"Greenmark Burns!" - December 15th, 2001


Moontree sat closest to the large fire, the orange glow reflecting off of the white and black face paint he was wearing on half of his face. A song of bright summer days, running through the tall green grass, and jumping over streams...poured from Moontree's harp, while his words took the party of adventures on a journey into summers of old. When he was done, Moontree sat in silence for a few moments, and then he spoke. "I want to remind you all that when we get to Greenmark...I am Moontree. Do not ruin my disguise and give away that I am Javair!"

Oren laughed, "If we were able to figure out that you were Moontree, don't you think others have figured it out?"

Moontree leaned forward and pointed at Oren, "Figured it out! Ha! I revealed it to you...not one of you figured it out!" Moontree grabbed the lock of hair dropping down over his forehead and tugged at it. When he did so, the hair became for a short second a hat, and Moontree's face momentarily returned to the face of Javair, and then back to Moontree's. "The hat makes disguises fairly easy really."

Eytai was not amused. "So when do you go to close the Gates. You have your key...and you've promised to close them. So why are you journeying with us to Greenmark?"

Moontree strummed his harp, and played some soft background music. "Well, as a secondary matter...I have some loose ends to tie up. Some errands that simply can't wait. But my primary reason for delay, is to get the word out that a war is coming. I wish to steel the hearts and minds of the people of the Azure Kingdom, that the price for the end of winter, and the coming of summer...is war with the Giants. I would not leave the people of this Kingdom unprepared for what is to come...that would be irresponsible. Towards this end, Collin travels to Dumit at this very moment to help me spread the word there...and then he is off to Rosehill."

Eytai nodded. "And then you will close the Gates?"

"And then I will close the Gates...or die trying. I expect I will leave in about a week...and when the Gates themselves will be closed...I do not know." Moontree took out a bit of resin and rubbed it into his hands. "Zeek, you carry quite a burden, and you asked me a long time ago if I could lift the burden from your shoulders...."

Zeek stood up, clutching his arms around his black intricate tattoos. "Yes?"

"Zeek, I can take from you the cursed words. I can erase them, and their dark magics from your skin. I could not before, but I have advanced in my learning since you asked me. Come, kneel before me."

Zeek walked around the fire, and knelt before Moontree. "I care not how much this hurts...for even as late as today, I considered if my own death...or the sacrifice of my soul might not remove these cursed words...and save the World of Kempin from the demon hoards the man-with-backwards-hands seeks to bring here. Take these words, and give little care to my comfort or welfare."

Moontree put a hand on Zeek's shoulder. "Well said. But there will be no pain. That which is written can be erased. That which is cursed can be lifted towards the light. It will be a difficult song to play, but played correctly...and the demon's inscriptions will be fade and be gone from your flesh."

The party sat in quiet awe at the complex chords and difficult notes that Moontree, sometimes Javair, played that night. The song was played. And the words did fade.


Later, when the fire had burned down some, and most of the party had curled up in their bed rolls and gone to sleep, Ganraith leaned close to Will and whispered. "My friend. I noticed Oren having quite an intense conversation with Zeek on the trail today. He took him aside, and appeared to be giving him quite a scolding...."

Will frowned. "I have my eye on that dwarf. He is not what he seems, and he has been eyeing us strangely lately. I suggest when his watch comes round...that we split a secondary watch of sorts...each of us remaining awake to watch the watcher."

Ganraith nodded grimly. "He rescued that dwarven friend from Kuda-Gar...and when they fell behind the party, only Oren returned to us. He said his friend had decided to return to Kuda-Gar, and remain behind. He was hiding something...but what?"

"I agree elf. I noticed him sniffing at those fire trolls we killed at the Mountain of Man. What sort of dwarf goes about sniffing at trolls. When his watch come, you remain awake for us the first half...I shall watch him the second half. It will steal from our sleep, but may lengthen our lives!" Will ran a finger across his throat with his tongue hanging out.

Ganraith laughed quietly. "Agreed. I don't always agree with your ideas or your ways, but on this matter we are surely unified, human."


The party had been talking to Javair all night concerning their arrival to Greenmark. As the night dwindled the party sat in quiet awe at the complex chords and difficult notes that Moontree, sometimes Javair, played that night. The song was played. And the words did fade. The party had wrapped up in their bedrolls mumbling to one another. Oren noticed these petty conversations, but did not wish to exit his bedroll to see what the chatter was about. During the last night of sleep, Vendra had pounded words into his head, "I will meet you.....". This devilishly excited Oren in an odd way, but somehow it did bring fear into his mind.

Oren rolled around in his bedroll trying to keep awake. While lying there, Oren began to think that perhaps the party members were talking about them. Oren thought to himself, "What's this? Why do they always mistrust me? Who does this William Fitzpierce think he is? Chatting away in that silly Empire accent to Ganraith. Does he think I don't know he speaks of me!?!"

While rolling over some more, Oren started to draw attention to himself. Will had stopped talking until Oren lay still again. Oren had thought to himself, "Damn Elves! Never can be trusted. Look at Ganraith's puny build! He is probably plotting against me with that Empire dog!"

Oren threw off his covers planning on approaching the two of them and demanding an account of their conversation. Oren stomped a few steps forward, but he noticed Javair/Moontree's eyes upon him. Oren frozed in his tracks. Ganraith and Will had leary eyes pinned on Oren, but it was the stare of Moontree that transfixed him. Oren considered his situation silently, "Let these bar maids talk all they want about me. My concern is with Javair. Javair must have some hidden agenda..."

Oren believed that Javair had involved himself in Oren's affairs, but he had done so secretly. As Oren headed back to his uncomfortable bedroll, he pondered to himself, "What is Javair's role in all of this? How can he just instantly remove all of Zeek's history from his skin? If Javair could have ridded Zeek of this plague, why did he choose now? Why not earlier when Zeek almost died from the psycho rotting woman in his room? This just doesn't make sense."

Oren quickly turned, and walked to a spot near Moontree/Javair...seating himself near the bard. Javair was now just dazing into the fire, humming some foreign tune. Oren was curious about the song, "Javair, what are you singing? I guess your humming would scare away any unforeseen creatures!" Oren chuckled.

"Oren, it is just a tune to some music I have heard people singing here and there." Javair smiled. "It is a pretty catchy tune."

Oren frowned. "What? No words? Speak me the words Javair, or let me know what the tune is about!" Oren was truly curious about the odd tune.

Javair slumped back a little further, and seemed to glare deeply into the fire. "The tune is sung in many bars. Its speaks of journeys of a confused hero..."

