Elder Players' - Afterward to Mark of Death

As Kit regained consciousness her vision focused on Zeek's concerned face hovering over her , " How do you feel" his voiced boomed in the silence of the large crypt room. " About the same as after a flogging for spilling her eminencies wine." Kit muttered. She glanced down at the burning coming from her left forearm at the blood streaked bandage above the symbol of death on her palm. "looks like that Skeleton tried to ripe your arm off with that mark" Zeek stated matter of factly " I have no healing or salves so it will probably leave a nasty scar " .Just then Gregory came over . He recounted the battle after I dropped , and we both agreed Gorin's body needed to be destroyed . I whispered something to him , and he nodded and turned to go back and burn the body. He returned sometime later with two bundles , one large and one small , "The body has been burned and the remains scattered to the ragging waters...though it appears that Kerbock has taken Gorin's thumb as a trophy." The Grasslander was adding the old man's withered thumb to the growing collection hanging from a string around his neck.

It was late and the members of the party needed rest...so they bedded down to the warm magical fire in the room above while the driving rain beat down upon the roof drowning out even Vax's (somewhat imagined) baritone snores. The next day was sunny and for the most part we agreed to bury the shattered remains of the children from below. Kerbock wanted no part in handling the bones so he volunteered to dig the needed graves , luckily there were already numerous graves already dug up. We buried them in mass as Zeek performed an ancient ceremony of his tribe.

Gregory and I started discussing that this setup would be perfect for an alchemy lab, with the underground river and constant temperature of the underground vault. Zeek showed interest and stated his herbalist skills would be of great help also. His Lordship Oren graciously volunteered to help with renovations and defend us from whatever foul creatures might lurk about...providing that certain conditions befitting his position were met. Collin had too much going on in town to reside this far out and Kerback wanted no part of living where the dead once walked about in near-perfect mockery of the living. He preferred the wide open spaces. Doomlittle was sitting on the floor with the pieces of the lock trap that skewered his hand scattered about him. So deep in thought was Wimble, that all that was heard from him that day were a series sounds and exclamations best described as "hmmm" and a "AHA!"

I hope that we might get Cedric out here to bless and consecrate the cemetery . Well that is something else altogether. This party has potential, it remains to be seen just how much.



Kit winced in pain and switched the pestle back to her right hand. This was the only part of her accelerated work schedule that was bothering her. Putting in the hours of a usual work week into less than 4 days did not bother her after 90 years of working as a slave in the Drow underground had made long hours and short sleep times a rule in her life., But the grinding of the components needed for smokestix in the mortar was taking its toll on her hand muscles . Grinding the coal down to the proper consistency was the hardest . Worse even than the stink of the sulfur she had finished earlier. You had to grind it down to just the right texture . To course and you got a mostly sparks to fine and it could flash. Since she had been doing the smokestix , having years of training under her Master and Father Fendi Dartoon’s sales had increased with the word of their quality and reliability.

Even Morty , his lecherous Gnome assistant had had almost completely stopped his advances on her since his pay which was based on sales had increased . His greed overpowered his lust and he feared my departure . All he did now was stare at me with who knows what sordid thoughts were running through his imagination. Just like now , he had been standing behind me for some time thinking me unaware. Having finished I spun around feigning surprise " Master Mortikie ! You startled me, I was just coming to collect my weeks wages and be off" He replied " Its only just past midweek and before noon. Isn't it a little early ?" I gave a apologetic look and explained " Master Fendi agreed if I met my usual Quota I could take the rest of the week off ,Didn't he tell you?" . With a smirk he muttered " Ah yes I recall some such mention of it,...Would you fancy a drink tonight at the Green" Once again I I gave a disappointed look and explained" Oh, I am afraid I am meeting with Cedric shortly . he is helping me on some religious matters " . Morty was adverse to any charity that might tap into his pocket so he let the subject drop.

I met Cedric at his place where he had gathered the stores we would be taking to Gorins Lair ( Need A better name) I then cast one of my newly learned spells and a healthy chestnut colored steed soon came trotting up to us. We loaded on the gear and started off. I recounted again the last adventure to Cedric and what we had accomplished afterwards . Collin and I were in no condition to hike back to the town so While he and I convalesced, the others gathered the good from the lair and brought them to the Coffin room, then they locked and bared the door . For the next few days they hauled the remains of all the children's sundered bones up to the grave yard and buried them . When Collin and I were back up to strength We headed back to town leaving Gregory , Doomlittle , and Lord Oran ( with his faithful Vax) to continue working on the shack.

I was to bring back food and tools , and I also felt having Cedric come out to sanctify the new graves might appease their spirits. We arrived before dusk and after storing away the goods Cedric proceeded with the ceremony. the sun had sank deep below the horizon as the final word escaped his mouth . It was then the faint glowing lights rose from the fresh graves. First one then another, and many more arose and started and haunting dance under the first stars in the night Sky. No sound was to be heard as they slowly at first began circling above the Cemetery going faster with every passing moment till it looked more like a solid globe of light . Then they merged suddenly forming into a ball in the center and a beam of light shot into the night sky. The globe of light shrank to nothing and the beam blinked out of existence . Cedric and I just stared into the Star filled sky silently. Gregory then commented " That was different " turned and strode back to the shack . Doomlittle was nowhere to be seen and Lord Oran and Vax Seemed to be have a theological discussion. " Thank you Cedric , I think this was needed." He shook hiss head in agreement as we continued to watch the Heavens.


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