Elder Players' - Newbies

In a fairly dramatic and tragic moment, three Elder Player's lost their characters within a few minutes of each other. Over the next few months, the players came up with new character concepts, and forged ahead with brand new characters. What follows are the e-mails that helped develop these new characters....

(from Steve)  The paladin is from Rosehill, and is a fairly new Knight of the Rose.  He has been sent to the Azure Keep to "feel things out," and to "make himself available."  Essentially, the paladin is to volunteer his services to the new lord of the Azure Keep, but to also let the lord know that he still works for, is loyal to, and answers to Rosehill.  Nothing sneaky here...but he is supposed to report back news to his higher-ups...


Jeremiah's gear was all packed and leaned up against the wall near the door of his very small room. Jeremiah stretched out his arms and his fingertips touched the white-washed brick wall on opposite sides of the room...and he laughed. Though the room was small it was much cleaner than the room he lived in when he first came to Rosehill...the room above the stables. He had been very young, and without options...but the clerics and knights of Rosehill took him in, fed him, and taught him what was important in the world.

They taught him of Heironeous the Invincible, and of justice, valor, chivalry, and honor. They taught him what it meant to be a man, and they taught him of hard work. First he swept the stables, then he trained the horses, and finally, when he had grown into a strong adult...they taught him of weapons and of magic. He hadn't believed in magic when he came to Rosehill...but years later HE was the one directing spells granted to him by Heironeous.

Jeremiah walked to the door, picked up his gear, and walked from his small room...perhaps for he last time. He walked down a long and winding white hall towards the chapel. Creaking open the large white ivory doors, he walked across the grayish tiles of the chapel. "Bishop Meiterose...I am packed and ready."

The Bishop was kneeling on the alter, praying to their Invincible god. He was silent for a moment, and then put his fist sideways straight out in front of him and whispered, "This hand for Justice." He then stood and turned towards Jeremiah, a large smile on his face. "Indeed, you look ready, my boy. Oh, pardon me, my strong missionary. In my eyes you are still a boy. In the eyes of Heironeous, you are a brave soldier in his cause. You are a cleric in the Order of the Rose!"

Jeremiah clasped the older man's hand in his own. "Bishop Meiterose, I am proud of what I have learned here...and I want to do the bidding of the Order, but I have so much more to learn?"

The Bishop held Jeremiah's hand. "You will learn all you wish to learn. You will see all you wish to see. There is time enough for what we can teach you here at Rosehill. But we need information about this new Lord in the Azure Keep. We need ears and eyes within his court. You will be those eyes and ears."

Jeremiah looked downwards at the floor. "I worry about the honor of 'spying' on this new Lord, even for the Order...."

"It is not 'spying' my son. You will not have to keep your true alliegences secret. You will tell him when you get there, that you are loyal to your God, then your Order, and THEN the governments of man...in that order. You will keep no secrets from this Javair, and if when you offer your assistance to him...you will mean it. You will be honest and honorable in every way. I would have it no other way!"

Jeremiah looked up and released the Bishop's hand. "May I receive your blessings before I leave for the Azure Keep? It may be a very long time before I can worship properly at a Temple of Heironeous."

The Bishop led Jeremiah by his elbow to the alter. "The deeds you do in his name will be your worship." And the Bishop began a Ceremony of Blessing.


Javair sat in his large leather and wood chair, his harp silent in his lap. "Follower of Heironeous, I appreciate your honesty...and your directness regarding your loyalty to Rosehill. Your introductory speach to me was beautiful, and almost worthy of being set to music. I assure you that your loyalty to Rosehill will not conflict with your friendship with me! I respect their beliefs, and I share many of them."

Jeremiah looked around the large hall, the two large fireplaces, the high ornate ceilings, the carved wooden trim and doors, and all the furs and rugs on the floor and walls. "Javair of the Lost, I wish to offer you my services. I want to help in your rumored quest to restore summer to the land. My weapons and my magic are yours to command, as long as you serve justice, valor, and honor."

"I need your help more than you could know!" Javair sipped at his wine, and then continued. "A group of adventures, gathered together by the mysterious Hooded Mage, have lost their way. Their lives are sought by an army of orks. They are hunted by a base assassin. And they have lost their focus. You are worthy of a great challenge, I can see that in your fiery eyes. Please help me to guide this group. Help me to get them back on the path of honor, and virtue. Will you do this for me?"