Oren interrupted him. "It must be a bard thing. I tried to sing once, but it is how I received my scar on my shoulder. Never-the-less, I have some questions for you Javair. As a friend, I insist that you tell me no lies. Times are changing, and people are after different goals. As news spreads, you know of my previous relationship with Vendra?"

"What is your relationship with him? I am curious to know. I also seek some information about the insane...."

Oren appeared angry, "INSANE!?! Who's insane?" Oren stopped for a second, and peered over the sleeping party members.

Javair tried to hide a smile. "I am speaking of Zeek...of course. I am curious what his relationship was to Vendra...and to the tiger-headed man. That would make quite a tale."

Oren seemed to ignore Javair's request, and continued along the lines of this own curiousities. "I am in awe, for I do not understand certain actions taken by my companions. As you know, it is a mystery for all. Yet I am compelled to wonder why you chose now to take the evil words from Zeek's skin. You perform a miraculous feat in taking his curse...but why now? And how? I call foul play! You are aware that the writings on Zeek could end all ends, yet you did nothing. By the gods! Why in a night as such, did you get the power to play music as such to end the blasphemy that plagued him so? Why not before?" Oren exclaimed.

Moontree/Javair held out his palms to Oren, "Slow down my friend. You ask many questions, without pause."

"Slow down! You haven't heard it all from me yet. I still am asking! As I was saying, you completely removed the endless plague from someone who we believed to be incurable. Was it magic? Trickery? How so? If this is a wondrous feat you can do, can you cure anyone of their problems? I have...err...had a friend who has many problems...can you cure anything?"

Javair shook his head side to side. "No Oren, my power has its limits. Allow me to answer your question...or accusation, as it were! I was unable to cure Zeek until recently. My playing has improved with much practice, and my ability to weave the strands of power that shape the world...it increases. I gained the ability to cure Zeek's curse...and I have done so. There is no mystery to it! None at all."

Oren shifted uncomfortably. " But what are the limits of this power of yours? Everyone holds a secret about them. I know of someone who is troubled. His path is narrowing, even as his power grows. Mysterious power it is! I foresee that my friend will either die in a hunt resulting in MANY deaths, or he will come to rule many. I do believe he enjoys his mysterious power, but I also believe the ill effects could be his eternal bane." Oren had paused. "What are you waiting for? Be polite! I had asked you a question!"

Javair leaned forward, gazing into Oren's eyes in a way very similar to how he had gazed into the coals of the fire. "Oren, hear my words carefully...and know the knowledge I know. Each man chooses his own path, and then lives or dies by each of these choices. Your friend should fear unearned power, and shun any circumstance that risks eternal consequences. I don't know the specifics of what you ask...but I would warn any man, elf, dwarf, or beast...KNOW THYSELF...and beware anyone who would change you for their own ends...."

Javair and Oren stared into each other eyes for an endless moment, and silence ruled the area around them. Finally, Oren turned around and walked back to his bedroll.

"Sleep well, Oren."


On the trail into Greenmark, Moontree walked beside Jeremiah. "This monastery that we discussed. Its name is Birchmont...as much from the rare gray stone from which it was built, as for the forest of white-barked trees that surround it. It was once a temple to Heironeous...but was long ago defiled. The monastery's fall pre-dates this endless winter, as well as the reign of King Senaca."

Jeremiah tried to hide the excitement in his voice. "And you would give this monastery to me...allow me to free it from its defilement?"

Moontree did not answer right away. "Priest, the monastery is there for whomever can take it from that which hold it. I am no king...nor rular of this land. I am but Lord of the Azure Keep. But I know of this place...and you asked for such...and I give you the knowledge that it exists. Take the place for your own, and it shall be yours to hold up to your god."

Jeremiah took a deep breath. "I gather from your demeanor that some great evil resides in the monastery. Do you know what it is?"

Moontree shook his head. "No...I know only the legends. It is said that a priest betrayed his fellow priests, and consorted with a demoness. He opened doorways that should not be opened...and allowed things into our world that should not remain. One old tale I heard says that as their last act before they died, the remaining priests cast a spell that bound the demons within the monastery. If not for their bravery, they may very well have spilled forth to torment the land and its people."

"Thank you, Javair...I mean Moontree. I know why you believe it is important for me to establish the monastery...and that those reasons are tactical, and not religious. But I swear to you, that this gift of knowledge you have bestowed will lead to blessing upon your soul. Heironeous himself shall oversee your coming battles at the StormGates, and will grant you victory...for you have pleased him. Birchmont shall be freed from this ancient evil...."

GREENMARK BURNS (by Chris Stevens)

Goren Zachian yet lives. His dark magics have put him in contact with the evil that no one speaks, and few know. The same imbeciles that plague him today, set him free from this world.

“I see all. I know all. The refuse of this world are mine to re-animate, Giants, orks, gnolls, dwarves and especially man. My pets from my new homeland are many, Nightmares, Hell Hounds, Flayers and such. I can make my plans and administer them at will, in the protection of Rakron’s realm. Even if they stop one plan, they cannot stop them all. The destruction of Greenmark is but the first stage of my plans.”

“I have the living Gnolls to control, and Trolls too. Oh! How I love to torture Trolls! It is like a factory. Send the living to battle and those that die become my minions. It is so sweet how this works.”

“Humans are also my favorites. They are so industrious, building, building, so I can TAKE and DESTROY! It is so beautiful. Of course, we must leave some behind to rebuild. I must have more. In order to have more I must allow some to live. It is a cycle that must not be disturbed.”

“Some would eat and consume this world in total. We cannot have that.”

Oren and Lo-choi

The party is invited to a feast in Galen Green’s manor. The party makes their way around the table and engages in small talk amongst the guests. Zeek tries to impress one of the fine ladies and tells her future. When the spirits say that ‘this woman will not live through the night’, Zeek comes to his full heighth with nostrils flaring. He tells the girl to go home now and gets insulted.

All is not fine. A serving wench shows signs of a tattoo similar to Zeeks. Oren is acting strangely as if he sees someone that isn’t there. Zeek’s amusing fortune telling has gone awry. Then Zeek sees Mu-Ra in the shadows, motioning Zeek to follow.

