Elder Players' - The Missing Party Members


The four men sat around the table in the tavern in Nexus, on the Isle of Sona-Nyl drinking, laughing and telling tails of their past encounters. Zeek, Oren, Vikos and Gungkrot had been drinking for some time when Oren looked past Zeek toward the door and asked the Monk, "Remember the guy you grabbed on the streets when we came to town?" Zeek roared with laughter, then replied "Yeah, I bet he was ready to piss his undergarments when I confronted him." Oren gave a grin and went on, "Well he seems to have come back to pay his respects and he has a few friends with him." Zeek turned to see the harmless looking, middle aged man pointing him out to four men in some sort of uniform blue regalia with golden sun bursts pined to the breasts of their sercoats. The lead man approaching them was a middle aged man who had Reddish hair with a hint of gray standing about 6'3" wearing golden chain mail and also sporting the symbol of Heronious with a pair of maces hanging from his belt. The man following him in everyway way looked to be a dwarf like Oren except he was almost 7' tall. There were 2 others that looked to be more common fighter types but carried themselves with great confidence as they spread out to opposite sides of the bar.

The four adventurers rose from their chairs not knowing what to expect but the red haired man held up both hands and began. "Just stay calm Lads, I am Father O'Flarity, Captain of Nexus Law Enforcement. I am just here to serve a warrant filed against this overly illustrated gentleman here for allegedly accosting and threatening a Citizen of our fair City." The Four revelers seemed to pause to take in the words that had been set upon them as the good Father continued. "I see you bare the Symbol of the god of Justice my son so I will ask you to answer me honestly in his name. Did you earlier today approach the good Gentleman at the door grab him and demand information in a threatening manner?" Zeek looked at the man the door and then back at the Captain then stammered. "I guess I did, but I did not know it was against the Law." Captain O'Flarity shook his head and stated. "I am afraid Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If someone for no reason smashed in the side of someone's head here in the bar and said they did not know that was against the law I very well could not just let that go because no one had informed them it was against the law. We are civilized people here and I will ask you as a good law abiding person to let us take you in to be judged fairly in our court. All be it, it is just a misdemeanor and you will likely get a small slap on the wrist so I hope you will come along quietly like a good law abiding lad."

Zeeks left side of his face gave a twitch (since the incorporeal side was incapable of doing so) and slowly raised his hands as one of the two men to the side moved in to slap a set of manacles on him. Oren suddenly seemed to understand what was about to occur and moved to block this advance only to find the large dwarflike officer standing in his way. He lashed out with a right hook only to find his fist in the vice like grip of his opponent's left hand. A left jab met a similar fate. "The name is Sergeant Mason Sky and striking an lawman is a crime in this town, so I will have to be taken you in." Vikos had been edging back and now launched a magic missile spell at Oren's captor only to find them stop only a few feet away as they hit a shimmering wall that made up a sphere that seemed to surround him. He the noticed the harmless man at the door concentrating on him though he could swear he had made no move or sound as if he had cast a spell. Father O'Flarity looked to Vikos and shook his head. "Casting a offensive spell unless in self defense is also prohibited." He then gave a questioning look at Gungkrot who held up both open hands and said, "I am a law enforcement Officer where I come from. You will get know trouble from me."

Zeek then exclaimed, "We are on a life or death mission and time is of the essence, we must be free to go as soon as possible." The Captain gave a sympathetic look. "Half the people coming through our city are on a life or death mission and if I let everyone off with that excuse I would never take anyone in. The court will be in session in three days being it is a Holiday weekend and you can state you case to the Judge." To this Zeek cried that is too long, can we not see if the judge will here us out tonight?" Father O'Flarity gave a slight smile and replied, "You can ask the Magistrate, The Honorable Demisis, High Mage and protector of the world of Scoalabow yourself my son." He swept his arm around and pointed to the harmless man at the door who gave a bow and but retained his not so happy demeanor.

The party that had gone on to retrieve the Dragon Tear returned to Nexus to find their friends sitting outside their hotel waiting for their return. Gungkrot had stayed behind to aid the three in anyway when they went to court. Kit was the first to ask what had come of their brush with the law, but found Zeek and Vikos only avoided the question turning to the others for word of the Quests success. Oren on the other hand pointed out across the bay "See that tall White Lighthouse?" He queried. Kit looked and said. "Yes, I had not noticed it before." Oren's Grin grew " I painted the base, Zeek the middle and Vikos the Top. Damn fine job if I do say so myself."

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