THE BLACK TOMB - December 2004

An Interlude Adventure - Mike Cross brought the idea of "Interludes" to our gaming group. They intially took the form of e-mails going back and forth between players and the DM in order to tell stories and keep the game moving between actual games. It was in this Star Wars Campaign that we had our first MEGA-INTERLUDE, which was experimental and a big deal for our group at the time. Essentially, for six months players in the campaign worked together with the DM to keep the game going without ever meeting to play a Star Wars game. Just e-mails! Some amazing stories and character development came out of that process. Well, this Adventure Interlude was our attempt to do something experimental...and push the Interlude-envolope a little bit. What if the DM had an entire adventure planned, with maps, planned encounters, and even drawings of the NPC's? And what if the Players and the DM played that adventure out on a message board over the period of a week or two? Its probably been done before...but not by us! Read below to see how it went.

-Mark Stinson

(from Mark Stinson) I'm going to run a Star Wars adventure right this discussion string. Don't let it distract from Mike's Interlude going on right now over in the Twilight Sector Forum. And don't let Mike's distract from this one. We can do two at once! You might want to glance over Quinn, Vette, Morgan, Kenai, and Bot Welo...just so you sort of remember what they are capable of. This Interlude Adventure will feature maps...planned encounters, etc...but will be wide open for you to drive it forward in a 100 different ways. Probably tomorrow, I will begin the adventure...but for tonight a teaser: It has been 3 years since our last game. Your group still travels together on Vette's ship the Gray Sunrise. You are investigating a Dark Side location on the forested planet of Thoth...something called the Black Tomb. The Jedi Council has detected a great disturbance in the Force eminating from this planet. You have been instructed to contact a guide at a small settlement on the planet...a settlement called Blackwell. Tomorrow I'll post a little more background, provide you with a view of Blackwell from the Gray Sunrise entering the atmosphere from above. And we'll get right into it...

group (115K)

Kenai Moongazer - Vette Vanjor - Quinn Roldoon - Morgan Cloud - Bot Welo

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(from Chris Stevens) Vette hits the warning signal to alert the passengers that the Grey Sunrise is pulling out of Warp Speed. "Whhheeet. Whheeet! One of the R-4 units is a flutter of warning lights and whistles contrasting to the ships calm beeps. Vette exclaims, "Would someone shut that thing up!" Quinn mentions, "the little droid might have something useful to say." Just then the ship, in concert with with the R-4 unit, errupts into error messages that true danger lies ahead!

Morgan yells, "You put us in an asteroid field! He's with Dark Side!"

(from Mark Stinson) Vette begin weaving a path through the heavy asteroids. "For that last time...I rejected the Dark Side! This system is so obscure, we just don't have good maps of it. No one comes one. Warping into this system is like flying blind."

Bot Welo, mutters with his Rodian accent, "I should have insisted on piloting us here...I really should have."

Kenai Moongazer jumps into the seat by the instruments panels. "Work your way down, and out of the field...your heading into the belt's core according to the instruments."

Vette lets out a deep breath. "I'm heading into the core, because there's an opening" Vette swoops upwards skimming a large tumbling asteroid, and then quickly puts the Gray Sunrise into a dive...shooting free of the asteroid belt.

Kenai laughs. "That was very good, Vette."

Bot Welo has droplets of sweat gathering along his green snout. "I really should have insisted on piloting the ship."

Quinn points out the window of the Gray Sunrise. "There...that glistening black planet...that's going to be Thoth."

Morgan shudders. "My home, Ando Prime, is a beautiful glistening white, and reflects the light of the Universe. Thoth seems to swallow the light around it. I have a bad feeling about this."

(from Mark Stinson) The Gray Sunrise slid into Thoth's atmosphere and began its long descent to the surface. Black clouds hung in the misty atmosphere like heavy wet drapes. The ship bounced and shook from the turbulance of re-entry. Kenai looked up from the instrument panel. "I've got the location of the Blackwell Settlement locked into your nav-systems, Vette."

Morgan had a grim look on his face. "And that's the only settlement on this planet? The place is a depressing place, that is certain. But with a livable atmosphere...only one small settlement?"

Quinn put a hand on Morgan's shoulder. "This system is almost as remote as our own. At this distance from the Republic's center...and any viable trade routes, it amazing there's a settlement at all.

Breaking through the clouds, the black forested surface of the planet came into view. The black trees were broken only by black rivers that raged across the planet's surface, and a few small black seas. Quinn squinted at the surface images. "The whole surface is either trees or water. How deep and thick is that plant growth?"

Kenai flipped through a few computer displays, looking for an answer. Frustrated he simply answered..."Thick as hell."

Nearing the surface, the first view of the Blackwell Settlement became available:

blackwellwide (7K)

Kenai began describing things. "They seem to have cut a space out of the thick forest for their settlement. The lines of green appear to be crops. The pinkish buildings appear to be a pre-built modular settlement buildings. They have a small moisture condenser system...and I have generated a red X on the over-head display where it appears supply ships land. Other than landing on their crops, that's really the only place to land for miles and miles."

Vette spoke over his shoulder, "What do you think guys? Our guide is down there somewhere...."

