Elder Players' - Interlude Thirteen

I will be posting the e-mails I receive between the January 2002 game and the February 2002 D&D game, when they are appropriate for the whole group to read:

(from Matt) Vikos proposes the Reward for the Ambassador be split eight ways: Each member of the party gets a share and one share is split between the heirs of the woodsman and fortune teller (the blonde Zeek is hot for).

Mike: What was the Mind Flayer's tresure. He left in a hurry, he didn't happen to leave his spell book behind, did he? (if he did, should we open it?)

(from Mike C.) Here's a list of the things you found in the Mindflayers room:

6 - potions of healing (actually found on the bodies of the Gnolls attacking Greenmark)
2 - potions of cure serious wounds
1 - potion of heroism
1 - truth potion
1 - wisdom potion
6 - +1 Arrows
1 - identify scroll
1 - mage armor scroll
1 - teleport scroll
Globe with strange astrological signs on it - it has a faint magical aura

And A Note...

As per our agreement in Sona-Nyl, you will receive the remaining 5,000 Kerns when you deliver the subject to Tunis.

(from Matt) Vikos would really like the mage armor scroll. Mike, Did these dead guys have any Kerns on them, or hidden away? Even the raiding Gnolls did. What language is the note in? What type of magicial aura is on the globe? Can you give us any more info on the increadibly evil tomb?

Vikos filps the Helm of Norell Bos on to his head and says to the group: "I fell a storm coming on tomorrow. How about we head back to the that Mind Flayer's lair and I call down 15 lighting bolts on that tomb of his. We can't leave that stuff alone, you know. It should only take two or three hours. And then we'll have a nice big crater rather than a den of evil. Jerimiah, you help would be invaluble. A couple flames strikes would be icing in the crater, I mean cake." MHJ

(from Matt) Steve & Scott, I would expect Kit or Jerimiah would have ended up with Ganraiths spell book here is the contents:
mage armor
magig missle
burning hands
comp lang.
change self
spider climb
silent image
mirror image
flaming sphere
minor image
summon monster
major image
invis. sphere

Vikos knows Ganraith was an illutionist and is interested in the spellbook since vikos has interest in illusion magic. If nothing else maybe Kit can use the spells.

There is also a +1 keen edge sword and 12 +1 keen edge arrows that should be distributed. To Gunkrot and Eyati respectivly, maybe? See you the 16th. MHJ

(from Matt) To help speed up our next game I would like to split up the mind flayers treasure on-line. I (or Vikos if you prefer) suggest the following split:

Each player receives 500 gp share of reward +

Oren: Potion of Healing, Potion of Heroism
Zeek: Potion of Healing, Potion of Truth
Kit: Potion of Healing, Identify Scroll, Globe w/aura
Ruadhin: Potion of Healing, 6 +1 arrows,Potion of Cure S.W.
Gunkrot: Potion of Healing, Potion of Cure S.W.
Vikos: Scroll of Mage Armor, Scroll of Teleport
Jeremiah: Potion of healing, potion of wisdom

500 gp is split between the heirs of the woodsman and the woman foture teller.

There is a few more kerns out there that were found on the Gnolls in town, plus their weapons etc. Maybe those could be donated to the people of New Hope.

If this does not make everyone happy, lets figure it out online so we can use our saturday for gaming. If you dont like the about please propose and alternate split.

Soon after reaching Greenmark, Vikos has a request for Jeremiah: "If you could raise the woodsman from death, I would cover the cost of any gold and would be indebted to you besides. He was a valiant man and should not be dead. Without his fighting the woman would have surely perished. Take my 500 kerns as thanks." (This would add some good motivation for Vikos in clearing out Birchmont, aka repayment of debt to Jeremiah/Heroinious. A Priest of Tobin ought to have something to gain or a reason for helping reestablish a temple to another diety.)

Does anyone think the note from the mindflayers lair could be useful in the travels to Tunis? We could use this to get in or to try to get 5000gp from the person (Q =Quincy the quick???, leader of Tunis???) who hired the mind flayer. (Kit could disguise as the ambassador).