Zeek quickly moves into the next room where Mu-Ra stands defensively. “I am here to warn you. You and your friends need to leave, NOW!” Zeek, not trusting him takes an offensive stance and says, “What plot against us do you bring?” Mu-Ra explains, “I have taken the wrong path. I am a sword for hire. My debt is done for my previous employers. I wanted to try to right what I have done. “Oren is under a deception by an evil vampire named Lo-Choi. Oren thinks it is Vendra. It is not. Lo-Choi is aligned with Goren Zachian and wants the party’s demise. He plans to attack this night. Do you accept my warning?” Zeek says, “Yes”. “Don’t follow in my footsteps. Go to Wudan in the Valley of Mist. It is not too late for you.”

“My job here is done.” He sprints and dives out a window and continues to run into the woods. Zeek is thoroughly confused, but quickly takes the advice. He runs back into the main hall yelling, to no avail.

Whatever Mu-Ra was trying to warn against was in full swing. Everyone and everything in the room was frozen, all except the party. Gungkrot and Jeremiah take Galen and the Ambassador out of the room. Oren is having a discussion with a creature all in black who appears to look like Vendra. Vendra snaps the neck of the girl with the ill-fated future. “Oren it is time. Give your friends to me.” Oren pauses for moment and then turns on his former master, chopping and yelling.

A full battle emerges with spells, blessings, and blows. The physical form of Lo-Choi is quickly dispatched. Jeremiah quickly casts a containment spell to capture the evil mist. However, the holy cleric is not powerful enough to destroy this great evil. Zeek thinks to go get the temple priest.

Zeek sprints and jumps out of the same window Mu-Ra exited from and heads to the temple. Zeek pounds on the door to what he thinks is the temple. A rich nobleman answers the door. The people in the house are so excited they don’t tell Zeek anything. Zeek asks for a donation to the church, taking a chest of gold and runs to the next building, hoping that this one is the temple.

After some bribery and coercion, Zeek manages to convince the priest his services are needed. The priest dispels the vampire Lo-Choi. But now there is a new threat on the horizon. An army of undead is attacking the town! The elder priest states we must defeat the leader.

The fighters concentrate on the undead Kerbach, while Jeremiah brings down holy fire, destroying the evil creatures with words alone. Gungkrot and Ganraith make a stand at the bridge, helping the townspeople to escape. Ruadin storms in and takes out a rider, only to be attacked point-blank by a nightmare, breathing searing ash. Etyai, Zeek and Ruadin finally mange to bring down Kerbach. Thinking that the devastation should end, the partypulls back to the other side of the Bridge, trying to figure out how to stop this madness.

A tent is spotted in the distance. The party converges on the tent by air and land. Inside is an apparition of Goren Zachian. The cleric’s metal is not strong enough to dispel this creature. The ghost must be taken down by force. Magic weapons must be used to defeat this creature. Zeek’s morning star seems to do the most damage and after several swipes, Goren is sent back to the protection of his homeland.


People were fleeing up the rough-hewn stairway cut into the cliff overlooking the town of Greenmark. One lone figure was weaving his way down through the panicked stream of town folk. Gungkrot Stoneface glanced out over the carnage as he made his way down the path that night. The steps were well light by the burning buildings below. To the right he could see maybe a half dozen Giant Skeletons towering over the remaining buildings. As he scanned to the left across the river that reflected the dancing flames of the surrounding he saw dark riders winding through the streets and at the far side of the besieged town a swarming black throng of death slowly moving across the village. How had he come to be descending into this visage of hell that he viewed?

Just weeks before, it seemed, he had tracked Cameo too his castle to enact revenge for what he had mistakenly mistook his part in the deaths of King Seneca and his beloved Queen. He had surprised the mage but still was now match for his power and was struck down in mid sing only to reawaken from a fog to face the image of his King commanding him to deliver the key to the Storm Gates that now was around his neck. He was then told he had been ensorcered for 500 years as the Azure Kingdom lay in the throws of perpetual winter and a band now being called The Finders had freed him as guardian of the key. He now was bound by his oath as an Azure Knight to serve a Bard by the Name of Javair who now held rule over the Azure Keep. Lord Javair had made it his mission to close the gates, a quest that would solidify his right to rule over the Azure Kingdom.

Since he was the last of the Azure Knights knew it was his duty to reform the once great order but till then he would join up with this party called The Finders when they served his new Lord. They traveled as a group with Javair who found it necessary to take on the guise of a Bard named Moontree to a town called Greenmark. Along the way he found this band was not as tight nit as he had thought. A few of the members were suspicious of the motives of the Dwarf Oren and after his conversation with Javair and his secretive mannerisms Gungkrot felt he was best kept an a close watch on. The next morning when Ganraith, one of those who had voiced his feelings the night before, was found in his bedroll with his throat torn open as if by some unnatural wolf. A pack of wolves showed up soon after to which the Elvin ranger Eytai spoke to their leader finding that someone had called them there. After giving Ganraith a proper burial we solemnly continued on to Greenmark.

Arriving at the town in the late morning, got rooms at the Greengrape and dined on a meal of piping hot mutton stew, which Zeek seemed very cautious in examining before eating, prepared by the proprietor Thomas Furfoot, a very jovial hobbit with a lot of questions. Moontree gave out some hints to the new tales he would be singing tonight at the Castle bar which seemed to make Tom a little jealous hit establishment was not to be the site of its premier. Moontree offered to do a late show for his place at no charge, which made he very pleased. We proceeded to about personal business that afternoon, Gungkrot went to the training grounds to look over the fighting men and interview for possible recruits for my Order. We all met up at the Castle bar later were Mootree went right into his songs of the gathering of the keys by The Finders and the emanate quest to close the Storm Gates. Gungkrot had heard him practice this before so he went up to the second floor to talk with some men he had met at the mercenary hall. A fight broke out later in the bar below and word that one of the Halforc mercenary trainers was drunk and in a brawl with Oren over some wench by the name of Zella, to which I figured would not last long so continued enjoying my ale.

Then a clamor broke out in the street outside so he went to the window to find Moontree sprawled in the street below and two identical Drow Females looking like Kit, the one who had taken on the visage of his King to get him to hand over the Key and stayed behind when the party went through the portal to the keep, fighting over him while the party tried to intervene. Gungkrot hurried down to the street below to find Etya grappled with one Kit, both with a grin on there faces and the second Kit with half her face ripped away exposing a gruesome image sprinting away only to be dropped by multiple attacks. This thing, what ever it was turned into a rancid puddle before our eyes with the name Fedden on its putrid lips. The second Kit was released after being confirmed genuine and Moontree though slightly dazed seemed none the worse, when suddenly Kit got a strange look on her face and picked up a dagger lying in the street closely examining it. She whispered "It's Black Lotus" before her eyes rolled back in her head and collapsing into Eytai's arms. Jeremiah and Cedric quickly work their god given powers to neutralize her condition and she was taken to a room to recover.

