Javair and Vikos

Chris Stevens and Matt Johnson created Javair and Vikos, respectively...years ago.  They are an odd-matched team, and at times the characters openly wondered why they worked together at all.  But somehow the combination of the two completely different adventuring styles led to some great games, and some amazing memories.  I have tried to bring the past and present together here...and present all the information I have about these two memorable characters and their adventures.

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Javair of the Lost

A Bard s Heart Dies  -  A New Found Purpose

Reclaiming the Azure Keep  -  Ballad of Javair of the Lost

Visitors to the Azure Keep -  Dutton Hobbs Comes Calling


Vikos the Vengeful

The Blood Fields of Paralo

Dobbyns to the Rescue

Vikos Finds Followers - RebuildingVikos

Vikos and Javair at the Storm Gates - After the Storm Gates are Closed

Devil's Ruby - Given to Javair by Merick, the Goblin Queen...this ruby has no special magical abilities...but can be shown to any demi-human to earn respect.

Hat of Disguises - Allows the wearer to take on the face and physical appearance of anyone he chooses. It does not affect size very much (up to 50% difference), nor the abilities of one so disguised.

Ruby of Warmth - A large red ruby that gives off an unnatural warmth. It will heat a large room, but is never hot enough to start a fire or burn anyone (anything).

Sword of Dorlinon Fi - "Giant-Slayer", +2 long sword, +4 versus Giants (all kinds), Throwing (10' range increment) & Returning, Flaming Burst (on critical hits +1d10 bonus fire damage)

Helm of Norell Bos - Can cast a Control Weather spell 3 times per day. It is pure silver, very shiney, with two indistinct "horns" pointing straight backwards from the temples.

+1 Black Field Plate - Unknown if this has special abilities. It was taken from the Castle of Sir James, and was possibly his personal armor.

"Striker" - Tobin's Axe - +2, Three stored Lightning Bolts (damage 5d10, only charged with called lightning), Maximize electric spell levels equal to cleric level. Keen edge (threat range of 19-20). ... is rumored to drive the weilder insane.

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