Important Places on Sona-Nyl

Leach's Tower

Years ago, when Archibald Leach turned over control of the Explorer Guild to The Six...he said that he had important study to do on a problem that could very well threaten the entire world(s). He supervised the building of a castle and large tower on the Isle of the Owl in the middle of Silver Lake.

This tower, near the center of Sona-Nyl, became a gathering place for mages who wished to study under Archibald Leach. It is well known that these mages had to take an oath to not leave the Isle of the Owl again, until such time as the Great Danger had been averted. To this very day, over a 100 mages toil under the constant supervision and direction of Archibald Leach, their every effort dedicated to saving the world(s). Of course, no one speaks of what the Great Danger might be....

Loch Hill

The quiet manors of Loch Hill are built on the shore of Venerille Loch...a smooth blue lake perfect for sailing and easy fishing. The residents of Loch Hill are generally retired (but far from helpless) adventurers and explorers. They have tired of the hustle and bustle of Nexus, and teh work and effort of grand quests....

These retired adventurers often retain an honorary membership to the Explorer Guild, and in cases of dire emergency, will come out of retirement for an important adventure.


The primitive lodges of Tara-Ki harken back to the years prior to Archibald Leach first discovering Sona-Nyl. the heavily tattooed Lotallo Tribesmen and their Ki warriors. The Lotallo Tribe has its throne here...and here resides the tribe's Spider King.

The Lotallo Tribesmen have accepted and adapted to the outsiders on their island, and in many ways have taken advantage of their presence. While strict religious rules prevent the Ki from ever leaving Sona-Nyl, they serve as combat instructors, weapon and armor smiths, and faithful assistants to important adventurers during their stays on the island.

The Lotallo Tribesmen are known for their refusal...their lie, and are therefore utterly trusted by those that employ them. The Ki will only work for honorable, honest, and deserving employers. Hiring a Lotallo Tribesman is much more akin to making a friend, than to making a business arrangement....

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