Elder Players' - 5000 XP Quix with Answers

Wow...5,000 XPs available, and just for reading interlude materials! We are all busy people. But our game...and the interludes...and the preparing for the game, these are all fun and essential portions of our hobby. But, I thought I would offer some encouragement...and 5,000 XPs seemed like about the right amount. First, I listed how everyone scored...and then BELOW I have provided the quiz with all the answers inserted. Those who were late to the game or not at the game, if the are early to the next game, can still take the test for 1,000 XPs. Check the results so far:


Number of Answers Right...

...out of ? Questions...

...Earned You This Many XPs


65 (92 %)


4600 XPs


58 (82 %)


4100 XPs


31 (44 %)


2200 XPs


47 (66 %)


3300 XPs

Interlude 22 - The party was approached by the ork general named Grotten Redfang. This ork led the ork army at Widow's Grove and later had his arm cut off in battle with the Underdark up-start known as Molash. This ork then brought before us a woman after the Finders agreed to give her diplomatic immunity. This woman was Jazmin of the Order of Balance. Because she is a member of this Order, Jazmin had a tattoo of scales on her back. One of the reasons the party agreed to accompany Jazmin to the Underdark, was to look into the kidnapping of Tivanna Chadwick, the daughter of a politician in the independent city of Cornwalsh.

Tone of the Game - There were some rule changes for our group, based on an on-going discussion about the quality of the game. At this point, players will be no less than three level(s) beneath the highest level character in the game. If you retire your primary character, you take a one level(s) penalty to your experience point total.

Grotten - While talking about the actions of one of the party members, Grotten referred to that party member's race when he said, "Its that sort of complexity that makes me avoid any more dealings with Drow than is required." In this story Grotten is given a potion that restores his body. The character whom actually handed Grotten this item was Gungkrot.

Molash's Black Heart - The Finders were shown a wanted poster that offered 1,000 G.P.s for the party. Molash suggested that Collin could become the king of the Azure Kingdom, as long as he swore fealty to Molash. He offered Damon a chance to rule the City of Cornwalsh. Damon was insistent that Molash return Oren's girl, Zella, as a sign of good faith…and Molash did so. Molash returned another female, the victim of the crime of kidnapping (type of crime), and let the Finders leave the Underdark without giving him a definite answer on partnering with him.

Return to the Azure Kingdom - The wizard Vavasha cast the spell that created the Seal of Kordasha. Draad the leader of the Iron Clan and Jestak the Emperor of the Feron-Jacobe Empire were present. The Mound of Kordasha is a burial mound from a massive battle in a past age. The powerful wizard involved is a Weaver of the Grasslands of Shronth, and is actually the TorLa, a powerful Weaver that is only born every 100 years. Inside the Seal of Kordasha, Vikos got into a huge fight with two Pit Fiends (specific devils). Vikos also gathered together his personal army of orks (specific race). Vikos traveled to the make a deal with the giants, but found the Storm Gates had disappeared. Vikos found a giant eagle named Frilllion to be his mount. Vikos reported to Vavasha that the devils were keeping humans in slave camps, which Vikos referred to as breeding camps…suggesting the devils are up to something strange. Casiel located an expert on devils in Cornwalsh named Demitrius. This devil expert warned Casiel that perhaps the devils had been using the Finders' weaknesses all along, to get them to release the devils upon the world of Kempin. Jeremiah cast a spell and his god confirmed that Phineous Thorne was indeed captive in Hell. When Jeremiah attempted to scry the Band of Nine, he found only fresh Graves. Zeek and other party members contacted Galen Green, and he suggested the party retire and become farmers. Casiel found an alter to the Celestials at the top of a mountain.

Conference of Kordasha - Zeek returned to the city of Citadel in the Empire, and went to the Temple of Po. There Zeek was turned down for help, but was contacted outside by Degan, a member of the temple, but also a secret member of the Order of Fate. This man gave Zeek transcribed pages from the Librum Nefarium that had the power when read of allowing entry to Hell (or Baator). Collin spent a lot of time drinking (verb besides singing). Jeremiah sought out a Weaver, who helped him cast a permanent rope trick spell, creating an extradimensional space to hide the Book of Purity within. Damon refused to place a magical bag taken from Grinval into the this space created by Jeremiah. Every member of the Band of Nine said "NO" to being brought back from the dead. Oren was followed to the meeting of the Finders by followers of the god worshiped by Vikos (specific priest). The Raksasha sent men and women with bombs strapped on them to confront the party. Kit saved the last surviving one of these bombers, by dimension-dooring the bomb a distance away. The party confronted the brigands behind the attack in a deep hole in the ground. Zeek ran into his main nemesis, who was on the bed reading (verb) a book (noun). The party chose to end the last brigand's life by hanging him. An old woman turned into a devil on the road to Kordasha, and attacked the party. The party found that the Conference of Kordasha, was a decoy…and the real event took place elsewhere.

Interlude 23 - The Hooded Mage showed up to speak with the party, and told them he had never seen a book in Walpole Abbey written about the Wyrm's (or Dragon's) Tear. The visitor suggested that the Age may be ending. He also told the party that a vast army of elves were gathering in the east, that ships from Swaldune were skirmishing with Empire ships in the Northern Waters off the Kingdom of Bantroth, and yellow devil-worshipping ninjas (or monks) were striking at will will in and near Cornwalsh. Before leaving the visitor warned the party that the Dark Lord (or Red Jackel also, just to be fair) may have finally accepted his role. Kit scryed the Raksasha, and discovered a meeting of sorts going on, with Ashe (Red Jackel's assistant) and a number of other strange individuals present. Knight-General Mumford of the Most Holy Order gave Will a hellish looking sword called "Hellbound." Kit struggled with her notes, for she spent six years on another plane "Parting" from her child with an ancient Red Dragon in human form. In the Hall of Dark Lords beneath the Mountain of Man, there are twenty (#) chairs, eighteen (#) of which are occupied by dead Dark Lords.

Collin - Collin was taken by Dutton Hobbs to Gellhorn, City of the Dead, and there they entered a vast library and met with Alcald VanDrunan.

Game Handouts - The paladins and clerics of Rosehill follow the Code of the Narrow Path. Master Dola contacted Zeek (character), and told him to renounce Hieroneous, and begin follow the ways of this ancestors.

Vikos - In order to help a group of his ork soldiers, Vikos flew to a place called Tobin's Rock and fought with the Devils there.

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