(notice in the bottom right corner the 10' scale is designated)

(from Mike Cross) Vette, set us down on Kenai's X. This place is clouded to me...everyone be on guard!

(from Mark Stinson) The Gray Sunrise comes to a hovering position over the landing spot, and the engines roar as they keep the weight of the ship aloft without any lift from the wings. "Kenai, take the controls. I'm not much good landing free-hand." The craft wobbles a little while Kenai regains control. "I told you I should have flown." The occupants of the sleek gray ship either strap in or hold on tight, as the ship slowly tips backwards 90 degrees for its vertical landing.

With a soft thunk, the ship makes contact with the ground, and Vette begins shutting down the engines and flight systems. Vette slaps him on the Kenai on the shoulder and heads to the landing ramp, grabbing his utility belt. "Come on we've got a job to do."

Quinn pivots out of his chair and gains his feet. "I feel a general unease...and there is a sense of fear in this settlement...but I'm not feeling as much of a disturbance in the Force...but more a void in the Force..."

Kenai locks and encodes the ships controls so no one can start her back up but him. Vette gets to the landing ramp controls, and deploys the ramp. "I feel it too, Quinn. There are no settlers in view on the external cameras, so who knows what's going on here."

blackwellship (15K)

(Looking at this map, Players, you'll see that the Grey Sunrise lands like Boba Fett's Slave that its nose it pointing upwards. The water condensing plant is visible just to the south of that. The pinkish pre-fab settlement buildings are as many stories tall as they have lines. The one closest to the ship is 5 stories tall, for instance.)

Bot Welo adjusted his blaster in its holster as he moved towards the still closed door. "Maybe the settlers are hiding. We aren't exactly scheduled visitors."

Vette said, "Open Doors" and the exit from the ship slid open incredibly fast. The dull gray light spilled inwards, and the town was clearly visible beyond their landing ramp. The ground was a black dirt, with stubby black weeds sticking up here and there along the edges of the buildings. A chill wind blew up black dust, which swirled around the base of the Gray Sunrise.

The Vette said, "External Defenses On...Offensive Lock Down once we've deployed." A control panel near the door beeped...some sort of answer to Vette's request. And Vette stepped out onto the ramp. Quinn followed and then the rest of the party. Vette got to the end of the ramp and stopped. "Something's wrong."

A bolt of light hit the ground at Vette's feet, throwing up chunks of dirt. Vette and Quinn both had their light sabers out and on before the last chunk fell back to the ground. Both Quinn and Vette's light sabers flash, deflecting the additional blasts coming from behind the pinkish pre-fab structures. Morgan's black irridated staff absorbs a blast. Quinn spoke in hushed tones to the rest of the crew, "These folks are not great shots, by any means." Suddenly the blaster fire stopped.

Then they heard the deep voice calling out to them from a hidden location. "Who are you...and why have you come here?"

The voice sounded strong and firm, but Quinn felt there was a touch of fear in it....

(Sorry Chris, we posted at the same time, so I cannibalized your post and included it in the one I had posted! What's next guys?)

(from Mike Cross) Quinn replies, "We have been sent on behalf of the Jedi Council. We were to meet a guide and learn your...situation. Might you be that guide? At any rate show yourself and please no more blaster fire, we mean you no harm."

(from Mark Stinson) "How do we know you are not followers of the Dark Arts? Many evil ones come here to worship...and we are ever the worse for it. How can we know?" The deep voice goes from appearing confident to sounding outright scared. All pretense has evaporated...

(from Chris Stevens) "You don't. There's nothing to say that would convince you. If we were here under the veil of the Dark Side, we would lie and twist your mind to do our bidding. Let our actions speak for themselves." Vette discharges his lightsaber and the others follow suit, that is except for Bot Welo. He places his hands behind his back, holding his blaster.

"We are here to help. What would you have us do?"

(from Mark Stinson) The deep voice answers, "Can it be? Can the Jedi Council have finally heard our silent cries for help? Can these truly be Jedi?"

An older man's voice answers from behind a different building. "Look at the one who speaks to us. His eye is so many of the dark ones who come here. His sword burned with a gray light. They are hear to rape and kill!"

The deep voice has back some of its former confidence. "No. I will trust these men. If they are from the Jedi Council, then we have our saviors. If they deceiving us, and here to kill us...then let me be the first to die."

A man steps from behind the tallest pinkish pre-fab structure and begins walking towards the Jedi. He is tall, with an extremely short crew-cut. He is wearing gray full-length coveralls with a zipper up the front. The man walks right up to Vette at the end of the ramp, and puts out his hand. "I am called Abel. Take my hand, and show them you will help us...or cut my arm from my body now and reveal your dark intentions."

abel (12K)

(from Chris Stevens) Vette shakes his hand firmly and eyes him. "You are a brave man, if not a wise one. My name is Vette VanJour."

"Can you guide us to the Dark Art monument? I feel something I haven't felt in a long time..."

(from Mark Stinson) Abel holds onto Vette's hand, but turns and speaks loudly over his shoulder. "These are not followers of the Darkness...these are Jedi...welcome our saviors!"

One man stepped from behind a building. Then another man from behind another building...then a woman...and so on. When they were done coming out of their hiding places, Morgan counted around 50 settlers. They all wore grey coveralls like Abel's, with a zipper up the front. "Look at their faces...they have seen much suffering here. many settlers live in Blackwell?"