In regards to Vikos, at times he is total ruthless, but is not without compasion. While he views the Orcs in his service and a burden and a tool while trying to enlighten them. He doesn't treat all others poorly. He has a big soft spot for women and children(see Vikos intro) and slaves or peasants. Vikos would slay a healthly man for stealing from a widow and a hungry child. If he caught a peasant stealing from a lord or weathly person he would chastise the peasant and arrange gainful employment or give it himself. Now if the same peasant stole again, that would go very bad for the peasant. I didn't write all the details about Vikos and the eagle in the long story. If i did it would have be a little different. (NOTE FROM MARK: Matt brought this to my attention, and I have changed the eagle-interchange to be more true to Vikos' personality....) Part of Vikos' religion is very similar to Druidism and he feels a close bond with nature and animals.

A complete list of things found in the Mind Flayer's lair can be found earlier on this Interlude page.

(from Chris) The potion of Truth is worthless. So, take that off the table of 'desirable' treasure. I would prefer the Potion of Cure S.W. from Ruadin. (As he has three magical items)

(from Steve) I don't care how we spit up the treasure if this is what you all want that is fine with me. But I will always believe it is best to split up treasure at the table. We seam to spend at least an hour every time we play just shooting the shit. Maybe this time would be best used distributing treasure where we can have live discussions. As for raising the woodsman from the dead that is up to Mark, because of time deadlines and the way the spell is done it might not be possible. But I am not apposed to it.

Also I disagree with the Potion of truth being worthless, and I would prefer that we didn't make decisions based on how many items a person has, if that was the case we have players that have no magical items on their characters sheets and some characters who started with some magical items at the very beginning. So running tally of how many items seems a bad idea to me. This email sounds harsh but believe me it is not intended to be harsh in any way. Just a statement. Thanks, Steve

(from Chris) If there are characters that don't have 'ANY' magic items, then they should get first choice. AND I do think the number of magic items is pretty important in figuring out who gets next dibs. I wouldn't count 6(+1) arrows as six items. I think there is an experience point per item chart somewhere. (At least there used to be.)

The one thing I do agree with Steve on, (better write that down) is splitting the goods up in person and rolling for the best items. Those players that have few, if any, should get to roll first. Since we have added a number of people to the group, we might want to start a new majic-item-pick list. Start by listing the number and strength of each item (maybe by exps/item) each of us has? The more 'stuff' you have, the lower on the list you are.

PS: Given that Jeremiah can cast 'Zone of Truth' when he wants and you don't have to make someone drink a potion, I think the potion of truth is pretty much worthless. (to this group as a magic item)

(from Mark...DM) Steve mentioned in an e-mail that we spend an hour every game "shooting the shit" at the beginning. I wish we didn't. This has been caused by me once, when I arrived "right-on-time" and had to spend some time setting up. But it is usually caused by rule questions (which could be handled in e-mails to DM), characters not ready, players not ready, people arriving late, arranging for food, and us just not having seen each other for a month and having stuff to catch up on.

I would love for us to sit down for the game on Feb. 16th at 4:30 PM, put our character sheets on the table, already have our lead figures picked out, do the quiz, quickly split up the treasure (10 minutes), and then jump into the game. Since we only play once a month, I'd like to squeeze every minute of game-time out of our Saturday night's as we can! How about this? I promise to be at Mike's and ready-to-play at 4:30 p.m., and everyone else promises to do the same!!! If there are complicated calculations to make regarding magical items (I heard XP values and number of items mentioned), then they should be done prior to the game!

As for raising the woodsman, instead of focusing on the letter of the law (rules, in this case)...why doesn't someone write a very short story about it. It seems natural that Jeremiah having the power to raise the dead, would not let unjust killings in his presence go un-reversed. I didn't consider your letter harsh, BTW Steve. Just you statement of opinion....
Thanks, Mark Stinson

(Question from Mike) Mark, Do I get the sense from Viko's description he got from the eagle is referring to City of the Falls? MJC

(Answer from Mark) Mike, While that would really bring everyone's different quests together into one game, WILL DOES NOT get that impression.

