Sona-Nyl Map/Geography

Sona-Nyl enjoys fairly warm temperate weather year-round. The forests are thick with green leafy trees as well as firs and pines. The rolling grasslands are tall with green sturdy grass. The shoreline varies from rough rocky coast, to the occasional stretch of white sandy beach. The swamps are deep, dark, and treacherous. (Text continued below....)

Animals and plants on the island tend to be fairly fantastic in nature, though over the years the populations of both have been thinned by generations of adventurers. The natives of the island are brave and fierce, and are known for their extensive and colorful use of tattooing. Most of the explorers and settlers of the island have some sort of wanderlust and need for adventure in their blood. Just finding your way to Sona-Nyl takes a huge leap of faith and a hunger for the unknown. Nexus is a large towering city, while Loch Hill is a quiet little hamlet. Tara-Ki is the throne-city for the native population of Lotallo Tribesmen and their Ki warriors.

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