Abel let go of Vette's hand, and looked Morgan up and down, apparently amazed by his bold tattooing. Finally he answered. "We number 324...with three on the way." Able smiled at this and seemed slightly embarrassed. "Many of them are locked up in their rooms...afraid of who our new visitors might be this time."

A short balding man with a mustache walked up and stood next to Abel. Abel quickly introduced him. "This is Crutcher, Blackwell's spiritual adviser...and 2nd in command here at our settlement."

crutcher (13K)

Crutcher still had a look of doubt on his face. "You asked about a monument to the Dark Arts. That is the cause of all our problems. When we first settled here, I thought to myself, what bad luck to settle near a festering source of Dark Side power. But after a few months here I had drawn us here. It had worked on our minds...and brought us here to torture use corrupt us..."

Abel seemed to interrupt Crutcher's rant. "But you asked of a guide. There is such a man here. He is the only one brave enough to take people to the tomb. He is drinking in the Commons right now. You want to meet this scoundrel?"

Here is the full/labeled map of Blackwell. Notice the 10' scale indication on the bottom right. Remember that buildings are as many stories as they have lines around their border. Ask...Go...or Do anything you want.

blackwell (29K)

(from Mike Cross) Quinn sniffs the air as if he can smell the taint of the darkside which permeates this place. Turning to Abel he says, "Sir, would you indulge us and lead us to the commons. I would speak with this guide for we will have need to visit this...tomb, if we are to exercise this place of the dark forces which haunt you. On our way perhaps you can fill us in on the tomb and also the visitors it sounds like it attracts."

(from Mark Stinson) Abel motions toward the pre-fab structure marked as the Commons. "Of course Master....?"

Quinn quickly answers, "Master Quinn." Quinn then introduces the rest of the crew by name.

"Thank you, Master Quinn. You are welcome here...more welcome than you know. The source of this evil is the Tomb of Vil Reaver...a follower of the Dark Side of the Force. He led a cult of Dark Siders who worshiped two ancient Sith...referred to as the Dark Mother and the Dark Father. Vil Reaver was laid to rest here on Thoth...and his tomb has become a shrine. For a thousand years, those that follow the Dark Side are drawn here. They come here on pilgrimages."

Vette asks, "Then why would you settle in this god-forsaken place?"

Abel, Crutcher, the crew, and many of the settlers reached the door into the Commons, but pause to finish their conversation. Able shakes his head. "Had we known...we would never have settled here. We either suffered from incredibly bad luck...or we were drawn serve the evil pilgrims who travel here. We'll find your guide in the Dining Area." Abel turns to the crowd that followed them there. "Go about your daily tasks...there is work to be done!"

(from Mark Stinson) The Commons was a 2-story pre-fab 8-sided building. Inside there was a hallway that led to a small 8-sided room at the center of the building. There were spiral stairs leading to the second floor, and 6 doors leading off of this small room. Each was marked with a sign. Dining Area. Exercise. Entertainment. Worship. Medical Treatment. Library.

Able led you through the door marked "Dining Area," into a large room with tables and benches and a serving area. Along one wall were several barrels marked, "Ale," "Grain," and "Whiskey." The only man in the room was sitting by these barrels...several glasses on the table in front of him.

The guide had jet-black skin and lips, and his eyes were all-red, with the irises a slightly darker red than the rest of the eyeball. He wore what appeared to be ancient armor...and an assortment of strange hand-to-hand weapons strapped to his well as a blaster on each hip. The guide slammed down the rest of whatever was in the cup in his hand, and then he addressed the crew from across the room. "Welcome, Jedi! I have been waiting for you! My name is Blake, and I've been asked to be your guide." Blake motioned to the barrels behind him as he stood. "What's your poison?"

Vette muttered disapprovingly under his breath. "Bounty Hunter if I ever saw one...."

blake (24K)

(from Mike Cross) "Thank you sir. May I inquire...who has asked you to be our guide?"

(from Chris Stevens) "You mean, paid, right Quinn?"

(from Mike Cross) "I'm sure the good man will see fit to relate to us the truth of the matter." Quinn replies to Vette, deliberately enunciating his words while keeping his eyes fixed on Blake.

(from Mark Stinson) "I have a one man ship...parked far enough from this settlement, that no one is tempted to look for it...and make their escape in it. It can receive relayed communications. A Jedi contacted me...offerred me money to guide you around the area when you got her. A Jedi named Krye Chi."

Quinn caught Vette's eye. They had never met Krye Chi, but they had heard his name mentioned in Jedi Temples of Corsucant. Vette took one step closer than Quinn was standing. "Why help us? Won't it ruin your business here of guiding evil pilgrams to their dark place of worship?"

Blake nodded. "Yeah, but Krye Chi offered me enough credits that I won't have to be a guide here anymore. When this is done...I'm leaving this hellhole, never to return. Your my last job on Thoth."

(I'll pause for more questions, or whatever else you want to get out of Blake. Feel free to disgard the narrative, and provide me with a whole list of questions. I'll move this forward sometime Saturday whether someone posts or not.)

