Elder Players' - Interlude One

These are the e-mails I received between the Nov. 18th game and the Dec. 16th game:


(from Scott) Kit and Gregory are wanting to turn the lair we cleared out into our own Alchemy lab. We are going to ask Zeek to join in , and any others. We will stil be in town for the most part , but for those with jobs we will comute. I will spend days at a time in town and if I cant find anyone toshack up with or nap at the alchemy shop I will go back to lair and work on setting it up for a couple days at a time. We hope to save money on rent this way and put it into Lab a.Ths is not a sales shop to begin with but more a place to work on our specia projects. Would Doomlitle be interested.? Need to know travel time on horse back and map of area and detailed map of lair if this is OK.
Thanks Kit


(from Mark) Scott, I will work on getting the maps to you. "Reforming" the lair will take a bit of work and money...and time. We will work out what we can through e-mails between now and the next game. But to make the lair truly yours will take quite a while, and quite a bit of cash (if you intend to clean-it-up, and make it somewhat liveable.) Answer these two questions:

1. Looking back at the dungeon in your memory, at what location would you be setting up temporary living arrangements? The caretaker's shack? The casket room? Answer this question for the immediate future...before any cleaning has been done...before any money has been spent. Where?

2. What will you do first? What will you begin cleaning up first? Will you try to repair the Caretaker's shack as best you can? Winter is coming remember. Or will you clean up a room down in the dungeon? Which room?
Mark Stinson


(from Chris) NEXT ACTIONS:
-Get with the hooded mage to determine more about his 'experience' and the tattoo.
-Start a hipothacary (sp) or at least start selling herbs on the street.
-Speak with the healer about tutelage (and get healed along with the rest of the party)
-As part of his monk daily training, he runs the stairs leading down the cliff. He meditates at the bottom of the cliff at dawn. Also he will practice H-T-H combat.
-See if the Alchemist is interested in Beak of Owlbear and Fly of Carrion.

Thanks for DMing. Give me a call. I can help with the website if you want. The Treasure list is as follows:

25gp Gem Green
5 (10gp) Rubies
1 PP
12 GP
39 SP
Jar of Dust
Potion of ?

After reading these rules, I think we should create two elixirs now and wait until I reach higher level before going into the Elixir bi'ness. I have 15gp's of my own to add to the first batch. Having myself attend to your characters, you gain 3hps/day.

About the Lair: Caretaker shack first w/ perpetual fire. We need some cleaning supplies and some new windows.

Need to flush out the rest of the dungeon. Especially those Buggers in the holes. Need to find the back door. Olen might be able to help out.

Need to burn sulfur throughout the dungeon and burn all dead critters outside. Zeek prepares a VERY complex ritual to appease the spirits with lots of chanting.

Sound Good?


Matt sent me the following letter, and asked me to share it with everyone. I took the liberty of answering any questions he posed for me in CAPITAL LETTERS!...Mark

(from Matt)
Kerbock the barbarian is from the Axe Clan. If I can could I go back(YES, WE'LL SAY HE DID THIS), when Kerbock defeats a worthy foe, he would cut off it right thumb, dry it completely and where it on a necklace. The warriors of the Axe Clan do this to show others their power. He would have done this on one of the ghouls in the bar, a thumb bone from the undead mother spirit and he would have definitely taken Gorin’s thumb if the body didn’t just disappear (I can’t remember, it was past my bedtime ...YOU GET GORIN'S THUMB). He would add these to the human and orc thumbs on his necklace. Also if possible he would skin the owl bear for one of three reason’s: make it into a wild coat, sell it for money, have it stuffed and placed in the Castle Bar with a placard showing who killed it. I would expect it could tan it reasonably well with his wilderness lore skill. If he can’t do one of the three above he would put the thumb/claw on his necklace. (HE COULD TAN THE SKIN WITH WILDERNESS LORE ON A DC OF 13...OR YOU COULD SEEK A TAXIDERMIST IN THE TOWN...AND NEGOTIATE FOR A PRICE AT THE NEXT GAME...)

On the players forum I am going to give out a ten the best player, nine to the next, then eight and so on. This way it will be easier for me to rate (rank) the players, and I would give every one the same score. In case of two excellent players I’ll give two 10’s then 8 etc. If everyone did this, it would standardize the rating system somewhat. (NOT A BAD IDEA AT ALL.)

