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Players! I will give you 100 XPs for each person, place, or thing (with description) that you find missing from this Encyclopedia. Mail them to me in an a WORD file, with the same formatting as you see below. I will then reward the XPs for entries that I deem appropriate!

ABRIYMOCH (a-bree-mock) - A twisted city that rises from the edge of the lake, up the towering walls of the super-heated cavern. At the very top of this city there is a large tower, and it is here that the six captains under the Red Queen meet and make their plans, in order to better serve She That Suckles he Hoards of Hell.

THE ADVENTURERS FIVE - Years ago this group was sent to Respite to save the kidnapped daughter of an elite family. "Princess Margot" had been spirited away by an half-elvish warriormage often referred to as the Red Jackal. The group never returned. Years later two members of the group did reappear, but they would never discuss with anyone what had happened to the other members of The Adventurers Five or to Princess Margot. These two members eventually joined the Madmen of Ridore.

ALCALD VANDRUNAN - Reputedly the master of Gelhorn, City of the Dead. To some he is an evil devil, capturing men's souls. To others he is a last hope at avoiding the cold embrace of death. He is known as a master negotiator, and to be very convincing...offering deals noone could refuse. (Elders)

ALLAHANDROUS THE MINDFLAYER - Master minded the Scheme to kidnap the Ambassador from the Empire for Quincy the Quick. Escaped from The Finders when said Ambassador was rescued. The true reasoning of the kidnapping is unknown, but it was figured that the trade agreements would be foiled if the ambassador would be kidnapped. The Mind Slayer was not killed, and teleported away.

ANDREW KEMPWELL-SMYTHE - He was Will's best friend. They had met at Whitehall. The military academy both had attended. Both, younger sons of families with only the vestiges of wealth remaining, they would be forced to make their way in life on their own. The only advantage gained from their birth's being good names. Now joined once again in the Azure Kingdom hoping to find the right opportunity to make a name for themselves in this cold land.

ANGEL'S TEARS - These orbs of crystalline purity are actually the tears of angels…gathered with much joy by the Raksasha. They are very fragile…and when thrown or broken against someone…they inflict all their potential pain and sorrow upon that someone. Don't be in contact with them when they shatter…or you too will suffer what they have to offer.

ANSWORTH, DR. - He ran Raker's Asylum and worked with the Black Tower. He was slain by Pym in her mayhem with Vall Woodshadow's missing dagger.

ARANONRI - The Homeland of the high elves, at least in legend.

ARCHIBALD LEECH - Originally of Crunal, Archibald stood against the ork tribes and later banished "Archibald's Wyrm" back to his Plane of Shadow. Years ago, Archibald left Crunal, and rumors have leaked back over the years that he has established a school of magic, and had 100 mages contemplating the solution for some world-shattering problem. His school is on an island in the center of Sona-Nyl. (Elders)

ARMIS - The leader of a group of thieves in the town of Dumit who wanted the key to the Storm Gate. Eytai convinced him he wished to restore the Elven civilization and would retrieve the Key for a reward. He didn't realize the only way to restore the glory of the Forest of the Ancients was to eliminate the perpetual winter. Through some hard bargaining Eyai was able to secure this wonderful bow (+1 hit/ +2 damage) as an advance. Will Eytai be hearing from Armis sometime in the future?

ASHARDOALON - A powerful dragon of legend. "Ashardoalon" appeared carved in a wall at the Sunless Citadel. (Elders)

ASHE - He lives in the Mountain of man and claims to be the Dark Lord who fell from power at the end of the last age at the hands of the Unifier who wielded the fabled sword "Savior". He now has chosen to serve, rather than take up his seat along side his predecessors, there under the Red Jackal who has supposedly taken his mantle. He is constantly testing the Red Jackal trying to retake his old station.

ASMODEUS - Lord of the Nine, Rular of Hell.

ATNOCK - Shaman of the Gnash Clan. He was chosen by Zeek in a ritual celebration.

AZURE KEEP, THE KEEP OF THE AZURE ICE - A castle at the "top of the world," it is built of the native blue stone...and over a long period of abandonment has become covered with a thick coat of ice. In the light of the sun and the moon, the Keep glows with an unearthly blue aura. This was once the home and court of the last Azure King...Senaca, his wife Judith, his powerful mage and advisor Cameo, and the bard Dutton Hobbs. The Keep was finally abandoned to the ice over 500 years ago, upon the tragic and mysterious death of King Senaca himself. (See illustration of the Keep under "History of the Azure Kingdom.")

AZURE SPECTICALS - These magical Glasses are made from pure sand from streams in the Azure Mountains this attributes to blue color in the glass. Each grain must be without any debris that may cause a lack of clarity. Set in Silver rims a See Invisibility spell is cast in the making but do to the spell altering innate abilities of the quartz in the Azure Mountains the Glasses only seem to clarify shadows outline hidden objects and doors. The Spectacles when worn give +4 t all search checks but if worn for over 1 hour per day will cause a blurring of vision negating the bonus and causing a -4 check due to eye strain and a painful headache. Closing the eyes for 8 hours i.e. sleep will restore normal vision.

BABEL'S TOWER - A tavern in the city of Abriymoch owned by Kreeg. Under the establishment is a grand coliseum, where gladiatorial battles can be seen.

BACKWARD HANDS STEW - A cannibalistic stew, known to cause insanity. It is used in evil rituals to make the living become minions of demons. Known to cause Zeek to go into an hallucinatory tirade if mentioned.

BALANCE, ORDER OF - An order of Monks that believe the world grows stronger with a balance between Good and Evil through the adversity it brings and the choices creatures are given. They are known to keep thier word.

BALSAG THE HUNTER - A bugbear encountered in the Sunless Citadel. He wored a helmet with elk horns mounted on it...and Zeke thought it was a horned humanoid! He fought well, but was eventually killed by the party. Zeek got his black spiked mace.

BAND OF NINE - A party of Adventurers that was offered a reward at the same time as The Finders to bring back the kidnapped Ambassador from the Empire. They followed the false lead of a Doppelganger posing as Sargent Telgard Magruson of the Ambassadors Guard who had been slain during the kidnapping.

BARON SHELBY CRUNAL - Rular of a fiefdom of the Empire called Crunal. He is a beloved figure in his nation, and due to his strong stance against orkish aggression, he is known as "Orkslayer." He built a large navy and fought at Jestak's side against a rogue fiefdom...the Islands of Sir James. Sir James was killed, and his navy defeated. This war raised the Baron's standing with the Emperor. (Elders)

BELAK - An exiled evil druid who made his home in the lowest levels of the Sunless Citadel. He had a huge tree frog for a familiar, and attempted to spread the horror of the twig blights across the land. He fed humans to the Gulthias Tree, and in the end was killed by the party...his plans foiled. (Elders)

BELIAL, THE RED KING - The Lord of this fourth level of hell was fairly human looking, except for his bright red skin, glowing red eyes, sinister mustache, two horns on his head, and knee joints similar to that of a goat. It has been surmised that his daughter has taken Belial's place, and that Belial may have befallen a plot upon his rule and his existence.

BILLARO - See the "Iron Bands of Billaro."

BINDER - A magical dagger in possession of the kobolds which was used by Rider-Jazz to take control of a huge captive red dragon, and defeat a gnoll army.

BIRCHMONT - This ancient monastery takes its name as much from the rare gray stone from which it was built, as from the forest of white-barked trees that surround it. It was once a temple to Heironeous...but was long ago defiled. It is said that a priest betrayed his fellow priests, and consorted with a demoness. He opened doorways that should not be opened...and allowed things into our world that should not remain. One old tale I heard says that as their last act before they died, the remaining priests cast a spell that bound the demons within the monastery. If not for their bravery, they may very well have spilled forth to torment the land and its people.

The Seal of Light - To hold back the chittering hoards of Hell
The Seal of Earth - To hold back the Lords…and Dames
The Seal of Tramrid Cole - To hold back the Fallen Saints
The Seal of Floran-To hold back the Fat Whore Who Becomes
The Seal of Glanvil - To hold back Hell itself

BLACK AMORPHOUS MASS - A huge black shiny blob, from which step horrible clawing skeletons. The mass is horribly cold to the touch, and appears impossible to damage with regular weapons. Characters that have been "swallowed" by the mass have literally aged from the experience. Gorin Zachian appears to be the one that summons and controls the mass. (Elders, Mensa)

BLACK LOTUS FLOWER - Extremely rare flower that when combined with other herbal extracts (secret only to most evil) creates an extreme toxin. Zelagorn used this toxin to challenge his "arch-enemy" to a deadly drinking contest, of sorts. He died during this last "confrontation" with Oren, the dwarf who took his eye!

BLACK TEMPLE - House of the Demon Lord of Slaughter. The doors contain the words: Erythnul the Many welcomes his own...All others provide sustanance for the Many.

BLACK TOWER, THE - It rises over a hundred feet above the wastelands of Azure Kingdom, near Tunis. Many incomprehensible runes and markings cover its walls and it is rumored to be the home of an ancient evil. Tentacled creatures play haunting melodies that can drive one insane or unconscious. The Marked Ones, Lenga the barbarian dwarf and Orest the giant human fighter, were eaten alive by a "wall of eyes and teeth" within its walls.

THE BLACK DWARVES - A rather cheerful sort of Dwarf, they are known for the dark color of their skin, and in all appearances are the same color as Drow. They love building walls, towers, castles, buildings, and bridges from the native blue stone of this region. They are not that skilled at tunneling nor all that beholden to gems and gold, unlike the more traditional Dwarves that live far to the south. These dwarves live mostly in the western portion of the Blue Mountains, much closer to the Feron-Jacobe Empire than they are to the Azure Kingdom. They avoid at all costs contact or involvement with the Giants that live towards the center of this mountain range. Most human residents of the Azure Kingdom look upon the Black Dwarves with a fair amount of respect and wonder.

BLOOD RIVER - This small river flowed past the army training fields called Martial Fields. It was said that during large training exercises, the river would flow red with the blood of injured warriors. This may have been a tale created to scare new recruits to the army.

THE BLUE MOUNTAINS - The blue mountains are unique, in that most of the rock that makes up these towering peaks has a strange blue cast to it. Long ago it was discovered that the blue rock has a natural resistance to magic…and the building began! The blue rock is shipped around the world (at great cost) so that powerful lords can build their castles and towers from rock that can't be easily affected by their enemy's mages. To properly build with the stone, most lords also contract with the Black Dwarves to have a building crew respond and oversee the construction, something at which the Black Dwarves excel.

BORDEN - A blacksmith in the town of Widow's Grove. He is a 32-year-old human male, tall and broad with short brown hair and stubble on his face. Brother to Goddo, and blacksmith in Greenmark. He is very loud and out-going, and loves to eat, drink, and laugh.

BORTAK STONEFACE - He was a heroic Orkish warrior in the army of King Senaca in the Great Azure Kingdom. Bortak was the warrior who had fallen in love with a kitchen worker, Gertina, and came to Dutton Hobbes for romance lessons. Bortak was successful in his quest, and wed Gertina. Soon after, they had a baby named Gungkrot.

THE BROWN SPIDER - (See Miguel Mabon).

BRUDKOTO - One of three Kobold Capitals in the underdark near or under the Azure Kingdom.

BZANJARA XERAZ - Kit's Stepmother, She is the first daughter to another moderately powerful Drow family and a priestess of Loathe. She is over 600 years old and has 2 daughters…the oldest 262 and the youngest 95. Her husband had been a high ranking military leader who died in battle, whether at the hands of the enemy or some lower ranking Officer, it was never determined.

CADOR - Once a small camp established to maintain a trade route to Whyx and the Feron-Jacobe Empire, today it has no contact with the populous of either region. They have grown from a small camp to a small town, and they now trade with the few isolated outposts of humankind that still exist in the Kingdom's icy core. There is some talk that Cador trades with the Ork barbarians of Gunderunk, but this is just a rumor.

CALCRYX - A white dragon wyrmling, that caused quite a stir between the kobolds and goblins of the Sunless Citadel. Gremage took Calcryx under his wing (so to speak) and befriended the dragon...freeing him to the wild. (Elders)

CAMEO - Powerful mage and advisor to King Senaca. No one knows what happened to Cameo after the death of his liege. Some say he sacrificed his own life attempting a dangerous spell that would bring King Senaca back to life.

CAMEO'S CASTLE - Cameo, advisor and mage to the last of the Azure Kings...King Senaca, made his home here. It is half-way up a mountain to the west of the Martial Fields. It is now abandoned...though some say strange creature make their home there.

CASIEL NAILO - Casiel Nailo was born and raised in the Forest of the Ancients...a deep dark forest devestated by the 500 year winter caused by the Giants and their perpetually open Storm Gates. He tried to fit into the culture of his small tribe, and take up a craft that would serve to make a comfortable living and support his family. But his family's craft of weaving, and all the crafts he tried fell short of satisfying him...and he decided to wander abroad, into the other portions of the frozen Azure Kingdom. Coming upon the city of Greenmark, he was taken under his wing by a few clever con-men, and taught a trade that kept his interest...thieving.

CASTLE BAR - The Castle Bar was a bar within Greenmark where the Elder players first met the Hooded mage. Ockrote is a black dwarf who runs the place. Moontree (Javar) often played poems at the bar. Inside the bar resided the Hollow Knight; protector of the place. The bar was later relocated to a tent in the City of Hope...and now has now been moved to Cornwalsh.

