"Tunis, City of Thieves II" - March 16th, 2002


INTERLUDE FOURTEEN serves as a proper introduction to this game!!!


The party- which consisted of Zeke, Kit, Etyai, Jeremiah, Ruadin, Vikos, and Casiel reunited and headed back to Tunis, only to once again encounter Grinval. Etyai who was on point determined that Grinval was harmlessly sitting and watching a fissure in the ground from which came a horrible stink of steam. The party moved up and after discussion Grinval was told once again to be on his way, and to repent his evil soul gathering.

The party proceeded on to the mill which conceals the entrance to Tunis. Casiel was disguised to look like Empire Ambassador Edward Hunsberger, by using Casiel's skills of disguise, with much assistance from Kit. The sentries of the mill were led to believe that the party had left Tunis previously after agreeing to a deal with Bungling Bob Nivo to return with Ambassador Hunsberger, which they were now completing. The party successfully used this ruse to move past the sentries at the entranceway of Tunis.

The party used this ruse to gain entrance to the guildhall of Robert Nivo. The Ambassador(Casiel) was led upstairs along with Zeke and Kit by two of Nivo's henchmen. The other members of the party stayed below with two other of Nivo's henchmen. By hearing noise it was determined that more of Nivo's henchmen were below the first floor room with trap door access.

The party on the first floor, with Jeremiah playing a major role, made quick work of the two henchmen who were both slain. Furniture was pushed over the trap door by Ruadhin, which delayed entry to those henchmen below. Zeke and Kit slew the two upstairs guards. Casiel found a hidden door and with Zeke and Kit's aid got it open. Vikos delayed those in the city square by throwing an entangle spell, who the party expected included Nivo and his head henchman Bendis. Those in the square became aware of the party's activities once the city council meeting had let out. As the forces of Nivo below the first floor were attempting to cut their way through the floor, the party members on the first floor engaged in attempts to delay them.

Jeremiah and Zeke used religious/magical means to determine that the sought after Tome was beyond the hidden door, and that it was guarded. The entire party went through the hidden door, only to discover they were contained in an anti-magic shell and their magics were useless. The door was an entryway to another plane, created by Shapiro, of which they could find no exit. Casiel found many trapdoors hiding much loot and the aforementioned Tome, and Kit found a trapdoor hiding loot as well, but no exit from this planar prison could be found. Robert Nivo sent two guards through the one-way portal to attack the party but they were quickly killed. Vikos was able to work out an agreement for the party's release with Robert Nivo from this planar prison. The party agreed to remove the thief leader Zartus, a right hand man of Quincy the Quick, from the Tunis equation in return for the Tome and the party's freedom. Zartus was explained to be a supporter of the slave and drug trade, while Bob Nivo was not a supporter of these particularly objectionable thieving activities. Vikos left his axe of Tobin as collateral with Bob. The Paladin Ruadhin was uncomfortable with the arrangement so was left as collateral as well.

The party gained access to Zartus' one story guildhall with an inner and outer room by means of the same ruse. Within the inner room Jeremiah and the party, after making an agreement with a masked Zartus (who was eventually determined to be one of his disguised henchmen), attempted to teleport/plane shift this individual out of his element. A short battle ensued in which the party prevailed and Zartus' right hand man Trask was killed. During this battle Casiel was able to go into the outer room and open the safe and take two sacks containing 50 gold and 50 platinum pieces. During this battle Kit opened another door out of the inner room and came into range combat with others of Zartus' forces.

The party routed this group and chased them down the passage. After dealing with a number of set traps and surviving, the party members came into combat with Zartus himself, a number of his henchmen, and two beholders. Basically Vikos and Jeremiah engaged and destroyed the beholders, while other party members engaged and destroyed the other enemies. Unfortunately Zeke was turned to stone by a beholder's spell during this encounter. Casiel had taken up a position in the hallway the party had recently come down to slow up any pursuit from Zartus' forces, but none was forthcoming. Kit threw a detect magic spell and the corpses of the defeated were searched. Treasure recovered from these monstrosities and their human thieving allies was later split up by the party. Party members proceeded through the sewers back to Nivo's guildhall, where large lizards and some corpses from the previous battle were seen.

The party had completed their agreement with Bob Nivo. Nivo completed his agreement and released Ruadhin along with the applicable Tome. All party members proceeded to return to the City of Hope.

...As written by Casiel Nailo

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