Elder Players' - Interlude Five - Kit

I will be posting the e-mails I receive between the May game and the July D...D game, regarding Kit when they are appropriate for the whole group to read:

(from Scott) Kit marched forward threw the charging Orcs. She noticed how the throng of troops kept a safe distance from her and even avoided looking directly at her. This helped ease her worries that her Change Shape spell would not be good enough for close scrutiny. The Images still swam in her head of Collin's and Gremage's lifeless bodies sprawled across the smoldering ruins of the roof across the courtyard. Gerbak's mauled and bloody corpse on the ground below and Oren's fate unknown at the hands of overwhelming odds. Zeek and the Legendary Pirate Jack Skull had disappeared over the edge of the roof . The Pirate was after her, if not for the intervention of Zeek...who knows what would have happened to her. She had to get to Greenmark and let the people there know what had happened. If this Outlaw and his mercenary force of Orc's had truly been dispatched by the Lords of the land to bring to justice the Marked Ones for something that they themselves might have done in their adventuring days if not worse (at least Kit assumes they did) then their subjects should hear of this hypocrisy. Kit had been looking forward to returning to Greenmark with Collins song's touting them as Hero's in stopping the dark plans of the Druid Belak's to turn all those he could into plant zombies with the help of his army of Twig Blights.

She suddenly found her self deep into the woods away from the din of battle. She quickly cast her mount spell and soon a brown stallion pranced up to her and let her swing onto his back before racing off toward Greenmark. After 4 hours the steed slowed to a stop as Kit, totally exhausted slid to the ground and moved into the underbrush and collapsed in the cover it gave.

(from Scott) After moving into the woods past the Orcs Kit casts Mount and rides for Greenmark, She will have to find a safe place , possibly the hideout if it is close to rest and load up spells. She will then enter Greenmark Using disguises, and change self to hid her identity and tell the story of her parties encounter with the kobolds, the problems with them and then granting mepos request to let him take the women and children away, he asked for no help and gave us no reason to think we needed to protect them. She will tell of freeing the goblins who were being held for food, and bargaining with them only to be doublecrossed later. She will tell of fighting the goblins and finding out about the Druids plans and the Goblins part in it and how the party saved the surrounding lands from the poisonous trees and the ending of the druid and his vampire tree that was absorbing and duplicating captives. Then the story of how they were hunted down and killed by hired thugs and their minions in service of the lords of the land, how these Orcs not only were going to bring them in but demand tribute from the poor people of the town they were in . And even after the party was willing to give themselves up to the local Lord they were attacked by the Orcs lead by Jack Skull and the lightening casting ego maniac who was claiming to serve the new lord of the lands. Galen might find that part interesting. She is going to send this info to Galen Green , and all the Bards she knows in Greenmark and try to find the Hooded Mage ( he owes us one) and see about the cost for raise dead. She hopes enough people will feel the parties should be aided for their act in saving the area from the bushes and that the Lords who sent out Jack and his minions might find it in their best interest to see about the recovery of the bodies and possibly funding their revivification, because of guilt or saving face.

(from Scott) Kit was standing on the roof of the tallest building in Widow's Grove . Zeek was on her right with Doomnoodle and Orin on her left and Collin stood just behind her with Gremage and Kerback flanking him. They watch the throng of Orks milling around at the edge of the woods . Collin turns to Kerback and states "I hope you actually have a plan." Kerback smiles and slappes Collins on the shoulder." No plan really, but we've got a better chance of livin' than we did 15 minutes ago! Eh, singer?"

Kit continues to watch the woods in amazement as even the trees seem to become Orks as far as the eyes can see." I know these villager's want to join us to fight this army but how can we hope to stand against such enormous odds?" Her answer was only the cold wind for a moment till suddenly maniacal laughter erupted around her . Turning she find the harrowing visage of Kerback lying disembowed with a being who's body continuously was changing except for clawed hands which dripped with fresh blood. Collins smoldering body lay at the feet of a armoured figure lamented in blue livery with lightning crackling across it and his arms out-stretched and his head looking skyward. Gremage's body lay face down except for his head which was twisted around with a frozen look of terror on it while the Yellow monk stood calmly behind. Orin and Zeek were nowhere to be seen as an even louder laughter caused her to spin again to find the grinning Jack Skull with Doomnoodle in his grasp . Doomnoodle screamed in terror," We're dead....dead...dead...dead...dead...."

