Kit's Dance At Dusk

Thomas Furefoot stepped out onto the street from his Inn...the Green Grape. It was dusk and the shadows were taking over Greenmark. People were scurrying to home or where ever they would spend the cold evening. One such pedestrian almost knocked his small hobbit form to the ground had he not edged back out of the way. The figure was that of a human merchant that had checked out of his Inn the morning before. This surprised Thomas, as it was his understanding this man was to be on his way south for a buying opportunity. He had come to Greenmark, as did others for the White Apple auction, which was canceled permanently and the man was snowed in. Iron was going to be a very poor month for business without the auction to bring in wealthy patrons.

Thomas's gaze turned back to the street when he saw a familiar figure moving down the other side. Fitz Truggle, young up-and-coming burglar and fellow Hobbit who Thomas had an agreement with that he could enter the Green Grape as long as no patron who had stayed or visited his bar was burgled within the nest 24 hours. This was a binding halfling contract and Fitz had kept his side of it or at least not been caught breaking it. Fitz suddenly stopped and stepped back into a doorway fading from sight. Thomas took a halfway glance to the right and saw that the merchant had stopped and was checking back over his shoulder down the street. Thomas pretended to address some other people to come in and have a drink so as not to give away that he was watching. The merchant slid quickly off onto the dark alley he was next to. Fitz must be tailing him for some reason but since he had checked out the day before he was not in conflict with their contract.

A few minutes later the merchant walked back out the alley and retraced his steps back past Thomas, who propositioned him to enter the Green grape for a meal and a song but was just ignored. Glancing back Thomas saw a second person come from the alley. It was Kit the Drow Elf female who he had not seen in town for over a month. He had heard stories of her and the party she had joined up with doing all sorts of adventuring but couldn't believe half of it was true...but if half was true she had been through quite a lot. She scanned the street and moved off in the other direction. Just then a figure came out of the alley across the way. It looked to be a large human wearing armor, telling by the not so graceful movement from under his cloak. He followed Kit at a safe distance. Then Fitz reappeared from the dark doorway and seemed to pause in indecision before stalking off after the large figure who was following Kit. All of this was very interesting and though it piqued Thomas's natural curiosity he had a business to run. He would hopefully find out how this dance at dusk turned out over ale with one of its participants in the near future. He turned and reentered his establishment not seeing the visage of his friend Fitz pull up his hood and seem to grow about a foot as he silently followed his new prey.

A days walk from Greenmark, next to an old graveyard and the ruins of a church sits a small house with a warm fire burning in a fireplace with no fuel there to feed it. A small figure was working on fixing a broken chest while stooping frequently to take a bite of cheese and a swig of Bury Downs Brandy. It was not his drink of choice but it was all that he had found in the shack. He was a burglar by trade not a carpenter but his beautiful employer was paying well and the accommodations were warm and the food and drink plentiful. And who knows if he did a good job fixing up the place up real good...maybe, just maybe...when the lovely dark skinned lass returned she would show her appreciation in other ways. One could always hope...and dream, which is what Fitz Truggle continued to do as he worked in that little place a days walk from Greenmark.

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