Jeremiah looked deeply into Javair's eyes. He was trying to size up the friendly bard who-would-be-King. "I offered you my services, and this is the favor you have asked of me. I will do everything I can to bring honor to these adventurers. I expect that after they have been redeemed, it will be up to me whether to remain in their company?"

Javair laughed. "Yes. Of course. Though you may be an old man before they allow themselves to be fully redeemed!"

(from Matt)  Mark, 3rd level will be a high start for my new character, but I'll do it if I have too.  Since Steve has created a cleric, I am planning on making a ranger.  I don't know if I have the abilities for it but I'll try.  I want figure out his arch enemy and that story, Goblins...Hobgoblins, orc or gnolls would be a good enemy. I am open to suggestions too.  I think he will much more easy going and not quite as ready to fight as Kerbock.

I think I may miss the July game too.  I think the  family vacation to colorado is that week.

With you schedule and new location I guess lunches are out.  I see you by august maybe.  Have fun...MHJ

(reply from Mark)  Your character sounds good, and we shall come up with a cool character background...definitely!  We'll work this out before you play next....

(later from Matt) Hey Mark, Been out of commision for a while between replacing a lightning struck modem and being in CO on vacation.

I was planning on introducting a new character. I was planning on a 3rd level elven wizard specialing in Evoc or Trans. magic. Let me know if I can come in heigher than 3rd. His history will involve woodlands inthe azure kingdom. His major goal is to remove the cold and related beasts from the woodlands which were formerly his families domain. Is there any eleven woods or large woods in the azure kingdom. He will use a sword and bow to supplement his mage skills.

On Kerbock I think it would be cool if would either:
1) be raised by the orignal enemy and sent after the new party for some reason.
2) be raised and somehow become sargent for Vikos.both as NPC's.

Let me know if you have any other history ideas. See you Later MHJ

(reply from Mark) Matt, We play on August 25th...out south at Mike Haun's house. It will begin at 5:00pm! I have missed you at the games...and our lunches at Minsky's....

I like your character ideas, I will flesh out the woods that are under his families domain, and give you some information on that to play around with. If you need any help with the character, either Chris or I would be happy to help.

I have some plans for Kerbach. He has already made an appearance of sorts...his necklace of thumbs was stolen from the body, and the party fears it was stolen in order to get ahold of Gorin (the necromancer) Zachian's thumb! I have further devious plans that will be fun, also...and worthy of the character. Have no fear.

Speaking of Vikos, you should talk with Chris about recreating him in the new rules. I have a one-shot, perhaps two-shot adventure for Javair and he to complete. If you aren't really into "Remaking" him, I am willing to do it. I'll talk to you later, Mark Stinson


Ganraith Imladris crouched on the high limb of the fir tree as he had for hours. His cloak was pulled tightly around him, so that his elvan eyes were all that showed. Snow fell from the sky in large clumps, and Ganraith's shoulders, arms, and thighs were piled with snow. He was perfectly warm...as he was used to the bitter cold that embraced the Azure Kingdom and the Forest of the Ancients.

"Damn the cold! Damn the giants! Damn the humans and their failures!" Hadn't it been the humans that made peace with the giants, only to let their Kingdom die...and Summer with it. Hadn't the man responsible for Ganraith's father's death been a human. The mad dreamer Zelagorn...with his dark mysterious ways and his promises to restore the Kingdom and Summer. Ten years ago those dreams came crashing down, when it was discovered that Zelagorn was evil, and had aligned himself with demons and other unclean powers. Ten years ago that Ganraith's father...who had joined up with Zelagorn...died in the siege that ended those dreams forever.

Ganraith wiped a tear from his eye. His father, Redrille Imladris, had trusted Zelagorn...right up to the end. When the Paladin Remington's forces broke the gates at Zelagorn's Castle, Redrille was still at Zelagorn's side. He fell in defense of the dream. The dream that one day those Gates would close, and life could return to the Azure Kingdom. Life could return to the Forest of the Ancients.

Ganraith laughed quietly, staring at the cold-damaged firs, and the dead skeletal figures of the other trees. In his youth, this had been a wonderous place...and his father and grand-father had been stewards of huge stretches of forest. Now Ganraith's stewardship consisted of the branch upon which he crouched. Now their was a new dreamer in the Kingdom. Javair.