Kit shot upright and fought the twigs away from her face screaming "NOOOO". After a few paniced moments she relized she was in the thick brush she had crawled into after her escape from Widows Grove. She was shivering in the cold night air . She needed fire to warm her from the cold before she sucumed to its deadly embrace. Building a shield of firs she struck a fire stick and watched the warm flames grow. The moon was full and directly overhead in the now clear sky. It would have been a beautiful night if it were not for the haunting images of her fallen comrades that danced in her mind. She had slept the afternoon ,evening and deep into the night.

Kit caught sight of movement in the trees and quickly drew her crossbow ready to shoot before she reconized the creature as Gremages Owl. She knew the Familiar would probably soon die as it slowly weakened from hunger as it mourned the passing of its master. She drew from her pack her spell book and the components she had been saving and hoping this would work she started the spell to draw and bind a creature to her . Focusing on the Owl she suddenly felt a sadness wash over her that was almost unbearable. She was feeling the emotions of the Owl, It had worked! " Do not mourn little one I will take care of you " She thought as the glowing eyes widened staring straight at her she found the night become day in her eyes . This must be how the owl sees in the night. She once again thought " I will do everything in my power to bring back your Master and my friend , you must be strong " the sadness subsided and Owl flew to her shoulder.

Going back to her book she memorized two mount spells , and 2 change image spells. Casting a mount spell right away and guiding the stead with her newly aquired night vision she made the road in a short time and made haste toward Greenmark with Owl flying lookoutand stopping only after 4 hours calling forth a fresh mount for her last leg . This was going to be a long day....

(from Mike) KIT'S RIDE - Kit spurred her magical mount, the second of the day. She knew the thing wasn't real and could only go so fast, but the action made her feel better.  Nearly twelve hours in the saddle had her thighs screaming and every bounce of the beast almost brought her to tears. But she couldn't stop. She felt compelled to press on. There had to be a way to save her comrades! All those years as a slave had left their mark, she was not willing to give up the only true friends she'd made in a life, already long by human standards.

As she rode her eyes became fixated on the trail and her mind began to wander. This trance like state helped her to bear the difficult journey, only a little further she kept telling herself. At first it was only the odd tinkling that came to her ear. Then several together, until at last she heard music. The soft playing of a mandolin, following by the unmistakable sound of singing. The voice was very good, and it sounded strangely familiar. Collin?...yes it was Collin! It all made sense now, he was somewhere near, after all she could hear him. The words seemed to drift on the wind, reaching her ears and bringing the same sensation as her first piece of sugar candy, stolen from her Drow masters. What where the words? There they were...drifting so near:

Our noble Prince of Greenmark green
Sworn to protect his flock

We've memories still of brave Azure Keep
But our Prince Galon recalls them not

He signs warrants of death for his subjects bold
For evidence? ...The word of an Orc

Kit sat bolt upright in her saddle, the words and music vanishing as if a mirage. A smile crossed her face. His spirit was alive yet; of course you couldn't kill a rebel. And while he'd seemed calm of late, death seemed to bring out the rabble-rouser once again. She thought to herself, "You'd always a silver tongue my friend. Whisper in my ear now and we'll find a way to bring you all back. Then we'll sit this Kingdom on its complacent butt!"

Kit learned forward and spurred her mount yet again.

(from Scott) AT THE CASTLE BAR - Ockrote was just about finished polishing the Hollow Knight in the Castle Bar . It had been a slow 5 days since the celebrating after the "Battle of the Bushes," as it was being called. Many of those in the battle had been nursing some nasty festering wounds from those poisonous saplings and were just starting to heal up. Things should get back to whatever you might want to call normal tonight.  Moontree was the only person around this mid-morn and had been tuning his instrument while composing some new melodies.

The front door swung open and in glided a stunning Elvan Maiden, her silver hair and fair complexion back lit by the morning sun. She looked at Ockrote and smiled as if she knew him, then glanced to Moontree and moved toward him.
  "Damn pretty boy's always get the looker's," mumbled Ockrote to himself as he moved to a closer table to clean while he eavesdropped.

The Maiden and Moontree exchanged a pleasant greeting and the elf continued, "I have a story of heroism and tragedy I wish to be told in song.
  I am willing to pay 20 gold for this if it can be done by this eve."

