"Conference of Kordasha" - November 16th, 2002



(from Brian) I would propose we at least send someone to the world conference to represent our interests, and to be our eyes and ears. On another note, if any of my new Elven friends have any ideas concerning our demon predicament, I ask them to volunteer them. Brian

(from Mark) Brian, Thank you for responding. I would only caution against splitting the group for two reasons: 1. the danger of splitting your power. 2. The boredom that the other players will experience while one player goes to the site of the conference. I am not prohibiting your idea...just throwing in my two cents!

The Elves you are in contact with are a woodland isolationist sort...they have not encountered demons or devils, and have little to add on the matter besides refering you to the rather informative fellow named Demitrious (of Cornwalsh). Thanks, Mark

(from Chris) As far as going to the World Summit, Zeek is willing to go. I think we need to speak with Vavasha. We need to find out how to return from the Azure kingdom. (If we go in.)

(from Steve) I personally think going to the conference is the best idea....Steve

TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN (by Chris, expanded by Mark)

Zeek, in an effort to recruit some assistance, pleads to the Kempin Church of Po the Redeemer. "Who better represents what we seek as a party...and what mankind seeks as a whole, than redemption from the evil these devils represent?" He asks for and receives an audience with High Precept VenHardin...who is dressed in fine silk robes, with a rather large ornamental head-dress on...and huge guards on either side of him. The robe had a large orange sun on the front of it, with a sword crossing over the top of it diagnally.

There is a long moment of silence within the Temple of Po in Citadel...but finally Zeek begins, "We are ready for a crusade. We want to be sent on a quest. The Finders want to be redeemed. We will travel to where 'She-that-Suckles' resides, to her homeland and destroy her from wence she dwells. Eliminating her from existence. We will require blessings in the form of Holy Relics, potions, Holy Swords or anything that might aid us in our journey to hell. They won't be expecting us to bring the fight to them. Also, they might think twice before battling us on their plane. For if they do, they WILL die. We can force an 'imbalance', as it's called, between good and evil."

VenHardin was very still, his eyes unblinking. Zeek felt that perhaps VenHardin was looking right through him at the floor behind Zeek. And the VenHardin took a deep breath, as one does as one is about to speak. "No." VenHardin was helped to his feet by one of the guards and led away.

Zeek was shocked. "'No,' we shouldn't go on the quest...or 'no,' you won't give us any stuff? What does 'NO' mean?"

As VenHardin left the room, he answered without even looking back, "It means 'NO.'"

Zeek was escorted to the exit...a shocked look on his face. As he stepped out into the bustling sunny streets of Citadel he almost walked into several people...as his mind was still in the Temple...still contemplating what had just happened. Suddenly he felt a tug upon the sleeve of his robes. Zeek spun, and in one fluid movement caught the arm of the person tugging at his sleeve, and twisted it slightly...maintaining a tight grip. "Who touches me!?!"

It was a young priest with a shaved head...and the sun and sword symbol was upon his common cotton monk's habit. "I have heard your plea...and I seek to help you. Politics spoils the resolve of our leader...but there are those that can help you. Those with a common interest...a common goal. We can't be seen together...follow me quickly."

Zeek allowed himself to be pulled along behind the young priest through the dark alleys of the city. He knew it wasn't the wisest of moves, but at this point he felt he had to follow this out to its conclusion...whatever that conclusion may be. "At least tell me your name!"

The young priest turned his head slightly and whispered, "I am Degan."

The two men arrived at a small dirty abandoned apartment. Zeek had kept his face covered, but this had only made Degan curious. "Show your face, foreigner...I should know the man I am dealing with." When Zeek uncovered his face, Degan winced...but did not turn away. "You are horribly scarred on the outside, but I have been assured you are to be trusted with the items I have for you."

Zeek nodded. "I can be trusted. But I have no idea what's going on...perhaps you should catch me up...."

Degan reached into the sleave of his habit, and pulled from it a scroll case made of brown leather. "We don't have much time...but suffice it to say I am a member of the Order of Fate...we are a secret society among the religions of Kempin...and we have taken an interest in your plight. Within this scroll case are carefully chosen and transcribed pages from the Librum Nefarium. Anyone who can read magic, can read from these pages. They contain the potential...if you will...for a gate between worlds. It is a quaint thing to say you are going to hell...but Hell hast nine levels...which will you go to? Tell me that!"