Kerbock will put the word out the Hooded Mage that Goren was a very worthy opponent, but fighting mages is a pain, and he should of had more treasure. Does the Hooded Mage know some one who needs to be “dealt with” that is very rich, or does he save all of thosefor himself? (YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM THE HOODED MAGE BETWEEN THE LAST GAME AND THE NEXT. YOU MAY ENCOUNTER HIM DURING THE NEXT GAME THOUGH, SO KEEP THE QUESTION IN MIND!)

1)He will also look for a good, fast horse, since his last one was killed in the past. (LOOK UP WHAT SORT YOU WANT, AND WE'LL PLAY THIS OUT AT THE NEXT GAME) 2) Kerbock will also make sure everyone knows who slew the Powerful Evil Black Sorcerer Goren Zackeian the Waker of the Dead, i.e. Kerbock. 3) He will encourage the mage types in the party to figure out what the remaining power and potion’s are (FEEL FREE TO WRITE ME ABOUT THIS MAGES) 4) He will encourage the others except the dwarf, to buy some more missle weapons. He understands once their magic is gone, they fight like women, but they still need to fight. (!)

He does not want any part of making a refuge at that place of death and evil. He wants to find a big meadow with a good view to make a camp. He might also try to recruit a few (4 or 5) young good fighters(zero level) to be his “clan” followers. He will impress on them his power, the power of his friends and the treasure they could gain following him. If they follow him he will help train them, give them good battles and treasure. He may even provide horses for all of them( after he has a horse). (THIS IS A COOL IDEA, AND WILL APPEAR IN GAME PLAY.)

He left the clan because a fair woman, Svettyanna. Kerboch and Svettyanna were in love. Grbac the son of the clan chief, Chewbac, also desired her. They dueled. Grbac was killed. Svettyanna even wept when he was killed. Kerboch ran for his life( With Grbac’s thumb). He was also depressed at the loss of his clan and woman. He wants to go back some day win back both. On his travels to Greenmark, his horse, Silent Runner was maimed in a battle with orc bandits. It had to sent to the higher plains (get it?) YES....

Forward this to every one else if you want. Can we fight living creatures next time?


P.S. We may have to battle over this owl bear hide zeek.


(from Mike C.) Collin is interested in making some cash. He has immediate character goals (house, instrument, etc.) and would like to address some of this as soon as he can. He is also interested in following up on some of the clues we learned in our first adventure. So he will be looking or thinking, he might already know some of this, for/about information on what would be a lucrative area to explore. If it happened to tie in with some of the clues we got from the adventure, so much the better.

"I 'ope ye lads take no o'fense, but 'at stinkin 'ole is no place for a MacGregor! I've no fond memories o' the place. Besides, 'tis to far from Greenmark and me work, and no place for little Lilly when I kin send fer her."


(from Mike H.) "Well, at least you were invited friend. The underlying reason I, nor Vax, was invited was due to my prestige. A place as such couldn't ever uphold to the royalty of myself. If my pappy ever found out I were living in a dwelling without running water, why he would be very upset with all of you. But the dilemma unfolds, for I cannot miss the opportunity to retrieve my items. The hooded mage informed me that my 'Journeys will unfold the mystery within thyself and thy items'.

Therefore I must accompany the party under each and every predicament there forth. Hence, I must have the repaired 'shack' upstairs along with the small building next to it. Why elsewhere would Vax rest? The chambers below can reside the rest of you. General rules one must follow:

-During a resting period where I am sleeping, no one can move about below.

-No one shall disturb myself in grace periods.

-Kit shall not touch me while I am asleep. If she does, I will cut off her head and conveniently burry it across the way in the graveyard.

With this established, I will assist in the supervision/construction of my, oh, our new home.

Let me know when we shall start."

Prince Oren Green


(from Scott) Kit was to make the offer to all the Group upon verification from the DM on certain Details, Kit did not expect Collin to accept because of his family, and Kerbok being more an outdoorsy kinda guy , though there is allot of outdoors above the lair. We hope to get Cedric to come out and bless and sanctify the graveyard and the bodies of the children we will place there, My Lord Vax need not worry about his sleep being disturbed for I move silently and know my station around nobility keeping my distance . (Until his personal hygiene improves this will be a good excuse to avoid him without hurting his feelings). Zeek will work well with Gregory, and Kit to on potion research. I would hope that everyone in the party could come out and spend some time working on the place below and above the ground....