(from Chris Stevens) What are the cordinates of the monument?
Who have you taken there lately and are they still here?
How many Dark Siders are around this area?
Do we have a way to clear the brush quickly?
How many weapons do the settlers have and what type?

(from Mike Cross) What power does the monument have?
Is there a cleric or caretaker their permanently?
What do the pilgrims do when they go to the monument?
What's the history of the ancient Sith the monument is dedicated to?
Tell us the history of Vil Reaver?

PAGE 2 (from Mark Stinson) Blake Answers Some Questions:

What are the cordinates of the monument?

"14.834 V 157.347 H. But equipment tends to malfunction in the vicinity of the tomb. Landing in the forest is almost impossible, and driving vehicles through the forest...even speeder a sure-fire way of getting killed. I guess that's why I have a job here. I know how to find things that don't want to be found." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who have you taken there lately and are they still here? "Its been 2 weeks since I led an expedition to the tomb. I never go in, of course. Never. The expedition was made up of three Dark Siders that looked just like me, and one older human...a fat one at that. The Darksiders had jet-black skin...and spoke in hushed tones. That were particularly cruel to the settlers...adding several graves to the cemetary. The air was always cool around these three...and frost hung in the air around them. They were clearly powerful users of the Darkness. They spent around 6 hours in the Tomb, and then I guided them out of the forest. They...they did horrible things to several settlers...and left in their dark ship." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many Dark Siders are around this area? "I've heard there are a few older Darksiders that live on Thoth. Far from this settlement, and far from the Temple. It is not good to stay in the vicinity of the Temple for too long. Even for Darksiders. But I have never met these isolated old hermits." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do we have a way to clear the brush quickly? "No. The plantlife on this planet sort of has a mind of its own. If you start clearing brush, the plant life tends to fight back. Ask these settlers about their constant fight to keep the forest at bay, and you'll get the idea." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many weapons do the settlers have and what type? "Plenty of blaster rifles...some blaster pistols...some explosives for clearing the forest. Though they used most of that up clearing this settlement. It took them months to clear this space, and they had to clear it over and over again before it would stay clear. Just a few months ago, the forest tried to reclaim the space, and the settlers had to spend a full seven days defending their town with fires and some of the explosives." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What power does the monument have? "I don't know. I've visited a hundred systems, and never seen a forest like this one. Its almost as if the tomb has infected the plantlife with the taint of its evil. We must tread softly in the forest, and not bring ourselves to its attention. I've heard the settlers mention that they feel the Tomb actually drew them here. And it seems to me that the pilgrams who visit...are also drawn here. I feel the Tomb still holds much power...and many secrets." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there a cleric or caretaker their permanently? "If so, no one has spoken of him to me...and no one in the settlement has ever seen or head from him. Since I don't actually go into the Tomb...I really don't know what or who may be in there." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do the pilgrims do when they go to the monument? "I'm not sure. But when the Darksiders come back out...and meet back up with me to be guided out of the forest, they seem envigorated. They seem rededicated. Often the worst violence to the settlers occurs when the pilgrams come back from the Tomb. They seem almost hungry to do something cruel and intolerable..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's the history of the ancient Sith the monument is dedicated to? "I'm a great tracker...and I have come to know some things about those that use the Dark Side of the Force. But I'm clueless on the history of the Sith. I have overheard the pilgrams mentioning the Mother and the very reverant tones. They seem to worship these figures in some way." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tell us the history of Vil Reaver? "Darth Malice...Vil Reaver, was a great tool of evil thousands of years ago. He was independent, and bold, and whole systems trembled at the thought of a visit from Vil Reaver and his armies. There is not an evil committed by men that has not been attributed to this bastard. When he felt his body failing...under the strain of his use of the is said he would not give up the ghost. He built a Tomb to stand as a monument to his power forever. Some of the pilgrams whisper that Darth Malice built the Tomb to preserve the Dark Side artifacts he had collected over his lifetime." VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 490 (12/18/04 1:08 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Ready to Go? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blake stands up from the table. "I've been waiting for you for about a week, and I have all my gear ready to go. Is there anything you need to gather from your ship...or acquire from the settlers before we leave?" Bot Welo broke his silence. "You want to go right now?" Blake's black face broke into a smile...revealing blood red teeth that matched his eyes. "I didn't figure you'd want to wait around for something bad to happen...we should probably get to the Tomb as quickly as possible." (Players, Do you want to get anything from your ship or from the settlers? Are you ready to go? As DM, I'm ready to go with maps, room de*****ions, and everything.) Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/19/04 12:15 am VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 491 (12/18/04 1:50 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Player Knowledge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (slowly fade from black to a dimly lit room) There is but a single source of light in the room...a flickering blue flame reflecting off the room's shiny black walls. The walls are shiny like black mirrors, and black cobwebs hang from the walls and ceiling...and from the statue that towers above the room. The statue is of a tall dark man...with a cruel look upon his face.... Kneeling off to the side is a slight figure in tattered black robes. "Jedi have arrived on Thoth, my lord. They have come for the secrets of Darth Malice's Tomb." The cobwebs stir as a light breeze blows through the room. "Yes, my lord. We will feed on their marrow. We will devour their essence. We will prevent the Council from knowing HIS plans." The light breeze circles around the dark acolyte...and she shivers and clutchs at herself.... (slowly fade to black) VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 494 (12/19/04 9:49 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Ready to Go? part 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blake got an odd look on his face. "I know all of this can be a bit overwhelming. But these people think you are here to save them. Do you need anything from your ship or the settlers before we go? The Jedi Council sent a group of Jedi, right...not Padawans? I only work with professionals...." Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/19/04 11:56 am kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 131 (12/19/04 12:39 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Preparations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Watch your tongue, bounty hunter." We gather the settlers together and perpare them for what may befall them. (While they are together, we search their minds to see if any of them are Dark Siders.) We get provisions from the ship and set the ship's defenses. We take climbing gear, food, survival gear. We leave the R4 unit on board to monitor communications. VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 496 (12/19/04 2:47 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Ready to Go? part 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "No offense meant, I assure you." Vette, Quinn, Bot, Morgan, and Kenai successfully prepare to leave (see Chris' post). The spiritual advisor, Crutcher, is most tainted by the Dark Side. But he is not a Force-User. He is just selfish, and evil. (I'll let you react to that, if you wish...and then move us on to the Tomb.) kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 133 (12/19/04 7:06 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Preparations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette relays his feelings about Crutcher to the team. "What shall we do with this Crutcher fellow?" kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 134 (12/20/04 9:33 am) Reply | Edit | Del Crutcher -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blake mentions that whenever the pilgrams return to the settlement he seems to disappear. "If you are concerned about the settlers, I could persuade Able to watch Crutcher." Vette replies, "I have a bad feeling about him. We could take him with us." Quinn hastily cuts in, "no, these poor settlers are not our concern. He would be a risk to the mission." "Very well, get the people organized and on a set frequency. Put them on guard duty and full alert until we are finished." Vette seeks Crutcher out and uses an old Jedi Min Trick on him. "What do you know of this monument? Who is it's caretaker? Speak!" Edited by: kadunkadunk at: 12/20/04 9:35 am VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 497 (12/20/04 10:38 am) Reply | Edit | Del Vette and Crutcher -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crutcher shugged off Vette's influence, and acted shocked. "How dare you ask me such a thing. I am the spiritual leader of Blackwell!" Vette grabbed Crutcher by the collar, and pushed him back into a corner. Crutcher's toes were barely touching the ground. Vette looked left, right, and behind him to make sure no one was watching. Then in a hoarse whisper, "Crutcher...I will pluck out your eyes and toss you out in the dark woods if you don't come clean. What do you know of the monument? I will not ask you again." Crutcher's face was turning purple, but he managed to gasp out, "I was the one that brought the settlement here...I heard dark voices in the night telling me to bring the settlers here...I was promised riches...and the favors of many women...." Vette sneered at Crutcher. "'s that working out for you?" Vette squeezed a little tighter. "What do you know of the Tomb?" Crutcher croaked out, "I went there only to the front doors and ran away. I'm afraid of the Tomb...I don't know anything." Vette stared into Crutcher's bulging eyes. "I'm going to take you to Abel, and you will confess what you have done. You will ask Abel to punish you or forgive you. Do you understand?" Crutcher nodded, and Vette let go of him...allowing him to drop to the ground. After catching his breath, Crutcher was escorted by Vette to Abel. After his confession, Crutcher was thrown in a detention cell. Abel put a hand on Vette's shoulder. "Thank you for your efforts on our behalf, Jedi." Vette smiled and nodded his head, hiding his amusement at the irony of being called a Jedi. "It was nothing." Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/20/04 11:37 am kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 135 (12/20/04 11:02 am) Reply | Edit | Del LET'S MOVE OUT!