Zeek had sort of a glazed look in his eye. "What...I...well, the one with She Who Suckles the Hoards of Hell..."

Degan smiled a wry smile, and then began to speak very quickly...looking around nervously. "The Red Queen...the Order of Fate is well aware of what you face. She is a consort to Asmodeus...and a most powerful Lord of the Nine. She has six captains that work for her...each worse than than the last. She reigns from the fourth level of hell...Phlegethos, a fiery pit of burning lakes, and winds of searing heat and flame. The pages in this scroll case, when read carefully, will create a gate...a gate to Phlegethos. The gate will allow you to pass through, but will not allow devils to cross over into our world. The gate remains open for 15 seconds...but the calculations made to create this gate are very precise. You can only create the gate at Midnight, at the very beginning of the sixth day of the month of Iron...two weeks from now. A second set of papers is also in this scroll case...and when carefully read...will open a similar gate bringing you from hell back into our world...but this will only work two days later...on Midnight, at the very beginning of the 8th day of the Month of Iron. You should not attempt to use these spells at any other time than I have instructed."

Zeek took the scroll case from Degan. "Why...what would happen?"

Degan grabbed the front of Zeek's shirt and pulled him close, a move which would not have succeeded had not Zeek allowed it. "Don't mess around with these spells. Do you understand? These come from the Librum Nefarium...written by the hand of Wahlquist himself...do not tamper with what you don't understand. If you choose to not use these spells...destroy them once the 6th day of Iron has passed."

Zeek pulled free of Degan's grasp, and patted the young man on the shoulder. "Fine...I understand perfectly. Like I said, you can trust me. Thank you."

Degan looked back from the door before fleeing into the heavily shadowed alley. "Good luck. Forget me...forget the Order of Fate...forget the Librum Nefarium...but do not forget my instructions. May you stay on the path that Rukin has set for you...." And the young priest was gone.


(from Mike C.) At the current time Will is in an Imperial border town along the Empire's border with the Azure Kingdom. He is attempting to draw members of his order to the location to protect the Empire from the menace that is behind the magical wall. He probably has no contact with the other members of the Finders and considers any affiliation he has with them to be tenuous at best. He wants to attend the Conference of Kordasha and that presumably is where he could meet up with his old mates, although I doubt that he would look kindly on any of their harebrained schemes. He thinks the Azure Kingdom should be dealt with in the most expedient fashion, either find a way to permantely power the wall and leave it up, or gather overwhelming Imperial troops and bring the wall down, raze the Kingdom and anything that's left becomes an Imperial province.

Collin on the other hand has descended into the bottle. Not able to find his family even though he has reliable word that they escaped the Kingdom. He spends his days in Cornwalsh drunk and having little interaction with the Finders. I have a story planned that would place him back within the borders of the Kingdom after a meeting with Dutton Hobbs a trip back through Gelhorn and on to the abandoned abbey of Morton Barsew (I'm not sure if I'm remembering the name right) where he, Dutton and Morton spend three days taking turns singing the great song that keeps the Abbey hidden from the devils. Let me know if you're ok with my liberal use of your NPC's and the general direction of this story. I foresee Colin as the one I would run in any attempt to reclaim the Azure Kingdom and I think the story could provide him an avenue back and also potentially provide some needed magical aid to defeat the devils. All of that at your option of course. Let me know what you think of this potential storyline. MJD


(from Brian) Mark...Storytelling request. Casiel as a character is seeking to learn more. He has no confidence in our ability to defeat devils here or anywhere else unless he has some basic understanding of planar travel and how they get here, their home plane, and how they can be destroyed. Brian understands demonology, planar travel, and Baator quite well but he is not sure Casiel does. I am hoping you will eventually tell me that Casiel does have some degree of knowledge of certain books in the D& D universe, such as Planescape manuals or the Manual of the Planes. Do not go to much trouble, we can talk it out Saturday. Thanks

(from Mark) Thanks Brian, Excellent explanation. Forget planescape...for I have never seen the books, and (based on my bank account) will never end up purchasing those books. So, don't count on me doing anything at all based on those books specifically.

