Elder Players' - Kit's Time Away


Jerimiah and Ruadhin walked along the lamp light streets of Nexus returning to the Inn from the Temple of Heronious. They were too deep in discussion to even have a chance to notice they were being followed. Their stalker on the same note new not that hidden Eyes were following his movements. Kit had gone invisible and kept up a constant anti-detection spell going on her from the time the party had returned to Nexus. She had been following the members of her band and had found that they had in fact been being followed by all the members of the Band of Nine. She had been surprised that all the members were expert at tailing his party without detection and had found it difficult to pick out even those who seemed more to be magic users and fighters. In the Dark alley she watched from she contemplated following this latest member to see if she could find out where they were staying and what they were after.

It was then Kit felt their presence. She turned to find the figures from her dreams moving toward her. Three figures in Dark Robes moved toward him as if her invisibility and protection spells had no affect. Kit panicked and started to prepare a chain lightening spell when a familiar voice pierced the silence of the night. "Hold Kitten, these beings are here to help you and mean no harm." Kit whispered, "Grazum?" From behind the three figures strode the tall figure of Grazum Infernus, the ancient Red Dragon in his human form. "The females are here to help you thru the changes and event that will happen to you to in the months ahead because of your current condition." Kit gave a confused look and stammered. "W-what are you talking about? What condition am I in?" Grazum smiled and replied you are with child, my child my little Kitten." Kit shook her head. "No. This can not be. I would know if I was pregnant. I show none of the signs. I feel no different than usual." Grazum answered, "That is because I cast a spell on you while we were in the throws of passion to cloud your mind."

With that said he stepped up to Kit and passed his hand before her eyes and said in Draconian "Reveal" suddenly Kit could feel the presence in her not so much physical but spiritual. She knew of it subconsciously and that is why she had rejected Zeeks Ethereal form back in the Abbey and why she was not able to accept the Dragon Tear when first offered. She could feel the change in her already and how her consciousness had expanded explaining the dreams and premonitions she had been having. Once again Grazum spoke. "It has become a necessity now to take you somewhere safe since you have come too close to the Dragons Tear. If you had accepted it or came in contact with the child within you, my child may have been possessed and lost to that dragon spirit to once again live in this world." Kit had been in stunned silence until this moment. She suddenly screamed, "YOU NO GOOD, SMOKE SPEWING, OVER GROWN WYRM BASTARD!!!" She launched a volley of five missiles of light that bounced off Grazum with no harm. "HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME OF THIS?!?" Five more missiles glanced off Grazums chest. "YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO USE ME IN THIS WAY WITHOUT MY PERMISION!!!" This time the five missiles were noticeably brighter and sank into Grazum who gave a wince and stepped forward to grab Kit. She burst into tears and beat her fist on his chest for some minutes before sinking her face into his shirt drowning the sobs.

"Damn girl that last volley stung. " Grazum whispered. "I know now I was wrong to do this without asking you first. Old habits are hard to break." Kit whispered back "Release me." Slowly Grazum withdrew his arms from around Kit and took a few steps back. Kit slowly composed herself and after wiping the moisture from her face, took a deep breath and released it. "Well, where do we go from here?"


Grazum paused for a moment as he seemed to measure something in the woman before him or maybe in himself. "These three females are here to take you to another plane and prepare you mentally, spiritually, as well as physically for the experience you have ahead." The dark cloaked figures stepped forward pulling their hoods back. They all had slightly flattened noses and broad slender mouths and high cheekbones and glistening complexion. The thing that most stood out was their eyes. They were large and slanted much like the Elvin races but the pupils were like those of a Dragon. It was there the similarity ended. One was shorter than the others with broad shoulder and the frame that showed her to be of dwarven heritage. She had a dark complexion close to her own with jet black hair and ebony eyes. The next one was taller, around six feet with more human features and white hair and pale skin that was almost translucent. The third was a slender and showed the features of an elf only taller nearing six and a half feet. Her hair and skin had a slight green tone to it and her eyes were like two large marquee cut emeralds.