Ganraith had to admire the brashness of this Javair's actions...actually setting up shop in the Azure Keep itself. Even Zelagorn was incapable of such an act of ego, and presumption. Ganraith scolded himself. Perhaps Javair was the one. Perhaps Summer would return. Even though Zelagorn had been a horrible fake and a failure...perhaps Javair actually dreamed of a better Kingdom. That was why Ganraith was leaving the Forest of the Ancients. Ganraith had decided to offer his help to a dreamer, as his father had done. Ganraith only hoped that this dreamer's dreams might come true. Ganraith jumped down and began his journey to the Azure Keep.

(from Mike) Ok, here's my idea for a new character. I orginally was thinking of a fighter from the Empire with ties to Craig's characters church. But now I am thinking of a fighter (possibly a Paladin) of the Kempin church (possibly worshiping the Competition aspect of the god). He has come to the Azure Kingdom on the news that new political developments are afoot there. He is to keep an eye on things and report back to his superiors in the church. Sort of a spy in plain sight!

Do you have any prestige classes in mind for warrior followers of Kempin? If not Paladin should do fine, I don't feel comfortable trying to come up with a perstige class myself yet. Let me know what you think. MJC

(reply from Mark) Mike, I like the idea of a prestige class based around your god, and of a fighter/knight sent by a Church in the Empire. I had a possible suggestion, that won't change anything significantly about your character concept...but would give me a tie in regarding the prestige class.

Would you consider being connected to a church that is associated with the Rularship/Kingship aspect of Kempin. This is aspect is called "Kempin the King," or sometimes "Kempin the Lord." This church tends directly to the needs of Emperor Jestak in the Empire...and would make a lot of sense as the group sending someone to observe Javair.

The prestige class is a little easier to come up with also. When they attain a certain level of experience and power, knights that worship this aspect often join an elite knighthood called the "Crown and the Sword." These knights are often referred to as "Crowned Knights" and wear prominantly displayed crowns on their armor. The most powerful of these knights actually wear crowns fashioned in the likeness of Emperor Jestaks, and their sword arms are considered to be his sword arms.

Crowned Knights go on missions of combat, warfare, and battle in the name of the Emperor. Your character's mission to the Azure Kingdom would not be one of treaty making, negotiations, or talk. Your character's mission would be to learn what he could of this new Lord of the Azure Keep, and if that Lord was deemed worthy, to lend your sword arm to him. You would also be charged with sending word back of what you learned...and if more Knights should be sent.

Your fighter or paladin would not be a Crowned Knight yet...this mission was not deemed worthy of a Crowned Knight (as there are very few of them.) But your character would be aspiring to be one...and that would be the basic tone of his mission.

Let me know if this is to your liking! If so, I will write an intro that explains your character's presence with the party for this next adventure.... Mark Stinson

(from Mike) I see him as an ambitious blueblood. From a low to middling level aristocratic family, he's trying to make a name for himself back home in the hopes of advancing a political career. He would feel superior to these backwoods hicks from the Azure Kingdom, but would try and keep his feelings to himself so they wouldn't interfere with his mission. Because of this I think he would come off as slightly aloof.

Do you want me to develop the character per the fighters section in the PHB? What level do you want me to start him at? (3RD LEVEL!) MJC


The tall wooden doors parted, and creaked wide open. A large man, fully armored stepped into the large fire-lit feasting hall. His long cloak was a regal purple in color, and upon his white tunic was a golden crown super-imposed over a purple-gloved fist. His helm was under his left arm, revealing strong tanned features and neatly styled hair. Only one other man was in the room. A thin smaller man sitting in a large wooden and leather chair, his feet up on the long table, and a harp in his lap. A mug of ale was on the table before him. The large man spoke first. "Are you the one they call 'Javair?'"

The small man answered in a slightly amused tone, "I am the one, as long as your not the one they call 'Fedden.'"

The large man did not laugh or smile, but walked forward into the room. "I am William FitzPierce...you may call me Will. A goblin servant pointed this way when I entered the Keep. I have travelled long and hard from the Feron-Jacobe Empire to see you...and to hear what you intend to do in your new position as 'Lord.'"

Javair put his feet on the floor, and called for servants to attend to his new guest. A goblin and a young female human scurried about, setting a plate and filling a mug with ale. The food and drink were set near Javair, and the young female pulled the chair out for Will. He stood looking at her for a moment. She smiled at him, a smudge of dirt on her chin and her uncombed hair drooping into her face. "Thank you, young lady. I can tend to myself from here." The young girl ran off giggling, followed by her more somber goblin partner.

