Elder Players' - Afterward to Sunless Citadel (part 1)

The Troll body had just hit the tomb floor but the blows continued to rain down from the blades of Kerbach, Gremag and Cedric . Zeek was tending to a nasty bite wound on his shoulder as Collin surveyed the carnage. Kit shouted out for them to drag the body to the pit for burning outside the room. As they dragged the body to the doorway Kit drew from her gear a bundle and yelled to Zeek "Firesticks! Start a torch!" and tossed them to him. He reached up to catch them grimacing in pain from his wounds.

At the doorway Kit pulled back on the ex-Dragon Priest's clawed hand and Screamed " Wait!" and with a blur of movement drew a dagger sweeping upward...dropping the hand . She then turned to Kerbach and pointing to the Troll's chest " Strike here with everything you have " and backed away to a safe distance. Kerbach raised his great blade over his head and with a guttural cry brought it down with a sickening crunch onto the creatures chest . Kit , with her knife grasped now between her clenched teeth leaped upon the chest of the fallen monster and plunged both her hands into the gaping wound . After a few moments she pulled forth a gray mass from the already closing wound with a web of thin string-like veins trailing behind. Taking the knife she swept clear the dozens of veins and jumped clear toward a waiting Gremage who had 2 vials waiting...seeming to understand what was happening.

Collin and Cedric covered the Troll with oil and Kerbach heaved the body into the pit followed closely by a flaming torch from the hands of Zeek. Kit sliced an opening in one side of the gray matter and filled the vials with a thick greenish gray serum. She then walk to the edge of the pit and dropped the Troll heart into the inferno as it gave a high pitched whine upon contact with the flames.

Kit seemed to reflect for a moment and then commented "Well , the Quasit's information was very helpful , I wonder if we didn't do the Dragon Priest a favor putting him out of the madness that must have embraced him after being sealed in that case for 1000 years. I couldn't imagine a worse punishment than being buried alive 'with all the honor' he deserved as a Dragon Lord." Kit's hand rose up to her forehead were a large nasty looking welt was growing , and with a wince and a wobble she collapsed unconscious as Kerbach caught her limp body in mid-fall.


Kit felt the rocking motion and thought she was back in the hold of the ship she had stowed away in to get to Crafton Township. As she slowly opened her eyes her eyes came into focus looking up into the face of Kerbach and found herself being cradled in his arms as he carried her through the Sunless Citadel. She then became aware of the throbbing in her head and moaned. Kerbach looked down and shook his head and said, "Good your awake. Can you carry yourself?" Kit took a deep breath and shook her head in affirmation. Kerbach set her feet on the stone floor and she wavered little but stayed upright.

She looked around and found they were in the tower where they had found the bodys of the goblins upon entering the Citadel. She thought for a few seconds then suggested they gather the undamaged gear and clothing from the goblin corpses in the tower and pit outside for the Goblins back at the Kobold area to make them look better when they went on to the Goblin Stronghold. They gathered the gear and returned to their encampment. Kit started brewing some of her famous Giant Rat and Mushroom stew, while Gremag cast a reinforcing charm spell on the common speaking Goblin, while Cedric and Collin outfitted them in their new gear. Kit had a small pot she kept checking and moving around the edge of the fire. After the Goblins and those who were brave enough had their fill of the Stew, which was suprisingly good seasoned just right with salt, pepper, and some subterranean spices. Kit extracted from the small pot something and walked over to Kerbach " Here , just to show there are no hard feelings for our little accident with that Quasit I would like you too have this." And she held up to him the thumb of the Dragon Lord Troll they had dispatched . Kerbach shook his head and stated, "And waken with a full grown troll around my neck? " Kit replied " I have cured the thumb and it is now a dried lifeless piece of jerky that will never regenerate. This is how The Drow Master Armorers make Troll Armor, which is a lot more difficult than a thumb to cure!" Kerbach's eyebrows raised and he took the thumb gave a grin and withdrew to mount his new trophy on his necklace.

Kit then explained that the heart of the troll was more of a gland that produce a serum that fed the regenerating body of the troll. The serum was sucked threw small veins to all parts of the body and absorbed or devoured by the trolls body. This is why a troll never bled and the 2 vials of troll blood was all that was ever available and it was very slowly replaced. It was possible to turn these 2 vials into potions of regeneration if mixed properly with some other hard-found ingrediances. Kit then started talking to the Goblin, gathering information about the leadership and possible spell users among his tribe and the power they may have....


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