Grazum continued, "Their mothers did not survive the Parting and they have devoted their lives to be midwives to others that are the givers of life to ones of their kind. They will escort you to a place in Draecin where a society of Half Dragons resides. My great, great, Grandfather was raised there; this is why I am able to take human form so easily and for so long a time. I am though, over nine-tenths Red Dragon which makes me a True Dragon but not a Pure Dragon. Among the Dragon kind only those who are of that heritage are allowed to foster children with other races. Long ago the dragon races tried to infuse their bloodline into the ancient races such as elves and dwarves think that would give them control over them but the opposite occurred. Those offspring of less than half-breed rejected them and became leaders of the races spreading the Dragon heritage throughout them and strengthening them. As rebellious children they fostered hatred toward their Dragon kin. Since that time Dragons have been forbidden to breed to less than half their racial heritage. As one of the Elvin race you have a trace of dragon blood in you. This may help you when the time of Parting comes. The spirit growing inside you will withdraw and it will draw from you what it needs to exist. Your body will become as a lake and from you will flow the life our offspring will need. These Ladies will try to make you ready with food and herbs as well as prepare you mentally and spiritually for this so that you may survive the Parting."

Kit seemed to be in a haze trying to take in everything that was happening. She looked up after a moment with a purposeful look and addressed the man who towered above her. "I will go and give you the heir you want but I would ask for three things in return. I lived my life with the name Bastard over my head and I will not have that word associated with any child of mine. I care not what form of ceremony you choose or how you live or love after; I just want the child to have a legitimate right to the name you have given it. I do want to choose its first name, though with your approval. Lastly I want to be a part of the child's life as much as possible for the first years though it takes me from things I had wanted to make amends for. I feel it is important for a child to know the love of a mother I only hope I can be as good a one as mine. You may school the child, our child in the way you see fit as it is your right. If you grant these things I will go willingly and do all that your midwives tell me to do."

Grazum paused as his look grew sterner "I warn you though, you will have a place in the Dragon society but you will be restricted to only a small area of Draecin. The plane has many boundaries and is segregated by many ancient rules and laws that allow all of Dragon kind to use it without confrontation. Time there flows differently than here for as one year passes here twelve pass there. This time difference though is not the same in each day. At one point in the year a day passes as a day here where at the other side one week is as a year. Time flows in an elliptical path between the two planes and now we are going in at when it is head into it greatest disparity. Should you at anytime overstep any boundaries at all you will be banished forever from Draecin. If you should meddle in anyway in the child's training you will also be banned from Draecin." Kit nodded, "Agreed."

Grazum looked up at the stars in the sky above Nexus the without looking down. "You said the marriage will be an open one with no stipulations?" Kit looked down as if checking her boot saying "That goes for both sides" Gruzum shook his head and then asked one last question still gazing toward the heavens, "What about consummating the marriage?" Kit gave a slight smile, "We'll see how the mood strikes me."


1)Kit has been gone for Six years her time. While she was there she was helping raise her and Grazum's Child giving him/her the love only a mother can. The child though was being raised in the ways of those like him so during the times she was apart from him she had been primarily working on the Potions from the Hearts of the seven Sins, using her fathers books and thru experimentation she was only able to finally after years of trial and error come up with a Potion that gave a combination of abilities toward Devils. It gave the powers of protection against Evil and Law that stacked so as to give double protection, It gave a SR of 20 toward Devil Spell like abilities. Once per use it gave the ability to cast Hold Devil (as Hold Monster) DC 20 (Kits Spell DC)Finally the potion upon consumption performs an exorcism on the imbiber to remove any existing affects on them from a devil per the spell. I have Kit only able to brew 2 Potion of the Pentagram (the potions have a Silver Pentagram enleaded on the vial.) from the seven hearts. If this is ok with you I will come up with a cost in gold and experience for making them per D&D formulas.

2) Where Kit went (As explained in next story) is a plane where time travels differently, kind of in an in an elliptical way like a comets pass so during some months here a years pass there while at the other side of the year it is close to the same. Time Kit was there was during the greatest disparity. This plane called Draecin has a complex society of Dragon Kind with a mix of pure and mixed who travel back and forth between their hereditary plane and there in kind of a instinctive migratory pattern that is encoded in there genes. Kit will try to make friends with the Half dragon group who are home to the plane of Kempin and see if they could help with the Devil infestation. (We can chat about this at your convenience.) ....Scott

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