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Players...at the bottom of this page you will find...THE BATTLE OF TOBIN'S ROCK. Before that I have posted a series of e-mails I have received from Matt regarding Vikos!

(from Matt) Vikos will visit the Azure Keep as long as it does not become a target for the Devils. He will use the old texts that Javair had gathered, and the older texts there to study the weaknesses of the Devils. He is especailly looking for ways to use their caste system to cause infighting among them. Maybe through spreading false rumors, use of illustions or covert attacks that could be viewed coming from other devils. He hates the devils not only because of their evil but also because they are lawful.

He would love the irony of using their lawfulness against them. If given the opprotunity he would make a deal with them, only if he knew he subvert/twist it against the devils and he thinks they might not break the deal.

Did Javair leave any useful items behind? (NO...from Mark) Vikos has zero trust for him now. Vikos will also try to Divine(4th level spell) if Vendra is an ally or a foe. (the "Divination" spell requires a specific question, so lets assume that Vikos asked, "Is Vendra an ally against the Devils?" The spell would answer back, "Vendra despises the devils, and sorely misses a vibrant healthy Kingdom full of humans...a memory that is now 500 years old."...Mark) He thinks foe since he considers Vendor Lawful Evil, but then Vendra seemed an ally against the Giants.

He will keep his armys decentrilized and under cover of woods, storms, fog and hidden places. He will commuicate with them via Scry and Animal messagingers when he is not will them.

He will talk to the most senior elf. He will make a secret agreement with him to let the strongest elves (and a few whom them chose to take) go and be an semi-independant force to gather information and more innocent survivors. He will be very careful to keep suspected devil sleepers mixed in with survivors away from the main camps.

Vikos will use the small woodland creatures and birds to spy on the Devils' operations. Unless the first volunteers get eaten. Vikos will find a way to spy on the devils.

(from Matt) I would like to try to play out the fight with the two pit fiends. (See the story at the bottom of this page!...Mark) Or, I might write something but I would need to know how they would fight. I know one reason vikos would survive would be they only toy with him to a certain extent. (Like the black dragon). I think Vikos might get away by using a water breathing spell and jumping into a lake.

If you don't have time I might see if Chris want to Play the role of the Pit Fiend vs Vikos (That's what happened!). As a one shot.

(from Matt) Mark, Hope the game went good. I am looking forward to hearing your take on it.

Regarding Vikos, I would like to add a druidic ability to him. He has forsaken metal armor all together. Druids have the Wild Shape ability, I would like it if Vikos had this as a druid of his cleric level does. What do you think? It is not too powerful but would be fun ability to have. at 7th level Vikos could change into small or medium size animals. This might be an interesting way to escape the 2 pit fiends you had in your interlude story. (Vikos is fairly powerful already...I'd need more convincing on this...and even then I may still say no.)

Also would Vikos have the time and resources (at the Azure keep?)to do some spell research during this interlude time? All the spells would be Evocation or close to something Vikos already has in spell book. I was thinking of the following spells: Ice Storm, Dimension Door, Summom Monster IV (for elementals), Invisibiliy, wispering wind and Daylight. (This is very plausible...follow any rules that apply regarding materials and cost...if there are any!)

Speaking of magic, wasn't there a mage of the woods in the south of the azure kingdom. Vikos might try to see if he exists and if he might be an ally. (???. You may be refering to Wahquist's Tower, and the school of magic there?)

Did the hooded mage stay in the kingdom? Vikos might try to scry him. (Scry fails to make contact)

I need to keep writing you more stuff. 3500 more xp and Vikos goes up a level and improves alot(+1 int & 5th level spells). I hope to either play out the pit fiends or just write it up. I think playing it out would be fun but Vikos might fare better if I story tell it. I assume the Pit Fiend would be toying with Vikos, like the Black Dragon and that might give him a chance. What would be the pit fiends mode of attacks, magic or melee etc.

(from Matt) Mark, Here is the way it went down, as best as I can recall. Let me know if you're going to put it on the website. If you arn't I will e-mail it to everyone. Chris and I are talking about going to the IMAX to see Attack of the Clones (Episode II) are you for that around 7pm some evening, maybe this Thursday. I still need to check the calender & wife?...Matt


Vikos had a moment of reflection at the Azure Keep, during his work in the old King’s library: It had been a fortnight since the seal of Kordesha have been thrown over the Azure kingdom. It captured what he and his fellow adventures has set free, the devil minions of she that suckled the hoards of hell.

Those cowards, he couldn’t really call them friends, had left him and rest of the Azure kingdom to the devils of hell. Vikos never understood them. Some were only after gold, others whored themselves for anything magical, others served strange, foreign gods. The last he heard they had gone on a quest in the underdark for a payment of gold.

