Elder Players' - Collin MacGregor's Songs

Below is an example of one of Collin MacGregor's controversial tunes, The Rebel Bard. With apologies to The Proclaimers of whose work some lines are derivative. The song of which only a portion is reproduced (mainly because I'm not much of a poet and this stuff isn't easy to write) will give you some insight into why Collin often has to leave quickly after a gig, sometimes even in the middle one.

Lyrics of "The Rebel Bard"

Come gather round all ye lads and lasses
To hear the tale of the rebel bard
Shouted from out of our highlands to the masses
The fair crags and meadows of our countries birth

I can't understand why we let someone else rule our land
We fight, when they ask us,
We boast and then we cower

Now we hear the tale of nobles and heroes
From whose good deeds our country did spring
And upon whose offspring our sad story would follow
For it is upon them our fate would depend

Once I thought I could make the Gods a bribe
So I said I was in their lost tribe
Getting handouts can be so frustrating
God said get in line son there's five million waiting

They say that good King Senaca in times gone by
Raised our land to unheard of heights
But where are his kin when winters dark cloak overtakes us
Behind high castle walls, warm and counting their loot

Repeat first chorus

Once upon a time our good Sir Remington
Saved our land from vile sorcerous deeds
Now days our new Mad Sir Remy
Does lean upon these good works to hid his true worth
His new code to live by - debauch and tax with equal zeal

Repeat second chorus


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