(from Matt) quote from Gorin's Notes:
"Fedden or whatever he calls himself these days has turned into quite a pain in the ass. 5,000 GPs to assassinate the marked ones! Why must he drain my coffers so? Considering his talents for perfect mockery these meddlers should not be that hard to kill! But the ghouls clearly failed I have no choice."

After Kerbock hears this (he can't read). He's say's; "We must must find this Fedden and take his 5000gps. We must also watch for "perfect mocking" assassins also. I think we are the marked one's in this note."

Player knowledge: would a perfect mocking assassing be a doppleganger?


(from Mark) "Hey everyone,
Kerboch is right...these notes are filled with good stuff. Maybe some of you geniuses in our group should read them a couple of times and pick them apart. Clues like this snatched from a flaming coffin by 3-feet-of-pure-lust...namely ME...could be valuable...doncha think?"

...so speaks Wimble Doomnoodle


(from Matt and Chris) Matt & I were talking about the game and things. We think the rules are pretty cool and were a much needed improvement over the old. We were thinking there are a two things that we would like to throw at you;
1) Roleplay our characters to a 'T'
2) We need a Tactical Leader for combat

(Matt) Here's the explanation for the above gibberish:

1)Basically I was thinking we would only speak as our characters speak (no accents please,this means you Chris). Table talk would have to be reduced also. I think we could get bogged down with this, but it would also add some cool realism to the play/action.

2) To make us more effective in combat I thought we could have a leader's BATON. Whomever has the baton would be tactical commander in combat. The baton would rotate players, after each scene or encounter. Of course no one really has to listen to the carrier of the baton, but it would give us a chance at a coordinated action. Insubordination will be dealt with at the end of the scene, as needed.

(Chris) Wa'da mean mi axecent tis ni ere er dere?

What do you think?


(from Scott) Chris , Is that a Brooklyn accent? Kit's view on tactical leader " Let's see... Oran would be a great tactical leader. He has such a logical aproach to battles and his Noble birth makes him a prime leadership canidate . I'm sure Vax will second that motion. Then there is Kerbock when his eyes glaze over and he charges screaming some tribal Giberish headlong into battle in some Berzerker rage. I new exactly what he wanted us to do.And then there is Zeek, big cute loveable Zeek, I just want to hug the stuffing out of him......You know I think if we just communicate our intentions to the group and back each other up we will come out ahead, ( he who hesitates ends up troll bait) I would hate to order anyone into a death trap, ..... Well almost anyone."


(from Matt) Tanning the Owlbear (+4) - Go ahead and roll the Owlbear hide. Kerbock has a +4 on his Wilderness Lore. I it looks like he screwed it up he'll take it to the tanner. Kerbock would present it a gift to the tavern owner contingent on him having it stuffed and put in the Castle bar. Man would it add to the atmosphere (to the barkeep.)

Short Sword - Kerbock will find a weapon smith and have his short sword straightened and all his weapons sharpened/repaired as needed. PAY 1/4 THE COST OF A NEW SHORT SWORD FOR THE REPAIR.

Horse - Kerbock would be looking for a light (fast) warhorse. Possibly some leather barding in the future. Looking at the cash situation, he’ll ask around who is selling and take alook but he really can’t buy. But he might try to trade services. THERE IS A STABLE IN GREENMARK THAT HANDLES MOST OF THE HORSE BUSINESS. THE PRICES ARE STANDARD (AS PER THE BOOK). WHEN YOU ASK IF WORK IS AVAILABLE IN TRADE, THE MAN IN CHARGE SAYS THERE IS NOTHING RIGHT NOW, BUT ASKS YOU WHERE YOU STAY...AND TELLS YOU HE'LL BE IN TOUCH IF SOMETHING COMES UP!

Horde - Kerbock will recruit through bar fights, weapon's pratice and his intimidation skill. He will just set up contacts and after he is 3rd or 4th level he'll get real serious. He may take on one or two young zero level types as "squires" at the moment. KERBOCK BEGINS WORKING OUT HIS SWORD ARM(S) AT THE FIGHTING RING IN TOWN...ATTEMPTING TO MAKE CONTACTS, AS WELL AS THE OCCASIONAL BAR FIGHT! THROUGH INTIMIDATION AND FRIENDSHIP BUILDING (MALE BONDING), KERBOCK DOES MAKE SEVERAL ACQUAINTENCES...THOUGH HE HAS NOT RECRUITED ANY SQUIRES JUST YET...I'LL DETAIL SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS IN A FUTURE E-MAIL!