CAULDRON - A violent boiling sea in the southern portion of the known world. Very few ships who have tried to navigate it have returned to tell the tale.

CHADWICK, LAMAR - One of the Council of Six, the ruling body of Cornwalsh

CHADWICK, TIVANNA - Daughter of Lamar Chadwick, one of the council of Six, the ruling body of Cornwalsh had been taken hostage by Molash's army in a plot to throw suspicion on the Finders.

CHASM OF CASSIS - This is the long gorge that extends from the Storm Gates into the Azure Mountains. It is currently filled with a long Glacier fed by the Ice flows of Jeomandth.

CHOSEN ONE - Champion and protector of Widow's Grove...he is rumored to carry a great magical sword. The last champion to hold up the cause was Kerbach the Barbarian, who died defending the town from an army of orks.

CITADEL - The capital of the Feron-Jacobe Empire, and Jestak's seat of power.

CITY OF... - (See, ...Forge, ...Hope, ...of the Falls, ect.)

CODE OF THE NARROW PATH - A just set of laws must stand over the unjust whims of the people. The legal and legitimate authority of the land, shall be treated as the authority of Heironeous. Women are blessings from our god, and should be treated with honesty, kindness, and honor. To retreat from a just battle is to dishonor your order and yourself. A promise made will be kept until death. A paladin will heal, feed, and think of himself last. A quest assigned by your order will be your charge until its completion, or your death in the act of completing it. A paladin will not associate, travel, or live with anything tainted with evil. The poor must be given chances to improve their condition, this is the definition of compassion. The weak must be protected from the strong, when the strong impose unjustly upon them. To protect the innocent from the threat of evil is the charge of every good man. The guilty shall be punished. To kill is the right of our god. Men should kill when their life is threatened, or a life they should protect is threatened. Never kill the helpless or those surrendering to your power. To do so is to overstep the authority granted by your god. When evil must be matched with deadly force, a sword makes the clean cut...a narrow cut.Do not lie, do not cheat, do not steal, and do not poison.

COINS - The Azure Kingdom uses standard Feron-Jacobe Empire money. Platinum "Citadel," Gold "Kern," Silver "Paldoni (Pal)," Copper "Trent," Iron "Bit." These are named respectively after the Capital of the Empire, Capital of the Jacobe Province, Capital of the Charlain Province, Capital of the Duchy of Grey, and...a slang term representing worthlessness.

CONFERENCE OF KORDASHA - (See Kordasha, Conference of)

CORIN MURPHY - One of Ambassador Hunsburg's guards. He was killed during the kidnapping attempt on the Ambassador.

CORNWALSH, THE CITY-STATE OF - This city lies to the north of the Azure Kingdom, and is a very closed and inbred society by all accounts. It has resisted all efforts to engage in fair and proper trade, and prefers to isolate itself. It has resisted all efforts to raid it by the riders of the Grasslands of Shronth, but it is not considered a true military power. In truth the nature of the society, religion, and way of life of those inside this walled city-state is virtually unknown to outsiders. Visitors are not welcome. Most human residents of the Azure Kingdom speak of Cornwalsh in hushed whispers, and with a certain amount of fear.

COUNCIL OF 13 - A mysterious group of mages, rumored to be the most powerful mages on the World of Kempin. Vavasha is supposedly the "leader" of the Council. Molene, Archibald Leech, Alcald VanDrunan, and Vendra are all supposedly members of the Council of 13...if rumors are to be believed.

COUNCIL OF THE KNIFE - Led by Quincy the Quick, this Council rules Tunis, City of Thieves. From this seat of power, the Council controls the thieves who work in this region.

CRAGEN STONESLAMMER - Friend to Javair, and in charge of rebuilding and recreating the new Azure
Keep. He is a dragon dwarf from the Crests of Dumathoin, though he employs a large number of both black and dragon dwarves.

CROWNED KNIGHTS - See "Knights of the Crown and Sword."

THE CROWS - A Gang in the City of Cornwalsh which Damon was an enforcer for. Damon infiltrated the city guard for them only to rise to Captain of the guard and turn on the Crows. In retribution and at the hire of Gorin Zachian the Gang took Damon's Wife and child and beat up Damon, delivering him to Gorin for an evil experiment.

CRUNAL - A now peaceful country once ravaged by war against inhuman orks.

CRYSTAL OF ELEMENTAL POWER - A huge crystal in throneroom of the Deep Gnome King in the time the Finers were there, Molash had made this his court and temporary seat of power. The Crystal powered all of the Deep Gnomes' operations in the underdark.

ST. CUTHBERT - Cuthbert is the god of retribution. He takes form as a large human figure, when visiting the mortal planes. St. Cuthbert holds his head high, judging any creature that violates his sacred laws. His judgment usually falls into a death sentence. St. Cuthbert was the last visitor to Oren in the eve of Tunis. He promised his return, when Oren was in a time of need. St. Cuthbert wields a mace.

D'ARANOR – Keeper of Wahlquist Towers, runs a school of magic there. Failed at filling Wahlquist role in the Azure Kingdom

DAKKOT YASADRAYLSON - Councilor to the three Kobold Queens that rule over the Kydura Triad, an alliance of three Kobold nations who aid in each other's protection. He is always accompanied by his two friends and bodyguards Dork a 6'6" Ork and Geek an even larger Hobgoblin. His pet Dire Weasel, Zexel is always at his side and he has a lizard like familiar.

DAMON KRADDOCK - Once a guardsman in Cornwalsh, among other things. His black attire, armor, and weaponry make him look like a potential threat. He has a shaved head, his dark beard, and his gaunt features but most notably his arm is constantly strapped to his side keeping it immobile.

DANTH - Duragar: Another D Faction Leader in Kuda-Gar. (Elders)

DARK WOODS TUNKERAK - Home to a variety of bandit groups, these woods are a refuge for those criminals that are running from the law. The Knights of the Rose, due to the location of their priory at Rosehill are in constant conflict with these bandit gangs. It is said that the woods are also home to an ancient evil…and a mysterious bandit cult that worships this dark power.

DEAD KINGDOM - Name on map of frost giant...NE of Storm Gates...

DEEP CROSSING - Legend was that this valley had been a large mountain lake a thousand years ago but some greedy Dark dwarves had mined a rich vein of mitheral a bit to close and the lake emptied into the underdark wiping them out and sending a wall of watery death rushing through the Underdark. The opening became a main entrance to the Underdark .

DEGAN - Young priest of Po the Redeemer in Citadel. He wears a common cotton monk's habit with the symbol of Po on the front, and shaves his head. He is involved in the Order of Fate, a secret priesthood to Rukin of the Paths, that is made up of priests that worship many different gods of the Kempin religion. He assisted Zeek regarding the Devils in the Azure Kingdom, and gave him pages copied from the Librum Nefarium...

DELBROOK - Javair's travelling buddy from the old days. It is believed he is still in the Empire making a living as a major player in the thieve's guild. He is a fighter/thief type and still has contacts in the underground. He is now a little older, but no wiser than he was in his youth. He is described as a "drunken sailor" in a story where he took Damon through stormy seas in his small boat to Sona-Nyl.

DEMITRIUS OF THE BLADE - Reportedly a recruiter for the Assassin's Guild of Tunis. It is rumored that Vall Woodshadow seeks to do business with him.

DEMITRIUS, OF CORNWALSH - A well-travelled man, with excellent knowledge of all things Demonic and Devil-oriented. He shared information with Casiel regarding the Devils in the Azure Kingdom. Enjoys the finer things in life...and quiet moments. A powerful mage and more powerful sage. His true power is knowledge of demons. There are even stories he kept a demon captive in his laboratory for years...forcing the vile thing to teach him all the magic he knew...and then banishing the creature, when he had nothing left to teach.

WHELTON DERGE, AND FAMILY DERGE - His wife Tamera and Sedonna their Fourteen year old Daughter came to live and work in Azure Keep shortly after Javair opened it back up. Whelton worked as a Carpenter and his wife and daughter worked both in the kitchen and housekeeping. Tamera who went on a supply run to Greenmark fell victim to a plot to kill Javair and a sort of Doppelganger replaced her. After a few weeks Whelton confronted the clone of his wife about her change in behavior and was slain by this creature. Jack Skull was close at hand and killed the replacant, which dissolved into a brown pool. Sedonna has been taken on as a ward of Azure Keep for the time being.

DEVIL'S RUBY - Item worn by Javair. The Ruby has no special powers other than recognition. Merick, the queen of the goblins, had given Javair this ruby. Javair uses this for political respect among all demi-humans. When Javair travels to a place where demi-humans lurk, he would often just show the item to instantly change their perception of him. Instantaneous, Javair would gain the respect of any demi-human who caught witness of the item.

DEZ - (Desmond) A child from Draven, he helped the party and befriended Jeremiah. Dez age appears to be between 8 and 10 years old, he has short brown hair and a pale complexion. Dez has shown supprising initiative and fearlessness. It was Dez who first mentioned that the drinks served were actually blood and warned the party not to drink any red liquids while in Draven. Dez was sent by the town to contact the party later, and offered them shelter from the winter's fury.

DOLA, MASTER - A strange old Monk in white robes. He spoke in poetry, and Zeek almost never knew what he was saying. He showed Zeek the way he was able to acquire the Hands of Stone he now possesses and spoke of finding answers to his fight against the Raksasha in Wudan.

DRAAD - Iron Lord of Shronth, 10,000 horseclan warriors are at his disposal.

DRAGHUL, CAPTAIN OF PAIN - The fourth captain appears male, and has pale white skin, solid black eyes, hundreds of small metal spikes sticking out of his skull and joints, and wears a black leather outfit with lots of straps.

DRAN - Dran was an accomplished ferret, which was very well respected in the thieves' city, Tunis. Dran was killed by a looter who failed to get a secret map; which has been left in possession of an Old Man.

DRAVEN - An isolated village near Vendra's Castle...the are protected by the Master, whom they serve faithfully.

DRAVEN ALE - A warm red fluid, served by the vampire brood of the town of Draven. Its primary ingredient is clearly blood, while it other contents remain a mystery.

DRAVEN STEW - Wonderful tasting Stew made by the people of Draven. This stew had nice unknown meat chunks, and had a very "coppery" taste to it. Everyone in the town of Draven loved this stew.

DRINKS - See food, Draven ale, empire tea...(this entry will be added to as food entries are added to the encyclopedia).

DUMATHOIN, CRESTS OF - Large mountain range. Home the the Dragon Dwarves.

DUMIT - A fortified township ruled over firmly by Lord Bradley Dumit, decended from a long line of Dumits. Very close to the Grasslands of Shronth and its roving clans, the town of Dumit must weather occasional raids from the people of the plains. The townspeople are part of a brave militia...and considered great warriors. The town is very self-sufficient.

DUMIT, LORD BRADLEY - This lord rules over the fortified township of Dumit, as his family has for centuries. He is a fierce warrior, and a brilliant strategist. His township has single-handedly held back invading clans from the Grasslands of Shronth for over 500 years. Dumit's laws are forged into iron, and his punishments for criminals show absolutely no mercy. The law-abiding citizens of the Town of Dumit love Lord Dumit. (See illustration next to the town of "Dumit")

DUTTON HOBBS - The bard of the Keep of the Azure Ice...he is suspected to have died or left the region over 500 years ago when King Senaca died and the Kingdom fell. Many songs are sung of the wonders of his musical ability. He is known to bards across the World of Kempin as probably the best harpist and singer to ever perform. He has attained practically demi-god status among musical performers. Some say he never died, and still walks Kempin, playing in quiet bars and taverns where-ever men will listen and appreciate his skill.

DUTTON'S HARP - See "Peacemaker."

EGGOPOLIS, THE PIUS - He was a large rotund cleric, but formidable with his heavy mace and able to carry as much armor on his back as was needed. He was a cleric that worked along side the party with Jestak. Eggopolis had been preparing for the Empires battle with the Swaldune and Norlund.

ELDER - "Jesra the Elder" of Draven, has been the spokesman for the Master while the party was in the town of Draven. Jesra is an old man, leaning on a cane...his flesh is old and brittle. Jesra is 120 years old and has served the Master...allowing the Master to feed on his blood. It was the same for his father and at least three more generations of his fathers.

YOUNG EMMA - Young Emma was a barmaid who had been captured by Vimlaager and the other frost giants. She was a young female, and very afraid of any person who attempted to work with her. During her captivity with the Frost Giants, they had abused her severely, which made her out of touch with the rest of the world. The only person Emma would allow near here was Judith Merryworth, who had the abilities of an aristocrat. Javair freed Emma from Vimlaager in the battle for the recapture of the Azure Keep.

EMPIRE, THE - (See the Feron-Jacobe Empire).

EMPIRE TEA - A major export from the Empire, it is considered to be an extreme luxery. It has a very strong taste, and is present in any culture that the Empire has influence.

ERIC ARGAIN - An elf, he was the last hero to wield Savior, Sword of the Ancients. This brought an end to the last age, and brought about the current age of man.

ERYTHNUL THE MANY - A dark, evil god. Vall Woodshadow claims to have conversed directly with him within Erythnul's own temple which is rumored to be only accessible to evil characters. The phrase on the door to the Temple of Eythnul which says "Erythnul the Many welcomes his own...All others provide sustenance for the many..." The shape of a left hand was below the phrase on the door.

EXNER - A fabled city at the edge of the world beyond the boiling Cauldron.

