Elder Players' - Interlude 22 - Grotten


Gungkrot follows behind Grotten as he returns to the audience chamber in the Governors Palace of the City of Torkor-doc. Grottens demeanor showed his mood as defeated and depressed. He sat in his chair and looked down for some moments before looking up at Gungkrot. "So what is this personal matter you needed to see me about"

Grotten began, "I was asked by a friend, Kitzarnycz Xeraz, to give you this." Gungkrot reached into his Surcoat and produce a Glass Vial webbed with silver containing a glimmering green liquid that seemed to be flowing around of its own recourse.

Grotten took the vial for closer examination a said, "Is this not this Drow female called Kit that was on trial at the Azure Keep?"

Gungkrot responded. "The very same."

Grotten then went on "She almost lost her head standing up to Merick the way she did. She was either foolish or stubborn, probably both. Also, did I not hear she was kicked out of the Azure Keep for something to do with attempted poisoning?"

Gungkrot chuckled "She pointed out to Javair how easily she could have poisoned him while in his bedroom having a talk but that was not the main reason for her expulsion."

For the first time since the battle with Molash Grotten laughed. "Yes, the Drows annoying way to say you can trust them because they could have easily killed you. Its that sort of complexity that makes me avoid any more dealings with Drow than is required."

Grotten held the Vial up to the light and turned it. "How can I be sure this will work?"

Gungkrot shrugged his shoulders, "You must decide if taking the chance of getting back your arm is worth trying it. Are you content with you current position? Also, Kit is the daughter of Merkarik Xeraz, who I had even heard of 500 years ago as a famous Alchemist."

Grotten looked back at Gungkrot, "Merkarik the Mad? That explains a lot about the Girl." He chuckled again then gazed back at the vial. "What payment does she ask for this?"

Gungkrot replied, "She asks for only one favor, that when the time the Azure Kingdom might be in need of a strong arm to free it from the Devils that now possess it, you lend that strong arm to that task."

Grotten looked at the Vial and murmured, "She has cleverly offered me the one thing that would buy from me such a promise." Then with a smirk he pulled the stopper and prepared for what was to be a painful but successful regeneration.

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