Elder Players' - Interlude Two

I will be posting the e-mails I receive between the Dec. 16th game and the January 20th game, when they are appropriate for the whole group to read:


(from Chris) Zeek says, "We decided we did not need a leader, as we all are capable. A great philosopher, my mentor, taught that to be a great leader, one must know when to lead...and more importantly when to follow. It appears, to me, given the scenario's we shall come across in the days ahead, we will need someone who can speak the language and maneuver through the hiways and biways. I nominate Kit to lead our troupe. This means we listen and follow her lead, for she among us has stepped forth due to her skills and especially Dark Vision and her relationship with her distant subterrian brethren."

"This position is for the duration of this adventure and subject to review top side. This means we must give her a chance. If Kit decides not to listen to any suggestion, it is her right, which seems to be her way as it were. I would rather forego anarchy, and at least fight as a 'street gang', than as a rioting mob. Even a street gang has a leader."

"If we choose to again continue with none at the helm, I shall still give Kit my honor to direct."


(from Matt) Kerbock say "Kit is not motivated by the right things, she was going to have us walk away from all of the kobold loot, including the key to the dragon priest/troll. We need a leader/speaker/negotiator who is agressive and can strike fear into the minds our foes, not one who puts lust into their hearts. Although her looks can be useful at times. Kit may be our best representitive to deal with the goblins, but she needs to listen to what we have to say also. We need to determine what our goal are. Save the children, save the dragon, get all the goblin gold or what? Maybe a Swaldoonie (white on white, hair/skin) with a female Drow slave might be very intimidating to the goblins."

Don't let her seduce you Zeek. (low rumbling laugh) What's wrong with mob anyway? (more laughter from the Barbarian).


(from Matt) Here’s our treasure list as I know it. If there is any errors please let me know. I’ve taken the liberty of designating a carrier of each item. Until will make our choices, final division can be made after the adventure is complete. This way if a scroll or other item is needed during the adventure we know who has it.

Gp 108 (assumed carried by Zeek, he won’t steal any)
Sp 275 (assumed carried by Kerbock, Colin might trust him with silver)
Cp 22 (assumed carried by Kerbock)

Dragon priest jewelry (All carried/Displayed by Kit)
5 gp ring
10 gp amulet
30 gp dragon braclets (2 @ 15 ea)

Kobold Statues (2 with Gremage, 2 with Colin)
60 gp Jade dragons (4 @ 15 ea)

(You mage types can sort this out amongst yourselves if you don’t like it.)
Command - Cedric
Magic Stone – Cedric
Inflect Light Wounds – Kit (Kit should like inflecting pain on others)
Faire Fire – Colin (Would make a song more dramatic)
Cure Light Wounds – Colin (Split up the healing powers)
Armor – Gremage
Spider Climb – Kit (Great to climb behind enemies to sneak attack)

Quall’s Feather Token (creates a giant oak tree wherever dropped) – Kebock for now, what else is
there? He’d give this up if he could at least hold some other good loot.
Iron Key from Dragon’s Mouth - Kit
Everlasting Green Torch – Doomnoodle (he can at least hold a torch)
Cure Disease Elixer (3 doses,+4save) – Zeek (our herbalist)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ...Matthew Johnson


(from Steve) Gremage Speaks....If we are talking about leading the way. I believe that neither a thief or a mage (myself included) should be the leader. The thief, because too many times he will be 60 feet in front of the party and not able to issue direction. Not myself because as a mage I will be in the rear most of the time casting spells and using a bow. I believe that it should be a fighter type but not a true fighter I would pick the Bard if it was up to me. He will usually be in the middle and can see all fronts. I would not pick one of the main fighters due to they will be in combat and their attention should be focused on the battle at hand. The Bard seems to be a logical choice due to he will be in the center most of the time and can issue direction (not orders) to all the party. Let me know what you think. I am not really sure we even need a leader but if I had a choice this would be it for all the reasons I have listed.


(from Scott) If Looks could kill , you all feel you would be disintegrated as Kit scans the Group. "I did not ask to be the group leader , I just happened to be the one who could talk to the Kobolds and by my heritage I was needed to put on a show of strength to gain their respect. You all said we were going into the situation trying to enlist the aid of the Kobolds, and that was what I was trying to achieve. But, instead of following my lead with my knowledge of underdark politics, you acted like a bunch of riff-raff and undermined any hope of gaining them as allies. That did not bother me as much as when I asked that we withdraw to a more tactical location, all I heard was, "They're only Kobolds," and we were damn lucky they didn't get in one more good hit or spell that could have spelled all our doom.

I believe our leader should be a man that can influence others and us with his leadership and charm , skills that may sway both battle and negotiations, but we must back him up and follow his lead, this is our best chance for success in my mind . There may be instances in the future where each of us may be better suited to call the shots because of race or knowledge and we must use that to our advantage. I will follow each person in this case and aid them to the ends they are trying to achieve just as I would hope you each would give me that respect in the future. I have a headache and I am going to bed, I don't want to talk about this anymore tonight " Kit walks away slips out of her gear and slide into her bed roll in a fluid motion almost a blur in the dancing shadows and light of the flickering fire.


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