Nexus...City of Gleaming Towers

Be aware that these districts are not clearly marked. Those familiar with the city would easily understand any reference made to one of these districts, but a stranger to the city may walk through several of them without seeing clear lines of demarcation. (Text continued below....)

The districts are generally distinct regarding the type of business or residence located there, the type of person that frequents the area, and the condition and upkeep of each area.

Feel free as DM to map sections of the city, but it is probably not a good idea to try to be "all inclusive" (i.e. draw a map of the entire Manor District.) The more areas of the city that remain unmapped, the more that imagination can serve to fill in the spaces. Leaving unmapped spaces in the city also allows all the DMs involved in a rotation (if that is something your DMs do) more flexibility when planning city encounters, and avoid contradictions between each DM's maps of sections of the city.

Detailed Descriptions of Each District:

(to be added later)

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