Elder Players' - Interlude 25

(from Mark) Well, there was a short time between games this month...so sorry there wasn't much interlude material from me! What little did come in from you is provided below. Make sure you check out the Introduction to the February 8th game on the February 8th page (duh!)

(Quote from Interlude 24, prior to the January 18th game) Shapiro says, "Do you wish to destroy the Tear...or do you wish to move directly on the Red Queen...She That Suckles the Hoards of Hell?"

Players, I wanted to get the characters talking about what they want to do next. I am open to anything...I just want an idea of what you are planning for the next game...so that I can plan my part of the game! So read this interlude piece, and "Respond to All" with comments from your character! Thanks, Mark

(from Mark: It should be noted that the only person to tell me what they planned prior to the game was Brian...who wrote to everyone that we should destroy the Tear. No one wrote back regarding the matter, so I assumed that everyone agreed with Brian)

(from Scott) In the future lets not waste the DMs precious time in changing our minds at the last minute especially after he request us not to. Email is not that hard. Type opinion and send, 30 seconds. I saves alot of time and is so easy. any other metod would take to much time and doing it at game time wastes GAME TIME. We are so lucky he played the devils with such forgiving hearts....well that remains to be seen when we are put in our sacrificial lamb bait position next game. Scott A. Bower

(from Scott) FYI, Kit is currently at 166,853 and would go up at 171,000. Putting this toward an Intelegence point would drop her back to 153,000 costing her 18,000. I plan on writing an interlude or summary hopefuly so we will see if this comes about.

(from Mark) So noted, and the XP page has been changed to reflect this!

(from Matt) Hey Guys, I obviouly missed the last game. I have a good excuse, I was in Taiwan on Business. What has happened with the Finders (or Devil Free-ers). I am suprised at the lack of post game e-mails. Did everyone get slain by vengeful devils? Waiting for an interlude. Matt

(from Brian) Our star wars characters are indeed in pretty dire straits. You and Mike Hahn may wish to consider putting together a rescue party. The finders destroyed the dragon tear artifact last time out and our now preparing to encounter the she devil, she who suckles.

(from Chris) If don't play STARWARS, you can't play D&D. They're held the same night and
no one knows when we will switch between the two.

(from Mark) Sorry Guys, three things have slowed down my progress in getting game summaries created:

1. I have to write them myself...all by myself.

2. I've been working on getting a transfer to another Division within the police department...the transfer to South Patrol Division (right by Steve and Brian's homes) is effective 2/2/03!

3. The short amount of time between last game and this next game.

So, I will get some stuff posted this week. I think the Star Wars characters can handle their own...though they could always use another character with a blaster or two! This next game will involve both Star Wars and D&D characters and storylines, as our three part epic comes to some sort of dire conclusion! Mark

(from Scott) With 9 credit hours of school, tests, and research papers due I havnt had any time to help or I would have helped with the Summary.

(from Mark) I wasn't trying to guilt anyone about the summaries. Simply wanted to explain why they weren't done. We're all busy people! Mark

(from Scott) I was, the bunch of slackers.};-)

(from Chris) I wouldn't worry about writing the summaries. If the players don't write them, then you shouldn't spend time on it.

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