Mootree looked shocked but before he could utter a word she continued:  "Do not tell me how long it takes to properly pen a song.  I have been around Bards long enough to know you all have any number of songs you are looking for the right tale to put to it, and many a popular song was scratched out in rush to be the first to tell its tale.  I need this done today and I am willing to pay another 100 GP to the song-writer that is most successful at stirring the emotions of those that hear their song. Yes, I am putting this offer on the table to all of your profession in town so this may be a good way to prove one's self superior in his field.  I will be telling this tale at the nature chapel atop the cliff at 1 hour past high sun. I have other urgent business that must be addressed first, but I know you will be up to this challenge.  For additional incentive, I will tell you that this tale has in it some notable names such as Galen Green, Jack Skull, and Javair.  I must be off now so I will see you at the shrine.  Good Day."

As the maiden turned Ockrote thought, "Damn, never saw Moontree get out-talked like that before." He noticed she was heading to the bar so he rushed to serve her.
  "What be your pleasure this fine Morn me Lady?" She gave a fetching smiled and said in a familiar voice, "Why Ockie, I will have what I always have, some of you fine Burly Downs Brandy." Ockrote froze, eyes wide in the realization who was before him. She quickly said in a low voice, "Please do not say my name for the benefit of keeping our good Bard over there guessing at what is in store this day.  Just poor me my drink for I have a huge favor to ask."  Ockrote gave a side glance at Moontree who quickly looked down at his instrument and acted as if tuning it was his foremost purpose.

As he poured the Brandy she continued. "Collin, Gremage, and Kerbach are dead."  Almost spilling her drink he looked up in shock. "The Marked Ones have been targeted, it seems as to be the example of some new Leadership in the land and unfairly so. I know you over-heard my talk with Moontree and I would like you to spread the word to the other Bards in town. "Ockrote nodded in affirmation. "Would you also spread the word among those who might know how to get a hold of the Hooded Mage that Cedric is in great need of his aid over the issue of Gorin. It may be a life or death issue. I have lost a lot of people I have come to look on as family I never had...and I consider you in that way also. Here is 50 gold if you need to grease some palms."

Ockrote spoke up quickly.  "I look at you in a similar way, me lady.  That is why it pains me so to hear that some of our friends are now dead.  It further pains me to tell you that Cedric was arrested by Capt. Feld in this very bar not two days ago.  Cedric went peacefully, and was treated well...I hope that lessens you worries.  A force of Galen Green's men left with him just hours later...headed to the south."

The Elvan Maiden picked up the Brandy and downed it. "That was much needed.  I am afraid I must ask you put out a different message for the Hooded Mage.  Have him meet a beautiful and rich maiden in need...here in your bar on the second floor.  I will wait for him each day in the morning as you open, until such time as he gets my message and responds.  My time is almost up and I have many things to do yet.  I know you won't let me down. My thanks and good luck."  She spun and strode quickly out onto the morning sun.

"Now I know how Mootree felt."
  He looked over at the Bard who was advancing with a questioning look on his face.  Ockrote Held up his hand and headed for the door.  "I haven't time for words now, watch the place for me...I will return soon, I just took inventory so don't take more than I will notice."  The door slammed shut as Ockrote left.

Moontree put his head in his hands and leaned heavily on the bar.  "Please, let what I'm doing be the right thing...Please...let this be the course Dutton Hobbs would have taken...."

(from Scott)  Kerowyn Hucrele sat staring out the window at the sunny snow covered town of Greenmark, memories of times spent with her grandchildren Talgen his sister Sharwyn flooded her mind. Since the Bard Collin had returned Talgen's ring after the battle with those poison trees she was stealing herself for the worst. She focused on a figure walking quickly toward her home, a lovely Elvan lady with a worried look on her face, she would glance up to the sky, mouth something then glance back over her shoulder. Instead of allowing one of the servants to get the door Kerowyn made her way there and opened it just as the visitor arrived.  The fair haired maiden who's hair glistened with the light of the late morning sun gave a mournful look that seemed to say, "I am so sorry."  The maiden held in an outstretched hand the signet ring Sharwyn had worn. Kerowyn gently took the ring as tears welled in her already crimson eyes.  She hardly noticed as the elvan maid  moved past her into the house. After some time she turned and found the maiden had moved off into the house out of sight.  Entering the study she found instead of her expected visitor the Drow Kit sitting at the writing table. She was a terrible sight, her hair dirty and singed, clothes torn and disheveled, and festering blister's covering much of her exposed skin.