A note was found in a bag the creature had been carrying that seemed to implicate that Moontree had been targeted to be replaced because of his accessibility to Azure Keep and thus getting close to Javair who seemed to have a price on his head. Other names appeared one of which was that of one of the Cooks at the keep, which was crossed out. Javair felt he needed to get back and check this out so bid farewell and disappeared with a blink. The rest of the group went back to their rooms to ponder all that had happened and wrestle with it in their dreams.


As soon as Javair had left everyone became aware of a stranger in their mist. He was a well-armored human with the symbols of Heronious prominently displayed upon his shield. When asked who he was and what was his purpose there he responded he was Ruadhin, a Paladin and he had been following the female Drow fearing she had evil intents but it seemed the one he was tailing had turned out to be that malevolent creature that had tried to slay Moontree. It was then the grilling began as questions as to everything but the color of his under garments was put to him. His answers were short but guarded and seemed to satisfy most people to the point of only being slightly suspicious of him. I seemed to fall into the hands of Jeremiah to deal with him further as he claimed to be a Paladin of his faith and the cleric went about trying to enlist him to help him on his current quest to clean out the temple Javair had told him of.


The next morn the party found that the Drow Kit had left town without word, after some speculation they broke fast at the Green Grape and was greeted by a messenger who gave us an invitation to a special dinner that night at the home of Galen Green, Lord and founder of the town. After Jerimiah gave him a tip, which was the equivalent of a few months wage, the messenger departed quickly before someone could point it out. The group went about personal business; Gungkrot went with Jeremiah and Ruedhin to the Temple of Heronious, on the cliffs overlooking the town. There they met with Father Tunder who seemed surprised that an halforc was a worshiper of his God and this was not the first time Gungkrot had found himself faced with a negative view toward his heritage, it seemed things had actually gotten worse in the half century he had been in stasis. The others made donations while he apologized that he had been living on the charity of others and had nothing to donate. Jerimiah proceeded to get information and any aid that could be given for his quest to reclaim Birchmont from the evil that possessed it.

The Finders all met that evening in their finest and went to the dinner party where they all mingled except for Oren who directly sat down an seemed as to wait for some preordained event to happen. Gungkrot took notice of this and took up a position behind him against the wall and started to scan the room taking measure of its occupants. The guest of honor was Edward Hunsburg, the ambassador from the Empire here to see what was transpiring with this new Lord in the Azure kingdom. Zeek was making and attempt to impress an muscular adventuress while surprisingly Jerimiah was checking out another cloaked lady across the hall, he later let it be known he had caught a glimpse of her being tattooed with the same markings that Zeek had once had. Suddenly Zeek moved across quickly in front of Gungkrot and through a door at the back. He considered investigating this when Oren suddenly glanced to the other end of the room and leaping atop the table dashed to the end of the table. He kneeled to some unseen entity there and said, "I am pleased to serve, Master."

Every thing and everyone in the room froze as if in a Stasis with the exception of The Finders and Zeek burst back into the room shouting for everyone to get the hell out, that it was a trap. Oren rushed back down the table and confronted Zeek and they exchange words, then they both rushed the invisible being and launched into an attack. Jerimiah grabbed Galen Green and deposited him out in the entry way and Gungkrot followed suit by taking the Ambassador there also. Jerimiah cast a spell to make visible the target of Oren and Zeeks onslaught reveling a human with a foreign look who bared fanged teeth and struck out at those around him inflicting vicious wounds. The Finders that were close retaliated with a barrage of attacks and forced this being that was later revealed to be a powerful Vampire by the name of Lo Choi who had been clouding Oren's mind with lies and trying to use him as a tool in his scheme for power, to take a gaseous form to flee. Jeremiah then encased him in a force of his God, imprisoning him. Gungkrot attempted to go out the front door to gain aid of Father Tunder, there he not only saw that the town of Greenmark was in flames but came face to face with four duplicates of Oren and was forced to retreat. Zeek having the same idea went out a side window and sprinted in the direction he knew the temple to be.

Being a savage from a jungle valley he did not know what a temple would look like so he bound up the steps of the first large building and met in the doorway the fleeing owner carrying a chest overflowing with valuables. Zeek demanded to know were the temple of Heronious was and was pointed in the correct direction to which he thanked the man took the chest and sprinted on with the enraged cries of the surprised Noble behind him. He found the good Father giving instructions to his acolytes to go and aid in the defense of the village after which he gave the chest as an offering and convinced him he was needed at Galen's house. After a short argument about dignity the elder priest climbed on Zeeks back and they sped back to the party gone bad. The Finders defeated The Oren's, it was a strange sight watching Oren cleave through Oren, and watch as Zeek came prancing up with a elderly man, a look of indignation on his face, arrive, dismount and enter the manor. Soon the interior was bathed in light that was as if the sun was in the hall itself and a terrible scream rose and died as a lord of the dark was destroyed. Gungkrot had already started down the stairs toward the burning village as the rest of The Finders started planning their next action to face this next challenge.


Gungkrot reached the town and advanced to where some fighters were engaging the lead Giant Skeletons in battle. He saw they were not in a very defendable position and they would soon be surrounded. He cried out for them rally to him but unlike trained soldiers only a few turned to join which made them prime targets. One dropped to a crushing blow while a second was knocked back but got up and limped toward him. To keep the ones that remained from being hit from behind Gungkrot drew the attention of a flanking Skeletal Behemoth and drew it toward the center of town. He was quickly over taken and trampled but bounded back up and reversed his course toward the cliffs. It was then he saw what he first thought was a demon descending through the air from the cliffs. It had short stubby legs and a large torso that shined with the reflection of the flames from Greenmark. Upon closer inspection he found this was in reality Oren striding upon the air with Ruadhin upon his shoulders firing arrows down upon the invaders. Then his vision caught site of something falling from the cliffs beyond this strange duo that landed upon the roof of building at the cliffs base then bounded across to leap like some huge squirrel from building to building toward the center of town. Another figure was seen repelling down the cliffs and by the light of the closing fires revealed itself to be Eytai. It then dawned on Gungkrot that the first figure had to be Zeek and was reinforced by meeting up with Jeremiah and Cedric who had come down the cliff stairs.

