Widow's Grove Resources

This resource list is needed for the Elder Players May 19th, 2001 game:


8 shovels
2 picks
10 rakes
10 hoes
5 wood axes
5 hatchets
8 pull-plows

30 iron spikes (in a wooden bucket)
80 wooden stakes (in a wooden bucket)

2 cans of white-wash paint
1 small can of blue paint

15 lanterns (5 are bulls-eye)
2 cans of lighting oil (15 flasks each)
50 torches
3 flasks of alchemist's fire
1 large pile of firewood (9' x 3' x 5')

10 2"x12" boards
20 2"x4" boards
box full of nuts and bolts
box full of nails
300 lbs. of loose stone

5 gallon barrel of pitch
15 gallon barrel of thick tar

3 mules
6 rabbits
2 riding horses
5 farm horses
2 homing pigeons (Rosehill, Dumit)
20 cows
10 sheep
20 chickens

1 large hay wagon (2 wheels)
2 general wagons (4 wheels each)
3 extra wagon wheels
1 large can of wagon wheel grease


3 canvas tarps (20' by 15' each)
15 yards white cloth (2 yards wide)
8 yards red cloth (2 yards wide)
5 yards green cloth (2 yards wide)

3 spools of wire (50' each)
4 rolls of twine (24' each)
white, black, and red thread
3 coils of rope (100' each)
1 large coil of rope (300')
1 hand-cranked winch
2 pulley-systems (5:1 leverage)


NOTE: Every man has a personal knife/dagger

5 damaged spears
5 damaged swords
5 bows (10 broken bows)
100 arrows
5 unsharpened axe heads w/o handles
5 axe handles
5 sets of chainmail armor (that are in complete disrepair)


3 kegs of water (40 flasks worth each)
a working well
1050 total days of food (this is 3 weeks of food for 50 people)


NOTE: In addition to the following specialists, there are 20 men, 25 women, and 8 children in at Widow's Grove.

Defacto Capt. of the Guard - MILTON FEDGE - 28 year old human male, 6'2", 200, blond hair and grey eyes, and clean-cut face. He appears to be the bravest of all the residents of Widow's Grove.

Carpenter - JEREF - 60 year old human male, short and thin with a full beard and bald head. Cusses a lot, smells a bit sour, but an excellent builder.

Mason - MINKO - 155 year old black dwarf ex-patriot, 5' and rather stocky, with black skin and black hair…full long beard, braided into one large knot. Left his work section some years ago to live among the humans. He tries his best to be as light-hearted and versatile as the humans he loves, but tends to talk way too much about stone and is a pessimist at heart.

Blacksmith - BORDEN - 32 year old human male, tall and broad with short brown hair and stubble on his face. Brother to Goddo, and blacksmith in Greenmark. He is very loud and out-going, and loves to eat, drink, and laugh.

Fletcher - MARTIKA - 22 year old human female, medium height, thin, long blond hair and green eyes. Her father was the fletcher for the hunters of the town until his recent demise. She's very serious about her work, and very good at it.

Seamstress - PHYLLIS - 77 year old human female, tall and thin, with gray hair and a pleasant face. She is like the grandmother everyone would wish to have.

2 Expert Archers - LENDERAL and SILVERINE - Half-elvan brothers, each appear young, though they are clearly much older than anyone else at Widow's Grove. They do not actually live here, but travel through several times a year. They just happen to be here now.

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