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The professional team gathered their gear and checked weapons as Vette gave the command, "Let's move out!" VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 499 (12/20/04 11:34 am) Reply | Edit | Del SUMMARY SO FAR...the TOMB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY SO FAR: You were sent to Thoth to investigate a disturbance in the Force. You were to meet you guide in the settlement of Blackwell. When you arrived at Blackwell in the Gray Sunrise, you were first greeted by blaster fire...but quickly convinced the settlers you were there to help them. They informed you that Darth Malice's (Vil Reaver) Black Tomb was located on Thoth, and that Dark Side pilgrams came here all the time to worship. You met your guide, Blake...who said guiding you to the Tomb was his last job on Thoth, and then he was leaving. Vette discovered that Crutcher, the spiritual leader of Blackwell, had brought the settlement here on purpose to assist Dark Side pilgrams on their journey. VIL REAVER'S TOMB Blake led the party into the trees. "Trails don't last in these woods, so I don't bother building them. Geo-positioning equipment malfunctions in a wide area around the Tomb, so you can't use technology to find it. You just sort of have to feel your way there." And everyone can feel the Tomb's power. The Jedi and Force-Users are most affected, but everyone can feel the heaviness in the air. The cool touch of evil. Weaving your way through the crooked swaying tree limbs and brush, and sense of pure terror hangs in the air. It is unnerving that the soil, the bark, the limbs, and the leaves are all pitch black. After three hours of weaving through the trees, Blake points up ahead. "We're very close, now. I've been leading folks to this place two years now...and I've never gone into the place. Figured those evil bastards would try to sacrifice me to their dark gods. I trust you guys...and this time I'm going in. This will be my last chance to see what's in there." The party is standing at "A." Two black doors are set into a depression in the hillside. The doors lie in shadows, that appear to move and shift. Two gnarled black trees grow on either side of the doors, and their exposed thick black roots appear to hold the doors shut from the outside (not shown very well in my drawing, sorry.) The doors themselves are glossy black mirrors, and the party members can see themselves reflected in its surface. What do you do? kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 136 (12/20/04 11:36 am) Reply | Edit | Del The Black Tomb - Interlude Adventure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette commands the trees, "Open, you vile being!" Sorry Mark, I need an escape during work! Edited by: kadunkadunk at: 12/20/04 11:39 am VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 500 (12/20/04 11:40 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: LET'S MOVE OUT!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tree roots stir. (It costs you a Force Point), and the tree roots completely withdraw from the shiny black doors. They are still closed, but there does not appear to be a lock. Only pull handles.... kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 137 (12/20/04 11:44 am) Reply | Edit | Del The TOMB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette has a very surprised look upon his face. "Uhh...Bot, cover the area above us. Morgan uses his staff to pull open the left side door. The rest of the party has weapons at the ready. crossmlk Mike Cross Posts: 234 (12/20/04 12:07 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Blake -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quinn is keeping an eye on Blake. He will use a force point to sense his intentions. VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 502 (12/20/04 12:28 pm) Reply | Edit | Del The Stairs...and Dead Bodies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quinn senses that Blake is a selfish, greedy, bastard of a bounty hunter...that has grown really tired of dealing with folks even more selfish and greedy than himself. He appears very curious about the contents of the Tomb, but that is intentions appear good. As Morgan pulls the door open, a smell of decay and death pours forth. Inside, steps descend into an inky darkness. The black walls and black steps are just as shiny and mirror-like as the doors to the Tomb. The thing that really has the party's attention though, are the hundreds of decayed and decaying corpses that litter the stairway for as far as their light source allows them to see. kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 138 (12/20/04 12:47 pm) Reply | Edit | Del The Decayed Entrance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette tosses in a atmosphere purification flare that lights the tunnel and eases the sickly stench in the air. Kenai says, "I hope that doesn't attract whatever killed these poor bastards." Vette, replies, "I do." VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 504 (12/20/04 12:56 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Are You Coming, or Not? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette, Quinn, and Blake ready themselves to enter the Tomb...and descend the stairs. Morgan speaks first, "Wait, perhaps this is just a trap?" Kenai jumps in. "Yes, what do we gain by entering this evil place. What good do we actually do." Quinn looks shocked. "What do you mean? There is a great evil here...we have been sent by the Jedi Council on Corsucant to eliminate it as a threat." Vette shakes his head. "Are you coming or not?" (O.K., Vette, Quinn, and Blake are going on this Interlude Adventure. Whether Kenai, Morgan, or Bot Welo go on it, depends on whether Scott, Steve, or Brian want to participate. It doesn't matter to me either way, but I'm not going to bring them as NPC's.) Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/20/04 1:27 pm StephenB Steve Bowden Posts: 84 (12/20/04 2:31 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Are You Coming, or Not -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morgan, contemplates the sitituation and looks and Quinn, I guess you are correct I am here and where you go I go. If this is a trap oh well, I am sure we have been through worse. Lets proceed. kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 139 (12/20/04 3:49 pm) Reply | Edit | Del ...Of course it's a Trap! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "...Wait, perhaps this is just a trap?" Vette turns backward and replies snidely, "of course it's a trap!" Just then the crumbled bones on the floor amass together into a large abominable golumn. It has long stringy arms and haunched legs. It's head is ghoulish with a gaping maw that hangs open spewing noxious gas. Blake don's his breathing mask and the Quinn holds his breath. Quinn yells, "Vette! Look out!" Vette has barely enough time to gasp for air as a skull-sized fist slams into his back, sending him scuttling across the floor. Quinn's light saber comes to life and a burst of flame engulfs the creature from Blake's wrist flamer. Edited by: kadunkadunk at: 12/20/04 3:57 pm