Jeremiah went forward to strike down all of the Skeletal Giants with the power of Heronious as Eytai led the throng of villagers he found trapped at the pool at the base of the great waterfall toward the bridge that would bring them to the stairs and up to safety. Gungkrot and the two Clerics advanced to the bridge from the other side where Jeremiah dispelled the Skeleton that had over run Gungkrot and was blocking the bridge. During all this, Gungkrot watched as some dark riders, one on a horse whose hooves shot flames out as it struck the very ground, riding toward the bridge. Out of the darkness, Zeek leaped down from a rooftop, bringing down the lead rider shouting " Face me and die once more Kerbach ". Oren and Ruadhin then arrived with the Paladin leaping upon the Nightmare of a stead and Oren moving in on its grounded rider shouting, " You should have stayed dead Kerbach" with a yell that was almost gleeful he battled the Dark Rider and took him down. Ruadhin was thrown from the Hell Horse but stood against his onslaught of flaming hooves and fiery breath miraculously coming out unscathed. The people of Greenmark ware now across the bridge but the three heroes were now cut off so Gungkrot charged forward hoping to break open a path out but saw Oren rising up over his head with the other two in tow.

Reinforcements arrived with Galen Green leading the way on a Hippogriff. He came to Jeremiah and told of the sighting of a black tent on a hill from whence the horde had come. He took Jeremiah on his steed as the rest of the party followed on horses Gungkrot had rounded up with Oren being towed by rope in the air behind. They launched an all out attack on the tent to find the Ghost of Gorin, the Necromancer they had vanquished months before. His visage struck fear in a few and his moan brought such a terror over Gungkrot he was greatly weakened. The remaining Finders destroyed this horrible foe, but in his passing he only cackled and promised this would not be the last they would see of him. Jeremiah restored Gungkrot to his full strength but this did not dispel the feeling of foreboding that he had Gorin would keep his promise.


Birds were singing, crickets were chirping, and the party was making normal ruckus as the new crack of dawn was approaching. It was a long night, and Oren found it very uncomfortable. The previous night before, Oren had meticulously laid out his bedroll on a clear, level ground. Yet in the morning awakenings, there was an awkward shaped rock underneath his bedroll, that was pressing in on his shoulder.

"Damn fiend! Is this another game in which all takes fun in laughter at me?" Oren had grumbled. "If Do'Zekernot was a betting gnome, I bet he would say Zeek placed this rock here!" While wrapping up the bedroll, Oren paused to hurl this rock at Zeek. Just when the rock was launched, Zeek had stooped to pick up some of his belongings, striking Ganraiths sleeping body.

"Doh!" Oren had blurted out loud. Just as the bag was walloped with the rock, the party noticed that Ganraith was still coiled in his bag sleeping. "My horses ass! I must have knocked the fellow!" Oren was thinking.

Zeek seemed to also notice that Ganraith was not waking up for the hike to Greenmark. While scooting his belongings into an organized pile, Zeek headed toward Ganraiths bedroll. "Damn those fools. Now they will find the rock, and find out I had hit the chap." Oren quickly dropped his bedroll and rushed over there to meet Zeek. Reaching down, Oren quickly tossed the rock out of the way. Zeek kicked the bag, telling Ganraith to wake up.

The bedroll was motionless, with an occupant in a fetal position. Zeek quickly unzipped the bag, only to find Ganraiths neck ripped out from under him. Both Zeek and Oren took a step back and notified the party.

The group being shocked couldn't believe their eyes. One of their companions was murdered under their campground. Immediately, questioning began. Ideas and thoughts were thrown on who or what could have done this. Oren lay silently, for he knew exactly what those wounds were from. Jeremiah had given Oren a discriminating look. Oren was now feeling uncomfortable, for some members were glaring at him as if HE did it.

A magical spell was lay on Ganraiths corpse, bringing it back from the dead to tell his tale. Ganraith had spoke of a large wolf like creature, which had put him in his resting place. "Vendra had said he would meet me at Greenmark. Why did he come here? What does this mean? The party must not know of his arrival. I have some other plans as well." Oren had questioned.

Oren then looked over near the tree line, and summoned a pack of wolves. "Wolves come and make distraction! Then leave as soon as you have come." Oren had commanded. The wolves showed along the tree lines, and Eytai sprinted towards them in haste. Eytai was able to speak with one of the creatures, but not gaining any useful information. Oren had succeeded in distracting the party, and continuing the adventure onward to Greenmark.

Upon arriving to Greenmark, Moontree was eager to get to the Castle Bar and play some tunes. The night was rich, and words of the new war existed in the minds of all. With the concept of the Storm Gates being closed this brought the idea of new trade, people, and adventures. The same enjoyable feat of closing the gates, would beget war. This war brought out fear in some, but honor in most.

At the Castle Bar, many folks filled the room in drunken bliss. Oren had spotted his old friend, Ockrote. "Excuse me sir, have you seen my Dragoon amulet nor my Axe?!" Oren had chuckled. Ockrote quenched at the sound of his old friend, "Aye, I do. Its good to see you again Oren, what shall you drink?" Ockrote had rumbled sarcastically.

Meanwhile, the party was starting to get comfortable while Moontree was on stage singing. Banter was filling the small room, and everyone was having a joyful time.

Oren had been drinking his ale when William came to Oren's side. "Oren, distract this guy. He is bothering the lady." Oren glanced around, and noticed the walrus figure hanging all over this woman. "Bah, its just a drunken seal trying to fertilize!" Oren had chuckled. In mid sentence, the walrus had slapped Oren on the shoulder demanding more ale. William gave Oren a one-eyebrow lift, and nodded. "Bah" Oren exclaimed.

"Hey guy!" Oren shouted while grabbing at the shoulder of the mammoth. "How about a drink!" The walrus turned and spoke harshly, "La-la .. (hiccup) Cant yous' see! I am speaken' to the la-lady. Leave me be dwarf!" Then the mammoth nudged Oren in turning around facing the woman. Oren reached up and grabbed the creature's shoulder, "No, no! Have a drink!"

Soon after, Oren was in confrontation with the mammoth. Both were pushing and shoving, but it had seemed Oren had the upper hand. The bar rose in holler and roars. Patrons were yelling left and right, placing bets. Oren would have sworn he had heard Cedric yelling, "To the cage!"

Quickly, William covered Oren's back during the skirmish. Jeremiah started chanting, and placed a calm spell over everyone in the room. Oren shrugged the spell off, but the walrus was calm as a baby. When the scuffle ended, the crowd grumbled.

