Elder Players' - Interlude 21


(from Matt) Hey Everyone, The stories on the web site were really good! It gets me pumped up to play again. It sounded like everyone was up to their old tricks in the last game.

I hope to soon write of Vikos' undertakings, while the party is in the underdark. Soon he is going to be gathering an odd collection of armies for battle with the Demons (and giants)....MHJ

(from Mark) Brian, Thanks for offering your house again. I enjoyed playing there last time. Can I offer a suggestion? (please?) Can we leave the table legs folded up under the table, and set the whole thing on top of perhaps 4 cardboard boxes? This would drop the playing surface to a level where we could all see the table surface while lounging comfortably in your big sofas. I can't imagine anything better than being able to crash out on those big sofas, and also see the table surface (paperwork, dice, minatures) without having to sit up.

"I know I'm lazy," but I'm willing to bring the boxes, Your friend, Mark Stinson

(from Scott) Ok, but I am warning if anyone dozes of I will consider that their character has succumb to a sleep spell and be open for a coup degra'.

(from Mike H.) Performed by OREN!

(from Scott) Hope the Pizza Delivery boy does a better job.

(from Mike H.) On another note, what are you complaining about the Pizza for? I believe it was FREE to everyone! I hope Oren doesn't go wacky and kill kits kid as well as kit.

(from Scott) Oren Go wacky? Isnt that redundant?

(from Mike H.) Well.. I guess as redundant as kit being a whore. HAHA

(from Scott) Bring it on you Short, Bearded, Son of Wyrm, Psycho Dragon Pimp.

(from Chris) Look's like it will be Brian's House. The wife tried to follow our schedule of playing dates and scheduled something when we wouldn't be playing, October 12th, bless her heart. However, we ARE playing, so we won't be able to play at my house and I cannot make it. Believe me, I tried to get out of it.

If someone would like to play Zeek, I can email them my character sheet??? Thanks, CS

(from Brian) Scott, why don't you send out a message as DM if we are meeting over here. If you need me to have anything available, let me know. Anyone who would like to try out Dynasty Warriors 3 on Playstation2 come over early. I believe some of you would enjoy it. Brian B

(from Scott) Brian's. Ill be there about 5:15. Be there. Except for those who are hiding behind there womens skirts out of fear. BUWHAHAHAHAHAH!

(from Mark) Chris, Sorry you can't make it. Now I feel guilty, because I moved the game a week. Does this mean you are free to come to the comic book convention on the 19th and 20th of October? COOL. Everyone is invited to come to it (of course).

It is at the new expo center by the airport...and I will have a table there in order to sell my comic book, my comic book t-shirts, my horror book, and the azure kingdom guidebooks. Anyhow, if you need directions, ask me (its up north by the Holiday Inn by KCI) and its NEXT weekend. See you all at the game...Mark Stinson

(from Chris) Mark, Yes, that would be neat. I will try to make it to the Comic Book Convention on Saturday. It's not your fault about the D&D date. I should have told her sooner. :(

Thanks, Chris

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