"Finders of the Key" Campaign

For 20 years I have played Dungeons and Dragons. Our group started with the "Basic" set, moved up to AD&D, and faithfully converted to the 2nd Edition when it came out. When I first heard about a 3rd Edition, I was a little upset...but then I took a look at it. Amazing changes...it is incredibly simple while allowing characters and DMs a huge variety of options.

I have spent more time as DM, than as a player, and over time I have developed a campaign world that I really love. This page of my website is dedicated to documenting our current campaign set on the World of Kempin, and focused around the ancient Azure Kingdom. Our current playing group was created by merging two playing groups, both of which had been playing together for over 20 years!

Mark Stinson on 11-18-2000

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Introduction for Players - Ability Scores

Fantasy Artwork! - RPG Links

NEW RULES - Javair and Vikos

Fallen Heros... - XP's

All the Games We Played...

Javair's Oath!

Interlude Twelve - Caravan of Hope - Oren II

"Imperial Entanglements" - 1/19/02

Interlude 13 - Details - Damon and the Black Temple

"Tunis, City of Thieves I" - 2/16/02

Interlude 14 - Details - Paladin's Code - Where's Oren?

"Tunis, City of Thieves II" - 3/16/02

Interlude 15 - Details - DMs Comments

The Future of Our Game - Will's Journey

"The Purification of Birchmont I" - 4/27/02

Interlude 16

"The Purification of Birchmont II" - 5/18/02

A Glimmer of Hope - Interlude 17 - Night of Four Immortals

"Sins of the Fathers" - 6/15/02

Interlude 18 - 6/15 Game Handouts

"Giants Attack and SonaNyl" - 7/20/02

"The Paladin and Dead Chicks" - 8/17/02

Interlude 20 - Missing Party Members

"Burgrat's Wall and the Cloud of Knives" - 9/21/02

Interlude 21 - Kit's Note

"Captive Zukazon" - 10/12/02

Interlude 22 - Tone of the Games - Grotten

"Molash's Black Heart" - 11/16/02


"Conference of Kordasha" - 11/16/02

Interlude 23 - Kit - Collin - Game Handouts - Vikos

"A Fiery Path" - 12/14/02

Interlude 24 - 5000 XP Quiz

"Day of the Jackel" - 1/18/02

Interlude 25

"End of an Age" - 2/8/03

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The Elder Players Campaign

"I think the fact that two different fragments of long-term gaming groups can come together and create a whole new group is pretty amazing. It hasn't always been pretty, but for me it has been a lot of fun. The playing styles are so varied, the approaches to the game so diverse...that as DM you never really know what is going to happen!"

"We have been playing the Azure Kingdom Campaign since 11-18-2000...over
two years! Thanks for playing guys!"

Mark L. Stinson on 12-17-2002

Contact me at VoidPulp@yahoo.com