Elder Players' - Interlude Three

I will be posting the e-mails I receive between the January 20th game and the March game, when they are appropriate for the whole group to read:

(from Matt) Hello Mark, I know you wanted to see some e-mail on what everyone's character was doing in the interlude but by the time I thought something up I didn't have a good time to send you any thing.

The Goblin Lair hasn't been bad but, I thought your adventure was much more fun. This place has too many traps. The Goblins didn't seem very tough between Oren's Cleave and the Fire Breath Potion. I hope the Fire Breath wouldn't have been better used on the Druid.

A long time ago you wanted character adventure desires. Kerbock would like to slay a dragon or giants (how about a group of orge's with a witch doctor) and get their very large treasure. Raiding a town, especially the Theives town would be good too. A defense of a town would be fun too. If there is time after the encouter with the druid next time maybe we could do the bloodfued between Kerbock and Redshanks.

I know you really don't want to do it but someone needs to die. I thought the poison gas was going to kill Zeek and Kit last time. I think everyone would have been OK with it. Chris said later he fully expected it. If Kerbock goes down thats fine. I know he has been close several times.

More group e-mails coming...See you for lunch later...MHJ

(DM's REPLY: Matt, I agree with you about the Sunless Citadel. I think that every once in awhile, it is fun to tackle a LARGE dungeon. One that really stretches on...and when the players are done, they feel like they have really accomplished a large task. But I would agree that one-nighters, specifically designed by the DM for the group are probably more fun...and once you are done with this dungeon...that is what we will focus on!)

(Even though not a great deal was accomplished by the party in this last game...I really enjoyed the siege elements, and some of the classic dungeon crawl features. Though, to state it again, I wouldn't want every game to go like that!)

(I appreciate the game ideas. They are all duly noted, and are bouncing around my brain...twisting and transforming into game ideas! I think that at some point someone will die. It is inevitable with the new rules. They are harsher...and more damage oriented. But, (as I'm sure you expect) I want the dice to kill a player...not me!!! At this point, if the dice kill a player...the player is dead. I assure you!...Mark)

(from Matt) Kerbock grabs the thumbs from the Goblin Shaman and WarChief. Over time you have gather the following from Kerbocks words and actions:

1. He doesn't like Orc's
2. He would like to slay an (evil) Dragon and gain the huge treasure, if he could just find a dragon, wormlings don't count.
3. He misses his horse and his woman, in that order.
4. He doesn't like being underground, unless their's a good fight and some treasure down there.
5. He misses raiding towns, "man that was fun. How about raiding the theives town if we can find it. We would get alot of gold there"
6. When he get's back to town he want to get some better armor and have alot of grog.

(from Mark) Hello! Matt sent me three Interlude letters...and Scott responded to one of them. All of this has been posted to the website.

Matt did three Interlude things that I really liked...and I would love to get similar response from any and all of you! This is the benefit of e-mail...and we have a two-month stretch till our next game. This is a great opportunity to resolve some stuff and set up some future adventure ideas. Here's what Matt did that I liked:

1. He talked about the elements of game he enjoyed, and which ones he thought could be better. The DM's job is to help facilitate everyone having fun. Your comments and suggestions in e-mails are much needed and welcome!

2. He talked about his character's future goals, wants, and wishes. It is fair to say that if no one else sent me a list like this...I would begin working on Matt's list. There is a whole wide world here...and I want to take the party in directions they want to go. What does your character want to do?

3. He brought up a current storyline (Oren and Vax) and drove it forward a bit...seeking a possible solution. Why have storylines and character backgrounds if we don't resolve them? Please feel free to respond to Matt's comments about Oren and what you want to do...or bring up another storyline you would like to resolve.

Thanks in advance for any input you provide! Mark Stinson

(from Chris) Zeek's goals are:
1) Find a protection tattoo to help better ward off attacks. His beliefs prevent him from wearing armor. He will look up the Hidden er Hooded Mage at first chance.

2) Raid the thieves town before they raid ours. (Zeek consults the spirits on this one. DM: "THE SCUM OF TUNIS HAVE ALREADY STRUCK!" SO SAY THE SPIRITS.) What is Tunis' weakness? Or where might be the best place to attack? He will ask the Hooded Mage what he knows about Tunis, (w/o telling him of our possible plans.)

3) Share with the party his background and ask for help...(See website)

(from Matt) I know its along time away but Kerbock has a plan:

"How about this we send Kit down ahead by herself. Her job would be one of two things: 1)Go down there and hide and be our ace in the hole or 2)search and see what is really going on down there. If Kit goes down several hours ahead she could sneak around and find a good hiding spot or shawdow the party and come in when needed. The rest of the party could go down and try to negotiate the trade of the "children" or signet ring for the feather that makes an oak tree grow. If the negotiations go bad having Kit come out as a surprise could be a big advantage."

Kit's explorations could even be done ahead of time one on one between Scott and Mark.

Hope alternity went good. See you later....MHJ

(from Scott) Kit gives Kerbock a "ARE YOU NUTS" Look. " Right ! You lunatics make that Goblin think we are a group of insane , massacring , adventurers and he goes and gives this info to a evil Druid in his Subteranean Grove and you think, "Let's let Kit go on ahead and sneak up on him." Like he would never be ready for that!

Let me think it over...hmmm...NO!

(from Mike H.) WIMPS! Simple resolution. Vax will go. No IF's / AND's / OR BUT's.

I will also go for Vax's protection. I can see in the dark anyhow.


(from Scott) "T...E...A...M........W...O...R...K. What does that spell?"
Kit gets a blank look from Kerbock
"OK ,OK it spells teamwork , and that is the way to go in this situation since the Goblin has informed the Druid about our lack there of. Let's go in quickly and as a team."
(from DM: The INTRO to "Sunless Citadel (part 3 of 3) was mailed out here! Go read it!)

(from Scott) Kit Comes back to the Group after a few minutes " Look Im sorry I blew up like that , ..... Its that time of the year .... be a little moody for about a month" "Oran . the group wants to help you find what has been taken from you , If we live through this adventure we hope to travel to the Sage to help you since it is for all our best interest that you find what you have lost." " Now I am asking you if you could help me by being my translator to the goblin women to see if we can gain some information and come to an understanding with them on our present situation. " Oran give a wide grin actually showing teeth beneath his thick beard and nods in agreement , they both move toward the cowering goblin women and children.

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