I do have the manual of the planes, and I am basing my Nine Hells loosely on the one in that book. The place names are the same...the atmospheres and environment in each level...even most of the Lords (though you will notice the Red Queen is all mine). So, after talking in depth with Demitrius, Casiel gains a basic understanding of the structure of the Nine Hells...the place names...the environments...even some of the names of the Lords of Hell. Do not have Casiel know A LOT about the Nine Hells, and don't be too surprised if I play hell a little different than in the book. Thanks, Mark


(from Steve) Jeremiah, approaches Damon and explains that if we are going into the Azure Kingdom. That precautions need to be made. As in the past things have not always worked as we planned. It is best that we carry no items that could cause the destruction of the world on our person's. But have them close by. I have researched a way that we can hide these things. I will be placing the book into this extra-dimensional space that only I will have access to. I would like to offer you the same option for the Bag. Once the adventure is over and the Azure kingdom is saFe once again. We can remove the Book and the Bag.

I will explain what I have accomplished with the rope trick and the permanency spells. I will give you the password on paper should this way you can retrieve them should I die. But I will not say it aloud nor would I ask you to read the paper before I die but hide it in a safe place on your person. As things have a way of getting around at the wrong time. What say you?

(Mark either way I will be putting the book in the extra-dim. space after I make sure I am not being scryed.)

(from Mark) Damon looks away from Jeremiah. "Your offer is kind...and you are thinking ahead. I like that. I almost wish you had not told me where you are putting the Book...for now it is in my head. I swear to you that to take this secret from me, they will have to break open my skull, and sift through my grey-matter with their own clawed hands. I promise that. Do not give me the password, for I do not want to know it. In truth, it seems to me that if you were to die or be incapacitated on this adventure, I would rather the book remain lost to our party...and to all who pursue the book. Do not tell any of the others of where you keep the book. You may not be able to trust all of them."

Jeremiah nodded. "I will consider your words. But what of the Bag you carry...will you place it in the space above the rope trick."

Damon shook his head no. "I fear the paladin, and what he is becoming. I fear his religious ties with you...I fear the Grinval's bag being carelessly loosed upon the world. I have hidden the bag. I will not tell you...or anyone else where I have hidden it. In truth, I have hidden it in such a way...that even I no longer know where it is. But I reveal too much. Suffice it to say the Bag has been dealt with. It is safe...and it is hidden, and I cannot accept your generous offer to hide it in your permanent rope trick. Thank you, Jeremiah."


(from Steve) After finding the band of Nine graves, I will travel to the graves (using spells to save time) and speak with the dead. I will question them on how they died and if they are willing to tell me what did this to them Then telling each one that their time to die has not come. As the Azure kingdom is still in need of there efforts (help). I will offer them resurrection and absolution for the purpose of cleaning out the Azure kingdom of the Devil infestation. On a side note: I do not actually believe that they we all evil or past redemption but I have ways to check this out just in case. "What say you Band of Nine". As they answer I will have a truth spell going in order to tell if there intentions are noble. Before any raising.

(from Mark) Each and every one of the dead members of the Band of Nine you question seems afraid to speak with you...and their voices from beyond the grave, seem more distant than would be the norm. They all refer to being approached by a friend or loved one that did them in. They all refer to a portion of their bodies being taken after the kill. They all refer to a man with handsome features, dark hair, and a dark beard and mustache kneeling next to their bodies as their spirits ebbed away into the darkness. Then here's the creepy part. They all refer to being met by some dark force as they passed beyond life...a dark force that told them to enjoy their eternal reward, and not to dare seek the light of life again. Despite all efforts, none of the dead members of he Band of Nine are willing to be brought back to life.

JEREMIAH GETS PUT IN HIS PLACE (written by Steve, changed in places by Mark)

Jeremiah sat in front of the camp fire contemplating the upcoming battles with the devils and wondering if Heironeous was going to forsake him in his time of need. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had been forsaken during the initial confrontation with the devils and that Heironeous had withheld vital information from him and the party about the book and the wards that were sat in place.

After hours of contemplating without warning the fire blazed high and Heirouneous voice boomed inside of Jeremiah's head. "How dare you blame this on me, I did not forsake anyone. In fact I gave you the information you requested and the information that you did not ask I saw to it that you were given or your party was given in one fashion or another. If blame is to be made look to yourself or to your party."

Jeremiah sat there in frozen shock as he thought of what Heironeous had said. In a fit Jeremiah broke into tears. "PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I HAD NO RIGHT TO QUESTION YOU."

In a softer voice Heironeous said, "Fret not as you are a child of mine and a scolding once in a while does not mean that you have fallen out of favor. In fact in the upcoming months you will be tested over and over as you correct your transgressions. I can help little with your upcoming trails as good and evil are tied together and have rules that we must abide by. I can not get directly involved in these matters. You have the ability to succeed in this matter, but it may cost you and yours a great deal. You have also shown the ability to fail...."