(from Matt) Treasure - How does every one want to split the treasure. Kerbock wants gold to for horse, weapons repair, possibly better armor and to start his own little barbarian horde. I was thinking along these lines
Kit – 25 gp gem ,2 gp, 6 sp
All other players – 10gp gem, 2 gp 6 sp.
Doom noodle – 1 pp 3 sp

I gave a bonus share to Kit for all the Holy Water she provided. I gave Doomnoodle a partial share cause he saved our asses, by waking up Kerbock and the prince. I am open to any division method, especially if Kerbock gets more. Do we need a group fund?

Gregory what’s in the large and small bundles from Gorin’s lair?

Kerbock was planning on tanning and providing the hide of the owlbear to the Castle bar to have put on the wall or stuffed with a plaque stating who slew it –The Marked Ones. Any objections?

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. MHJ


(from Chris) Kit can kiss my ass!?! Holy water...Holy shit. We should use the extra gold for a party fund for more honey brewed meade!!! I like the way that sounds.
Kit can kiss my ass!?! Kit can kiss my ass!?! Kit can kiss my ass!?! Kit can kiss my ass!?! Kit can kiss my ass!?!


(from Mike H.) "Zeek. I don't understand. Why does a filthy monk need anything of monetary value anyhow? If anything, you should be collecting money for the taxes for my family. Where are you from? Have you seen anyone with a rubicite Dwarven War Axe? Back in the monastery where you trained, did anyone wear a dragon necklace? You must have seen intriguing items, for aren't all voraciousness monks like yourself looking for items that shine? My blade shines. Have you seen it?

As for the treasure splitting goes, everyone knows I need no wealth, for I ultimately own the land you walk on. But, I do like souvenirs. Therefore my share will be defiantly a keepsake of the adventure. Vax on the other hand, needs to save his pieces for a riding horse. Therefore, I will hold his take so he doesn’t greedily spend it on trivial bits and pieces.

Therefore, I will collect two 10gp gems, five gold pieces and two silver pieces.

See you soon...Oren Green.”


(from Chris) Honey brewed meade be what I need. Ot'er dan dat, the party das need tings. I give my share to the party (To be used by the party, for the party, and I want a recount!)

"I come from the valley of mist, actually, in the hills above the valley. The valley is no place for man." A sudden chill fills the room and everyone present feels a darkness.



(from Scott) That is an interesting Mantra, KISSMYASS , KISSMYASS . Did your Shaman Master teach you that for meditation ? I will Gladly donate my Gold to the healing salve fund Oh Holy Man. I have a respectable job as a alchemist apprentice to support myself and I know how humble , softspoken , Monk's must depend on the Charity of others. As for your Request , maybe after a nice dinner some wine and maybe a tken of your affection who knows what may happen? A bath would also increase your chances. I see you have very Liberal views on party dealings that are very Democratic. I hope we can come to a final talley with a quick recount without any Gore.

Lord Oren, I am not out of line to point out that while Vax has been an intragel part of our adventure , he is your servant , and in that role your are responsible for his ways and means, and being your faithful servant I know he expects no further reward than to serve you as best he can. Your undying gratitude seems to please him to no end. I will do everything in my power to restore to you what you have lost and with that in mind I hope we can work together toward our mutual benefit. Thank you for your audience my Lord.

Musta been the meade talk'n, Kissy Kit.


(from Mike C.) I've been reading the notes that Doomnoodle had saved, and I'd like to research the following.

1) The Name Feddenor
2) Known means of magical duplication
3) The Name VanDrunan
4) The Name Bantroth (I have the feeling this could also be a creature or place, so I'll look into those avenues also.)

I will use my knowledge of history, legends and stories from my bardic repertoire, also anything I can learn from other local bards.

Are there any collections of books or anything of the such in Greenmark? Do I know of any, anywhere? This is where Cedric comes in (Craig, help me out here if you would), I'll ask him to check out his innate knowledge as well as any sources he might have.

If I'm having no luck, I will let it be known around the taverns that I'm looking for the hooded mage. If I can get to talk with him, I'll ask him if he knows anything on the above subjects, or can direct me to someplace I might research these topics.


(response from Mark) The following is information gained by the bard Collin with Cedric of the Empire's help...as well as a few words of wisdom from Moontree...and some traveler's well-met in the Golden Hippogriph....

