Sona-Nyl...Land Between Worlds

"So once more the White Ship followed the bird of heaven, over warm blessed seas fanned by caressing, aromatic breezes. Day after day and night after night did we sail, and when the moon was full we would listen to the soft songs of the oarsmen, sweet as on that distant night when we sailed away from my far native land. And it was by moonlight that we anchored at last in the harbor of Sona-Nyl...This is the Land of Fancy, and we walked to the verdant shore upon a golden bridge of moonbeams...."

"...and there I dwelt for many aeons. Green are the groves and pastures, bright and fragrant the flowers, blue and musical the streams, clear and cool the fountains, and stately and gorgeous the temples, castles, and cities of Sona-Nyl...beyond each vista of beauty rises another more beautiful. Over the countryside and amidst the splendour of cities can move at will the happy folk, of whom all are gifted with unmarred grace and unalloyed happiness...And I viewed by moonlight the sparkling sea...and the placid harbor wherein lay anchored the White Ship."

-From H.P. Lovecraft's The White Ship


Tales of Journeys to Sona-Nyl: "Once a Knight"



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