennia.  The black/gray stone walls were ornately carved with symbols so old, that few of the Gorgoron still knew their meaning.  The clever devices that brought water to each hive-home, and carried away trash and waste, were beyond the understanding of the Gorgoron living there today.  And yet these clever devices still worked.
A 1,000 feet beneath the surface world, the Gorgoron race lived and thrived.  Its knowledge of the technology of the past may have faded, but its culture and civilization had evolved and advanced with the many years that had passed by since its founding.  Prose and poetry were a high form among their race.  Drawing, painting, and carving were incredibly advanced arts.  Their dance and song was intricate and clever, though they would appear completely foreign to a surface dweller. Even the skill of weapon-making had become an exalted artform.
Extending outwards from the Halls of Gorgoron were ancient underground forests inhabited by strange creatures, no surface dweller would recognize.  Their sailors traveled on vast underground oceans, encouraging trade between various Gorgoron settlements and villages on the far side of these dark seas.  Their world was a world within the world...and it was their world.
The Gorgoron kept to themselves.  It had been the key to their survival.  The key to their civilization’s longevity.  The sages among them spoke of the fallen races...the orcs and goblins...having a common ancestor among some Gorgoron that had left the Halls and wandered the world infected by men and elves.  They looked down upon the fallen races...and the surface dwellers.  They were all seen as primitive and new, for they were not among the First Races.
Dorgerel served in the army of Black Gorgers.  He had trained from childhood to be a warrior, and protect the Halls of Gororon versus any threat that may come.  Black Gorgers were more than warriors.  They were artists, sages, writers, and were taught to be the best of their Race.  Dorgerel excelled in a number of arts, including the art of killing, and had risen to the position of Captain among his men.  This afforded him certain privillages, including a very nice hive-home near the training caverns.  This home was kept by his prospective mate, Merrelle...a tall beautiful woman among the Gorgoron.  His was a happy home, and a successful career among his people.
The army of Black Gorgers had a grand purpose...the protection of an underground realm that rarely required protection.  They existed against a hypothetical threat that would never come.  Then one day, the hypothetical threat came knocking.
SHE appeared to the King of the Gorgoron with a threat...nay a promise.  SHE would kill every last Gorgoron, extinguish their light from the underworld, and turn their civilization to nothing but cobwebs and vague echoes….unless the King would make her a simple deal.  SHE required an army.  SHE required the Black Gorgers.  The King protested.  He negotiated.  He refused.  But, in the end, SHE got her way.  In return for the service of the Black Gorgers, SHE would protect their realm.  SHE would leave them be in their underground realm, and life would go on much as usual.  SHE insisted the price was cheap, and in the end...the King agreed.
Dorgerel received the news from General Zo himself.  The Black Gorgers were to pack up their gear, and get ready to leave for destinations unknown.  They had prepared to fight to defend their realm, but in the end...they would serve another in order to defend their realm.  Weaker creatures, without the sense of duty that a Black Gorger held at their very core, would have questioned the wisdom of their King.  Would have resisted such an order.  But, the Black Gorgers knew their duty...and they were loyal to their King and the People.  If they must serve SHE to protect their Race...then they would serve.
Dorgerel delivered the news to his prospective mate, Merrelle.  She protested.  “Why must you leave me, Dorgerel?  This makes no sense.  SHE is evil...SHE will bring ruin to the Black Gorgers...and ruin to our people.”
Dorgerel would hear nothing of it.  “Our King has made the decision, and General Zo has given the order.  Leave I must.  I will serve SHE, and when this service is complete...I will come to you.”
Merrelle was distraught.  “Nothing good will come of this.”
Dorgerel stroked her black face.  “I will return to you...we will be together.”
“No, Dorgerel.  We will not.  You have your duty...and I have my duty to my race to have children.  I respect your duty, but you must respect mine.  I will take another mate...and I when and if you return, I will not be waiting for you.”
Dorgerel pulled away from Merrelle.  “I may just be gone a few months….don’t do this.”
Merrelle shook her head.  “Or you might be gone for years.  You don’t know.  Duty, Dorgerel.  I know you understand duty.  Respect the duty I have to our people.  It is more important than my duty to you.”
Dorgerel regained his composure, and stood tall.  He moved closer to Merrelle and took her in his arms.  “I release you, Merrelle.  I know you don’t require my release.  But, I release you.  We must both follow our duty.  If I return, I will be an uncle to your children.  I release you.”
The next day, the Black Gorgers gathered in ranks upon their training field.  They stood at attention with General Zo at their front.  SHE appeared before them in all her dark glory.  “Black have an important part to play in the history of the World of Kempin.  Yours is a proud race...a First Race.  And it is time the world knew your might.  Our road will be a long one...but I promise you that the Race of Gorgoron will play a role in ruling the surface world, as it once proudly did.  You will serve me, and I will bring the Gorgoron Race back to its former glory!  All will bow before the duty and pride of the Black Gorgers!”
And the Black Gorgers and SHE were gone, before the echoes of her last words had faded. 


Remember, these stories are to add depth to the storyline.  They represent player-knowledge, not character-knowledge.  This story was written to add depth to the Crimson Coast campain.


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