EYTAI - Eytai had served Zelagorn, under the elvan Captain Redrille Imladris...a proud and honorable man. Looking back Eytai wasn't sure why they had ignored the clear signs that Zelagorn was more concerned with his own power than ending the perpetual winter...but he talked the talk. Zelagorn promised to close the Storm Gates...promised to bring spring and summer to the Azure Kingdom. And Zelagorn seemed to have the power to succeed. But Zelagorn's own selfish ego had meant his defeat. He had betrayed the region's other leaders, he had committed acts of evil, taken a harem of the finest of the land's daughters, and an army had risen up against him. An army led by a paladin named Remmington.

FACTION A - In the city of Kuda-Gar, the population is divided up between groups, which called themselves 'factions'. Faction A, was the current group of members who had the most power. They had performed the ceremony at the sacred alter which gave them the power to control the city. The population of Faction A was mostly made up of cruel/tuff members.

FACTION D - Faction D was the group that was hiding their existence to the rest of the populace in Kuda-Gar. This faction had prized themselves on change, and was secretly recruiting members to join in their conquest. When the party had ventured into Kuda-Gar, they joined with Faction D which was lead by Kasha; an Ice Elf. The party helped Kasha and the faction regain power in the city of Kuda-Gar by performing a ceremony at the sacred alter.

THE FALLS, THE CITY OF - The Capitol of Valender was a beautiful city and indeed an impressive sight. A roaring waterfall tumbled at least four hundred feet from a cliff to a large pool below. Further examination reveals that the waterfall is actually hundreds of waterfalls, each tumbling into a pool on a ledge below, which then fell again, and again…from pool to fall and fall to pool until it reached the bottom. The city itself set into the gradual cliff-side that shows no signs of habitation, although the vines that covered much of the cliff side did appear to be sporting the first blush of green. In full bloom, the city would be quite stunning. The building walls appeared fairly intact. Built of the blue stone native to the region, with blue mortar…they had held up quite well. The same could not be said for the shutters, doors, and roofs of these abandoned buildings.

FATE, ORDER OF - A secret order of priests dedicated to Rukin of the Paths. It is made up of priests who worship many different gods of the Kempin religion. They protect the Librum Nefarium, among other tomes of dark knowledge. It is unknown if the priesthood works for good or ill, but it is certain they are active and influential in world events. See Degan...a young priest of the Order.

FEDDEN - Shape-changing assassin, who is famous for killing a bishop of Rosehill in his very bedroom. He currently works for Gorin Zachian taking chunks of flesh from party members using trickery and force. It is said that Fedden lives in Tunis. (Elders, Mensa)

FELD, MAJOR - A loyal warrior and former Capain of the Guard of Greenmark. Known as a "by the book" bureaucrat, Feld collects all manner of taxes in Greenmark to support the Guard and its efforts to protect the region around Greenmark. He is known as a fair man, with a reputation for being humorless. He was later chosen to head of the forces in the City of Hope and the only structure that survived the 500 years of winter, a fortified tower, now bears his name. He then spent most of his time managing the forces and defenses in the new Azure Kingdom. Major Feld has a strong build, short blond hair, and light blue eyes. He has been missing since the destruction of the City of Hope.

FENDI DARTOON - Master Alchemist and Owner/Operator of the "Potions and Powders" shop in Greenmark (#52). Fendi Dartoon is about 82 years old, 5'7", 120 lbs., with grayish yellow hair and yellow eyes. He is of the race common in the country of Lornki, and for this reason his skin is a dull yellow color. Besides his yellow skin and eyes, his features are like the humans common in the Azure Kingdom. He tends to wear an old gray pair of pants and a brown shirt, and both are stained from years of mixing chemicals. Over these clothes he wears a thick leather apron while at work.

FERNDEW - Kit's Mother, an Elvan Maiden captured at the young age of 40 years on a night raid that claimed all her family but her. She was sold to Murkarik Xeraz who had her trained to serve his second wife and later his third. Ferndew served in this manner for 120 years till the death of her second mistress. She was surprised to find her otherwise emotionless master Murkarik greatly distraught over this. In consoling him she found herself swept up into a relationship that lasted for 90 years. It had to be kept hidden for in the Drow society any relationship other than sexual outside of the race was deemed a weakness and could cause her love’s downfall. She was Slain at the command of his last wife on a false charge of theft.

FERON-JACOBE EMPIRE - All the lands to the west, commonly known as the Empire. Ruled by Jestak. This empire encompasses most of the mainland continent. Forged into an Empire through a series of military campaigns, and justly ruled by Warlord Jestak, its influence and holdings throughtout the known world are considerable. The Kingdoms brought together to form the Empire were Feron, Jacobe, Cuchey of Grey, Shalmore, Charlain, and the smaller Southern Kingdoms. The Empire controls Crunal, Fief of Lord Byron, JorEl, Sir James Islands, and the Northern Holdings.

FIEF OF LORD BYRON - A trading powerhouse ruled by an aged 1/2 elf.

FIELD OF BLOOD - Battle field where slaves and gladiators fought for pure entertainment. This field was located in the Grand Arena. There were numerous deaths caused on this field for royal entertainment. Vikos was forced to fight on this field, and caused an uproar in the crowd.

FIKHORALETH, CAPTAIN OF LIES - A man with handsome features, his skin, hair, and eyes are solid glistening black. He is considered extremely attractive in Hell, and even most mortals would consider him horrifyingly beautiful.

FIRE-POWDER - A powder when tightly packed and fire is applied creates a large and destructive blast.

FITZ TRUGGLE - A young male halfling, with a serious love of risks…and gold. Fitz is more your burglar-sort of thief, sneaking into homes and businesses late at night and pilfering only items of great value. He brags of having committed hundreds of burglaries, but you suspect he is not really that experienced. Fitz hangs out at the Castle Bar, where he is usually "lost" in the crowd. He has brown hair, tan skin, and large brown eyes. He keeps his hair pulled back tightly into one long braid.

FOOD - See drinks, back-wards-hands stew, Underdark Stew, wax beans, .... (this entry will be added to as food entries are added to the encyclopedia).

FOREST OF THE ANCIENTS - A large unbroken forest in the Blue Mountains, it has quite the reputation as a dangerous and deadly place to visit. Simply standing on its fringes, one is caught up in the heavily charged magical atmosphere that exists within the forest.

THE FOREST GREEN - This forest is under the protection of Galen Green (see town of "Greenmark"), and is home to a variety of exotic and protected creatures. Galen Green severely punishes anyone who endangers this forest preserve. Deep intrusions into this forest are discouraged, but those that risk it come back with wondrous and fanciful stories of unicorns, hippogriffs, fairies, and trees that walk and talk.

THE FORGE, CITY OF - Incredibly cold and inaccessable, this is the site where the Unifier's sword, Savior, was forged in the fires of creation. Perhaps this is just the stuff of legend, though!

FURFOOT, THOMAS - This middle-aged halfing runs the Inn of the Green Grape in Greenmark. He is kind, and is trusting to a fault.

FURST - The Goblin who guided Will to and through Valander. He told Will upon completing this task in broken Empire Common, the young goblin answered. "You paid me, and I have provided a service. It is the most civilized of transactions. If you build here…if you settle humans here…remember that a goblin showed you the way."

GALEN GREEN - The founder and leader of Greenmark. A powerful ranger, but also a mystic of sorts. He has gotten more and more into the study of the magical and spiritual realms. He has basically let Capt. Feld take over the day-to-day leadership of Greenmark. Galen is occasionally seen flying about his lands on a hippogriph. (See illustration next to the town of "Greenmark.")

GARL GLITTERGOLD - Garl is the god of the gnomes. He is very famous for his pranks and trickery. A long while back, Garl had played a prank on the kobolds cavern of Kurtulmak; which ended in its collapse. Since this time, Garl has been sworn enemies of the kobolds. While flashing all of his precious gems, Garl seeks protection of his gnomes. At the same time, he has been looking for recruits to toy with the kobolds. Garl wields a battleaxe as his favored weapon. Garl was the first to visit Oren on the night of Tunis.

GASPER - Gasper is a human cleric of St. Cuthbert. The Mensa party had met Gaspar within the walled city of Dumit and requested her assistance in the searching the caves.

GELLHORN - "City of Shadow." "City of the Dead." This town is ruled by Alcald VanDrunan, and it is here that people that refuse to die go. The must exist in Gellhorn in an undead state for all eternity.

GERTINA - She was the human kitchen worker who the ork warrior Bortak Stoneface fell in love with on first sight. Gertina and Bortak had a baby named Gungkrot, who grew to become a renowned fighter within the Azure Knights.

GIBBS - An inmate at Raker's Asylum. He spoke of nothing but mouths, mouths everywhere. He was the only survivor of Pym's mayhem.

GLABREZU - The name of a stone creature within the Temple of the Ram. It stood in front of a golden alter at the back wall of the temple. The creature was at least 12' tall standing on its two legs, with two wings, and four arms...two of which ended with horrible clawed pinchers. The face of the creature was like that of a huge dog...and curved horns extended out from its forehead. The color of the beast ranged from dark red to a crimson-black. The tall creature was not flesh-and-blood, but made of stone and animated by some foul magicks. (See Grinval's Demon)

GNASH, OGRE TOWN OF - A cave town with Hundreds of ogres led by Clan leader, Ukknot. Zeek was brought to this town by a Ogre hunting party to help them find out who would be their new Ogre Magi. Zeek performed a ritual where a Ghost showed the clan that Atnock, the clan chief's son should be their new Magi.

GNASH, CLAN OF - A cave clan of ogres, located near the Martial Fields. They are led by Ukknot. Their Shaman is his son, Atnock.

GNASHER - A high-goblin prince, assigned to serve Javair in the Azure Keep by Merick, the Goblin Queen herself. he has red skin, with orangish and yellowish highlights here and there. He is armed with two shortswords.

GNOLL-RIPPER - The common tongue name for the magical bow Teverille-Nal.

GODDO - Large gruff blacksmith in the town of Greenmark. Though he looks and acts very mean, in truth he is very generous. Later he set up shop in the City of Hope, Goddo was using half an old forge building, and had used large tarps to made a fourth wall and part of the roof. He is now missing since the destruction of Hope.

GOLDEN HIPPOGRYPH - The Golden Hippogriph is a bar within Greenmark. Named after the creature that Galen Green rides in his lands. A young human named Zane prays on unwary travelers that venture in to this bar.

GORG - He was a fighter that left Shronth with Jestak when they were young. Gorg was the missing party member from the group. He had died years before the large Empire battle between Norlund and Swaldune. Before the battle, the party resurrected Gorg, but he returned in the body of a slain enemy named Vavasha. Gorg had killed Vavasha previously, but now Gorg was forced to live out Vavasha's life...with Vavasha's abilities.

GORIN ZACHIAN - A necromancer in the Azure Kingdom. He seeks to establish a dead kingdom to rival Gellhorn. He has studied with Alcald VanDrunan and the Mad Duke of Bantroth. He also has obtained and read the notes of Sir James. He seeks to destroy the Marked Ones, and all that stand against him.

GRAND ARENA - The Grand Arena is a gladiator style-fighting zone. Slaves and other gladiators fought continuously in this arena for the entertainment of citizens. Inside the Grand Arena, the notorious battleground was called the 'Field of Blood'. Vikos was forced to fight in this arena.

GRASSLANDER - This is a slang term for barbarians from the Grasslands of Shronth.

THE GRASSLANDS OF SHRONTH - These rolling grassland hills and plains are home to vast nomadic horse-clans. They are known for their amazing riding skills and their cleverness in battle. Their society is a complex series of clan-debts…and various clans struggle constantly for dominance. Both Emperor Jestak and his wizard advisor Vavasha were born and raised in the Grasslands, and only later traveled to the lands that now make up the Feron-Jacobe Empire. The Iron Clan has ruled the Grasslands of Shronth for many years now, and is occasionally responsible for raids into the lands of the Azure Kingdom. Most human residents of the Azure Kingdom look down upon the people of Shronth as violent barbarians.

GRAZUM INFERNUS - An ancient, practically decrepit red dragon who promised Cameo he would guard the keys to the Azure Keep. Instead he slept with Kit, a beautiful drow, and regained his lust for life. He is currently wandering about in human form...wearing jet black armor. Will he seek out new virgin victims and towns to terrorize, or find a new path in his new found love of life?

GREEN GRAPE - The Green Grape was a bar within Greenmark. Moontree, (Javar), often played in this bar and sung his poems. Thomas Furfoot was the halfling that ran the Inn.

GRINVAL - Evil mage who killed the all-knowing sage Timrick of the Whispering Woods, and took his place outside the Temple of the Ram. He made a deal with the demon RakRon, trading souls for power. His plan failed, and he now wanders the lands...hiding from the disappointed demon. Grinval later gave a party member a crucial clue regarding Birchmont...but this information was ignored. It turns out that Grinval was actually once known as Brother Simms...and brought the horrors of Birchmont to the World of Kempin, when be-witched by She that Suckles the Hoards of Hell.

GRINVAL'S DEMON - Inside the Temple of the Ram, Grinval had summoned a 12' tall creature that stood on two legs and had two wings protruding out his back. Large horns extended from it forehead, while the creature waved its four arms. Two of its arms had horrible clawed pinchers. The face of the monster was almost of a dog like feature. Grinvals Demon was summoned to fight the Mensa party from saving the maidens. (See Glabrezu).