1. THE NAME FEDDEN...this was a difficult topic to research. It seemed that very few people had ever heard the name. Eventually a sneaky little fellow you met in the Golden Hippogriph by the name of Zane let slip that Fedden was a new assassin on the scene. Only takes the most exclusive jobs, and is on the salary of the Council of the Knife in Tunis. It is rumored that Fedden is responsible for the recent death of a cleric of the Order of the Rose. This murder occurred within the walls of Rosehill...which is basically a fortress, and this murder is considered a masterwork death by other assassins.

2. While many mages have worked on magically duplicating living creatures (not just summoning similar creatures...but creating a DUPLICATE), it has proved impossible to date. For dark mages especially, this is a quest very much like turning lead to gold is a quest of magical alchemists.

3. VANDRUNAN...this name refers to Alcald VanDrunan, the man who rules Gellhorn, the City of the Dead. Gellhorn is a vast necropolis of legend, populated by those lost souls that refuse to leave their bodies...and those that are magically bond to their dead bodies (willingly or unwillingly). VanDrunan as a legendary figure is very much a "bogy-man," and is considered by many to be a fictional character created to scare children at bed-time. Others swear by the fact that VanDrunan is an actual person, and that he is the embodiment of evil. In most of the legendary stories he is described manipulating or tricking men and women, boys and girls into joining his legions of dead in Gellhorn. Many scholars (this is from Cedric) speak of VanDrunan'
s Library of the Dead as the most comprehensive and complete library on Kempin. It is said that many famous intellectuals, who have passed on, continue their studies and bookwriting after death...contributing one-of-a-kind works to the library.

4. KINGDOM OF BANTROTH...this is an ancient nation to the north of the Grasslands of Shronth. It is ruled by the Mad Duke Faben Elmore...a vivisectionist by hobby. The Mad Duke is interested in extending his life by extraordinary means, as was his famous ancester...Ward Elmore. The new capital of Bantroth has been under construction for years, and is named Necropolis. It is rumored that the Mad Duke, with the help of several liches with which he keeps council, have created a new creature to help preserve his rule...a creature properly called a Mad Fiend. It is also said that a large number of Bantroth's population has been lobotomized to ensure their loyalty.

You put out word that you would like to speak with the Hooded Mage, but there has been no response so far....Mark Stinson


(from Steve) 1) Role-play our characters to a 'T' is not something that I am going to enjoy. I feel that acting classes is something best left in college. When we are playing a game, the one thing I don't want to walk away from feeling that night is stupid.

2) "We need a Tactical Leader for combat." I think for the most part the last game went fine without a Tactical Leader. And if everyone one plays as a team their would be no need to have a Tactical Leader. Also I don't believe that I could tell someone else what they need to do in combat. I believe that each person knows what their character is capable of better than what I could do by leading them. Also if we are playing as a team everyone will do their best to watch everyone else's back.

These are just my beliefs I would be interested in hearing what others think. Then we can come to some conclusion. I realize that we are putting two different groups together and there will be challenges, but both groups have played for years and we should be able to come to some common ground that makes playing fun for everyone.

Thanks, Steve


(from Matt) Kerbock is too poor to pay 4 gps for the beak. If he can't itimidate the tanner to 1 gp forget it. If the tanner doesn't fix it he'll fill the inside of the beak with clay reinforced with straw or just leave it off. IF KERBOCK IS WILLING TO DO A LITTLE PISS-SLOSHING WORK FOR THE TANNER, HE WILL DO THE BEAK FOR FREE, AND PAY YOU 2 GPS A WEEK....

Speaking of being poor what are some good barbarian jobs in town. Paid (prize/gladiatoral)fighting, raiding other towns, collections(repo man), selecting/training animals, hunting wild game, would be good fits. Is anything like that available? The bigger the payoff the better. If a few people (not complete innocents) get hurt, oh well. MHJ



(from Chris) Forgot to mention that Zeek will be selling herbs on the street trying to make a name for himself as a wise monk giving out healing tips and wise advice.

OK, OK....I don't want to get kicked off the island and my name is not Richard. I agree with Steve; "if everyone one plays as a team," we wouldn't need any artificial mechanism. With a group as large and vocal as ours, I think we need to agree on a few things. We can discuss, (very briefly at our next game), some of them. Here are a few: Playing our Characters, Interruptions, Teamwork, Tactics, Planning.

