Elder Players' - 6/15 Game Handouts!

The following was posted on a pole in the ruined City of Hope on Tercex the 8th by Reginald McDreary, a proud knight of the Order of Kempin.

Be it known that by order of his Imperial Majesty Jestak I, that the wild lands known in the common parlance as "The Azure Kingdom" shall be closed to entry, except at the discretion of his Imperial Majesty or agents of his appointment, as of the year of our Lord Kempin 113e, the day Tercex the 26th. All residents of said province wishing to vacate should do so before that time. May the grace of Lord Kempin be upon any who shall choose to remain.

So ordered by our Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Jestak I, this 47th day of Sedones, the year of our Lord Kempin 113e.

Witnessed and attested by Sir George Burstead, Keeper of the Privy Seal.

The following was found hidden among some blank song pages in Walpole Abby where Morvin Barsew, master instrument maker, resides. Below I have provided the text of the handwritten note by Dutton Hobbs at the bottom of the Sonnet.

Thy Kingdom of blue faced the Giants wrath
Its icy blast howled at the door
All was white and hope seemed lost
The wheat in the fields never felt the sun's warm glow

Upon his great steed he rode the land
King Sephran sought a weapon to save us

Upon a peak of the mountains blue
A great worm he did behold
To his story listened the red worm did
And moved to tears was he
To stone did his tears turn at the tale of woe
And one to the King he gave

Upon his great steed he rode the land
King Sephran sought a weapon to save us

Twas power he gave to our good King then
The power of the shape of the worm
And with fire and fear he drove the giants back
To the frigid waste of their birth

Upon his steed he rode the land
King Sephran found a weapon to save us

Handwritten note at bottom of Sonnet:

On the very day we dedicate the gates! That sneak thief Ramses takes advantage of our distraction to steal the tear. I will seek him out in Sona-Nyl where I know from time to time he abides....

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