GREENMARK - A beautiful city with a large waterfall and pool at its center. It was founded 40 years ago by a young ranger named Galen Green. He painted a green "X" on the stone cliff by the pool, and declared, "On this spot I shall make a home for all those who seek understanding of our world, and have the bravery to fight for it!" The town is known for its climbing schools, its fighting tournaments, and its experienced "adventurers."

GULTHIAS TREE - A tree that sprouted from a wooden stake driven through a vampire's heart in the lowest levels of the Sunless Citadel. The tree absorbs the essence of those that are fed to it...turning them into mindless replicants that serve who-so-ever feeds the tree. Belak tended to and used the tree until it was burned down and chopped up. This tree was the source of the twig-blights. (Elders)

GUNDERUNK - The lands that the Ork tribes claim as their own is referred to in the common tongue as "Gunderunk." Some say that the Orks are violent stupid monsters that are a plague upon the land. Others say that the Orks are primitive, but possess an interesting and sophisticated mystical philosophy all their own. The number of 1/2 Orks that have appeared lately suggest the latter, since most of these 1/2 Orks are not the result of rape. Everyone agrees that the Orks are fearsome warriors, and that humans living in the area of Gunderunk should be careful not to raise their ire.

GUNKROT - He is the baby of Bortak Stoneface and the kitchen worker Gertina. As Gunkrot grew older, he became a renowned fighter and joined in the brotherhood of the Azure Knights. Gunkrot was the first to find the bodies of his king and queen on the rocks below. Gunkrot swore to hunt down Cameo in his betrayal of the king and queen. Gungkrot rode from the Azure Keep to find Cameo, but to never be heard from again. Gunkrot was recently found in the Mountain of Man, and released from a spell binding him to the protection of the Azure Key...the key to the Storm Gates.

HALL OF JUSTICE - The law enforcement organization for Citadel, capital of the Feron-Jacobe Empire. It's adminstration is housed in a large building called the...Hall of Justice!

HAMMER OF ENFORCEMENT - A Great Hammer, DAM 1-10, +1/+3 against Chaotic creatures.

HARL - An inmate at Raker's Asylum. He was quite arrogant and thought that he was the King of all. He was slain by Pym in her mayhem.

HAT OF DISGUISES - The infamous hat worn by Javair. This hat is how Javair slides into the roll of Moontree. With this hat on, Javair is able to fool anyone of who he is. The Hat of Disguises changes the facial and physical appearance of anyone the wearer chooses. Molene had given Javair the hat from a dangerous adventure he had accomplished. For the sake of Kempin, this powerful item lies in the hands of a good-hearted hero.

HELL - (See the Nine Hells).

HOLLOW KNIGHT - An apparently empty suit of armor that serves as bouncer in the Castle Bar in Greenmark. Most believe that he is a Gnomish construct.

HOPE,THE CITY OF - Once called the City by the Lake, and in ancient times the City of Sapphire. This ancient city in a mountain valley below Azure Keep, has risen like a Phoenix from 500 hundred years of ice and snow. Now that the people of the razed town of Greenmark and others from far and wide have come to make it their new home even with the threat of war with the Giants beyond the Storm Gate.

HOODED MAGE, THE - A wizard of some accomplishment, he masks his identity with a mask and hood. There are many rumors as to why he hides his identity (to avoid the law...he is from a well-known rich family...he is not actually human, etc), but no one is sure the true reason. He is known to protect the weak, and to have interceded on behalf of human-kind in several small wars in the Azure Kingdom. It is often whispered that he has made a large amount of money from his "alturistic" activities, and that he has a weakness for the finer things in life (fine wine, fine women, fine gold, etc.)

HORNY HOBGOBLIN - An Inn in Citadel of illrepute. Completely destroyed when Javair used his Horn of Blasting to make a hasty retreat.

HOWLETT - Saved Damon Kraddock 's life. When just a few months later Howlett lay in Damon's arms bleeding to death, a city guardsman's arrow in his spine...Damon had promised to take enough money to Howlett's family to allow them to live comfortably. It seems that Howlett had left behind a wife and three kids in order to steal his fortune in the large City of Cornwalsh. His family's home, in which his father, and his father's father had lived.

HOWLETT'S GHOST - An old thieving buddy of Damon Kraddocks who died young was survived by a wife and child. Damon made a promise to take care of them only to let them die.

HUCRELE, KEROWYN - Hired the Elder party to find her grandchildren: Talgen who was a brave warrior and his sister Sharwyn who had quite a talent with magic. They had gone with a knight called Sir Bradford and a ranger named Karakas into the Sunless Citadel, and never come out. The Hucrele family has quality lands, plenty of gold, and a name to be proud of. All four of the adventures, including Talgen and Sharwyn were dead. (Elders)

EDWARD HUNSBERG - Edward Hunsberg was the ambassador of the Empire sent to Greenmark to work out trade agreements, and whatnot. When the meetings had gone south due to an attack by an army of undead; further situations for Edward Hunsberg became worse. Following the successful defense of Greenmark, Edward Hunsberg was kidnapped by a band of hired gnolls. A Mind Flayer had hired the gnolls, in which they were successful of delivering their goods. The party had successfully rescued Edward Hunsberg from the Mind Flayer Allahandrous (hired by Quincy the Quick) and was returned to Greenmark for a 5000 Gold reward. Friendly and curious, but he can't help but be a little condescending, out here among these backwoods types.

ICE WYRM - A fearful breed of creature that lives in the cold wastes of the Azure Kingdom. Javair has encountered one of these wyrms and survived. And the Finders of the Key encountered one in a large cave that lies between Draven and The City of the Forge. Oren received a first hand look in the creature's throat, when he was swallowed whole. Kit saved Oren when she threw a grappling hook to him.

IRON BANDS OF BILLARO - A small iron ball that when thrown at a target, expands into many bands, trapping the target in iron bands. A DC of 30 for either Strength check or Escape Artists will escape. A successful STR check destroys the bands.

IRON CLAN - Ruling clan of the Grasslands of Shronth. It is led by Draad, has its capital in Kloaden, and is the original clan of both Jestak and Gorg.

ISLANDS OF SIR JAMES - Once ruled by the evil Sir James. This Island was freed by Jestak, Eric and Vikos. It lies to the north of the Empire and is a strategic entrance to the 'Inland Sea of Bantroth.'

JACK SKULL - An enigma of characters, who through his long life has been a pirate, scoundral and now resides in the Azure Keep as the captain of the guard. He has impervious skin and the face of a skull.

JAKEL - Ice elf:Merchant In the Bazaar who brought the Group to the D Faction in Kuda-Gar. (Elders)

JAMAL - Ice elf : One of the Current Leaders of the D faction in Kuda-Gar , first to proclaim Kit as Oracle. (Elders)

JAN McGREGGOR - Cavalier Paladin from the 'Brothers of the Rose' from Mont Belle Castle in the Golden Valley of Solna. He rides a warhorse named 'Stanik' and wields a Great War Hammer called 'Crusher' which is a Hammer of Enforcement. Jan's Holy symbol is engraved on either side of the hammer's head which is a French Cross. He also has a young squire named 'Emery' who is 14.

JASOE - A servant to Javair in the Azure Keep.

JAVAIR - A bard and one-time thief , he often uses the title, "of the lost." Javair first surfaced in Crunal, serving Baron Shelby Crunal. He later lived briefly in the Capital of the Empire...Citadel. Later he wandered to the Azure Kingdom, and now seeks his destiny. Vikos was and is a close companion of Javair's, and it is whispered that Javair has the Harp of Dutton Hobbs.

JAVAIR'S CONTACTS IN CITADEL - (These are listed at the bottom of this page...they are from one of the old campaigns I ran for Javair.)

JAZMIN - Jazmin is a sister in the Order of Balance. She came to the Finders as a representative of Molash. She wears a veil over the lower half of her face.

JEREF - A 60-year-old Carpenter in Widow's Grove. He is a human male, short and thin with a full beard and bald head. He cusses a lot, smells a bit sour, but is an excellent builder.

JESTAK - Over a hundred years ago, Jestak was born in the Grasslands of Shronth. He traveled the world as part of a well-known adventuring party. Eventually ended up within the kingdoms of the mainland...and began to build his power-base. He formed the kingdoms of the mainland into an Empire during the war with the Swaldune/Norlund alliance. He has ruled as Emperor ever since from his capitol city of Citadel. They say that Jestak has a horse that was crafted by gnomish hands with a skin of metal, and innards made of gears, wires, pistons, and springs. Most recently Jestak led forces of the Empire against a rebellion plot in the Islands of Sir James.

JEWEL SHELLEY - A daughter engaged to be wed to Martine, only to be lost to snow trolls in a mountain. Jewels fiancée had betrayed her, and left her in the mountains with the trolls. Javair was hired by her father, Warren, to rescue her. Upon reaching the trolls, Javair had found that she had already been slaughtered. Javair had used Martine for bait, and slaughtered the Trolls.

JOHNDON - Johndon is a trusted healer with Javair. During Javairs quest to rescue Jewel Shelley, he ended up fighting many trolls. Javair had cut off the troll head, and entrusted it with Johndon. Johndon promised to keep it "trimmed back" and prevent it from regrowing.

JOT - A quasit that has spent quite a long time in the tomb of the Dragon Priest in the Sunless Citadel. Jot was captured by the party, but agreed to not seek revenge upon them if they would simply let him go. They agreed to this deal, and let him go. (Elders)

JON DANG - Close friend to Jeremiah. At the age of 9, Jeremiah and his friends were swinging on a rope into a lake. Jon Dang had an accident when attempting to swing into the water. Unfortunately, the rope broke causing Jon to impact with the tree. Upon Jeremiahs rescue, he had found Jon Dang not breathing. This extremely disturbed Jeremiah, in which he covered Jon's head with a cloth. Jeremiah then made a prayer to Heironeous. Then a miracle happened, for Jon was alive again. This is what ultimately led to the healing path of Jeremiah.

JOREL - The third fiefdom of the Empire on the Island of Bantroth in the Inland Sea of Bantroth.

JUDITH MERRYWORTH - Vimlaager and the frost giants had captured Judith Merryworth. During her captivity, she sheltered Emma from her torture with the giants. Judith was a very strict with her mannerisms, and appeared to be from a family of an aristocrat. Often, Judith would display a general snobby attitude that one of high standards would have. Even though she had an aristocrat outlook, she still took in Emma in a motherly fashion. Javair had rescued Judith after defeating Vimlaager in the battle to recapture the Azure keep.

JUKARA, THE WISE - An elven wizard who had forsaken his people, and embraced the city life that so many humans craved He was a wizard that worked along side the party with Jestak. Jukara had been preparing for the Empires battle with the Swaldune and Norlund.

KAH-BOWL - First Kobold Village to be razed by the Gnolls and location of the temple where the Relic binder was stored.

KASHA -Ice Elf: Priestess in the D Faction alliance in Kuda-Gar, she was brought into cofirm Kit's message . With goups help was able to perform the ceremony at the sacred alter to wrest the controling power from the A Facion and put the D Faction back into control. (Elders)

KEEPERS OF SECRETS - White robed mystics that have been seen in the Valley of Bone. They do not tolerate strangers, and are unfriendly to all that wander near them. (Elders)

KEMPIN, TEMPLE OF - The Temple of Kempin is where William Fitzpierce had been housed. The elder in William's family had originally lost faith in him, until they learned of his companionship with the Temple of Kempin. The Temple had recruited William from the Halls of Justice, and had sent William down to Javair. This is how William was acquainted with the party.

KENAI - This squire has dark red skin and black hair. He claims to come from the distant land of Melen-Ker. He came to the Azure Kingdom with his masters to destroy the ancient evil dwelling in the Black Tower.

KERBACH - A barbarian from the Grasslands of Shronth, he wielded a mean bastard sword. He was known in his last days as the Protector of Widow's Grove, and died beneath the vicious attack of orks and bears in the courtyard of Widow's Grove. He is buried in the tomb of the Mays Family, and is considered the last great protector of the town.

KERN - A city in the empire at the bottom of a waterfall. It is said that the Red Jackal of Westland once lived here and called this walled city home.

KITZARNYCZ XERAZ "KIT" - Is a regular in the GreenGrape Inn , Is a groupie of a certain bards rebellious tunes. She is a 1/2 Drow 1/2 Elf who has escaped from slavery of the Drow and is also banished from Azure Keep though she still seeks to serve the Azure Kingdom faithfully.

KNIGHTS OF THE CROWN AND SWORD - These knights worship the aspect of the god Kempin called "Kempin the King" or Kempin the Lord." They served the Emperor of the Feron-Jacobe Empire directly. They are sometimes called Crowned Knights, and knights of this order with rank wear crowns given to them by the Emperor.

KNIGHTS OF THE ROSE - They are sometimes refered to as the Brothers of the Rose. An ancient and somewhat reclusive band of knights and clerics that fight for justice. They are extremely lawful and good, and carefully watch and police others that seek to do good. Their headquarters in the Azure Kingdom is called Rosehill.

KORDASHA, CONFERENCE OF - Meeting of the leaders of Kempin, including the council of thirteen. The fate of the Azure kingdom was decided at this meeting, to leave the shield up and that no one enter the shield of Kordasha.

KORDASHA, MOUND OF - Mound in the Grasslands of Shronth, where Vavasha cast the Seal of Kordasha. The mound itself is actually a burial mound from a great battle of the ages, and a sacred place for all warriors of the Grasslands of Shronth.

KORDASHA, SEAL OF - A huge dome of anti-magic that surrounds the Azure kingdom. It prevents otherworldly creatures from exiting the kingdom by any means. It takes so much power to "feed" the Seal, that many spells around the world fail do to a lack of magical sources for them to tap into.