PAGE 3 StephenB Steve Bowden Posts: 85 (12/20/04 4:32 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Of course it's a Trap -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morgan, shoots flames from his hands hitting the creature on the side as he runs past the creature hoping to get behind it. VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 507 (12/20/04 7:13 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Stairwell...the Death Golum...the Fight... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The air purification flare lights the stairwell like a tiny star, reflecting off the shiny black walls again and again. As Morgan lights one side of the death golum with his flaming hands, he can see that Blake is trying to light the other half from the other side. Morgan can also see that the stairwell is 30' wide and 100' long (notice the map is not to scale when it comes to the length of the stairs)...ending in a 30' wide and 10' deep landing (letter "C")...with 2 black shiny doors blocking further progress. The floor of the landing ("C") is obscured with green mist. Its amazing the detail you can see during combat with the right training. Quinn slashes at the golum's legs with his light saber, managing to sever one of them. The now flaming golum begins to tumble up against the west wall...where Vette is just starting to get up. Vette's eyes get as big as saucers, and he is but a blur. Suddenly, Vette is landing softly next to Quinn, as the Golum crashes to the floor...flames exploding outwards for 10 feet in every direction. The flames curl around Blake's armor with little or no effect, as Morgan does a backflip down 7 to 8 stairs and lands like a cat out of reach of the spreading fire. The golum writhes and screams ghastly screams within the flames, and heavy black smoke...and the beast's toxic breath...pour out of the Tomb's open double doors. Quinn turns towards the door, where Kenai is still standing. "Well Cordawan...are you coming along, or not?" Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/20/04 7:14 pm crossmlk Mike Cross Posts: 238 (12/20/04 8:10 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Stairwell...the Death Golum...the Fight... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The business end of Quinn"s blue light sabre disappears as he cuts power to it. He leans close to Vette and quietly says, "Sorry about that next time I'll take off the other leg." Louder so the rest of the party can hear, he says, "Adept Morgan, would you mind checking to see if that door is locked." VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 509 (12/20/04 9:56 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Green Mist and the Double Doors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morgan carefully makes his way down the 70' of stairs that lay between him and the landing with the green mist. Meanwhile Blake, Quinn, and Vette step over the still smoking bits and pieces of dead bodies from the death golum. Quinn looks back over his shoulder...and Kenai is still standing in the open doorway to the Tomb. Quinn can feel the terror the Cordawan is experiencing. They are all feeling the terror that this powerful focus of the Dark Side is generating. Vette says to Quinn, "Will he be O.K.?" Quinn answers, "We'll see. If nothing else, he can guard the entrance to the Tomb...and perhaps he'll muster the strength to catch up to us later...." Morgan takes a deep breath and holds it to avoid breathing in any of the green mist covering the landing ("C") at the bottom of the stairs. The double doors are the same shiny black surface as the rest of the Tomb so far. Morgan barely brushes his finger tips along the door's surface...and feels the doors pulling at that energy Morgan uses to cast spells. Drawing at the Force within him. Morgan jumps back and is surprised to see green fiery letters appear on the surface of the doors. Morgan does not recognize the language, but as the rest of the party walks up, Vette reads the words aloud. "Worshipers of the Darkness...Enter...return to your Mother's cold embrace...bask in your Father's burning pride...and be sure to kneel before you unmerciful Lord." No one else can read the language. The double doors open towards the party...appear to have no lock...but do have two pull handles. crossmlk Mike Cross Posts: 239 (12/20/04 10:15 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Green Mist and the Double Doors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raising his hand Quinn feels the power of the force running through him. He directs it at the huge doors and gently pulls one of them aside so there is room enough for a person to make their way through. "Careful lads, with just that little use, I could feel this place trying to suck the force right out of me!" VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 511 (12/21/04 12:27 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Stairwell...the Death Golum...the Fight... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So who takes a look-see into the next room? Who goes through the door? Let me know how you plan to go through (i.e. run in, carefully ease in and to the left, a big fancy cartwheel, whatever!) Mark kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 140 (12/21/04 6:03 am) Reply | Edit | Del The Green Mist and the Double Doors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette shines a flashlight over Quinn's shoulder into the darkness. VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 512 (12/21/04 9:00 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: The Round Room -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Feel free to read this twice, its a lot of detail) The room beyond the double doors, is 40' in diameter and round. The walls are black, but not shiny like the rest of the tomb so far. Besides the door you are looking in, there are three closed doors that lead out of the room. The ceiling in the room is only 7' high. There is a black pillar 2' in diameter ("D") that goes from ceiling to floor in the center of the room. Four versions of the same carved face of a horribly cruel looking man with long hair is carved into the pillar about 5' off the ground. One version of this cruel man faces each of the 4 doors leading into the room. The carvings of the cruel man's face have strong features, and a harsh confident manner about them. He appears to be someone of importance. Extending from this pillar is a wagon wheel pattern on the floor and spokes leading out from the pillar out to the walls. There are 1 inch in diameter holes spaced about every square foot of the floor, ceiling, and walls. Vette gets the strangest feeling that the carved face that is facing their doorway is looking at him. Something about the eyes... What next? Be descriptive... Demisis Scott Bower Posts: 178 (12/21/04 9:08 am) Reply | Edit | Del Inside the Round Room -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wait." echos from Kenai. The party turns toward the long silent Cordawan. Kenai, black staff in hand, guns slung on either armored hip bows his head and approaches the open double doors. He comes up five feet short of them and shines his light on the opposing walls. "This too is clearly a trap. It appears to me that the man on the pillar is either the Father or the Lord of the words on the doors." Kenai bows his head and