Elder Players' - Another Story!


Dakkot Yasadraylson finished his report to Vavasha and once again turned to face the genocide that had taken place in the City of Hope. He and Rahzfaras had come back to the azure Kingdom once again to seek aid in their plight only to find the fate of this city reborn in more dire straight than ever he could have imagined. The young Kobold Mage and his party had arrived just as the hoard of sex-crazed demons were moving away from the city. In its wake they found a city void of life. Naked bodies were every where some lying there with looks of ecstasy frozen on their faces as their hearts had burst from the over-exertion of the heightened state of arousal they had been in for far too long. Some had bled to death from broken bones protruding where they had been bent their bodies in some unnatural way in some bizzarre sexual position while others were bruised and battered from constant abuse both self inflicted and by others during a long frenzy of sexual activity. He moved toward the place where his friends Dork and Geek, long time friends and body guards where laying out the dead for Rahzfaras to see if any could be raised. The elderly goblin priest moved down the long lines pausing over them as if in meditation.

Rahzfaras turned to the kobold Chancellor and said, "All souls wish not to return. Too much fear and guilt they have." Just then Zexel, Dakkot's pet dire weasel scurried up to him and let him know he had found some the smell of life among the stench of death that permeated the city. He and his band followed the animal to a building that appeared to be a one of the few wooden buildings finished in town built on an ancient stone foundation that was left from the past. It was a church with holy symbols carved on the seemingly barred doors. It took the combined strength of the large Hobgoblin and Ork to force it open. There they found the bodies of a woman, nude save for the habit she wore on her head distinguishing her as a Nun, blood flowing from several holes in her body. Even here in this holy place, she was not spared from the influence of the carnal power. In the center of the room they found a circle of burnt out candles and a prayer written with chalk on a slate board covering a trap door. The room had small slates and chalk lying around leading him to believe it had been being used as a school Dakkot listened at the door and heard whimpering and movement. The nun must have sealed the students there and did everything she could to protect them from what she had succumbed to. The floor was damp with what must have been holy water. The Kobold had his friends carry out the Nuns body and said to the Goblin." You may have luck in raising the parents if they know their children are still alive." The old priest nodded as the mage donned the nuns clothing and cast a spell taking her image so as not to frighten the children any more when he released them from their protective prison. At least in this City of Death they had found a glimmer of hope.

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