Discussion of Oren

(from Matt) When Oren is out of earshot Kerbock Speaks:
"Oren is a fine warrior. But he is too crazy to be around. A while ago I would have said kill him before his insanity gets us killed, but now I think we should try to cure him. He is just not right, how can a drawf even think he is a son a Galen Green. That Vax must go. (sounds like a line from Dr.Suess) Vax is the main cause of Oren's problems. Maybe if I smack him upside the head it will knock some sense into him...what do you think? It seemed to help Kit some. :) "

(from Scott) Kit ,,,,GLARE,,,,

(from Chris) The Seer in the woods might be able to help.I think we should take Oren to the Wooded Sage, brother of Hooded Mage. Ask him what the cure is, if he lies, he dies. I will also research a natural cure and talk with the healers of Greenmark. We have lots of loot, maybe we can persuade a good natured, spiritual healer to help?

We have tried, in the past, to right troubled ones through pain, torture, blows to the head, etc. Unfortunately, most came out like vegetables. Oren's head looks tougher than most rocks.

(from Scott) We need to go there and telling Oren we are going to help restore to him that which he has lost , He needs to he needs to ask the mage who attacked him , and we can ask who can restore his memory but we cant tell Oran we are trying to restore his memory, Vax may be more than an figment of his imagination. we need to agree to ask Orans questions but alter them when we get there.

(from Mike H.) THOUGH OREN IS NOT PRIVY TO THE CONVERSATIONS ABOUT HIM...HE ADDRESSES THE PARTY: It has come to my attention, some of my loyal servants are not being loyal. Rather every time I walk amongst the party, I notice little things. Things that SHOULD not occur. Vax has kept a list of some of the following
movements and actions he has seen:

1) Kerbock frantically glaring at myself. Always eyeing me up and down. He must be lonely, and Kit doesn't do it for him. I will not accept these intentions from him. If this not be thy case he must be jealous. I have also seen him run to Zeek and cover his mouth by his ear. Very disturbing. I am forewarning everyone: If you run to my ears with your hands and mouth puckered up, I will kill you. I do not appreciate that type of indecency. Galen Green would hunt you down if I were tell Father of your deeds.

2) Zeek has become soft. I believe he is practicing to be a jester. Every so often I will be engaging conversations with Vax, and I will see these funny gestures on his face. I do not understand. You are weak. You have my pity.

3) Kit.. Well.. Err.. Vax! I apologize. Vax wrote some nasty things concerning crabs and the end of Kerbocks sword. Never mind.

I do not understand what has gotten into you recently. It is very disturbing. I am uncomfortable around some of you. I think you need to get 'higher' help. There is also a rumor spreading around that one of you knows where my dragoon necklace is. I am currently investigating this. If I find out this to be true, I can guarantee dismay to the fellow.

Oren G. Green....Son of Ruler Galen Green.
ISO: female with Dragoon Necklace and Rubicite Dwarven War Axe.

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