Elder Players' - Interlude Sixteen


Players, this is one of those unique Interludes where we have stopped game play right in the middle of the action. So there won't be much in the way of storyline that can be written during "Interlude Sixteen." Just prior to our next game...the second part of our "Birchmont" adventure...I will post some information that will remind you where we are, and introduce a few new elements as to what is happening at that moment! So stay tuned for that...

In the meanwhile, I will fill this Interlude with any e-mail discussions we get into, questions you have for the DM, or anything else that we want to archive electronically on the website!!! Thanks,

Mark L. Stinson

(from Mark, DM) Fellow Players, we need to begin reserving DMing spots. I will handle May, and Mike Cross is pencilled in for June, July, and August. Please let me know how many games you would like, and how early you can begin DMing. We need one-shots. We need multi-part games. We could even use a mini-epic or two! Everyone please pitch in...and let Mike Cross and I actually play characters in the same game!

You can base your game here in the Azure Kingdom, or you can place it anywhere else in the World of Kempin. I suppose is you get imaginative enough...the game could even be on another world. It will be up to you. Please feel free to consult with me about where to place your adventure...THERE ARE MANY UNEXPLORED PORTIONS OF THE WORLD OF KEMPIN, where you could place almost any sort of culture, political situation, or whatever it takes to make your game work. Again, feel free to bounce ideas off me, or ask me questions...I will help you in any way I can to make your game be fit into our campaign, with a smooth transistion from DM to DM.

I will also be maintaining the "books" so to speak. I will continue to build and maintain the website, help with scoring and XP awards, and try to be a resource for keeping the Campaign on track, despite shifting DM responsibilities. I think getting different perspectives on DMing and gaming will be fun, and best of all...I GET TO PLAY!

Now send me an e-mail as soon as possible letting me know how many game months you wish to reserve, and how quickly you want to start. One night...two, three...more nights than that...you tell me. Thanks, Mark Stinson

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