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Wizards of the Coast - This is the main page for Wizards...the company that produces Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Star Wars, Alternity, etc.

D&D 3rd Edition DOWNLOADS - Download professional and amateur artwork, character sheets, wallpaper, new feats, new magic items, etc.

D&D 3rd Edition MONSTERS - This Wizards site features new monsters for use in your D&D 3rd Edition game.

Registry of TSR gamers - Wizards of the Coast is currently up-dating this site. Eventually you will be able to register, and then look up people in your area with which to play games.

Wizard's Submissions - This is basically information on how to submit gaming materials to Wizards of the Coast, and who to send them to....

DnD Files - A resource site for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition...with new feats, monsters, spells, etc....

The World of Layonara - This is a highly detailed and professional campaign world. Very well put together.

MYSTARA Game Setting - A game setting for the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition game. There's maps, monsters, adventure ideas, etc....

Steve Bartell's Home Page - Steve is a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, and has an interesting website with resources and links.

Alternity Adventures (at the Globe) - Download an adventure called the "Terror of Endomar" from this site at no cost.

Alternity RPG from TSR - I believed this would be the "D&D" of the 21st Century. It is an amazing game with a great dice-system...but Wizards of the Coast has ceased production in favor of their d20 systems (D&D 3rd Edition, Star Wars, etc.)

Drive* Alternity Resourse Center - This Otherearths Site is a resource page for Alternity. You can read and post Alternity oriented ideas and concepts here.

The Hoffmann Institute - This site was a great idea. It is a fake website for the fictional Hoffmann important organization in the Alternity Dark Matter campaign setting.

RPGA Network - The RPGA is a role-playing game association...and offers a wide range of benefits and services. Very cheap to join...this is a must if you are a convention goer.

Foundation RPG - A gaming magazine and club that seeks to be something unique. Interesting concept and worth checking out.

Brian Dozier's Page - Brian Dozier is a Dungeon Master in the Kansas City metropolitan area. He maintains a role-playing website, where he features summaries of past games he has run.

The Cole Family - This page has photos from renaissance festivals that the Cole's have attended. There is also a link the the D&D campaign they are involved with...the Gothic Earth.

Zeek's Page - Chris Stevens posted this page, which contains his monk Zeek's character sheet.

Javair's Page - Chris Stevens posted this page, which contains his bard Javair's character sheet.

Ainsty Sci Fi and Fantasy Models - It will cost you some dough, but this company has everything you need to design amazing dungeon sets for your "lead" miniture use. They have photos of most of their products.

Barbary MUSH - Cthulhu in 1890s San Francisco - This game setting is based on Chaosium's CALL OF CTHULHU game. Fairly detailed and involved.

Role-Playing Pages - AOL Hometown - A plug for fellow-AOL page-makers!

RPGRealms: GRIP Online Roleplaying - GRIP is a downloadable program that allows a group to role-play on-line. It can be customized for any game system.

DragonSlayer, the Movie - Remember this classic movie from 1981? Probably the best "DRAGON" movie of all time. This site has some inside scoop and some stills from the movie.

Dungeons & Dragons, the Movie - This is the official movie website. It has all sorts of pictures from the movie.

Dungeons & Dragons (from AOL) - Photos from the movie, as well as reviews....

Lord of the Rings, the Movie - This is the official movie trilogy website. Information about the cast, and anything else you might want to know!

Lord of the Rings (from E!) - This site is maintained by E! It has "inside scoop" on the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie trilogy....


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