The Dark Elf, in a shaky and tired voice began, "I haven't much time, I am writing this down as I tell you so you might give it to Collin's brother if I am not able to. This is the truth of my parties Heroic quest and tragic downfall. Lady Hucrele listened as Kit told of the Troll encountered on the trip to the Sunless Citadel, finding the Kobold Meepo in the room they had kept the wormling Calcryx imprisoned before the Goblin's who's area they had invaded and were at war with had abducted it. The negotiations with the Kobolds in their Hall and how when instead of joining forces in confronting the Goblin's, the Queen offered the party some magic items, useless to them, if the party would bring back the Dragon and vanquish their foes. A few in the party were expressing their disgust with how the Dealings, with what in their opinion were just lowly kobolds, and were vocalizing this amongst the group. Enraged Kerbach the Berzerker launched into a rage and attacked the queen even as Kit was making a counter-offer to change her mind. This put the party in a periless position, since the Kobolds were in place to defend against such a move.  The party barely survived the ensuing battle. The Kobold Warriors and Queen were all killed in battle.

Meepo had survived and asked that he be allowed to lead the women and children to another Kobold village to which the party agreed. He gave no hint that this trip was a dangerous one.  But later Oran told of encountering the dead bodies of some Kobolds, once he had caught up with the party. This had upset some in the party as well as Kit. The party had found four Goblin Prisoner's that the Kobold's were reportedly going to use as food, which some in the party felt enforced their view the Kobolds were more beast than human.

The story went on through the finding of the Dragon priest turned Troll and his end after a thousand year encasement, and on to dealing with the Goblin prisoners enlisting them to lead the way and barter with the Goblins, the story went on to tell of traps and party conflict that lead to the betrayal of one of the goblins and the battles that followed and of finding the remains of her grandson. Kit paused here as Kerowyn once again grieved his passing.  Kit shared how she made sure the Goblin survivors did not meet the same fate as the Kobolds, then told of the final assault on Belak's Lair and the Gulthias Tree.  She told of his control over the twig-blights and his plans of conquest with the goblins aid of the surface. She explained how they had found out how her Granddaughter had died but that it was painless,  likened to falling asleep in the snow and passing away. After more tears the Story moved on through the end Belak , the Evil Tree and his assault on Greenmark. The tale wound down with the relocation of the Goblins the finding of the Gnoll slaughter and the reunion with Collin.

The ending did not seem to shock her in the least, as Kit described her flight from the Ork army and the Pirate Jack Skull with the warrant from this Javair of Azure Keep and the Lords of the land.  She told the full story of the last stand in Widow's Grove with negotiations, the recovery of a magical sword, the apparition of the town protector in the Hall, Doppelganger assassins, and the final tragic ending to the Marked Ones.

Kit became quiet as Kerowyn Hucrele gave her a knowing look.  Kit could stand it no longer, Why do you stare at me so?  How is it that you seem to know this final part of my story!?!

Kerowyn face was grim.  I had the strangest dream...bagpipes playing, and a moonlit sky.  Collin MacGregor, your friend, appeared to me in that dream and he said,

My dear Lady, inquire of Lord Green my fate.  Then ask him of his justice.   Well, this made me quite curious.  What had happened to this bard I had grow quite fond of?  What fate had he suffered, why did I dream of him, and what would Galen Green know of it.  Galen had visited me the day of this dream, so I set out to visit Galen the next day, and fulfill this wish of Collin s that I inquire about his justice. 

Lord Green had brought exciting news with him on his visit the day before.  He told me that he had spoken with the Goblin Queen for the first time in years...and there was a new lord in the Azure Keep.  Galen had been taken to the Keep and had seen an army of Black Dwarves toiling on the walls and turrets of the Keep, making them as if they were new.  Galen had spoken of a long-fought-for peace, and stability in the region.  How many generations had lived in chaos?  How many lives wasted on pointless wars with the Demi-Humans.  Few alive now even remembered the tales, but I  remembered them.  The Azure King had depended heavily on the Goblin Queen in days of old. It had never been about Human vs. Demi-Human in those days...but

little people versus giants.  Living people versus the walking dead.  Those that would be good versus the evil.  And everyone versus the power of the winter storms.  Perhaps the days of old were returning, had been what Galen was suggesting to me.

When I arrived at Galen s home with questions of Collin, he got a rather grim look on his face.  He told me of an ork army that was hard on the tails of Collin and his friends.  He told me that this new lord in the Azure Keep had made some sort of deal with the orks and the Goblin Queen to keep this party of humans from being slaughtered in revenge for the death of a Queen of Kobolds and her guards during a negotiation.  He reminded me, though I did not need to be reminded, that never had there been so much talking, dealing, and negotiations between human and demi-human for the past 500 years, since the last Azure King had died.  But Galen finished our conversation with details about the human party failing to surrender, and a short-fought battle that resulted in at least two deaths among the party, and a score of deaths among the outlander population of Widow s Grove.