KUDA-GAR - This is the Cavernous City that broke of from the Isle of the same name and tumbled under the Ice Flows of Jeomandth and engulfed by the glacier that has slowly moved it beyong the Storm Gates and down the Chasm of Cassis to its present location in the Azure Mountains . It is populated by a mix of races that are the decendants of workers who were endentured servants of the Storm Giants that mined the rich minerals that still run through its walls .

KUDA-GAR, ISLAND OF - This is the large mountain juting up out of the the Great expance of The Ice Flows of Jeomanth beyond the Storm Gates in the realm of the Storm Giants.

KYDURA TRIAD - An alliance of three Kobold nations who aid in each other's is ruled by three main Kobold Queens.

KYIIIIRI - A large eagle that told Vikos of the area where Tunis was thought to be.

LAURIEN - Casiel's son. Left in the Forrest of the Ancients in the Azure Kingdom.

LAVIAN NIGHTGEM - A half-elf hunter who lives in the woods surrounding Greenmark. He frequents the Castle Bar on occasion, when a rare loneliness for humans comes over him. Known to be an expert with his bow.

LENDERAL - Expert archer in the town of Widow's Grove, and brother to Silverine. He is half-elvan, appears young, though he ais clearly much older than anyone else at Widow's Grove. Lenderal and his brother do not actually live in Widow's Grove, but travel through several times a year.

LIBRUM NEFARIUM - A legendary book supposedly co-authored by Wahlquist, with bits of random information and complexly coded spells for invoking, binding, and protecting against demons and devils...among other dark topics.

LILITH - Javair's old Girlfriend, killed by the thieves or assassins guild in Citadel. Javair does not like to be reminded of her. He was there when it happened and was burned trying to save her in an arson attempt. It was her death that drove him to the Azure kingdom. He saw visions and heard voices saying; "You're smarter than I thought, young one. West to find that which you come for."

LO-CHOI - Evil vampire that presented himself to Oren as The Master and convince him he was turning into a Vampire. He was trying to use Oren to weaken The Finders and set them up to be destroyed with the town of Greenmark when the dark forces of Gorin descended upon it. His plans where foiled when Oren turned on him at a dinner in Galen Greens house and he was imprisoned by Jeremiah in a globe of good and later to be destroyed by a Sun light spell cast by Father Tunder.

LOCK OF THE STORM GATES - An invulnerable sphere or ornated etched gold. The Azure Key opens the doors to the sphere, and the actual mechanism to open or close the gates resides on a pedistal inside. There are runes on the inside and outside of the sphere telling of the history and legends of the Azure Kingdom. The sphere is partially encased in stone.

LOREN MAYS - The last of the Mays family...he died defending Widow's Grove.

LORNKI - To the north-east of the Azure Kingdom, separated by an arm of the Blue Mountains, lies the isolated grassland nation of Lornki. It is populated mostly by farmers, a few fisherman, and a secretive ruling priesthood. Gilgamesh is the aging ruler and High Priest. The ruling priesthood and the common people are plagued by the evil activities of the devil-priests of Tai-Fon, a mysterious and mystical city hidden within the fringes of the Blue Mountains. Most human residents of the Azure Kingdom are intrigued by the mystery and mysticism of Lornki, but have a great fear of the devil-priests of Tai-Fon.

LUDWIG'S KNOLL - A large forested string of hills at the southern edges of the Azure Kingdom, this is the home of the Gnomes. They have much more contact with the Halflings of Whyx, than with the humans of the Azure Kingdom. When a gnome does wander out and become involved in human society, it is always with great impact. Their mechanical knowledge often improves (and complicates) the lives of the humans with which they settle. There are legends that some gnomes are capable of creating "technisms," which are "living" mechanical recreations of organic life-forms. It is said that Emperor Jestak rides a horse into battle that was crafted by gnomish hands with a skin of metal, and innards made of gears, wires, pistons, and springs.

MAD DUKE OF BANTROTH - Rumored to be an expert in things undead and evil...little more is known about him.

MAD FIENDS - Horid undead creations of the Mad Duke of Bantroth. The smell of burned flesh, and have faces of bone...and their head is usually in flames.

MAD "REMY" REMINGTON - Reputed to have once been a Paladin, he raised an army 10 years ago and laid siege to an evil mage's mountain keep. A year later the mage, Zelagorn, had lost…but at a terrible cost. Remington was now a fallen Paladin, and has been known for his erratic behavior ever since (thus the nickname). During that siege, Remy met Grim Thomas and Rotting Robert, and they formed the adventuring group the Madmen of Ridore.

MADMEN OF RIDORE - This group is led by Mad "Remy" Remington, who is reputed to be a fallen Paladin. The group's erratic behavior is responsible for a general misunderstanding as to whether they are do-gooding heroes or selfish thieves. They often seem to be on the wrong side of a fight, and have had several clashes with Thorn's Men. They make their headquarters in the Valley of Ridore just inside the Forest of Ancients. Two of their members are the only remaining survivors of "The Adventurers Five."

MALVORITH, CAPTAIN OF THE HOARDS - The sixth captain should appear in every way to be a living human skeleton, except that his eyes are large wet human eyes floating in his bony eye sockets. He wears long red and orange robes, with a simple black sword upon his side. He is known as Jack Skull and a friend to The Finders.

MAMA BONES - A creature created by Gorin Zachian. She manifested herself as a whirling cloud of dust and bone...her decicated head floating above it all.

MARCUS, THE STRONG BUT POWERFUL - Marcus is a halfling with iron will, and an unnatural strength. He was a fighter that adventured with Emperor Jestak, in Jestak's early days. Marcus helped Jestak in his war against Swaldune and Norlund, and helped tame doubters within the new Empire. Since that time, Marcus has returned to his homeland...Whyx. It is there that he serves a Sheriff and Protector of the loosely cobbled together halfling nation.

MARK OF DEATH - A red symbol of much provides protection and offensive help against undead creatures. The Hooded Mage is the only one known to bestow of this mark of arcane power. The mark lasts forever, unless willed away by the person who bears it.

MARTIAL FIELDS - A large flat area between four large mountain ridges where the army of the Azure Kindom used to stage huge training battles. Blood River flowed by these fields, and Cameo's Casle overlooked them. The observation towers and troops barracks still stand, and some say the army of the Azure Kingdom, sleep and waits to serve the master of the Azure Keep one last time....

MARTIKA - A fletcher in the town of Widow's Grove. She is a 22-year-old human female, medium height, thin, long blond hair and green eyes. Her father was the fletcher for the hunters of the town until his recent demise. She's very serious about her work, and very good at it.

MARTIN PONE - Martin Pone was a thin-framed man, who showed dexterous skills about himself. One skill that did lack with Martin Pone, was bravery in combat. Martin Pone had been captured by Vimlaager and the Frost Giants, and sustained large injuries. Javair had saved Martin in his quest to recapture the Azure Keep. First impressions from Javair indicated that Martin's usefulness was outside of combat.

MATHUSE, THE SWIFT - He is a human thief of some renown, and his willingness to speak freely and his quick wit often got him into trouble. He was a thief that worked along side the party with Jestak. Mathuse had been preparing for the Empires battle with the Swaldune and Norlund.

MAYS FAMILY - The founders and protectors of Widow's Grove. They wielded a magical bastard sword. They are all buried in a heavily trapped tomb just outside the walls of the town.

MEAGLE - This was a large bully in the City of Cornwalsh who crippled Damon's left arm in a fight before Damon slashed open his throat. His arm was later restored by the dark magic of Gorin Zachian but the arm then had a dark mind of its own.

MEEPO - A kobold that survived the Sunless Citadel. He notified orks of what the party had done to his tribe, and then told Javiar...setting in motion the events described in the "Aftermath" game summary. No one is sure what became of Meepo.... (Elders)

MELEN-KER - A distant land which may dwell beyond Sona-Nyl. Few inhabitants of Melen-Ker have been met, but they appear to have dark red skin (see entry on a squire named Kenai).

MERGAN - An inmate at Raker's Asylum. The Maked Ones (Mensa group) rescued him from the bitter cold, and returned him to the asylum from which he had escaped. He was quite mad and repeatedly spoke Erythnul's Temple Entry Phrase. He was slain by Pym in her mayhem.

MERICK, QUEEN OF THE GOBLINS - Many descriptions of Merick are spoken of in hushed whispers by the men and women of the Azure Kingdom. To some she is an evil goblin sorceress, leading a dark army of goblin mauraders across the less populated areas of the Kingdom. To others, she is seen as a powerful goblin mystic who leads her goblin clans kindly, but with a firm hand. Regardless, all respect her power. (Elders, Mensa)

MERLOT INN - This is the main tavern inside the town of Draven; the same place where Tad was slain by Zeek and the townspeople of Draven were revealed to be Vampire brood!

MIGUEL MABON - A leader amongst a group of brigands. The brigands and their leader, the Brown Spider, were under the suspicion from Javair and Windsor Mabon that they had kidnapped Windsors brother, Miguel. After a battle between the brigands, it was found out that the Brown Spider was Miguel, and Windsor was really a Shadow Knight.

MILL BY THE CLIFF, THE - This mill by a cliff is run by Raphael and it hides the entrance to Tunis, the hidden City of Thieves. A stream leads to the mill, fed from a great 100 foot waterfall. The structure of the mill was built directly up against the surface of the cliff. The City of Tunis is hidden behind the rock wall of the cliff, and the way in is through the Mill. The Hooded Mage mentioned in response to a query that he did not know the location of Tunis, and that the clues a couple members of the party had heard (the way is marked by an old mill, etc) were not of much help, as there are many abandoned mills scattered across the land, mute testaments to a time when the land supported farming.

MILTON FEDGE - The bravest and most outspoken of the people of Widow's Grove. He served as a defacto man-at-arms when the party was chosen as generals in the battle described in the "Aftermath" game summary. He is a 28-year-old human male, 6'2", 200, blond hair and grey eyes, and clean-cut face.


MINKO - An expert stone mason in Widow's Grove. He is a 155-year-old black dwarf ex-patriot, 5' and rather stocky, with black skin and black hair…full long beard, braided into one large knot. Left his work section some years ago to live among the humans. He tries his best to be as light-hearted and versatile as the humans he loves, but tends to talk way too much about stone and is a pessimist at heart.

MIRZAXAX, CAPTAIN OF THE BLACK CLOUDS - The first captain has a huge bulbous body covered in sharp spiney hairs. His head is vaguely insect like, with horrible pincers and large mirrored eyes that reflect the fires of hell.

MOLASH - Leader of an army conquering the underdark. It seemed that he rose on the rising tide of gnollish expansion. Appears as he wishes, but his true self is housed in a set of black ornamental field plate. He pretty much offered what he must of felt was the each party members order to attempt to buy their loyalty.

MOLENE - An ancient eye-less mage, rumored to be one of the last pigment wizards. He is said to go by many names, and to have homes in many cities around the world. He can paint gates between locations, such is the power of his brushes. He was recently revealed as "He That Guards the Key." He appeared to the Elder party...and had eyes. When asked about it, he said they were Wahlquist's eyes, and that he borrowed them. (Elders)

MONTHS - The Azure Kingdom uses standard six Empire months, which last 60 days each. Primex "first life" (spring), Sedonex "first heat" (spring), Tercex "the harvest" (summer), Quatex "festivals" (fall), Quindonex "preparation" (fall), Iron "survival" (winter).

MONTAHUGH TAGE - Was the Ambassador's Steward of the Exchequer was missing and presumed to have been killed by a Doppelganger who had posed as him to thew Finders. He asked them to come to a meeting where they were fed false information by The Sargent of the Ambassadors guard, Telgard Magruson, who later was also missing and presumed to have suffered a similar fate.

MONTY "pockets" BROWN - A 40-year-old human, Monty is known for his skill at picking pockets. He works all the bars in Greenmark, though he is also comfortable picking pockets on the streets of Greenmark. His short and chubby appearance tends mask his identity as Greenmark's best cutpurse. It is rumored that Monty once lived in Tunis, and that he still has contacts there. He has dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and wears threadbare brown woolen clothes. He carries a small club as his only weapon, and no one remembers him ever having to use it.

MOONTREE - A bard that plays in the Castle Bar and the Green Grape Inn in Greenmark. He sometimes paints the left side of his face black. It has been revealed to a very limited amount of people that Moontree is actually a disguise that Javair wears to travel as a "commoner."

MORAN, SERGEANT - After Javair had started rebuilding the Azure Keep, Galen Green had sent Sgt. Moran to pay a visit to Javair. Moran had brought 20 of his greatest warriors, and was insistent a message was conveyed to Javair: Javair was not a king, and that no tax, no men, and no favors are owed you by the men of the lands that Galen Green protects. Javair had chuckled, and agreed with Moran. Javair explained his position that he was simply a bard with money to sustain a keep; away from the frost giants.

MORTIKIE - "Morty" is an Alchemist, and Fendi Dartoon's lecherous Gnome assistant. His pay based on sales makes him a very good manager of Fendi's shop because his Greed is the only thing stronger than his lust. Hopes to take over shop in Greenmark someday.

MOUND OF KORDASHA - (See Kordasha, Mound of)

THE MOUNT - The Mount is a monastery that Cedric is from. It is located on the tallest hill outside the city of Kern, in the Province of Jacobe, in the Feron-Jacobe Empire. This monastery believes that there are three pillars that make up an individual, and they were Faith, Knowledge and Discipline. Inside the Mount, it contained an extremely large library, second only to the Library of the Dead in the city of Gellhorn.

