The Archibald Leach Explorer Guild

Founded by the first "outsider" to find Sona-Nyl...Archibald Leach...the Guild has several hundred members. The large manor that houses the Guild is in the center of the Manor District of the city of Nexus. Members of the Guild are allowed (if they choose) to live in an apartment in the Guild Manor, the size of which is determined by their status in the Guild.

The Guild employs scouts and spies that travel the four winds seeking adventures and quests for Guild members to explore. Guild spies have been known to return to Sona-Nyl with news of a possible adventure 10 to 15 years after they first set out seeking information. The scouts and spies are well paid and well treated, for they serve a very important function.

Years ago, Archibald Leach turned over leadership of the Explorer Guild to a council of six extremely powerful members of the Guild. This council is simply called The Six, and they make all the important management, membership, financial, and political decisions within the Guild.

The Guild serves the game-purpose of allowing characters to be brought together for an adventure without a detailed explanation of how they came to know each other. They are simply members of the Explorer Guild...that's how they met.

Explorer Guild members are expected to pay dues equal to 5% of the value of their earnings and treasure they recover, with a minimum dues payment of 400 GP a year.

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