"While I cannot directly change or alter the devil problem I will be with you. I will serve as your bravery. I will serve as your magic. I will serve as the good you do. This is my power and this is my place in the affairs between humans and their darker natures. I will be there...with you always. Do you believe in me, Jeremiah?"

Jeremiah wiped a tear from his face. "I do, my Lord."

"One other thing you must remember, humans have a short memory. You may be consider cursed by others and hated by many due to what has happen. But do your best and you could come out of this as heroes. I have found in the past that your kind have a tendency to forget what caused something and focus on who and what found the solution with praise. For now you may think of yourselves as the losers but when this is over the world will call you and yours heroes. And never again (in a harsh voice) judge me or question that you have been forsaken as you are and will always one of my church. Then the voice was gone and the fire subsided."

A SECOND COMMUNE SPELL (Q. by Steve, A. by Mark)

Jeremiah casts a second commune spell, and the following questions and answers occur.:

Do any of the individuals that I attempted to raise, that formally belonged to the Band of Nine worship you?


Will the these individuals help in the outcome of the Azure kingdom verses the devils?

No. They have moved beyond, and do not wish to return.

Can you sway or have their deities sway them into helping our cause?


If so will you speak to the other deities on our behalf?


Is the book protected from the devils while in the extra-dem. space I have created?

From the Devils...yes.

Am I the only one who knows where the book is besides Damon, if he chooses to use the space?



Oren had been approached days before by the new converts to Tobin. They wanted to see Vikos, and swear loyalty to his aspect of the Kempin god of vengeance. After all...they're lives had been destroyed by the devils...and the Seal of Kordasha, and they now knew the need for revenge. Oren had been polite at first, telling them he had not seen Vikos. But the converts were insistent. Then Oren tried to chase them off with some angry threats...but they were fearless. The converts had followed Oren all the way to Hillard, and were camped on a hill about a mile away.

Zeek laughed. "Follower of Vikos! That is absolutely grand!"

Will grumbled under his breath, "There is no shortage of fools in the world...."

Hillard was an old ruin, made up of a large circle of stones atop a grassy hill. There were many different legends regarding its origins and uses...but they amounted to little more than guesses and rumors. Hillard was a mystery to all. The party gathered within the circle of stones and discussed the upcoming Conference of Kordasha. Will had been persuaded to meet with the party, but he expressed in no uncertain terms that he had no love for the party of Finders, or its past actions and attitudes. All the same, Will had brought the location of the Conference...it was being held at the Mound of Kordasha, where the Seal had been created.

Will made it clear to all that he had not been invited to the Conference, and it was a direct result of his associations with the Finders. The look of disappointment and disgust was clear in his eye. Suddenly Zeek pointed off to the west, "I think something's moving out there in the grass.

Kit pointed also, but to the south, "Yes...and something approaches from this direction as well...ready your arms, my friends."

Three normal humans stood from the grass, in three different directions from the party. All three humans, one a female and two male, appeared to be very sad and crying. And all three were grasping at the shoulder straps of large backpacks on their backs. As the female came closer to the party, she was heard to say between sobs, "My children...god forgive me for what I do...they will kill my children." The party could also hear one of the males muttering under his labored breathing, "...protect my wife and children, and forgive me...I can't let them die...."

Kit cast an entangle spell on the female, stopping her progress forward. Oren picked up a large rock and threw it at one of the males, striking him heavily in the head. Blood splattered into the air, and as the man's grip came loose from his shoulder straps...BOOOM! The man's backpack exploded into a huge fireball, blowing pieces of the man in all directions. Oren took some minor damage from the blast. Zeek threw a rock, causing another man to explode. More of the sobbing human bombs appeared from the grass, and the party dealt with them each in their way. Zeek and Oren continued to throw rocks, while Will fired arrows into the grieving humans.

All of the humans had been injured, let go of their straps, and exploded...all except the one in the entanble spell. She was struggling against the magically altered plants that bound her. Will yelled, "Quit struggling!"

The woman yelled back, "They have my children...they told me that if I don't try to get to you and explode this sachel...they will slaughter my babies!"

Will drew back his bow and called back to her, "You have done your duty...."