MOUNTAIN OF MAN - A Mountain in the visage of a human skull. Lava flows continuously out of one eye. The fabled home of the Red Jackal.

MUK-RA - A Monk from Lornki with yellow hair, eyes, skin, and clothes. He helped Fedden to attach the party at Widow's Grove, and then escaped. This man seems to be an agent of The Master, though it seemed he was warning the party of what was to occur at Greenmark...right before it was attacked by undead and burned to the ground. He has not been seen since....

MERKARIK XERAZ - Kit's Father was born to a lesser house some 900 years ago. In his youth he found a single-minded interest in the combining of Magic, Herbs, and minerals and what they produced. He soon became a renowned Alchemist among the Drow. But, while his talents in these Arts was great, his true fame came from the potion's and creams he created that seemed to almost reverse the signs of aging from the long-lived and vain race of dark elves. He was Poisoned By agents of his fouth wife.

NECKLACE OF SEVERED THUMBS - A discussing piece of trophy or dements. Kerbock, a human barbarian, use to collect severed thumbs, and wear them. He would proudly display his trophy around his neck. When Kerback died, he was buried in the Mays Tomb. Some time after Kerbocks death, someone had raided the tomb and stole Kerbocks prized trophy. Rumors have it that Feddon or some evil Necromancer will use these items for a large evil deed.

NERULL - Nerull is the god of death. He has many aliases, and wields a scythe. His worshipers see him as an almost skeletal figure, wrapped in a dark black cloak. Nerull visited Oren on the eve of the adventuring Tunis.

NEVALKENAERE - Ancient elf, leader of Odnirille in the Green Forest...who gave Casiel help in a time of need.

NIA - Casiel's, wife. Left in the Forrest of the Ancients in the Azure Kingdom.

NILES - A visitor to the City of Tunis. He was charmed by Gremage before he could react to a fight that broke out at the Mill by the Cliff. There was something mystical about Niles....

NINE HELLS - Sometimes refered to as Baator, this is the home of the devils...and legions of tortured souls. There are nine levels, each with its own Lord, and each with its own hellish environment. The whole mess is ruled over by the Lord of the Nine, Asmodeus himself.

NOERDWELLER - Name on map of frost giant...SE of Storm can be determined that this is a giant slang term for those that dwell in the Azure Kingdom (known as the Dead Kingdom to the giants.) Means, "The place where our enemies dwell."

NORLUND - Norlund is the icy nations that joined together with the Swaldune to attack the kingdoms of the mainland. The warriors produced from these lands were very tall, and often dressed in furs. Along with the warriors, war dogs would travel by their side. In the end, Jestak rose to power by unifying the kingdoms of the mainland into one large Empire. In the end, Jestak called upon his closest friend, and advisor...Vavasha to cast a spell driving the armies of Norlund and Swaldune from the mainland...and the newly formed Empire.

OCKROTE - An old black dwarf bartender in the Castle Bar, he is compassionate but tough. He has gray in his black beard and hair.

ORACLE OF KUDA-GAR, A.K.A. KITZARNYCZ XERAZ, A.K.A "Kit"- The faction "D" called Kit the Kuda-Gar Oracle because Kit was commenting on some information she had read. The entire faction 'd' of Kuda-Gar's became dazed, and believe was their Oracle prophesizing their future.



OREN GREEN - Mentally deranged Dwarf under control of the Master who believed himself to be a human ranger and the son of Galan Green. Was accompanied by Vax, who he mistook to be a failthul servant but was an invisible agent of the master sent to keep Oren on his diabolical mission of delivering Zeek into a deadly fate.

ORENDEGAR OF DUMATHOIN - Dwarven Prince, from the Crests of Dumathoin. Blinded one Eye of Zelegorn 10 years ago when he found out his true plans for the Azure Kingdom after having joined to aid him. Zelegorn captured him and sold him into slavery to the master who mentally controlled him to do his bidding. Only recently released from servitude.

PAINT WIZARD - Mages like Molene who paint their magic into canvas. Most tend to be passages to other parts of the world.

PAINTINGS OF MOLENE - Legendary Paintings: vineyards of Paralo, gladiator fight in Citadel; Emperial Fleet off the coast of the Island of Sir James: These were paintings made by Molene, who was a pigment wizard. These paintings would "come to life". The paints were magical and rumored to be the most beautiful paintings in the land. There is also the painting of Vendra's Castle in the main feasting hall of the Azure Keep. Paintings Containing Keys: 1) The top room in the the Tower of Archibald Leech in Sona-Nyl, 2) An upstairs room in Baron Shelby Crunal's blue stone tower, 3) A magical laboratory belonging to Vavasha...somewhere in Citadel, 4) A forest city on the elvan Island of Shimera, 5) The bone-littered Valley of Bone, 6) The skull-shaped Mountain of Man.

PARALO - Island nation to the east of the Empire. They are a once powerful, now fallen and degenerate nation. They delight in orgies, gladiatorial combat, and all manner of vices. It is said that not one of their number can be trusted...but this may be overstated by those that have lost money to their clever traders.

PARALO GUARDSMEN - Paralo Guardsmen were fighters who were hired by the entertainers of Paralo. These men were responsible for transporting slaves into the Grand Arena to fight gladiators and trained killers. Vikos was once a captive and forced to fight in the Field of Blood.

THE PATH OF DEATH - A series of caverns long considered to be sacred to Ork barbarians. Though its location is not known to humans, it is said that if one accidentally wanders too close to the caverns, the Ork priests who guard the Path of Death will obliterate you and your travelling companions from the face of Kempin. The Orks bury their dead in these caverns.

PEACEMAKER - Dutton Hobbes harp, given to Javair long ago. It is said that this harp will either calm men's hearts OR cause chaos. It has been known to start wars. Javair has taken its name for his own ruling name..."Peacemaker! Its frame was solid gold, with scenes of love and scenes of battle ornately depicted. It was crusted with perfect diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The strings were golden threads stolen from the spider-web of a gnomish technism…a golden mechanical spider. The strings were said to be unbreakable and never needed tuning. Legends say that in Dutton's hands the harp could inspire a love affair to last a lifetime, or it could inspire a war to end countless lives. Many have said that a certain song emanating from the harp could bring the dead back to life…sound in mind and body. Dutton was careful to never allow anyone to hear the Song of Gellhorn, other than the subject of the raising. He was heard to say that none but the dead should ever hear that song.

PHLEGETHOS - The fourth level of the Nine Hells, it is ruled by She that Suckles the Hoards of Hell. It consists of fiery lakes, and winds of searing heat and flame. Souls are tortured, while devils watch and laugh.

PHYLLIS - The Seamstress in the town of Widow's Grove. She is a 77-year-old human female, tall and thin, with gray hair and a pleasant face. She is like the grandmother everyone would wish to have.

PICKPOCKETS' GUILD - This is the thieves guild in Citadel, the capital city of the Feron-Jacobe Empire. All sorts of thieves belong to it (burglars, cut-purses, con-men) ...but it is still called the Pickpockets' Guild.

PO THE REDEEMER - God of the Kempin religion, his various aspects are Redemption, Sun, Light, Birth/Children, Fire, and the Dawn. He is seen as a very positive god, an optimistic god...and all of his priest are of the good alinment.

PYM - An inmate at Raker's Asylum. She was kept in a straightjacket. She appeared to see Doomnoodle even though he was invisible. She later obtained Vall Woodshadow's dagger and slew almost everyone at the asylum.

RAKER'S ASYLUM - A large black building which was a mental asylum. It is located near Tunis and the Black Tower.

RAKSASHA/"MAN WITH BACKWARDS HANDS"/TIGERMAN - A truly evil creature that plans to bring an end to this world by summoning a she-demon (who he is in love with). He has placed the spell to open the final gates upon Zeek's skin.

RAPHAEL - An old man who runs the Mill by the Cliff. It appears to be his job to charge fees to petitioners seeking entrance to Tunis. He recently sent a party of the Marked Ones on a journey halfway across the Azure Kingdom to seek a hidden treasure.

RED JACKAL OF WESTLAND - A completely chaotic Elf wizard who reached legendary status Kempin-wide, for his furthering of anarchy and chaos. He is rumored to live in the Mountain of Man, near he out-law-nation of Respite.

THE RED QUEEN - Huge horrible Lord of the fourth level of the Nine Hells, Phlegethos. She is sometimes called "She Who Suckles the Hoards of Hell." She is a consort to Asmodeus, rular of Hell. She seduced Brother Simms (Grinval) over 500 years ago, and convinced him to perform rituals that would summon the Red Queen into the World of Kempin. Only the bravery and sacrifice of Brother Glanvil, Olas Wormius, and scores of other priest of Heironeous prevented her entry into our world.

RHAZFERAS - Goblin High Priest and good friend and supporter of Merrik. Raised Collin Macgreggor from death to secure the help of his party in recovering a religious relic for the Kobold Kingdom.

ROBERT NIVO - During his early career in Citadel he was known as "Bumbling Bob," and some still call him by this name. Now he holds the position of second in command on the Council of the Knife in Tunis thanks to The Finders removing Zardus, his rival in exchange for their release from his anti magic vault and The Tome of Purity.

RONA BATTELLEA - The very attractive and self proclaimed seer from Greenmark that joined with The Finders after crossing paths in the woods will searching for the kidnapped Ambassador. She was almost slain by a doppelganger posing as the ambassador's aid, Sanders Bingington but was saved from bleeding to death by a love smitten Zeek.

ROSEHILL, THE ORDER OF THE ROSE - The "Castle on Rosehill" is the home and headquarters of the local priory of the Order of the Rose. They believe in the code of chivalry, and are charged with "policing" the activities of other knightly orders. They tend to be fairly judgemental and have a reputation for being a bit snooty and mean about it. "Thorn's Men" is an elite squad within the Order. The Castle itself is circled by a monsterous wall of red roses, the thorns of which are said to be 4 to 6 inches long.

ROVENEL OF WALHQUIST'S TOWERS - Robed middle-aged man, balding with a white cloudiness on the surface of both eyes telling of his blindness. Gave information to Will about the Province of Valander.

RUAHDIN - Paladin Ruahdin was assigned by Phineous Thorn of Rosehill to find the City of Thieves...Tunis and Ruahdin found himself a member of the party known as the Finders of the Key. This band he had fallen-in with was as worthy a group as he had come across, but considering the state of the lands, that was begging much.

RUKGAR, SERGEANT - The commander of the Ork patrol that had stayed behind in what was Widows Grove and now is New Grove. The Orks had worked hard to build a levy between the river and town to protect it from the raging waters and many including Sgt. Rukgar are considering taking up residence there.

RUKIN THE TRICKSTER - A God of Kempin, worshipped by thieves.

QUEEN JUDITH - Wife to King Senaca, it is said that she killed herself over 500 years ago after the mysterious death of her husband.

QUINCY THE QUICK - Little is known of Quincy, except for the fact he leads the Council of the Knife in the town of Tunis. It is known that he came from a very poor background, and worked his way up throught the ranks of the criminal world. (See illustration next to the town of "Tunis") He is implicated in the failed kidknapping attempt with the ambassador from the Empire.

RACHEN - An elvan vampire that works for the Master. He travels the Azure Kingdom with a Winter Wolf at his side, and seems to be completely loyal to the Master.

RAKRON - "LORD OF THE BLACK" - A ram-headed demon that seeks to enter the World of Kempin. He can appear in mirrors, and with the proper price paid in souls, he will someday break through a mirror and ravage the land! He once plagued Javair for years. Is party to Necromancers such as Sir James and was first encountered by Javair on the Isle of Sir James. Last seen in Greenmark. Other names: 'The Dark One, Trickster.'

REDRILLE IMLADRIS - This is the elvan ranger Ganraith's father. He was a follow of Zelagorn, and stood with him to the very end. He died when Zelagorn's Keep fell to the forces of the paladin Remington.

RIDDLE OF THE STORM GATES - "To Close go Right, To Open go Left with all your Might."

RIDER-JAZZ - Kobold Guide to the party On Collins Binder Quest who would avoid any possibility of injury by avoiding battle to ensure he reach his destiny. He retrieved the Dagger called Binder and summoned large red Dragon who he controlled with Binder and rode off to his destiny and sure demise to save his people as would any good Rider.

RONA BATTELLE - Rona was found during the quest to retrieve the ambassador Edward Hansberg. Rona was a resident of Greenmark. Rona has the same special abilities that Zeek has; in which she believes she can communicate with those from the alter planes. Zeek has developed a 'crush' on Rona, and he brought her back to life after being nearly slaughtered by a doppelganger posed as Sanders Bingington.

SANDERS BINGINGTON - Sanders Bringington was the Ambassador Edward Hunsbery's aid (Herschel of Letters). During the kidnapping of Edward Hunsberg, the party met with all the aids in his retrieval. Once the party started exploring deep into the woods, they came across Sanders Bingington looking through the clearing. Sanders claimed that the ambassador was up ahead, and that we should make our attack soon. After advancing on the supposed position, the party found that Sanders Bingington was really a doppelganger who tried to kill Rona and did succeed in killing Wilf.

SANDY BOUGE - Ambassador Hunsburg's Steward of Commerce, basically his economics advisor. He was killed during the kidnapping attempt on the Ambassador.

