Javair's Oath

by Chris Stevens

What am I doing? I'm not a leader of men! I'm a spinner of tales and adventurous songs. I have always been searching for the best story among men. When those stories became boring or unbelievable, I started making my own adventures to sing about. I have become the subject of other bards tales. 'A bard is not to become the legend of his own songs', so say the minstrels.

When have I cared about 'rules' or 'etiquette?' I am my own man! I have not falsely created my heros, like others before me. I have seen my song and poem...with my own eyes. I have sung my way to the top, and now I must take responsibility for what I'm about to do.

I have created a court where disputes can be settled, wars avoided, feuds ended. I spent much energy on making peace between people. Is that not a bard's charge; To lift the spirits of men and make joviality of politics to calm men's boiling blood?

So, what is plaguing my soul? People's (and creature's) lives are what weighs upon me. I will be bringing summer and war to this region.

I do not wish to be known as 'Javair the Vengeful.' I have a friend with that nomiker already. Vikos is surely looking forward to the forthcoming giant war. I must temper my captains. For, I do not want to win this war at the expense of all our lives!

It is time I 'found' the courage to lead and dispence with naysaying. Lives will be lost. But if peace can be made, many lives may be spared. I am 'The Azure Prince.' Some will know me by my 'Bardic Voice' and others will feel my strength and call me 'Peacemaker!'

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