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History of the Twilight Sector

Republic of the Plains - Timeline

Tourists Guide to Kansas City

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Tol-in Gaurhoth System

Dorlass System

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Oct. 18, 2501 - April 9, 2503

May 12, 2503 / June 16, 2503 / July 29, 2503

Aug. 30, 2503 / Sept. 28, 2503 / Nov. 4, 2503

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Prelude to Episode #2

Dreaming Man Case File

Elsworth's Episode Memos: #7, #8

Elsworth's Episode Memos: #11-12, #13, #14

Martin Lloyd's Journal Entry (#14)

Episode #16: Interlude, Handouts

Interlude Prior to Season #3 / Timeline

Episode 19 - Gang Wars

Episode #20: Interlude, Summary

Episode #21: Interlude, Summary

Episode #22:  Interlude, Summary

Episode #23: Interlude, Summary

Episode #24: Summary

Episode #25: Interlude, Summary

Honestly, the Alternity rules are amazing. The dice dynamic is fluid, and allow the GM to call out adjustments to the player's dice rolls that are exciting and fair. Unlike most rule systems, the firearms rules, the skill system, and the way armor works are very realistic without bogging down the action. The Star*Drive campaign setting is extremely detailed while still being very adaptable.

The Twilight Sector Campaign seeks to exploit all of these factors, and bring the player an in-depth, mysterious, and action-packed science fiction campaign. A brief look around this site reveals the depth of development that has gone into this campaign. If you have any questions and comments for the Game Master of this campaign...Mike Cross...e-mail him now!  If you run into any problems with the technical side of this website, please inform the webmaster.

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