SCEPTER OF SENACA - Javair recovered this antique scepter from the Storm Gates and now holds it as a symbol of his rulership. It originally belonged to the Azure King...Senaca.

SCRATCHER - The black cat which is Vall Woodshadow's familiar.

SCRUD - An Ork in Vikos Ork Troop. Before reforming himself, and dedicating himself to Tobin, was a skilled thief." When he was young, human brigands captured him in a raid on my village. They sold him into slavery, and got big and strong, killed his master, and decided to take from others what he needed. he was fairly successful, and was eventually recruited by a gang of thieves in the city of Dumit. Thieves that are caught in Dumit, are usually maimed or killed so to work there was quiet daring and earned him a reputation. Eventually, he returned to Tunis to train, and become more skilled. He found one of the brigands that sold me into slavery, though he was much older by then. He slowly wrung his neck. It took him 20 minutes to die. Scrud imparted his knowledge on the location of Tunis to Vikos.

SEAL OF KORDASHA - (See Kordasha, Seal of)

SENACA, KING - King of the Azure Kingdom, after his tragic and mysterious death, the Keep of the Azure Ice was abandoned and the Azure Kingdom fell. It is a well-known legend that King Senaca negotiated a peace between the men and giants, and established the Storm Gates. King Senaca would travel to the City of Stormgate twice a year. Once to open the Gates and begin the rule of winter, and once to close the gates and let summer reign. After his death, the Gates remained open, and winter has ruled for over 500 years.

SEX CRAZED DEMON CREATURES - They use the sense of smell to enrouse their victims and then rip their throats out.

SHAMUS O'BRIAN - Only surviving Empire guard left in the Ambassadors entourage. He and Terrance Stintson are the only two left of the eight original members.

SHAPIRO - (See also, THE HOODED MAGE) A wizard of some accomplishment, he masked his identity with a mask and hood till Vikos recognized him to bt the cousin of Vavasha, who he had slain accidently years before thinking him to be a Outlaw called the Hooed Mage. He is known to protect the weak, and to have interceded on behalf of human-kind in several small wars in the Azure Kingdom. It is often whispered that he has made a large amount of money from his "alturistic" activities, and that he has a weakness for the finer things in life (fine wine, fine women, fine gold, etc.)


SHIMERA - An island where the decendents of the high elves continue to prosper.

SILVERINE - Expert archer in the town of Widow's Grove, and brother to Lenderal. He is half-elvan, appears young, though he ais clearly much older than anyone else at Widow's Grove. Silverine and his brother do not actually live in Widow's Grove, but travel through several times a year.

SIR JAMES WINTHROPE - The fief-holder of the Islands of Sir James, he made deals with the demon RakRon, and tried to take the Northern portions of the Empire for his own. Jestak, with the help of Baron Shelby Crunal crushed the navy of Sir James, and Sir James was killed. His body was mysteriously stolen...but later found and destroyed in an evil Temple to RakRon in the country of Lornki. Sir James studied the necrotic arts, and wrote extensively about them.

SIR PHINEOUS THORN - A pompous and judgmental man, he is a fierce defender of all things good and lawful. He lead's an adventuring group called Thorn's Men and heads the local priory of the Order of the Rose. He takes very seriously his responsibility for "policing" other knights and knighthoods, and will not tolerate a straying knight.

SOLNA - Led by a governing body called the War Council with General Mason at its head, this highly militaristic country is almost constantly at war with the Kingdom of Bantroth. The government supports itself by hiring out its mercenary army.

SONA-NYL - A island of myth that supposedly exists on many worlds at once. There are many paths to Sona-nyl, none are obvious and can occur randomly. A door that leads to a favorite tavern might one night lead to the island of Sona-nyl. Or a journey of days and weeks on the ocean may bring you to its shores.

SPELL OF ENDING - Once tattooed on Zeek, this spell opens a gate to one of the planes of hell. It will unleash a 1000 demons.

STORMGATE - Deep within the mountains, this ancient city is basically a ruins. It lies on the border between the lands of men and the mystical lands of the storm giants. No news of Stormgate has been heard for years, but it is assumed that very few people, if any, actually live there. This is the location of the Storm Gates...magical gates created as part of the peace between men and giants. When the Gates are open, winter spills forth upon the land. When they are closed, the mountains thaw. Since the fall of the Azure Kingdom, the Gates have remained open, and winter has ruled for hundreds of years.

"STRIKER" - Tobin's Axe, brought to life by Vikos. Known to store lightning and emit showers of sparks.

SVIRFNEBLIN - Deep Gnome race with its capital city of Zukazon in the underdark.

SWALDUNE - Swaldune is the island nation of mages that joined together with Norlund to attack the kingdoms of the mainland. The mage-kings of Swaldune are known for their powerful magic. They sail in huge black ships with a dragon perched on their bow and stern. The people of Swaldune have pale skin, white hair, and white eyes, with no visible pupils. Some say Swaldune is a dying kingdom...and some say their power is secretly on the rise.

TAD - Tad was the town mayor for Draven. This gentleman had been very polite, and invited the 'Marked Ones' into the main tavern (Merlot Inn) within Draven for some food and drinks. During his hospitality, Zeek had become uncomfortable with the people of Draven. When Tad was getting ready to invite the group to meet the Master (Vendra), Zeek used his muscle and crushed in Tad's skull before anyone could react. Tad lay in a pile of goo in the middle of this hospitable tavern. Zeek's hunch was correct though, for our friends became were Vampire brood.

TELGARD MAGRUSON, SEARGENT - Slain head of the guard for the Ambassador from the Empire who was replaced by a Doppelganger to give false leads for any would be pursuers.

TERESA - An inmate at Raker's Asylum. She was unremakable. She was slain by Pym in Pym's mayhem.

TERRANCE STINTSON - Steward of Heraldry (political advisor) and top aide to the Ambassador from the Empire to the Azure Kingdom. Contacted The Finders and the Band of Nine about finding the Kidnapped Ambassador with the offer of 4000 Kern for his return.

TEVERILLE-NAL - In the common tongue this magical bow would be called "Gnoll-Ripper." It is an elvish weapon of great power, and is missing. Rumored to be in Tunis, City of the possession of Robert Nivo.

THADIUS THROBNOGGIN - One of the Marked Ones who hails from Ludwig's Knoll. He was apparently driven mad when he ventured into the Black Tower. Single-handedly, he attacked and slew a resident of the Mill by the Cliff, and fought off Talia and guards before escaping in to the wilderness. He remains at-large to this day.

THARIVOL - Casiel's brother, a mercenary.

THOMAS SMITH - One of Ambassador Hunsburg's guards. He was killed during the kidnapping attempt on the Ambassador.

THORN'S MEN - Led by Sir Phineous Thorn, these are the pious members of the Order of the Rose. They believe in the code of chivalry, and are charged with "policing" the activities of other knightly orders. They tend to be fairly judgemental and have a reputation for being a bit snooty and mean about it. Thorn's Men is a specific squad among the local Order of the Rose, and are considered the Order's elite. (See "Sir Phneous Thorn" in the Supporting Cast section for an illustration of him.)

TIMAK - Timak was Faction A's arena warrior in the underground city of Kuda-Gar. This creature was of magnificent size, and had been the reining champion in Kuda-Gars arena matches. When the party was separated, Zeek was to fight this creature. When it looked impossible for Zeek to win, Oren had jumped in to rescue Zeek from this horrible beast. The party had buffed Oren with magical spells, and then a fight pursued. In the end, Oren pulled a 'Thumbs up- Thumbs down" to the crowd in deciding to kill Timak. Gainraith then used illusions to fool the crowd to kill the beast. As predicted, Oren won.

TIMMONS - A great warrior that was held captive by Vimlaager, and was rescued by Javair and Cragen Stoneslammer. Timmons had been captive of the storm giants for quite some time, and had given them trouble. Javair had found Timmons on his adventure to fight back the Azure Keep. At one point, one of the giants had crushed his leg, rendering it useless. The bravery was shown of this warrior when the final battle sequence between Javair and Vimlaager, for Timmons had crawled up and stabbed the giant from behind.

TIMRICK OF THE WHISPERING WOODS - A reputedly all-knowing sage living deep in the Azure Mountains with his wife, near an ancient Temple. It is rumored that an evil mage named Grinval kiled Timrick and his wife, and buried them behind their small home.

TOKO TRIAD - Kobold Capital in the underdark that is basically made up of three different cities. All of which surrendered to Molash.

"TOMB RAIDER" - New nic-name for Vikos after having to be pulled from looting an evil temple. Didn't really catch on...

THE TOME OF PURITY - Only its power can reclaim the temple at Birchmont and drive the evil back from whence it came. It was in the possession of a politically powerful thief named Robert Nivo till he made a deal with the trapped group called The Finders to give it to the for their help in removing Zardus, his rival on the Council of the Knife in Tunis.

TOR-FORGEN - A half-Ork that Vikos hates just a little less than any of the others Orks in his troop of new converts to Tobin. Vikos uses him as his mouthpeace to the Orks.

TORG "REDSHANKS"- A middle aged Ork with bright red pants. He is bald on top, with a ring of gray-brown hair circling his head. Two "tusk" teeth just up from mouth onto his upper lip. Runs the local Mercenary training grounds. Frequents the Taverns and tends to get in bar brawls after having a few too many.

TORKOR-DOC - Ork City in the underdark, ruled by Dakot.

TORLA - A shaman of the Grasslands of Shronth, given to the one of the Clans by their gods. A baby is born every so many years, under the right conditions, to replace the current, aging Torla. The current torla is Vavasha...and many await the arrival of the next great powerful mage of the Grasslands of Shronth.

TRASK - The old man that raised Gremage from a baby, at the request of three mages from the Empire. In the end he gave his life to bring Gremage back from the dead.

TUNDER, FATHER - Elderly priest who is the head of the Temple of Heronious in Greensmark on the Cliffs over looking the now ruined city. Destroyed the Vampire Lo-Choi after The Finders had captured him.

TUNDEROC, VIESLAND DER - A powerful primitive tribe in the Valley of Mists. They are known for their fierce monk warriors and savage ways.

TUNGAR - Tungar was Oren's old friend from the crusading days. Tungar had been captured about 10 years ago, and Oren had thought he would have never seen him again. Tungar was rescued at Kuda-Gar, when he was thrown off the stage. Oren and the party had freed Tungar from Kuda-Gar once and for all. He was last seen leaving the party in Kuda-Gar with Oren and has not been seen since.

TUNIS - A back-water hiding place for criminals and fugitives, very few people know the actual location of Tunis. The town is very small, but its Council of the Knife led by Quincy the Quick has far reaching influence in criminal affairs. The people of this town are known to be very tight-lipped...and very dangerous. Galen Green, Phineous Thorn, and Lord Bradley Dumit have all offered extremely large rewards for whoever tells them the location of Tunis. So far, no thief of Tunis has been brave enough to risk Quincy's wrath and collect the reward.

TWIG-BLIGHTS - Woody stick-like humanoid creatures that sprung from the seeds of the fruit of the Gulthias Tree. Encountered in the Sunless Citadel. (Elders)

TWIN CITIES - Name on map of frost Storm Gates...unknown what this is.

UKKNOT - Clan Chief of the Gash clan. A high level Fighter and leader.

UNDERDARK - The underground world of humanoids, drow, goblins, orcs and other subterranean races.

UNDERDARK STEW - Kit's specialty, made of herbs, spicies a few rats and other well as a healthy share of mushrooms and fungi. It is quite tasty and filling. Known to cause Zeek to go into an hallucinatory tirade if mentioned.

THE UNIFIER - The Unifier was the original wielder of the sword "Savior". This sword was created in the "CITY OF THE FORGE". At least, these are the tales told among the common foke, with no real evidence as to their truth.

VALENDER, THE PROVINCE OF - To the South-South-East of the City of Stormgate was once the secondary throne province. Ruled over the history of the Azure Kingdom by the brothers and cousins of the Azure King himself. It was a land of rich soil, pure blue stone without flaws, and even a mine or two of valuable ore. This province was outside the heaviest effects of the open Storm Gates. Valender lies on the border of what has become the orkish nation of Gunderunk. Valender is also home to a defiled Temple Birchmont. Said to be infested with a desperate and deadly evil. Cador, when it existed, was a city on a trading route that led to the Empire. The Capitol of Valender was the City of the Falls.

VALL WOODSHADOW - One of the Marked Ones (Mensa Group), she is a female elvan magic user. Vall is a lawful neutral (or possibly evil) elvan wizard with a black cat named Scratcher that is always with her. She is highly intelligent, but can be extremely unwise. She can be very absent minded. She appears to be in search of arcane knowledge...and her motives sometimes appear a bit mysterious to the rest of the party. She entered the Temple of Erythnul while others could not. The deadly Pym mysteriously ended up with Vall's dagger. She proclaimed to Raphael that she sought out Demitrius of the Blade, a recruiter for the Assassin's Guild of Tunis. She has long black hair, deep green eyes, pale skin, and would probably be considered plain for an elf. She has a womanly build for an elf, with a very narrow face. She is 142 years old, weighing 95 lbs., 4'8", The Mark of Death tattoo is on the back of her left hand. She wears a brown robe or cloak, with a hood. She had a large scoop of her arm taken in an attack by the assassin Fedden.

VALLEY OF BONE - Site of the titanic battle that served as the ending of the last age. The floor of this huge valley is still littered with bones and the dust of bones ground to dust by time. It is also the site of an archway of Theopesis.

