The Future of Our Game

(from Mark - DM) Players, I'd like to try a little experiment. I love the Azure Kingdom Campaign. I'm jealous every month, when you play your characters, and I am the DM. As DM, you are (falsely) responsible for the success of the game from start to finish, and that sort of burden is wearing on me. What do I normally do when this happens? I normally end the campaign...or begin a new game, with a new setting, or a new genre.

BUT I DON'T WANT TO END THE CAMPAIGN. I just want to play in it, and no longer be responsible for every little detail...and for the ultimate success of every game. So, after Birchmont...Mike Cross has an adventure (2 or 3 game nights) planned for the Azure Kingdom. And after that...ITS YOUR TURN TO DUNGEON MASTER and its my turn to be a player for awhile.

So start planning and working on the one, two, or three part adventure you would like to run as DM. Take the players to a location they haven't been in the Azure Kingdom, or give them a reason to go the wider World of Kempin. I will be available to help you with placing your adventure in the correct location...and I will be availble for any questions you need answered...but YOU will be DMing the game.

How long will this last? Well, we'll have to see. I would say at least 6 months...maybe a year. But, we may have so much fun rotating the DM duties, that we may do this forever. I really don't know. Maybe I'll jump in a run a game here and there, but at first...I JUST WANT TO PLAY.

Some of you have some very interesting ideas about how YOU would run the game. Well, this is your chance! Be excited about this. Start planning the kind of game you would like to run in this Campaign. Or start planning a 4 - 6 month mini-quest within this Campaign. I think this may be fun and mind-expanding for everyone! Mark Stinson
(from Chris) Fellow Dungeon Crawlers, Mark has done an excellent JOB of DM'ing. And it is that, a job. I don't even know how long he has WORKED for us. It has been a while. I know Zeek hasn't had the itch to move outside the Azure Kingdom. It is a really cool setting. (Well, not anymore:)

I think he has a good idea. Having been one of the fill-in DM's, I like the idea of being able to spill over into the next month of play with a 2 or 3 night adventure. (I'm known for having marathon adventures.) It would take the pressure off to culminate the game the same night. If the adventure ended partway through the gaming evening, the next DM in-line could start his adventure...or at least introducing his adventure...partway through the evening.

I thank you Mark, for putting up with my antics and running an excellent campaign. Your Friend, Chris

(reply from Mark) Thanks Chris. I've had fun DMing...and now I will have some fun just playing. Get to work designing a cool adventure for the group....

(from Mike C.) I think you're well within your rights. Let me know whatever I can do to help.

I understand (how you're feeling). I've taken the better part of a year off, only running a couple of things during that time, and I found it has helped me. I'm looking forward to running a little mini-quest in Kempin. I've already got it written. As it stands now I expect it will be a two parter, but knowing the pace this group plays at sometimes, it could stretch into three. If you'd like I can come up with a third act for it. I'd also like to work in a little Alternity here and there if you don't think it'd scare off the locals. It could give them a break as well if they didn't want to participate. As a matter of fact I'm starting to come to the conclusion that maybe I need to convert the campaign over to 3E. There are starting to be some good products out there that already have done most of the work for me, and more are in the offing. I'm getting a little tired of being the guy who always runs the dead system! I think that's one of the things that really got me down. At first I felt defiant but that was quickly followed by forlorn.

(reply from Mark) I'm looking forward to your mini-quest on the World of Kempin...and I hope it is a 3-parter. I also think that we could fit some Science Fiction gaming into the mix...and having it be D20 (the same system as D&D) might help bring in those that haven't played your Science Fiction Campaign before.

(from Scott) I would like to take a turn after Mike, I have a very action packed story line to continue on with the Gnoll uprising....Scott Bower

(reply from Mark) Come one...come all, step up to the plate, and design a one-nighter, two-nighter, three-nighter...or more if you are so bold. First Mike Cross...then Scott...who will run it next?

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