First Vikos narrows the location to somewhere between the Azure Keep and the Martial Fields. The Martial Fields are to the North-West of the Azure Keep. Then the Eagle says, "I will tell you of the town, but I will not take you there. I respect the counsel of my elders, and they have told me to have nothing to do with you…regarding his matter. Along the valley path that leaves the Azure Keep and heads directly across the great frozen wind, there is a hidden branch that follows the great wind. Up this smaller valley path, past a dark stone building with metal on its windows you must travel. Avoid the black tower…for nothing but ill can come of visiting it. Eventually there will be a mill. In the cliff behind this mill is a vast cavity open to the air above, and within this cavity lies a town of man…that you call Tunis."

This is pretty OBSCURE, as far as directions go. But for your character (who is somewhat familiar with the geography), the eagle's directions seem to point North-West up a valley headed that direction, perpendicular to the great blast of cold that used to come from the Storm Gates. He says that a branch follows the great gust of winter (North-East)...and then go from there with the eagle's description.

The City of the Falls is to the South, and actually was not completely enveloped in the great blast of winter...but only on its fringes.

I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE CONFUSION...as the eagle was somewhat vague. I have told you more in this e-mail than I have told anyone...but not every lead has been followed up on either! Mark Stinson

(from Chris) Zeek's list of Magic Item's:
Tomb of Emaculate Excercise (+2 Str)
+2 Ring of Protection
+1 Morning Star

What do you guys want to do about picking magic items? We have a coupleof choices.

1) Compare everyones current Magic Item list and create a top to bottom list, starting from the weakest endowed to the strongest. Anytime a magic item comes up, the person at the top of the list gets to pick or 'pass'. If you pass, you stay at the top of the list. The next person gets to choose to pick or pass. Once someone 'picks', they move to the bottom of the list. (If no one wants the magic item, it can be put in the party fund or sold.)

2) Each time we run across a magic item, the character who would benefit the most from having it, gets it, period.

3) Each time we find a M.I., those that are interested in it, roll for it. Highest one gets it. There is no limit to the number of items you 'try' for. (This seems to be what we default to.)

4) We need a separate 'PICK' list for disposable magic items like Potions and Scrolls. They are not as powerful as real magic items. Create a list of players.(Order doesn't matter)

Anyone else have any ideas? I don't know which one I like. The fairest is number one. Number two could get violent. Number three is quick and dirty, but someone could end up with a lot of magic items, if they're lucky. I think we should do #4 no matter what. It will work even if we don't do number 1.

(from Steve) My email seems to have sparked some conversation. Personally I don't care who has what nor do I think its anyone's business what each person has on their character sheets, that was never my intent. I just think it is best that we roll for each item at the table where everyone is assured to be present and can discuss in person what is going on. I also don't care if we take an hour to shoot the shit I like to visit as much as anyone. I am also not pointing any fingers at who shows up two minutes late or two minutes early. Thanks, Steve NOTE FROM MARK: I don't care if someone shows up late either. But I hope they have a back-up character. :-)

(from Chris) After thinking about it, number 2 is what we try to do. However, there is always more than one person who thinks they would benefit the most. Then we must 'roll' for it. So, 3 becomes the default because 2 doesn't work.

I think we should combine all three options, (4 is just for disposable MI's.) Each player calculates the EXP value of all MI's, (not including disposable ones.) Then, when number 2 doesn't work, meaning there is more than one person interested, the player with the lowest EXP value gets the MI.


(from Scott) Kit thinks she should make all of the decisions on who should get what, since as is evidence by the conversation so far, that men are incapable of making a fair and rational decision.

(from Matt) Vikos agrees!!! With a wink and a blown kiss to Kit ;-)(and then a very hearty laugh).

Chris what the hell do you want? At this point you can have if you just drop it and don't come up with plan #5. ;-)

(from Chris) I get no respect. :(

I went to lunch with Matt today. He came up with the exact model I did!
And he is making fun of me!?

(from Scott) Kit dodges Vikos's Kiss (sorry, just a force of habit) I will try to compile a list of treasure, if some one else can also we can compare notes to make sure everything is accounted for and choose and trade before the adventure. Anyone with treasure list from last 2 adventures send them to me and I will list them and print them out.

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