One thing that is not in the rules, but something I would like to explore, is tactics. My knowledge of mideval tactics is limited. With a group our size, I do know there are a few set formations that we could try. Some are the 'V' formation, shield wall with missle weapons or polearms, 'L' formation with left or right flank. I think it would be interesting to see a few of these utilized in combat. Just my thoughts.


(from Mike H.) Why do you steal ideas and claim them for your own? Didn't I tell you this at lunch yesterday? Hmm. I can see the Monk is part thief. ;) Mike


(questions from Mike C., answers in CAPS from Mark)

1) Who was the Cleric who was killed at Rosehill? Any info on him? What was he working on?

2) Is there anyone in or around Greenmark we can identify as being from Bantroth? Any background info we can obtain on anybody we identify?

3) Location or rumored locations of the Library of the Dead?

4) Who are the Marked ones? Is this a group we've ever heard of, or are we thinking it's probably use, because of the symbols the Hooded Mage placed on us? >>


(from Chris) Zeek follows the barbarian to any gladiator-like events. Although Zeek is wise beyond his years, his tribe is an ancient and somewhat barbaric race. The crush of bone and flow of blood makes dead warriors happy.

Zeek does not provoke attacks, nor outright aggression. However, as a foreigner in a foreign land, he seems to attract quite alot of attention. He is very large and muscular to the point his muscle fibers are visible. That, coupled with his tattoos, makes him especially suspicious.

Many times Zeek as been mistaken for a slave and thrown into pits to fight bare-handed. All the while yelling in his funny accent "Noo, it wasn't me! it wasn't me!" (E doon't woork at de sevin eliv'n.")


(from Matt) Kerbock will help the tanner out and hunt for furs on the side. He will use the time to explore the countryside. He will activly look for hidouts and areas to find food (fishing holes, walnut or apple trees) in hard times, and any rich guy's house to raid. To build friendships and the other's skills, he will ask members of the group to hunt with him occasionally.

Prize fighting sounds good, especially if we have some extra time, before or after the main adventure. MHJ


(from Matt) After Kerbock has jumped in the icy waters to remove the stink of the tanners work from his hide, he meets the rest of the group at the Castle bar, and between draught of ale, he speaks:“In the future we must fight as one creature. My clan, The Axe, has the bravest and fiercest warriors in all the golden plains. But because we often fight as a mob we have suffered many defeats at the hands of the Iron Clan. We were fortunate in our battles at the place of the dead. Twice our group was divided fighting two different foes. The crazy dwarf and I would be added to the number of the dead at that place if not for the odd gnome and his antics. Most likely we all would be dead. It would have been a matter of time before Gorin and his minons would have hunted every Marked One and slain them.”

“I’ve been wondering, Pale Gregory, what was in the bundles you carried away from Groin’s lair. Are you still considering living in that hole of death?”

“I have been hunting in the woods, for furs & meat. You soft ones should come with me to sharpen you battle skills. It would be great fun, we can get out of the smelly town and if we’re lucky get a kill.”

“Colin, you have found out many good things in you efforts. We must find a way to protect ourselves from this Fedden. He must use a disguise to get close to those he wishes to kill. Maybe he will not hunt us because his paymaster is dead?”

“Kit, next time you scout ahead of us, can we come up with some signals as to what is going on. In Gorin’s lair we were all mystified by your signal. How about a red flag, filled with dust for weight for throwing, to come in fighting and a yellow flag to approach quietly and scream like I’m sexing you, I assure you it would be quite loud, to run.”


(from Chris) MacGreggorson, Might you come with us to the combat grounds in case we get into something sticky, we cannot get out of? We will need someone with a quick tongue. I've only managed to boil blood when I meant only leave well enough alone. Between Axehead and myself, we'd be lucky to talk our way out of a parchment bag!

It wouldn't hurt to have some mystical minions in the shadows, Kissy and Whiteheart. The honorable Olen is also welcome as he sees fit. Just mind to turn a blind eye if we's be get'n into any trouble. (That goes for you to Vax) We don't need Tete d'arbor (Galen) to be applying foreign laws to us.


(from Mike H.) "We have a Monk, who has shown activity within the rogue crowd. Now we see a side of him that shows his intellect diminishing from the difficult training he must have endured. For I know, no Olen. If you are referring to me, my name is Oren. Oren Galen Green it is. Since we have a difficult time remembering minor details, and love slanderous comments like 'Axehead'-wait; have you seen my Rubicite Dwarven War Axe? Is this a hint? Vax keeps motioning mischievous ideas concerning you, and my stolen items. IS THIS SO!? SPEAK NOW. Vax believes you to be cruel. I tell him differently, but I am seeing his opinions clearer now. WHATS MY NAME FOOL?