Oren noticed the room was awful quiet, and glanced toward the stage. Moontree was gone, along with Zeek and Eytai. Glancing back at Jeremiah, Oren was able to see him quickly exit the Castle Bar. "What now?" Oren had grumbled. Upon leaving the Castle Bar, Oren couldn't believe his eyes.

On the ground, lay Javair. He was slumped over, slowly trying to get to his feet. Javair had a large gash cut into him, which had a black film around the wound. Near Javair, stood Kit fighting Kit. Two identical identities were fighting each other. Just then, Zeek had stepped in and disarmed both. In a split second later, a new weapon had appeared. Meanwhile, Eytai was lassoing a rope aimed at one of the kits.

Jeremiah was quickly chanting words again, when Oren ran in to make his move. Right before Oren's eyes, one of the kits had her skin fall off. Oren paused, then there were some shouting from behind.

"Be gone I say!" exclaimed a man holding a sword and shield. The even more disgusting Kit then shrieked, and bolted off. Zeek ran after, and danced with the creature turning it into goo. Zeek had found a wanted list of important people who had access to Javairs keep.

After all the commotion had ceased, Javair expressed his urgency to get back to his keep. He wished us good luck, and sped off. Oren and the party ventured off back to their inn to take heed of Kits wounds. During so, the party finds Ruadin in the lobby of the inn asking many questions concerning Kit. After thoroughly investigating Ruadhin, Oren decides enough with the silly paladin, and off to the bar.

The next morning comes early, and Oren woke with a headache. "What a strange twist of events these last two days have been. I have still yet to see Vendra. Again, he didn't visit me in my dreams. I wonder if he knows." Just then, Zeek had popped into the room. "Kits gone. Lets go visit Cpt. Feld." Oren agreed, and everyone grouped in the main lobby again.

Before everyone split up, a guardsman entered the inn. "I have a message to those who found the key." Zeek quickly went up to grab the letter being presented by the guardsman. In return, he wanted a tribute for his troubles, in which everyone just looked at each other for money.

Zeeked looked to Oren, in which Oren looked to Gunkrot, in which Gunkrot looked to Ruadhin, in which Ruadhin looked to Jeremiah. Jeremiah glanced at the whole party and shook his head. Looking back at the messenger, he seemed quite puzzled. Jeremiah then paid the messenger for his troubles.

Off the party went to explore the town. Jeremiah led Gungkrot and Ruadhin to the Temple of Hieroneous, while Oren and Zeek wondered through to the blacksmith and adventures guild.

There was a formal dinner to be held at Galen Greens place. Many important figures were invited to attend. The party smirked together, as if feeling they were a status group over everyone else. Venturing back to the inn, everyone prepared for the dinner. Oren took up his armor and put a nice spit shine on it. "There! Pretty as ever." Oren had noted while resting back. Jeremiah had smirked at the polishing job, and Oren had taken notice. "I will show them a nice set of armor!" Oren then trotted off to the towns Blacksmith for an excellent shine.

Later that evening, the party climbed the staircase leading up the cliff edge. Overlooking the town of Greenmark, Galen Green had an extremely nice view. For some odd reason, Oren had a peculiar vision of him being here with his Galen Green, acting as a family. "Bah! Blasted memories. Can't distinguish which is what!" Oren had noted to himself.

As the well dressed group entered Galen Greens home, there was a nice enclosed entry room, followed by a cramped; but spacious feast room with a large table running horizontal with the house. A fireplace stood at one end of the room, while two entryways stood at the other.

People were all huddling around, talking amongst themselves. People that sat near the table were of the 'important' folke. Edward Hunsburg from the Empire sat at the end of the table near the kitchen wait staff area. Surrounding him, were six bodyguards also accompanied by Galen Green.

The party entered the dining area, and the crowd seemed to take little notice; for they were preoccupied amongst themselves. Oren glanced around, and was thinking about how much food he was going to be able to consume with the shinny armor on so tight.

As Oren was sizing up the figures in the room, a voice came to him. "I am here Oren. As a wall stops a wind. I shall stop time... Show your power. Make your move. I shall support you!" Oren froze in his tracks like Vendra had accidentally put a wall up instead of freezing time. Beads of sweat started to form around Oren's cheeks, accumulating on his beard. Immediately, Oren sat down at the end of the table. Galen Green attempted to introduce Oren to the Empires liaison, but Oren subtly ignored all efforts.

"I have been dreading this." Oren mumbled to himself. "Why now? Why here? I just cant.. I cannot hurt my companions anymore. Vendra will not be the best of me." Oren then stood up and said calmly, "He promised my release. This isn't freedom; this is hell!" Oren stood up pushing his chair back. The crowd seemed to slowly come to a halting stop. Time had came to a slithering crawl, coming to a rest in frozen time. Oren could now see a figure glowing in a resident hue by the fireplace. Hopping on the table, Oren ran to the fireplace, coming to a halt right at the end. "This is who I will sacrifice! Take me if you can!"

Oren hopped off the table and started swinging viscously in the air. "Thud" Oren had just stuck gold; for the hue standing at the fireplace had just then appeared. Oren expecting the worst was startled when the figure turned. Oren started to lower his mighty axe, "Whaaaat? You are not Vendra!" Right then the figure reached out and slammed Oren to the ground. Weakness struck Oren straight in the heart. From this point forward, everything was now a blur to Oren.

Soon after Oren's blow, the party had reassembled trapping the would-be Vendra imposter; Lo Choi in a sphere of force. Blow after blow Lo Choi finally dispersed into a gas. Zeek flew out the door heading to the temple of Hieroneous for assistance in the destruction of the gas form of Lo Choi. Zeek had stole a chest of jewels and gold for bribery for the priests assistance; since buffoons like Zeek are not accustomed to the ways of greed. After much tugging and pulling, Zeek plopped the priest on his back and dragged him back to end Lo Choi's rain of terror.

Meanwhile, the city was starting to panic. In the distance, undead creatures were forming in mass armies heading toward Greenmark. Citizens stood there in awe watching their fate coming to a close. Commotion broke out, which the party went to investigate. Yet, at the entrance of Galen Greens home, five similar looking Oren's stood there in a psychotic manner.

As if in a dream, Oren jumped into battle taking down two at a time. The party again focused their quest on destroying Oren; as though this was in the common interest of the group. Upon Zeek's arrival with the priest, Zeek sought witness to the last Oren falling. Reflecting back, Oren had sworn that he caught a faint smile on his face.