"Don't kill her, Will!" Zeek ran towards Will in order to disarm him, though he knew he would be too late to stop the deadly arrow from flying. Ruahdin stood to the side doing nothing. Kit was already casting a spell, and she disappeared from the circle of Hillard, just as Will's arrow flew. Kit appeared directly in front of the female, and quickly clutched the woman's hands to stop her from exploding the backpack. Will's arrow grazed Kit's side, and came to rest in the grass on the other side of the entanble spell.

Zeek was still yelling at Will to stop, as will notched another arrow. Ruahdin now stepped in and also began telling Will to cease firing arrows at the woman and Kit. Will became very angry and yelled..."She was trying to blow us up...we should kill her!" Kit knocked the woman backwards, while lifting the backpack over the woman's head. A dimensional door opened behind the woman, and the backpack fell within it as it closed. About 500 feet to the north, the sachel reappeared instantaneously as it was exploding. Kit had saved the woman.

Kit and a few other party members questioned the woman as Will and Zeek began to argue about team unity. Will made the point that party members are always foiling each others efforts, and going against each other. Will pointed out that at Birchmont, party members knocked the old buildings down, even though other party members were inside. Will screamed that this was the cause of the party's failures, and their bad reputation. Zeek, in turn, pointed out that the woman was acting against her true wishes, and that she was doing what she could to save her kidnapped children. Zeek pointed out that several party members did not want to see the woman dead, and that in fact Will was acting against the party's wishes. Zeek went on to say that he had told Will not to kill the woman, but that Will had gone ahead with his plan to shoot her with arrows. Neither Zeek nor Will seemed ready to compromise on the issue...as the other party members made a few comments on both sides of the issue. When Zeek said that perhaps the party needed a leader, Oren volunteered to lead the group...but there were no takers!

Meanwhile, Kit had learned from the woman that they were members of a clan, and that they had been hunting when about 20 brigands had attacked and captured them. The brigands had held their children and wives hostage, and strapped the explosives to them...and directed them to attack the party or know that their children and wives would die horribly. Kit also learned the general location of the brigands hide-out...a deep crevice an hour's walk away to the northwest.

Will had become angry enough to simply walk away from the party, promising never to return. Several party members attempted to talk him out of it...but he was persistent. At one point Will asked everyone to agree to not go against the party in the future, and to work together. Zeek made the comment that it was Will who had acted against the party and its wishes, and not himself. This enraged Will, and he continued to walk away. Finally, Oren approached Will, and beat him silly with the flat of the blade of his huge axe. Oren was heard to say, "I believe in teamwork, and I am your friend Will. For that reason, I must do this to keep you with the team. I am all about teamwork!"

Ruahdin attempted to lay hands on Will in order to heal him, but found that his paladin's powers were not working. Ruahdin began the long hard process of atoning for some on-going sins he was mixed up in. Zeek poured a potion of healing down Will's throat in order to make him conscious. Then Jeremiah cast a spell that healed Will completely.


The Finders windwalked to the site of the brigand's crevice with the help of a spell from Jeremiah. Oren and Kit in solid form descended a hidden stairway, while Jeremiah and Zeek, still in wind-form, sunk down the center of the crevice. There was a large round room at the bottom, littered with food scraps, human waste, torn and soiled clothing, and other garbage. There was also a tunnel that led off from this room, which Jeremiah and Zeek scouted out as wisps of wind. Meanwhile, Casiel, Will, and the rescued bomb-woman, searched for tracks at the top of the hidden stairway.

Jeremiah and Zeek discovered a room with six brigands sitting around a fire. Several fire-power sachels were under a tarp in the corner. There were about 18 women and children gagged and bound, lying on the floor at the other side of the room. Jeremiah blew over to the fire, and settled down into it amid the smoke. Zeek blew down the one tunnel that led beyond this room. Kit reached the room, and cast a spell that cut off the women and children from the brigands and fire-power with a large iron wall. Kit then ran across the room, dragging her sword to cut any hidden fuses buried beneath the dirt...and then she ran up the stone wall using her boots of spider climb. The brigands were quite surprised, and drew their weapons...jumping to their feet.

Outside the crevice, Casiel told Will that he had found tiger prints in the loose dirt atop the hidden stairway. Will's blood ran cold. "Raksasha! Oh, god...the Raksasha! We have to warn the others!" With Casiel leading him in the dark from behind, they ran down the stairway as fast as they could. Will slipped and fell towards the bottom, but he jumped up and kept running...straight into a wall. Casiel caught up with him, and helped him into the tunnel that led to the others.