Will looked at the hunk of warm elk meat, boiled wax beans, and crusty wheat breat on his plate. He picked up the wooden fork, poked at the beans and then put the fork back down. He picked up the mug of ale, sniffed at it, and then took a sip.

Javair watched him with a smirk on his face. "I spent some time in the Empire, you know. The capital city of Citadel itself. Lost a great woman there...mostly bad memories. But I have eaten there, also...and you will get used to this more rustic fare. After a time, it will grow on you. You can't live your whole life eating veal, summer vegatables, and soft bread...and drinking elvan wines and Empire tea! You must be hungry...eat...I promise you will be none the worse for it!"

Will looked up from his food, and made eye contact with Javair. His face was grim and tired, but a smile began to appear. "I meant no insult. I will adjust to this...what did you call it...more 'rustic' food." Will lifted the fork once again and shoveled some of the thick yellow beans into his mouth. After chewing and swallowing, and wiping his mouth with a rough cotton napkin, he spoke again. "But sir...the ale? Do you have some wine or tea?"

Javair turned and called into the kitchen for some Empire tea, and a few minutes later a hot steaming pot and two cups were brought out. Javair poured tea into both cups, and pushed one in front of the visiting warrior. "I try to keep some around...to remind me of the girl I lost. Lost her to a fire...set by the pickpocket's guild. Never have gotten over it really. Are you married?"

Will was chewing a piece of the greasy elk meat, and finished before speaking. "No...no time really. I aspire to be a Crowned Knight of Emperor Jestak's personal guard. It is a career that really allows no other interests...at least of a long-term nature. This journey for instance. I learned that I would be sent only days before my travels were to begin."

Javair was looking into his tea, and seemed to not be listening. He suddenly looked up. "So why did the Temple of Kempin send you...'Rularship Aspect'...correct? I did learn a thing or two in Citadel when I was there. If I were betting, I would say they recruited you from the Hall of Justice...correct?"

Will smiled. "How did you know?"

"I was working as a thief and a burglar in Citadel...and let's just say you had Hall of Justice written all over you! Though by your accent, I would say you are high-born. I bet you disappointed your parents when you joined the City Guard...even the City Guard of the most important City on the World of Kempin!"

Will finished chewing a large bite of buttered bread. "The elder FitzPiece...was less than happy. But when the Temple of Kempin took me in, and I began down the path I am now on...his opinion of me was redeemed."

Javair sipped some more tea, and observing that Will had just put a big chunk of elk into his mouth, took the opportunity to speak at length. "I imagine you've been sent to see 'what I'm up to.' I make no secret of my goals. I wish to bring Summer to the Azure Kingdom. I wish to make peace with the giants, if that is possible, or make war with them if forced. I wish to bring law to the region, in whatever form will be acceptable to the most thinking beings here. I wish to restore this Keep, and to allow a vast city to grow in the valley below. These are the things I seek."

Will took another bite of elk, and Javair continued. "I do not seek to overthrow the established leaders of this region...but seek to rule with them...along side them. I know that Jestak is from the Grasslands of Shronth...so perhaps that is a concern of the master of your Temple. I will not tolerate further raids by the Grasslanders into the Azure Kingdom...but I do not seek to invade the Grasslands. Even if I did seek to expand the holding of the Azure Kingdom...until the Storm Gate are closed, and the giant threat neutralized...my plate is very very full!" Javair noticed that Will was between bites. "Have I answered the questions you were sent to ask?"

Will wiped his mouth, and motioned to his empty plate. "This...rustic food is very filling. Though I must admit that I had to wash those tough yellow beans down with the tea. Yes...your answers will serve me well for my first report back to the Temple. But I have been ordered to stay on...and offer my services to you. Though, make no mistake about it...my loyalty is with my Emperor...and the Temple."

Javair sat forward in his chair, rubbing his chin. "Their is a mission for the Key that will close the Storm Gates that is now underway. But I have received word that the mission is in jeopardy...and for the group that I sent...that is almost to be expected. I have made a new friend...an elf named Ganraith Imladris, that says he can track the group down. Please travel with Ganraith and find this group...join them, and help them find the Key to the Storm Gates. I have been praying to my god Hiser the Graceful for some sort of assistance, and perhaps you are the answer...."

Will stood from his seat, and offered his hand to Javair. "Perhaps Hiser spoke with Kempin, and Kempin granted him the favor of sending me to you. For it is Kempin, and only Kempin that guides my path. I will do this for you. And you will have your Key."

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