Down in the valley below, undead creatures stormed in left and right. Enormous undead giants started to pillage the town along with mobs of other undead creatures. The people of Greenmark were running in pure panic. Some had assembled on the opposite side of the waterfall, attempting to run up the cliff side.

On a nightmare in the distance, a familiar face was giving orders to the Undead. The unknown figure was Kerbock.

The party quickly formed into a few different groups attacking the approaching army in full force. Jeremiah had hopped down with the common folk and pressed his preaching powers onto the undead. The god of Hieroneous had spared Jeremiah; for these giants were falling left and right to from the hands of this small creature. The Elvin member, Eytai started doing what elves seem to do most; run. Eytai ran to the waterfall side and herded the Greenmark folk, and were providing safe passage to the Cliffside. Oren had the gift of air under his feat from the top of the cliff side. Ruadhin grabbed a hold of Oren's feet and off Oren went. Oren followed the simplest path to Kerbock; a straight line. In the air Oren walked toward the advancing nightmares. Ruadhin was firing arrows off left and right; saving some townsfolk from immediate doom.

Zeek had popped out of nowhere; knocking off Kerbock from horse. Soon after, Kerbock met his fate once again in the underworld. Armies of undead were being slaughtered left and right from the party and citizens. But, the advancing undead Army was just too large for everyone to fend off.

In came flying strengthening support from Galen Green. Galen Green was flying on a Hippogriff. Assembling the party together, an assault was made on a large tent over the tree line. It was proposed that it would lead to inevitable defeat to fight each and every undead creature. Rather, the party figured killing the general of the undead army.

As the party approached the tent, everyone positioned themselves in strategic areas for the assault inside. In rushed the party from all directions, only to find a hideous creature by the name of Gorin. The simple sounds of his voice stoke fear in the hearts of many. The appearance could destroy those who glanced in his unwelcome ways.

Another battle commenced within the tent. Ruadhin rode in the tent full fledged mounted on a tame horse. The horse had caught glimpse of Gorin and bucked Ruadhin off. The horse continue running straight through the tent; unstaking each position. The battle was fought, and Gorin was slain. The undead army seemed to feel this, and withdrew.

After the fires of were distinguished, and some rescue attempts were done; Oren sat on the Cliffside. "Whats next? Why does everything have to tinker with my head? I verbally announced my hatred for Vendra, and attempted to kill him. Only to find out it was an imposter!" Oren shifted, "Well, there is no looking back now. I went to face my consequences then, and I will again have to face them now."


In order to sort of show how an adventure like this is designed, I thought it would be interesting to post my notes for the Greenmark Burn's game. The formatting that I used in word, using text boxes for a little bit neater presentation, has been lost...but you will sort of get the idea of what I have planned, and what I have to make up on the fly!

GANRAITH DEAD!!! - In the morning…have them get up…but Ganraith does not get up. When his bed roll is lifted, it is bloodsoaked underneath. Ganraiths throat has been torn out. Animal teeth marks? Note that Oren has no blood on him…or his clothes.

SHADOWED FIGURE - Shadowed figure in a large overstuffed black chair. Black cloth on walls…blows with a breeze or draft. Is this a tent…or a room in a tower with black tapestries…or an underground lair?

Man is on his knees in front of shadowed man. He has long dark hair, some of it is braided into long strands. There are dark figures huddled behind the kneeling man. Their faces and hands are not visible, as their cloaks cover everything.

Man in shadows speaks, his voice cracking with age. "Stand, my friend. How does it feel to breath and move…to see and feel? You will lead my vast army this day. The giants empower me with legions of dead human slaves and the massive bodies of their lesser brethren. Today my Dead Kingdom is born…Today you will rend and maim the living! You will be my general, Grasslander!

The man with long dark hair stands to his feet…the light hits his face…it is Kerbach!

MEETING AT CASTLE BAR - Kit meets up with the party at the Castle Bar, where Moontree has arranged to sing. ½ ork named is hitting on a girl "_____________?" (THIS IS A DISTRACTION)

TORG "Redshanks"…A middle aged ork with bright red pants. Bald on top, with a ring of grey-brown hair circling his head. Two "tusk" teeth just up from mouth onto his upper lip….COMPLETELY TANKED!

Meanwhile, Kit goes and speaks with Moontree…and they leave the bar (spot check)….

OUTSIDE: Javair on the ground…two Kits standing over him in fighting stances (SCOTT plays both.) Real Kit is eventually struck with weapon with residue on it. When fake Kit is killed, she rots instantly into pile of goo….

Give party list of names.

CLIFF-TOP MEETING - MuRa (with yellow hair, eyes, skin, and clothes) is standing on a craggy cliff top, wind blowing at his clothes. A building is visible behind him and climbing pitons are in the rocks at his feet.

Another man walks up behind him…an old man, heavily bundled with his hands in his pockets. The old man speaks in a deep resonant voice, "Master Lo is present in this town…I sense him…."

MuRa answers, "I will go to your child…and warn him as you have asked me to…But, know that I have knowledge of my own to pass to him."

The old man sneers, and his lip curls up over his teeth. "Tell him all you please, but remember I have paid you to warn him of Lo Choi. If Lo succeeds at his plans, I will never regain the power I once held. If Lo dies, I will take all that he possessed!"

There was a pause, as the wind whipped at the two figures. MuRa broke the silence. "He has erased the spell you know?"

The old man laughed…a laugh deep in his throat. "I have others to serve that purpose. I shall serve my lover…"

MuRa shrugged, "If Lo Choi really is here, then I must hurry."

The old man answers, "Tell him his friend knows not who he deals with…tell him of our Lo Choi…and I promise you will be rich beyond your wildest imaginings." The old man took his backwards hand from his pocket, and clasped MuRa's hand. Then he loped back into the forest on all fours…..

DIPLOMATIC DINNER - Dinner at Galen Green's. Have a messenger (rude, insistent on a tip) deliver the invitation. "Finders of the Key…I apologize for this late invitation, but I was only informed of your presence in Greenmark this very day! Dine with us at my home…Many dignitaries will be thre, but most importantly you! A bell will be rung when all begins….GALEN GREEN."

Edward Hunsberg - Ambassador from the Empire - Friendly and curious, but he can't help but be a little condescending, out here among these backwoods types. He travels with a small entourage of eight. Four scribes/advisors and four guards. Hope that helps, it you'd like any more details let me know. Plans to go to DUMIT NEXT…then Rosehill and then finally the Azure Keep.