My father will impose anything as he wishes. Tomorrow I will send Vax over to ask him about your un-loyalty concerning the land, my gracious father and myself. I have request that Vax ask my father about a punishment suitable to your deeds. Ask not what Galen Green can do for you, rather what you can do for Galen Green!"


(from Chris) Is the confused Dwarf armed? Obviously he has come to a battle of wits unarmed as the Monk was referring to Kerbock of the Axe clan.


(from Mike H.) "After thinking about the question, I will attend. I cannot allow for others to punish you before I have. Therefore, I must make sure you stay alive."


(from Chris) "No you are the troubled one, Oren the Dragon Dwarf. I sense the spirits have plagued you and continue to do so." Zeek makes a circle in the dirt and begins chanting and closes his eyes. "Uhmmmm...Uhmmm..." He casts his bones and runes in the circle.


(from Scott) MMMMMM , a bunch of half naked swetty , muscular men fighting in a ring with a bunch of drunk rich men with money out in the open betting in noisy crowded stands , thats the sport for me. Yummy.

Oren, your companionship should be the just punishment that Zeek needs to put him on the path to enlightenment... He is a a drinking Barbarian Shaman, they have different customs and life styles and should not be confused with the stereotypical monks of the lands of the yellow skins.

Kerbach, just as you have your trophies which you dislpay openly around your neck Gregory has taken some parts of Gorins carcas for him and I to have, those are the bundles he brought back after destroting the body. Gregory must spend his time in study to sharpen his arcane abilities for battle , which if your tribe had for support would aide them in winning more battles . and I have been working on a series of colored throw bags for signaling the group, thanks for the suggestion.....Kit


(from Matt) At some point Kerbock takes about his pratice sessions at the fighting area you can gather the following info from his stories:

TORG "Redshanks"
A middle-aged half-ork fighter, he is known for fighting with a sword in each hand. He has been a contender and trainer at the combat grounds for years, and he is always a favored bet in the caged ring at the Castle Bar. His nickname comes from his habit of wearing bright redpants. He is bald on top, with a ring of gray-brown hair circling his head. Two "tusk" teeth jut up from mouth onto his lower lip, and his nose is severely upturned between his squinty and close-set black eyes. Despite his blood and reputation as a fierce fighter, Torg is a calm gentleman when away from his work. He can often be found at the combat grounds helping young warriors develop their skills. Kerbach has heard rumors that Torg is an amazing woodsman and tracker, though he seems to have retired from his wilderness-traveling days.

"Lord Tom" BARTON
A young human fighter, he is as quick on his feet as he is powerful with his long sword. Lord Tom is by no means a lord, but he has an amazing skill for affecting royal mannerisms. In order to make the crowds laugh at the combat grounds he will often walk stiffly upright and speak with a ridiculous accent, pretending to be some rich and powerful lord. Lord Tom has a tall thin build, blond hair, hazel eyes, and fair clear skin. Part of the humor of his acting like a lord, is how easily and well he pulls it off. They have sparred a bit, and fought at full-speed once. Kerbach got the best of Lord Tom eventually, but it was a hard-fought match.

An older black dwarf fighter, his large two-handed ball-and-chain mace is devastating in combat. He does not hit with it often, but when he does connect…the fight is normally over. The dwarf's once black hair is now gray, and his black skin is deeply cut with wrinkles, but he is still full of fight. He is known for drinking everyone under the table at the Castle Bar, and for his loud and contagious laughter. It is clear he knows the Blue Mountains like the back of his black wrinkled hand!


(from Mike, anwers in CAPS from Mark) How long a journey is it to Barsewa's monastery? Is this something that I could do alone between playing sessions? We could play it out via e-mail if it is. I'd like to visit him, and see if it might be possible to do him a service in exchange for a mandolin. Just some ideas. IT IS 3 OR 4 DAYS JOURNEY...AND VERY DIFFICULT. IT IS A GAMING-NIGHT ACTIVITY, AND NOT AN E-MAIL ACTIVITY. ANY JOURNEY TO DUMIT OR ROSEHILL WOULD INVOLVE TRAVELLING VERY NEAR TO HIS MONASTERY....THIS IS HOW YOU CAN DRAW IN THE OTHER PLAYERS!