VALLEY OF BONE, THE GATE OF - This simple stone arch stands at the bottom of the Valley of the northern end. Within the arch is a mass of swirling mist. Over the archway is carved these words:

There are worlds uponworlds, upon worlds,
and between them lie the mists,
This one of the few places where the world has worn
and space between worlds lies Bare...
Here I place this Gate to worn all those who come,
ignorant to the Valley of Bone........Theopesus

THE VALLEY OF THE MISTS - Up in the thick ice and cold of the mountains is a steaming hot valley rich with tropical plants and flowers. This hidden and mysterious valley is the home of a place of learning called Viesland. Occasionally a monk from Viesland will be exiled from the order, and will wander among the cities of the Azure Kingdom. It is said that the exiled monks rarely speak, and when they do their words often come out in strings of confused riddles. Regardless, in open-handed combat, no one can challege a Monk of the Valley.

VAVASHA - A Weaver from the Grasslands of Shronth, he is Jestak's mage and advisor. They adventured together as young men, and it is said Vavasha gave his sanity or his life for Jestak during the Empire War. Missing for almost a hundred years (during which Jestak did not age), Vavasha returned to the World of Kempin about 10 years ago. He leads the Council of 13.

VAX - The phantom companion of Oren. Vax was later discovered to be a servent of the Master...Vendra.

VENDRA - An evil mage who once offered human blood to demons in return for power. He died centuries ago, and no person now knows (and no map shows) the location of his ancient and abandoned castle. He is actually an ancient vampire who seeks the closing of the Storm Gates so that the Azure Kingdom will once again thrive with "food." He is often referred to as the "Master."

VENDRA'S CASTLE - A castle deep within the mountains where an evil mage once offered human blood to demons in return for power. When Vendra died, the castle was abandoned...and unvisited all these many years, its exact location is unknown. It appears on no maps.

VENHARDIN - High Precept of the Temple of Po the Redeemer in Citadel. He dressed in file silk Robes with the symbol of Po emblazoned on the front...a sun with a sword diagnally across it. He also wears a large ornate headdress, and surrounds himself with powerful bodyguards. Zeek met with him regarding the Devils in the Azure Kingdom.

VIKOS - A vengence priest of the Empire God Tobin. He is able to call down lightning from the sky. He is Javair's best friend, and has gained a following for his god among the orkish population.

VILARDEEN - Undead creatures with vile breath that causes paralyzation. Known to wield vorpal blades and use magic to defeat their enemies.

VIMLAAGER - A giant Frost Giant witch doctor that was holding captive seven individuals for ransom. Vimlaager and his fellow savage giants along with their yeti, almost killed Javair and Cragen Stoneslammer. Javair and Cragen Stoneslammer had fought Vimlaager in the battle that allowed Javair to recapture the Azure Keep. Javair and Cragen had slayed the giants, and rescued the seven prisoners.

VJORDLAND - Home of the Storm Giants in the realm beyond the Storm Gates...little is known about this frozen land.

WAHLQUIST - After the war between Swaldune and the mainland a little over a hundred years ago, it came to the attention of the Council of 13 that the mage-kings of Swaldune were making deals with demons in order to reverse their defeat at the hands of Warlord Jestak. Wahlquist was an ancient and powerful mage (it is said he was a peer with Cameo) that was the head of the Council of 13, and a foremost expert on countering and destroying demons. He raised an army of mages and assaulted the island of Swaldune directly…cutting a violent swath across the countryside. The deal between the demons and The Souless Ones was disrupted, but Wahlquist died in the battle. His body was magically preserved and placed atop a huge pillar at the site of the battle on Swaldune, and to this very day Wahlquist's body "keeps watch" over the activities of the mage-kings. Wahlquist's Towers (his home) was located in the interior regions of the Azure Kingdom.

WAHLQUIST'S TOWERS - A few crooked stone towers made up the home of this ancient and powerful mage. After his death, an apprentice named D'Aranor attempted to fill Wahlquist's shoes in the eyes of the people of the Azure Kingdom. He was not up to the task, and after several defeats at the hands of various mages of the dark arts and a rampaging ice wyrm, D'Aranor retired from public service. He began a School of Magic, and to this day most mages that work for good in the region at one time or another studied at Wahlquist's Towers.

WARREN SHELLEY - A concerned father who had hired Javair to rescue his daughter from some snow trolls in the mountains. Javair had taken the quest, only to find out that his daughter, Jewel, had a fiancée who actually left her there. Martine, Jewels fiancée, had lied about how she was left there. Javair forced Martine to adventure with Javair to save Warrens daughter. Upon reaching the trolls, Javair had found Jewels remains. Javair used Martine as bait, and slaughted the trolls.

WAX BEANS - A hardy sort of bean, if watered and covered correctly, it will even grow in partially frozen ground. It has a sickly yellow color, and a tough chewy (waxy) texture.

WEAVER - This is what the people of the Grasslands of Shronth call their "weavers of magic," or shaman...magic users.

WEAVER, GREAT - Name given to the Torla of the times. This day it is Vavasha. The next Torla has yet to be born or has been born, but yet to be found.

WHELTON DERGE - One of the human workmen at Azure Keep. He and his wife Tamera, who has taken over cooking duties with Sedonna thire fourteen year old daughter, who helps serveing and cleaning have taken up residence in the newly escavated servants quaters. Finding people to work in the Keep since it is in such a remote and harsh area is not easy and finding a family to move here and take over so many duties was a bonus to Javair.

THE WHITE BOOK - (See the Tome of Purity.)

WHITE TOWER, THE - Little is known about the White Tower save that it may be a bastion of good that seeks to destroy evil. It is said to rest in the land of Melen-Ker, which may be beyond Sona-Nyl. A squire named Kenai claimed to come from there.

WHYX - This hilly woodland home of the Halflings lies on the coast to the South. Infrequently Halflings will make their way to the north into the Azure Kingdom, but only the most adventurous Halflings! The Lord Sheriff of Whyx is Marcus, "The Small but Powerful." To a certain degree the technical knowledge of the Gnomes of Ludwig's Knoll has been shared with the halflings of Whyx…and many technisms wander the forested hills of Whyx. Most human residents of the Azure Kingdom see Halflings as curious (but sometimes annoying) "little brothers," while gnomes are often met with at least a little friendly caution.

WHITEHALL - The military academy in the Empire where Will took his training.

WIDOW'S GROVE - A small fortified town, made up of more than their fair share of widow's from war's with orks. The latest of which almost destroyed the entire town and reinforced the town's name.

WIDOW'S GROVE, DEFENDERS OF - Loren and Brother Dack, and lastly Kerboch the Barbarian all died defending Widow's Grove using the Magical sword passed down from defender to defender by the towns people. The spirits of Loren and Dack smiled upon the last defender Kerboch when it was his time to fight.

WILF PAIMONT - A woodsman from Greensmark, joined Rona Battelle and a few others in the quest to find the kidnapped ambassador, Edward Hansberg. Wilf had remained with the party looking for the ambassador, and was killed by a doppelganger posed as Sanders Bingington, who is Edward Hansberg's aid. Wilf had a crush on Rona, and was threatened by Zeek and his abrupt charm for Rona.

WILLIAM (WILL) FITZPIERCE - A member of the elite knighhood called the Knights of the Crown and Sword, these knights are sometimes called Crowned Knights. He serves Emperor Jestak of the Feron-Jacobe Empire. He was sent as a envoy to Javair, and was to offer any help that was needed in re-establishing the Azure Kingdom.

WINDSOR MABON - A Shadow Knight disguised as a commoner in the Green Grape bar. Windsor had seeked Javairs assistance in finding his brother, Miguel. Windsor had gave the impression that his brother was kidnapped by a group of brigands, led by one called the "Brown Spider". During the battle, they had killed the brigands, and the Brown Spider as well. When unveiling the mask of the Brown Spider, it was revealed that it was actually Miguel.

WORMIUS, THE ARM OF - It is a holy relic, severed halfway up the forearm. An iron band was fastened around its wrist, with a chain extending from it to another, empty iron band. The skin of the hand and arm are dry and rotten. Entrusted to Nevo by the Hooded Mage, Shapiro years ago, he promised to keep this ancient item of power safe thjough the item scared him all those years. It is the Arm of Olas Wormius, martyr of his order, savior of the land, last of the priests of Birchmont. It was this hand that sealed the final seal...the Seal of Light. It was this hand that held back the powers of darkness. It was this hand that held back "She that Suckles the Hoards of Hell." Olas fled from Birchmont after the Seal of Light was set into place. His arm was infected with the darkness, and he cut the arm from his own body to save himself. This arm holds great power.

WRAKTOKO - One of three Kobold Capitals in the underdark near or under the Azure Kingdom.

"WRAPS" - An humanoid being of an unknown nature, who is completely wrapped in bandages. He is one of Jack
Skull's lieutenants.

WUDON - A place of wisdom and great warriors. Housed in mystery, Wudon is made up of wise monks. Zeek's goal is to go there to learn the mystic arts. Wudan is also a way of thinking and a way of life. Orginating in the Valley of Mists, it is built upon martial disciplines but is a path for spiritual enlightenment.

WYRM'S TEAR - A powerful magic item used by the Knights of the Rose in times of great need to vanquish enemies of good. The use of the Tear comes at a high price. The Paladin who uses it, must sacrifice his paladinhood. It house's the soul of an ancient evil red dragon. The Tear possesses it's owner and polymorphs them into a Red Dragon.

XACHATH, CAPTAIN OF THE WORMS - The fifth captain should have the long segmented body of a centipede, with numerous powerful arms and legs writhing about its body. The face of Xachath is vaguely male, with no hair or nose.

YUSDRAYL - Referred to as a "Kobold Queen," most recently she was killed, and the males of her tribe destroyed in a confrontation with human adventurers. She once risked her life and those of her once huge group of followers to help the Goblin Queen...Merick. This was a debt that Merick has never forgotten.

ZANE - A young male human, who preys upon travelers in the Golden Hippogriph. Though he does occasionally resort to picking pockets, Zane is much better at pulling off cons. He has a brash charm and a large smile, and though he is a habitual liar, he appears very believable. He has short black hair, blue eyes, and usually wears dark colors. He wears one dagger showing, but many daggers concealed. He sold the blue key to the Fire Lord's lair to Wimble Doomnoodle of the (Mensa) Marked Ones.

ZANER - Zaner was a talking crow that pestered Cragen Stoneslammer. This crow had pestered Cragen to the point of extreme laughter among Javair. This crow was a mystery, for it was unknown if it was a magical creature that the two had never encountered, or if it was a cursed human trapped inside the crow's body.

ZEEK - Full Name: AZEEKEIL AH-RATHRA TOJIERO, A.K.A "Tiger Man" - Tribal Barbarian from the jungles in the Valley of the Mists. He is heavily tattood, and is hunted by a Raksasha that added runes to Zeek's tattoos that if read...could unleash an army of demons upon the world. Vendra refered to Zeek as "Tiger Man"when dealing with the Raksasha.

ZELAGORN - A powerful mage who 10 years ago attempted to carve out a small kingdom for himself from the remains of the Azure Kingdom. His armies marched forth from his mountain keep and were highly successful for a time. Eventually a young Paladin named Remington raised an army and laid siege to Zelagorn's mountain keep. A year later, Zelagorn's keep fell, but the cost was great. Remington had fallen from his Paladin's code, and was dubbed Mad Remy by his men. It was during this siege that the Madmen of Ridore's three members met and joined forces. There are many versions of what actually happened to Zelagorn….recently the Elder Party encountered him, and he was pleased to see that Oren had forgotten his past. It seems that Oren took Zelagorn's eye in a fight. Zelagorn drank poison with Oren...and died. Oren regained property stolen from him.

ZEXEL - The pet Dire Weasel of Dakkot Yasadraylson, Counselor to the three main Kobold Queens. Zexel is always at his side.

ZOVEN - The champion of Phlegethos, the fourth layer of hell, is some kind of minotaur-devil. He has been here for 200 years and has never lost. Also, this thing is some kind of larva, but that it hasn't molted or changed in it's 200 year reign of the coliseum. Molted when it was 'killed' by Oren the Great Dragon Dwarf.

ZUKAZON - Deep Gnome capital city in the underdark. Fell to Molash.


Lilith - Murdered lover.
Temple of Love - Mishkin
Temple of Messengers
Nelom the Sage
Slayers - Haddon and his men
Serhack - Swaldune Envoy
Seal of Dornth- Swaldunian. Javair had Translated and found out about Lost
Lost Ones - Swaldune Note, people rebeling in Swaldune
Devon Herloke - Old white knight
Silordin - Fiery Mage
Toal - 6 Rich Famalies
Tor-La - Weavers
Vladezere - Council of 13
Janis Loren - "The Bird" nickname
Molenes Library
Jukrell - Caravan Leader
Jakobe Finewright - Paladin of Toronie Kob Federation
Holy Symbol of Toronie Kob Federation
City of Nosos, Lord Malice Scalairous
Loraiden - Mage
Grommel - Body Guard
Alcorn - God
Judge Miller, High Level Fighter, Cold orc war veteran,
Granddaughter: Tamara Lighthouse
Foade - 9yr old
Crasins - Old man
Tonya Sorben
Mercenthrall Dragon
Drago - Thieves Guild, young
Ruger - Guard
Captain Tor - Guard
Jan the merchant
Friar Foyle - Irish accent, Fat, older
Gandor - elf
Beggar Bob
Haddon - Slayer
Whiten Tornsworthy - Paladin

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