Elder Players' - Interlude Four

I will be posting the e-mails I receive between the March game and the May D&D game, when they are appropriate for the whole group to read:

(from Scott) We need to get a consolidated list of all treasure we have from the whole adventure so we can talk about divideing it, also our reward fpr the rings we returned.

(from Matt) I tried to tally all the treasure. Episode #2 may be missing some items. Mike needs to update. I did an even coin split based on who was at each adventure. This includes the value of all the gems and Jewelry.

Coin Gem & Jewelry Split:

Episode #1 Episode #2 Episode #3
6.5 shares 6.5 shares 5.5 shares
213gp 32 ea 291 gp 47 ea 432 gp 78 ea
275sp 43 ea 0 sp 7ea 44sp 9ea
22cp 4 ea

Player (Episodes Present), gp, sp, cp
Gremage (1,2,3) 157 gp, 59 sp, 4 cp
Zeek (1,2,3) 157 gp, 59 sp, 4 cp
Kit (1,2,3) 157 gp, 59 sp, 4 cp
Kerbock(1,2,3) 157 gp, 59 sp, 4 cp
Oren (1,3) 110 gp, 52sp
Colin(1,2) 79 gp, 50 sp
Cedrid(2) 47gp 7 sp
Doomnoddle ½ share (1,2,3) who cares

Treasure List from Druid’s Lair #3
452 gp
34 sp
Four 20 Gp Gems
Crude Weapons (long sword, Morning Star)
Fire Lord Book (150gp ?)
Masterwork Scythe
2 anti toxin vials
Signet Ring Daughter
Dragon Tome (150gp) +1 dragon checks
Druidic Tome (150gp ?)
Sir Bradford’s:
Holy Symbol
Scale Mail

Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Protection from Fire

Arcane Scrolls:
Melf’s Acid Arrow

Divine Scrolls:
Slow Poison

Magic Items:
Wand of Entanglement
+1 Morning Star
Shatter Spike (Long Sword)

Tresure List from Druid’s Lair #2 (Mike Cross; please update if needed)
231 gp
2 onyx gems 30 gp each

Two Anti-toxins

Arcane Scroll: Knock

Treasure List from Druid’s Lair #1
Here’s our treasure list as I know it. If there is any errors please let me know. I’ve taken the liberty
of designating a carrier of each item. Until will make our choices, final division can be made after
the adventure is complete. This way is a scroll or other item is needed during the adventure we know who has it.

Gp 108 (assumed carried by Zeek, he won’t steal any)
Sp 275 (assumed carried by Kerbock, Colin might trust
him with silver)
Cp 22 (assumed carried by Kerbock)

Dragon priest jewelry (All carried/Displayed by Kit)
5 gp ring
10 gp amulet
30 gp dragon braclets (2 @ 15 ea)

Kobold Statues (2 with Gremage, 2 with Colin)
60 gp Jade dragons (4 @ 15 ea)

(You mage types can sort this out amongst yourselves if you don’t like it.)
Command - Cedric
Magic Stone – Cedric
Inflect Light Wounds – Kit (Kit should like inflecting pain on others)
Faire Fire – Colin (Would make a song more dramatic)
Cure Light Wounds – Colin (Split up the healing powers)


Armor – Gremage
Spider Climb – Kit (Great to climb behind enemies to sneak attack)

Quall’s Feather Token (creates a giant oak tree wherever dropped) – Kebock for now, what else is
there? He’d give this up if he could at least hold so other good loot.
Iron Key from Dragon’s Mouth - Kit
Everlasting Green Torch – Doomnoodle (he can at least hold a torch)
Cure Disease Elixer (3 doses) – Zeek (our herbalist)

(from Mike) I'm just going to send the list that I have from episode #2 of the dungeon crawl. I'm not sure it matches up with what you show Matt. See if you can reconcile, or is this not shown on your list?

299 gp
300 sp
1 40 gp gem
3 30 gp gems (2 onyx)
1 10 gp gem
ring - inscribed (?) karakas 10 gp
5 daggers
bottle w/cross (magic)
whistle - night caller (Dwarven)
flask - protection from fire (?)
6 pyrodo gems - 10gp each
arcane scroll - knock
vial - bear paw print
masterwork short bow
signet ring - Henchite family
long sword
everburning candle

Also the order for picking treasure is:

We're obviously missing Oren from this list. We will need to figure out a way to place him the next game session. We should probably spend the first few minutes dividing up treasure. MJC

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