Zeek found a modest bedroom at the end of the tunnel leading away from the brigands. Lying on the bed, reading a book, was the Raksasha's bookkeeper and assistant...an intelligent looking human with small round glasses. "Hello, Zeek. Good to see you again."

Zeek yelled at the bookkeeper, but his voice sounded like a far-away voice on the wind, "Where is the Raksasha!"

Before Zeek's eyes, the bookkeeper sprouted orange and black striped fur, and took on the shape of the Raksasha. "Well, right here of course...little brother..."

Back in the room with the brigands, Kit, Oren, and Ruahdin engaged the scum-of-the-earth in combat, quickly over-powering them. Oren tripped one of them, causing him to fall into the fire, and burst into flames. The flaming brigand jumped up and was actually falling towards the sachels of fire-power, when Kit deployed an immovable rod. The brigand was knocked down by it, and flopped around on the floor in flames. Will and Casiel entered the room and helped at the end of the battle, and warned of the Raksasha. Zeek emerged from the other tunnel, and told the party the Raksasha had been there...offering him a deal, to get him to ally himself with his former enemy. Everyone wondered at what the Raksasha was up to...for he was one to always have an agenda.

Zeek returned to the room, and discovered that the Raksasha's book, still lying on the bed, was called "How to Serve Man." Zeek wrinkled his nose and grimaced at the thought of a cookbook for preparing human flesh...but he tucked the book away to examine later. While that was going on, Kit brought down the magical iron wall, and released the women and children. Some of them complained of having been abused in various ways, and the party chose to execute the remaining brigands, but hanging them from their necks until dead.

Casiel was searching the Raksasha's bed, and found that he had depressed a preasure plate connected to an explosive powder. The trap was designed that as soon as Casiel let up on the bed's matress, the bomb would explode. Casiel told the others to leave the crevice with the woman and children, and he would follow shortly. Casiel activated the wind walk spell that still remained on him, and slowly became insubstantial. By the time he preasure plate was released, Casiel was nothing but a wisp of wind that easily escaped from the blown-up, and caved-in crevice.


The Finders walked the trail to the Mound of Kordasha with thoughts of the upcoming negotiations in their minds. Soon they would meet with many of the members of the mage guild called the Council of 13, as well as many world leaders. There were plans to make, information to share, and a Kingdom to free.

A group of clan travellers passed the party going the other way, smiling and saying greetings to them in the Kloaden language. Several were on foot, several on horses, and one old land in a hooded robe was riding in a cart. The old woman began to shake and quiver, and it was soon reveal she was actually a devil. The party engaged her in combat, with Will saying out loud, "Great...I'm going to die." Oren and Zeek both fell to the ground at the devil's touch, in severe convulsions. But the rest of the party took the devil down within a minute or two.

The real old woman's body was found dead in the back of the wagon underneath some blankets, and it was determined that the clan travellers were unaware that the devil had taken the place of their female elder. Jeremiah brought the old woman back from the dead, something her soul readily agreed to...and the party was on its way. The clan travellers waved and yelled after the party much praise in the Kloaden language.


At the checkpoint, the party was initially turned away by an Sergeant of the Empire named Mayes, since they were not on the list to attend the conference. Then Sgt. Mayes realized the party was on a list of people that were to be specifically excluded from the Conference. The party sat and ate a magical feast at a magical table served by magical servers...all created by Jeremiah.

Will asked to speak with whomever was in charge, and shortly thereafter, Knight-General Mumford arrived at the checkpoint in order to speak with the party. Mumford had always seemed to favor Will, and he personally escorted the party to the huge complex of buildings built just to house the Conference of Kordasha. Entering the huge wooden building, Mumford led the party to the hall where the Conference was to be taking place...but it was empty.

The walls were covered in runes to protect the place from scying, and other means of magical detection...but it was completely empty. The party wondered at the sight of it. Mumford explained that the Conference had already taken place at another location, and that this Conference of Kordasha was simply a decoy to fool the devils...and perhaps the Finders, as well. Mumford warned the party to not enter the Seal of Kordasha, on threat of capital punishment by the Crown. And he invited the party to remain in the rune-protected room as long as they like to discuss their next plans. General Mumford was clearly loyal to the Empire, but sympathetic to the plight of the party, and more specifically the situation in which Will found himself embroiled.

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