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The area of space known as Sector 42 is located in a very remote part of the galaxy often referred to by the Galactic Government as the "Unknown Regions."  The area is so remote that the politics of the Core Worlds and the Galactic Government has very little impact here.  On Galactic maps this area is actually at coordinate C3 (see the Star Wars Galaxy Map in the Resources section above).  The name Sector 42 actually comes from the unique mapping system of the Chiss Ascendancy.  This Chiss Empire, with its capital on the frozen planet of Csilla, is far enough away from Sector 42 that it exercises absolutely no control or direct influence in Sector 42.  The Fendora-Bengalla Trade Corporation occasionally trades with both the Chiss Ascendancy and the Core Worlds.

The average resident of Section 42 has never left the Sector, and knows very little about the galaxy outside their region.  The Sector is fairly self-sufficient and insular, with the 24 major systems producing most of what is needed to maintain the economy and their way of life.  The Fendora-Bengalla Trade Corporation and infrequent trancorp visitors to the Sector keep the hyperspace calculations for traveling beyond the boundaries of Sector 42 a trade secret.  Only the richest and most important people, in good-favor with the Fen-Ben Trade Corporation, have the ability to acquire the hyperspace calculations needed to travel safely to locations outside of Sector 42.

The Knights of the White Tower are an ancient Jedi Order that settled on the moon Melan-Ker in the Aloren System of Sector 42 some 1000 years ago.  Much like the Sector itself, these Jedi Knights are very insular and have very little contact with the Jedi Order based on Coruscant.