(from Mike) Lads, I've a proposition 'or ya. If a company we be formin, 'tis rules we'll be needin!
I've taken the liberty of draftin a set. I think we should all come to terms and sign on the honor 'o our good names.

1) A name - Some folks have takin to callin us "The Marked Ones". I think it 'as a good air.

2) There'll be no stealin from our company on pain 'o expulsion. That includes forgettin to count treasure rightly found on a group expedition.

3) No man be left behind. If one 'o our numbers go down, we spare no effort to retrieve em.

4) Any booty found will be divided by our number plus one. Each share being equal. The extra share will be for group expenses to be voted on by all the group.

5) Any rare items that be found will be distributed by a roll 'o the bones. I propose that once the bones be rolled the list never change. The lad or lass on top 'o the list will get first call on any such items. He can be passin, if nothin suits 'is fancy. Then the next time e'll be back at the top 'o the list. Once you be choosin an item the next on the list will move to the top. If ye've questions I ken sketch it for ye on a parchment.

6) Any rare items that a member offers to sale should be first offered to the company. Any lad or lass who can make the market price for the item can 'ave it.


(from Scott) Kit smiles " I can live with these rules......you know Collin you look quite handsome when you get serious and your brow is furrowed".


(from Steve) Gremage approves with the rules and will follow them. On a player knowledge note: I've looked at the pictures and believe they look great. I had only one question on Kits picture are those real or a enhancement (illusion)? Maybe just wishful thinking.


(from Chris) I come from a warrior clan and although we fight savagely, tactics are not unknown to us. I have some ideas that may prove useful. When we meet again I will hand out markings on stone tablets :)


(from Scott) "Here, I'll give you some paper and a coal stick" Kit pulls scroll from her pack.


(from Matt) Kerbock's Doings (continued) (Mark's answers in caps)

1. By working in town with the tanner and hunting for furs does Kerbock make enough money to pay for room & board and drink? Does he gain or lose gold by living in town? AT THESE BEGINNING LEVELS, THE WORK YOU DO IN YOUR PROFESSION EARNS YOU ROOM AND BOARD. LIVING IN TOWN WOULD MEAN YOU BREAK EVEN. LIVING OUTSIDE OF TOWN, I WOULD LET YOU KEEP SOME ADDITIONAL GPs, BUT THEY WOULD NOT AMOUNT TO MUCH, REALLY.

2. When Kerbock bags some good game (deer, elk, rabbit, goose) he will bring it back to the town and have a barbarian Bar-B-Q. He'll invite the group, the fighter from the training grounds, and any poor urchin types. He'll use this as part of a way to get members of his clan (rush). He'll tell stories of past battles and hunts and encourage others to do likewise. He'll ask that those that can bring strong drink and ale too. KERBOCK HAS HELD ONE OF THESE BASHES SO FAR, AND IT WAS A BIG SUCCESS. THERE WERE LOTS OF PEOPLE THERE...SOME OF WHICH BROUGHT ADDITIONAL FOOD, AND TURNED IT INTO A REAL FEAST. IT WAS HELD AT THE TRAINING/FIGHTING GROUNDS AFTER A BIG DAY OF FIGHTING.

3. Are there any wild horses in the area he capture and train. NO, NOT REALLY. THE GRASSLANDS OF SHRONTH ON THE OTHER HAND HAS LOTS OF WILD HORSES RUNNING ABOUT....

4. After reading the articles you copied for us, I thought Kerbock would really hate orcs since they killed his horse. This would cause a problem with "Redshanks". Kerbock would hurl insults at him at first sight: scum, bastard, "I'd kill you, except you're blood would taint my sword" etc. I don't see how they could remain peaceful. We can work this out later. WE WILL ROLE-PLAY THIS ON A NIGHT WHEN WE "PLAY-OUT" A FIGHTING TOURNAMENT! GOOD STUFF....

5. Does Kerbock find any thing interesting while hunting? Was anyone with him at the time? What type of game and furs are there? What's the general terrain, Ozarks, South Dakota etc.? THE TERRAIN IS LIKE THE WESTERN PORTIONS OF COLORADO. GREENMARK IS JUST WITHIN THE EDGE OF ALL THIS, IN VERY LARGE FOOTHILLS (MOUNTAINS BY OUR STANDARDS).

6. Do human get an extra skill point per level? I DON'T THINK SO, BUT IF YOU FIND IT IN THE BOOK, LET ME KNOW THAT I AM WRONG! - mhj MARK


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