shoulders very low and walks semi-crouched toward the male face on the central pillar. He drops fully to his knees before the image of cruel man. "I believe this is the face of Vil Reaver." Kenais eyes focus toward the pillar and after a moment he extends both arms and places his hand against the smooth surface of the pillar. "I would think there would be a button or a device here that would make the room and the doors out of it safe. But I'm finding nothing." Vette querried. "How about trails in the room. Foot prints?" Staying on his knees, Kenai looked to the floor again and tapped with his staff. "You would think a thousand years of Pilgrims would wear a path and show us where to go. But all I see are scrape marks in a circular pattern around this pillar...extending from the pillar to the wall. And what is the purpose of these holes in all the surfaces of the room?" (Good post Scott. I did a little bit of editing to make it fit, and it is now safe for anyone to post and describe their next action. Kenai is kneeling in the round room at the base of the pillar (D), and Vette, Quinn, Blake, and Morgan are still on the landing (C) at the bottom of the stairs...outside the round room.) Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/21/04 9:30 am kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 141 (12/21/04 10:19 am) Reply | Edit | Del The Green Mist and the Double Doors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever since reading those frightful words; "Worshipers of the Darkness...Enter...return to your Mother's cold embrace...bask in your Father's burning pride...and be sure to kneel before you unmerciful Lord," Vette was sure not going to kneel before some ancient evil, just to have the Dark Lord revel in tricking him into the Dark Side... Vette steps into the room and uses Sense Force to determine where the power of the Dark Force is coming from. Edited by: kadunkadunk at: 12/21/04 12:14 pm VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 516 (12/21/04 10:49 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Noooooooooo! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Vette steps forward into the room, Kenai thrusts out his hand and begins to say something to him. But its too late, because Vette is through the doorway and standing straight up. All of the following happens at once: -The double doors slam shut in front of Morgan, Quinn, and Blake. -6 inch black blades stick out of the holes in the round room's floor, ceiling, and walls. -The round room begins to spin a rocket speed. -What Kenai was trying to say can be finally be heard: "NOOOOOOOO!" (Its in your hands...what happens? Don't let yourselves off scott-free or I'll edit you!) kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 143 (12/21/04 11:16 am) Reply | Edit | Del Inside the Spinning Round Room -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette gets scraped in the foot. Using Burst of Speed, he jumps, landing on the wall that is now spinning, taking more damage from the spikes. But now the centrifical force is keeping him planted on the wall. His lightsaber flares to light and he shears off several of the spikes, giving him some fighting room. He made a reflex saving throw of DC 18. A bright whitish grey lightning strike surges from Vette's blade as he attacks the visage of Vil Reaver with Force Light. Rolling a Natural 20, giving a 27 and 3d8 points of damage to any Dark Side Creature or Spirit within 10meters. Edited by: kadunkadunk at: 12/21/04 11:33 am VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 520 (12/21/04 11:24 am) Reply | Edit | Del Comes to a halt...but then... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, Kenai is thrown from the center of the room outwards, skimming across several blades, and then hitting the outside wall. He feels pain in his leg, and when he looks down, he sees his calf is impaled on one of the black blades. There is a flash of gray lighting from Vette's sword, and chunks of black metal spin off of the central pillar and strike the walls around both Vette and Kenai. About 5 seconds later the room stops spinning almost as quickly as it began. Vette slides to the floor, and Kenai wrenches his leg off of the blade and falls on his hands and knees. Blood is oozing from both of them, and they have to struggle not to puke. Vette, takes a deep breath and takes control of his nausea...making it go away completely. The central pillar has minor damage to it...a chunk missing here or there, but nothing too dramatic. Morgan, Quinn, and Blake hear the room stop spinning. It spun for maybe 10 seconds.... (What next?) Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/21/04 11:27 am kadunkadunk Chris Stevens Posts: 144 (12/21/04 11:26 am) Reply | Edit | Del Duck when you enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vette yells, "Duck when you enter and don't look into the eyes of the statue. VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 521 (12/21/04 11:30 am) Reply | Edit | Del Map Refresher -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The black blades retract back into their holes, and the doors seem to be lined up the same way they were before. Here's the map again.... Do you investigate anything in this room? What do you guys do next? If you simply open a door, let me describe what lies beyond according to my map! crossmlk Mike Cross Posts: 242 (12/21/04 11:33 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Duck when you enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the doors open up or are openable Quinn enters following Vette's instructions. If not he uses his universal lock pick (his lightsabre) and begins to cut a hole in the door. Once he gets in he does some force healing on the Cordawan's leg. Demisis Scott Bower Posts: 179 (12/21/04 11:43 am) Reply | Edit | Del Stay Low!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenai speaks out slowly and clearly, and in pain. "Seriously...everyone entering the room CRAWL. Stay below the gazing eyes." Edited by: VoidPulp at: 12/21/04 11:51 am VoidPulp Mark Stinson Posts: 523 (12/21/04 11:50 am) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Duck when you enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The doors were locked when the room was spinning. Quinn knows that because he tugged on them, and was about to cut his way through the doors when the room stopped spinning. Now they are unlocked and open easily. Quinn tends to Kenai's nasty wound. crossmlk Mike Cross Posts: 244 (12/21/04 12:24 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Re: Duck when you enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quinn asks Blake, "This place appears to be one big trap. Did the Darkside pilgrims have some kind of map or ever mention how to proceed in this place?" Next he motions to Kenai, "Let's examine these doors my friend, you take the one on the right I'll take this one on the left and we can work our way around." Demisis Scott Bower Posts: 180 (12/21/04 12:46 pm) Reply | Edit | Del Examinig -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenai takes a close look with his Cybernetic eye at each face on the Pillar (KEEPING LOW) looking for variances. Then examines the door on the right closely with his Cybernetic eye set on magnify. Shining light around and under the door.

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