Kit, I will help you in any way that I can.  I owe you that much for coming back with another sadly empty ring of my sweet family.  But know that Galen is a just man, and acts in the interest of all within the protection of his lands.  If he has struck a deal with this new lord in the Azure Keep, then he has done so for a just reason.  If I understand the story you told me, this Kerbach stepped forward because he felt insulted...and attacked the Queen of the Kobold tribe.  In the ensuing battle your party killed almost all the men of this tribe.  Truth be known, I have some fear of demi-humans...and have never actually met one.  But that battle does not sound very just to me.  Galen mentioned that the Goblin Queen was furious, and that she owed a debt to the Queen of the Kobold tribe for some great sacrifice in days of old.  Perhaps you should seek out this Javair...and ask for his help.  After all, he is said to have hired a whole ork army just to keep you from being slaughtered by them out of revenge.  He sounds like a generous man....

(from Scott) MEETING WITH MOONTREE  As the sun reached it's apex the visage of Kerowyn Hucrele could be seen walking from her house to her carriage.  The servant that had brought the carriage from the stable stood beside it, patiently waiting for her. She was dressed completely in black with a veil covering her face.  She was mourning for the loss of her two beloved grandchildren.  The servant helped her up and she nodded in thanks, then urged the horse on toward the Temple of Ehlonna.  Upon arriving she gingerly climbed down and ever so carefully walked across the frozen snow and sat on the closest bench to the Alter.  Awhile later Moontree strode from the trees into the outdoor Temple, surveyed the area, and sat down on the furthest bench with a serious expression and bowed his head . Some time had passed and no one else disturbed the silent scene on the cold sunny day. 

Moontree seemed very anxious and arose and approached Lady  Hucrele . He said in a low voice, "My Lady, I am sorry to disturb you while you grieve for your loved ones, but I would ask you if you had seen a lovely Elven Maid Come and go before I arrived? I was to meet with her and hear an important story." 

Kerowyn Hucrele turned to Moontree and said, "In truth, I am here to deliver this tale but was expecting a much larger audience.

Moontree looked at her with surprise then after studying her for a moment nodded with understanding. "I interceded with Ockrote after you sent him on his mission and convinced him this meeting would be best just between us two."

Kerowyn Hucrele paused for a moment contemplating then slowly removed her veil showing the tell tale signs of the disguise that it helped enhance. "Very well," she said in a voice much different than before," this is the true story of the tragic but heroic quest of the ones who were called the Marked Ones." As she recited the tale she removed the fake nose and chin then proceeded to wipe the flesh colored makeup from her face. The image of Kit appeared but in a very grievous state. Moontree intently listened to the story, hanging on every word.  At the end of the tale Kit asked, "So why have you taken the task as sole audience to my story and who are you that Ockrote trusts so to go against my wishes?  How did you see through my disguise?"

Moontree slowly reached up and tugged on some of the hair that hung in his face.  The hair pulled away from his head...and took on the shape of an old thread-bare hat.  As the hat pulled away from his head, the features of his face aged at least ten years, and his clothing went from the clothes of a moderately successful city bard, to the fine silks and velvets of royalty.  Sitting before Kit was a very handsome and intelligent looking man.  The only thing that had not changed was the harp and harp case that was always with Moontree...it alone remained.  I recognized your disguise, Kit...because I myself am often in disguise.  Ockrote trusts me, because in my guise as Moontree, I am one of his closest friends.  And I took on the role of sole audience to your tale, because it is a tale I know so well already!

Kit blinked once, then again.  I assume I have the pleasure of meeting Javair, new

lord in the Azure Keep...."

Javair looked a little puzzled, "You do not seem overly surprised?"

Kit gave a sigh and responded, You forget I was a slave in the company of the Drow for over 90 years.  Deception and intrigue were both everyday events.  I had run through about every possibility, with Moontree being you as the worst and best possible scenario...but not the most expected.  Since I am alive and not in irons I am hoping that I am encountering the best case."

Javair shook his head in understanding. There are two sides to every story.  That goes for your story with the Kobolds, and that also goes for my story with the Ork Army.  I want to clear up some basic facts with you, and once I am done you will have a choice to make.

