Rodian Scout/Pilot

Black Glossy Eyes

Green Molted Skin

Long Fingers & Head Frill

Originally from Scrap-Moon of Muni

Bot Welo is a Rodian scout and pilot from the scrap-moon of Muni deep within Hutt Space. Though he has a weakness for get-rich-quick schemes, he is essentially good at heart. For a few years he flew free-lance for economic interests in Hutt territory, going under contract occasionally for the steady money. Bot allowed himself to be caught up in a plan to rip off his Hutt bosses, but faking a piracy incident on the ship that Bot was piloting. Bot's accomplices were later caught, and after days of torture...right before their tongues were cut from their mouths...these accomplices ratted out Bot as being in on the scam. Bot escaped an attempt to capture him for bounty, and fled Hutt Space for the Outer Rim.

Bot loves to fly, and he has really become enamored of the backwater regions of the Republic. He still flies free-lance, though recently he has taken on a job of which he is proud. He is being paid a salary by the Jedi of the White Tower to fly the Gray Sunrise, and to shuttle Jedi on missions. Bot was able to get a small boost to his pay by offering to assist the Jedi on their missions once he gets them to their destinations. While Bot needs and enjoys the money, he could be making a lot more money on other, less savory jobs. Something about working for the Jedi is rewarding....

Bot still worries about the Hutt bounty on his head. Hopefully, being this far from the Republic Core and from Hutt Space offers some protection. And perhaps working for the Jedi will offer some protection as well!