The finders of the key certainly didn’t understand Vikos. Maybe Vikos entered battled too easily, but entering pacts with interloping giants and Drow of the underdark made his stomach turn. The Azure kingdom belonged to the forest, hills, mountains, animals and beings that would work with nature. Not to giants, devils or that Empire. The Azure Kingdom could have been a place of peaceful anarchy, with no ruler (other than the reluctant Javair), just persons that could rule themselves in balance with nature and each other. But that didn’t matter now. There were armies of man and beast to gather, train and supply, souls to save and protect, and a great battle to be fought, most likely his last. Death was not to be feared, only entrapment in hell or worse yet, a hellish Azure kingdom.

Vikos poured over the 500 year old texts at the Azure keep. So far, most of the tomes he had found were useless tales of womenfolk, except for the black and gold book with true magic glyphs on the cover. He knew he had found a source of great information on devils and their ilk, and then a great wind came up and blew the book into dust. He screamed in fury!! And then laughed. “Yes, Tobin I deserve much more punishment than that for freeing the hoards of hell. This will be a great test and battle. Thank you!!” A moment of silent reflection was broken by the winded chirping of a sparrow. This was not a good sign. He walked to the open room with the bird lying exhausted on the floor. A small note was tied to its leg.

Vikos removed the note and read it:

“We are in trouble. Please come.”

Ka-Durihn was a young half-orc, wise beyond his years leading a group in search of solders for the great battle to come. He had learned quickly of Tobin and of magic. He must be in great danger. “Where is your sender winged one?” Vikos spoke to the sparrow. “The great stone tree of the meadow of the woods of the sunrise” the bird spoke to Vikos. Then he knew, Tobin’s rock, where once he had worshiped Tobin with storm and lighting, and all of those crazy orcs came to watch. Vikos took a moment to cast spells on himself, grabbed Striker, his Ax and flew to the east.

In 3 minutes, he was there. It was good he flew fast. Ka-Durihn and his troop of 6 were in battle with 7 devils. Two orcs were down in the field. The rest were on top of Tobin’s rock, surrounded by five horrid lumps of flesh with claws and two skeletal devils with scorpion tails. A fleshy devil was trying to feed on one of the downed orcs; Vikos blasted the devil with a bolt of lighting. “Taste the power of Tobin you fiend”, Vikos called. The Lemure was vaporized. The stunned orc got up as best he could on his only good leg and moved toward Tobin’s Rock to climb to shelter. One of the skeletal Osyluthes vanished from sight. Vikos landed and blasted the Lemure feeding on a dead orc and the other Osyluthe with a bolt of lightning.

The Lemure vanished. The Osyluthe was harmed but still ready to fight. Vikos felt blow from a hidden foe reign on his back, but his mage armor and barkskin protected him. The other Osyluthe vanished as the one who attacked Vikos appeared. Vikos summoned 3 dire bats, their sonic radar could track down the invisible creatures. A staircase of ice appeared leading to the top of Tobin’s Rock. The Lemures rushed up it. Their claws gripped the ice as they climbed in search of more mortal flesh. Vikos magic missled the Lemures and the bats attacked them also, they were sent back to hell. Vikos then smited the Osyluthe attacking him with the full force of Striker his axe, the creature was vanquished. The other Osyluthe had retreated a short distance and shot a fiery bolt at Ka-Durin.

Ka-Durin was shaken and charged the Lemure in front of him. The Lemure lost his grip on the ice and they both plunged to the ground. After attacks by the bats and Ka-Durin, the wounded Lemure was gone. At the same time, the slain orc rose up. He was no longer an orc but a creature of the Undead. Vikos went to attack the last devil. Before he could do so, the Osyluthe spoke “You have shown yourself now, Servant of Tobin.” Then the Osyluthe vanished. Vikos then sent the undead orc to a final peace. Vikos healed his troops and headed back to their camp. “If all the devils are this weak, we would have an easy victory, my sons. Nevertheless, I have faced and know there are much greater devil powers then these. The Battle will be much more difficult in the future.”

The next day Vikos brazenly attempted to Scry on the only surviving foe from the Battle of the “Battle of Tobin’s Rock”. Surprisingly it worked. The Osyluthe was reporting to his commander. The commander spoke, “Yes, this mage-priest of Tobin will lead us to the rest of the mortal beings of the Azure kingdom, he will be very useful. I must discuss this with Him.”

The commander left. The Osyluthe looked nervous. The commander returned, “You are to see Him.” he spoke to the Osyluthe. The scrying eye followed the Osyluthe. Vikos was shocked to see one of the beasts he had faced at the Temple of Birchmont, a Pit Fiend. The Fiend spoke “You fools you have brought the scrying eye of Tobin to me! Begone foolish mortal spy”. The great devil cast a spell and the eye did not disappear. “Ahhhh” the fiend cried. He turned to the Osyluth and spoke “Come to me my son.” The Osyluth slowly, apprehensively approached his lord. The Pit Fiend reached down and twisted the head from the body of the Osyluth, and that was the last that Vikos saw of the devils that day.

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