Javair paused a moment and then continued.  Meepo did not come directly to me...first he informed Grotten Redfang and the Orks of the Red Spear of your attack upon the kobolds.  Enraged that humans would slaughter an ancient Queen of the Kobolds during negotiations...in a manner like unto base assassins, the orks mobilized and began a journey north to slaughter the Marked Ones.  After Meepo spoke with me, I was visited by the Goblin Queen.  Merrick informed me that the Ork of the Red Spear were marching dangerously close to human realms, and that they intended to kill you all.  I sent my closest friend, Vikos the Avenger, and the Captain of my Military, Jack Skull to intercede with Grotten Redfang and hire his army to CAPTURE you...not kill you.

Jack Skull can teleport at will, and within a very short amount of time, we had hired the orks and diverted them from their task of slaughtering you outright.  I am well aware of the dangers of adventuring, and how we sometimes do things in the heat of the moment...without considering the consequences.  I wished to have your experience serve as a lesson to others, and a catalyst for peace.  I was able to make contact with both Galen Green, Lord Dumit...and others, and inform them that I was now living in the Azure Keep.  I promised them that I would not intrude upon their authority, nor attempt to tax their people.  But I did insist that we all talk frequently, and exchange troop units to build trust.

Kit had a disturbed look on her face, and she waited for a pause in Javair s story and interrupted.  I can see that quite a bit of politics was involved...but do you really trust these demi-humans?  What brought you...a human...to a position where you trust them...make deals with them...and include them in your plans?

Javair smiled.  You are testing me.  I imagine that as a half-drow slave, you don t pass immediate judgment on every demi-human you meet.  I spent my early days fighting evil violent orks on the Island of Bantroth.  Those orks sought the death of all humans, and were willing to seek evil magic items and make deals with demons to slaughter every human.  But even among those

evil orks, I met orks that wished for peace between humans and orks.  Not necessarily living amonst each other...or inter-marrying...but they were tired of war, and sought peace.  Here in the Azure Kingdom, there is a loose confederation among the different demi-humn tribes.  The Goblin Queen is ancient, and remembers a day when the humans and demi-humans did work together against the Giants and the out-of-control forces of nature.

Many have forgotten those days, but not all the humans have forgotten.  Still tales of the Goblin Queen as a fair and just monarch, and tales of noble orks living in barbarian tribes in the mountains, are sung and told in bars in the Town of Greenmark, and other human communities.  Galen Green knows the truth of ancient days, and Lord Dumit was more than willing to accept the help of ork warriors to defend our borders against the Grasslanders.  That brings me to the topic of the Marked Ones, and their actions agaist the Kobold tribe within the Sunless Citadel.  To prove to the demi-humans that I do value their lives, and their help, there must be an accounting on that matter.  A price must be paid to help build the lasting peace I intend to build.  I did not intend that any of your friends would die.  Understand that I spent 5,000 gps to pay for that ork army.  5,000 gp to ensure that you would not be killed.  I did what I could to save you.  If I could have personally been there, without undermining the authority of Grotten Redfang...I would have been there.

Kit s eyes drooped, as exhaustion began to set in. Her injuries and blood loss had taken quite a toll.  What price must be paid by those of us that remain?

Javair smiled and wrapped his cloak around Kit.  Oren is in my careful custody, already.  Zeek travels even now to the Azure Keep, where I shall convince him to face up to this problem.  Your small friend Doomnoodle tailed the ork army back to the Keep, and thinks himself well-hidden in rooms of the Keep that have not yet been restored.  I have kept him well fed by leaving trays of food unattended in locations I know he has been stalking for scraps!  You are the last to be gathered. It is time to face up to this situation Kit.  It is time to offer some sort of penance for the slaughter that occurred.  Now we come to your choice....

Kit slumped up against Javair.  ....tell me....

Kit, I will take you with me of your own free will to the Azure Keep, and I will ensure you are allowed to leave their with at least your life.  Or, you may continue to run...continue to escape from your responsibility.  I will not stop you from leaving this Temple this day.  But demi-humans and human bounty hunters will seek you out...and when they find you, I can t guarantee what might happen.

Kit pulled Javair s cloak tightly around her.  I will go with you of my own free will.  But, I m not sure I m well enough to make the journ.....  Kit fell into a deep sleep.  A welcome rest, after days of struggle. 

Javair smiled and wrapped his arms around his half-drow

captive.   The colors of their clothing and skin began to fade, and if anyone had been there to serve as witness, they would have claimed the bard and his ward faded away into nothingness.  Don t worry about the journey little one.  We ll be at my Keep just seconds from now....

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