ZEEK AND MuRa - Mura tells Zeek that an ancient evil named LoChoi seeks to prolong the winter…in order to hurt his rival…Vendra. He has made a deal with a necromancer…and Oren is being set up to destroy the Finders of the Key. IF ASKED ABOUT FEDDEN: That was a job…just like this is a job. BUT BEFORE YOU GO: In Lornki, my teachers spoke of an order of monks that live in the clouds…in the Valley of the Mists. It is the temple of Wudon they speak of…Don't follow the easy path Ezekiel…Don't make the mistakes I have made. You have your soul…Go to Wudon…become that which you are! I must go….

PARTY - Spot check to see woman with tattoos of arcane symbols on her chest and torso. They are like the symbols Zeek used to have on his body.

OREN - Meanwhile, have Oren being whispered to by the MASTER…make your move. Lo Choi is toying with people in the room, showing off his power….

The battle…Have the place frozen, except for the party. Time stands still. Drinks being poured, hang in the air. A fork dropped from the table waits to fall. The sound of the band is but the single note they were on….

LoChoi is invisible to all but Oren. Only his eyes are visible (spot check 30). He will rend frozen people in the crowd for fun….

HP 98, AC 22, Speed 30, Slam Attack 1d6 + 7
Domination - Gaze Attack
Energy Drain - If hit by Slam Attack, character lose 2 levels
Blood Drain - 1d4 permanent constitution drain if successful grapple check.
Children of the Night - 4d8 Dire Rats, 10d10 bats, or 3d6 wolves…they arrive in 2d6 rounds
Create Spawn -

Damage Reduction - 15/+1
Resistance - to cold and electricity of 20
Gaseous Form - 20 feet maneuverability…indefinite
Spider Climb -
Alternate Form - bat, dire bat, wolf, dire wolf
Fast Healing - 5 points per round

Once fight is over…Everything unfreezes. Everyone is staring about…in shock. A man runs in in a panic and screams, "Dwarves are attacking Galen Green's home…there are fires in the city…" The man collapses, and there is a huge chop mark in his back.

SILVERINE/LENDERAL - Expert archers in the town of Widow's Grove, they half-elvan, appear young, though they are clearly much older than anyone else at Widow's Grove. Silverine and his brother do not actually live in Widow's Grove, but travel through several times a year.

Then set up an attack on the front of Green's home by about 8-10 Orens. Make them fairly easy to defeat….

BACK IN THE BLACK ROOM WITH THE SHADOWED MAN - The dark form sits in his large black chair, and a gleam of one of his eyes is visible from under his cowl. "Tonight, I shall take Greenmark as my personal necropolis. I shall feast on and love dead flesh until the coming of dawn. And then my undead army will move on to Dumit…then Rosehill…and finally, I will take the Azure Keep itself. And once I rule a vast Dead Kingdom, I shall remake the entire world in my image."

A wind blows, and the black cloth of the tent billows and snaps. "Ghoulies and Ghasts, bony soldiers and giant dead carcasses…all mine to create, with a proud general to lead them!"

As the shadowed figure laughs, cut to Kerback's screaming face. He is on a black horse, with flames coming from its eyes. On either side of him rides a black robed figure a with skeletal flaming head. "Ride soulless ones…Ride. Tonight, we bring hell to the living!"

VIEW FROM THE CLIFF - Greenmark is flaming in a dozen places. People and dark figures dance a macabre dance in the streets…and a riotous song of screams issues up from below. From the south riders that appear to be flaming cut through the city streets, from the west, huge lumbering corpses 25 feet tall rip roofs off of buildings and crush people beneath their steps, and from the east a writhing hoard of undead of every sort bite and claw at everything in their way!

(THIS IS ALL SORT OF CHAOTIC…Assign the following people places to go:)

Make the fight crazy and insane. People going down everywhere. Buildings burning…caving in…some exploding…Rain down Death everywhere!


Visiting Knights from Rosehill
Silverine and Lenderal
Edward Hunsberg's four guards
Capt. Feld and his men…
Assorted units of fighters….
Fighter's Guild members
Climber's guild members
Goddo swinging his hammer

Ghouls - HP 13, AC 14, Speed 30, Bite (+3) 1d6+1, 2 Claws (+0) 1d3, paralysis (DC14) 1d6+2 minutes
Skeletons - HP 6, AC 13, Speed 30, 2 Claws (+0) 1d4
Wights - HP 26, AC 15, Speed 30, Slam (+3) 1d4 + 1, energy drain one negative level DC of 14
Undead Giants - HP 26, AC 13, Speed 40 feet, 2 Smashes (+10) 3d10,
Mad Fiends - HP 30, AC 18, Speed 40, Bite (+10) 1d12, 2 Claws (+8) 1d8…flames coming out
mouth…explode when killed…6d6 - 1 dice of damage per 5 foot increment (DEX DC 15)
Nightmare - HP 45, AC 24, Speed 40, 90 fly, 2 hooves (+9) 1d8+4, bite (+4) 1d8+2…hooves set things
on fire, 15' cone of smoke and fire…DC 16 Fort or -2 to attacks and damage for 1d6 minutes

It really doesn't matter if the party takes on Kerbach and his hoards…the real goal here is to find and confront Gorin Zachian. HAVE KERBACK MENTION GORIN…OFTEN IF NECESSARY.

The real goal here is to destroy Gorin. If that is done, his undead army will loose focus, and eventually wander off to wreak havok on the countryside!

GORIN ZACHIAN - Wearing long flowing black robes, completely cover his gaunt figure.

Make them think he is purely the same as before…an old man with some spells.
But they are wrong….he is a ghost!!!!

AC same 13, HP same + 16, Speed fly 30 feet,

Corrupting Touch - 1d4 points of damage
Corrupting Gaze - meet its gaze, must save at Fortitude or suffer 2d10 ponts of damage, and 1d4 points of
Charisma drain.
Malevolence - once per round, an ethereal ghost can merge with a body…Save with Will save (DC 15 +
ghost's charisma.)
Telekenisis - as a sorcerer whose level equals ghost's HD

ONLY ONCE….When Gorin reveals himself!
***Horrific Appearance - seeing it within 60 feet must make a Fortitude save or suffer 1d4 permanent Strength damage, 1d4 permanent Dexterity damage, and 1d4 permanent Constitution damage
***Frightful Moan - within 30 feet must save vs. Will or panic for 2d4 rounds

+4 Turn Resistance!

When manifested, can only be hit by +1 weapons and magic. Even then it has a 50% chance of not being affected by corporeal items….

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