Cordawan Elite Soldier

Red Skin

Dark Hair

Unflawed Features

One Synthetic Arm

Kenai is from the Aloren System...the planet Cordawan. People call your race "Cordawans." They have a scarlet hue to their skin that is really rather red! Not like American Indians...I mean RED! They are highly emotional...sometimes almost like children. Either very happy or very mad...and usually nothing in-between! Party hard...fight rest...all energy and emotion!

The planet is all lush rolling green hills, temperate weather...a paradise really. The Jedi have their White Tower on the moon of Cordawan...Melan-Ker. From there they have ruled Cordawan wisely for at least a thousand years. So just has been their rule, that without exception the Cordawans are completely loyal to the Jedi.

They serve as squires and pilots, technicians and scientists, and all in all loyal friends and comrads. They train with the Cordawans...fight along side them, and in all ways share each other's destiny. That is Kenai!


Kenai, you were brought up from Cordawan to Melan-Ker when you were 13 to serve and act as a quartermaster to the young Jedi in training...the Padawans. You patched their practice armor, made practice wooden sabers for their swordplay, and even sometimes cooked and served their meals. You made a lot of good friends, and were always treated well. You picked up quite a few tricks yourself...but like all Cordawans you steered clear learning anything about light-sabers out of respect for the Jedi and their arts. The Force runs strong in Cordawans, but their nature does not allow them to focus it...or control it.

When you got older it became evident that you were strong and fast, and the Jedi promoted you to put the young Padawans through their lessons and gave them tips. You became good enough at guiding the young Padawans that the Jedi made you a training-partner for older Jedi.

When you reached the age of 23 you were allowed to begin accompanying Jedi off-moon on diplomatic and humanitarian missions. You were now a real squire to a Jedi named Meeko-jon. You were sent to the Fendora-Bengala System to negotiate with economic managers there for a loosening of restrictions on workers' rights on the small tidal-locked planet of Milos. You had a less than satisfactory meeting with a manager named Farn Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd made fun of the Force, called the Jedi religion "washed up," and ended the meeting by spitting at Meeko-jon. You jumped to your feet to defend your friend and master...but Meeko-jon told you to stand down. It took every effort on your part to not rip Mr. Lloyd's throat out...but you listened to Meeko-jon and left with him.

That night in a spacestation hotel room on Fendora-Bengala, you heard struggling in the adjoining room where Meeko-jon was supposed to be sleeping. You kicked your way through the door between your two rooms, and the sight you saw changed you forever. A forcenet had been thrown over Meeko-jon as he slept, and though he had clearly reached his light saber and turned it was too late...Blaster fire from 5 guns had blown holes through Meeko's chest. Meeko-jon your friend and master lay dead, his light saber still buzzing and humming in his hand...and over him stood the murderers...the assassins. You drew your gun and began firing...but there were two many of them. A forcenet went over you too, but you kept firing. Shots ripped through your face, arm, and chest, but you kept firing. You could not hear your shots over the sound of your own screams, but you kept firing....

You awoke on Melan-Ker in the home of Jedi-Master Rhee-Gon. He told you that a Fendora-Bengala air-car had dropped both your body and the body of Meeko-jon in front of where the Jedi spacecraft was docked. They had dropped off the bodies as a warning...they could not imagine that you were still alive. Rhee-Gon told you of the devestation you had experience...and that he had blocked your memories of the pain...and the surgeries that rebuilt you. Out of a debt of honor and loyalty the Jedi had paid for the parts that rebuilt you. They knew you had given everything you could to save the Jedi to which you were a squire.

Since that day 8 years ago you have served as a trainer to Jedi. Though you have asked many times to be allowed to once again accompany Jedi as a squire off-moon...the answer is always no. "You are not ready yet, my son," are the kind words with which Master Rhee-Gon always denies you your request. You are satisfied and proud of your job as trainer...but you itch to go off-moon serve a Jedi prove THIS TIME, that no matter what, no one will hurt the Jedi that you serve.

Finally the day had come. Rhee-Gon called you to his home. He told you that a Monk of Ando Prime had travelled abroad...seeking answers to questions no one has yet thought to ask. He told you that the head of the Jedi himself...the all-knowing, all-seeing Seer requested you specifically to go abroad with this Monk and protect him from all possible threats.

You knew of the Monk. Morgan Cloud came to Melan-Ker about a year ago and begun living among the Cordawans living in the Hamlet of Durn outside the Jedi Temple. He had begun training with the younger Jedi, and had made many Jedi friends. He spoke of strange philosophies...and an ancient complex religion with a large pantheon of gods. You find the Monk interesting, and you do not regret that you will be accompanying him off-moon instead of a Jedi. If the Seer himself requested that you protect this Monk, that is enough for you!

You are to accompany him to Tibaroe...and help him to find the two Jedi who are already there...Quinn Roldoon and Vette Vanjor. You have heard of the impact these two brave Jedi have had on the fallen Golden Race. For this reason you relish this new responsibility, and thank the wisdom of the Jedi that they would know when you were ready. When you arrived in the Mad Twins System:

Twin orbs of swirling gas...brightly burning Maron Dwarfs her sister, the smaller cooler red Eline. The Mad Twins dance their carefully choreographed eternal dance...oblivious of your mission...oblivios to your duties to this Monk of Ando Prime.

Wegan, a small rocky planet with an incredibly fast orbit, weaving its way in and out of its mother and aunt...the Twin Stars that make up this system. Though lifeless, it serves an important purpose, stabilizing the system so that Tibaroe, a planet lush with life, may live. Tibaroe rockets into view, its lush green vegatation showing through its blue water drenched atmosphere.

You are a good pilot and it shows as you steer a smooth decent through the white clouds, you have been here once before, but only briefly. You accompanied Meeko-jon here on one of your first missions together. It was an easy simply delivered a sealed message to one of the King's advisors. You decide to clue in the Monk about what to expect on Tibaroe:

"The Tibaroes are a proud people...they have struggled for centuries against the Tikari, and it has made them hard and war-like. Yet, they are somehow regal and strong. They fiercely defend their own land and their honor. They are the remanents of an ancient race, some say they have forgotten more science and technology than the outside world currently holds. High Lord Vorgan held the Golden City against the savage wood-demons...the Tikari, as well as a strong democratic rebel force for almost his entire life. Only recently has the civil war ended...and the rebel slaves and the proud Golden Warrior have begun rebuilding their culture and their infrastructure. Quinn Roldoon and Vette-Vanjor...two young Jedis helped bring peace...and now they guide the Golden Race through this fresh new-born Unity. But still the dark Tikari wood-demons threaten to destroy all they have built...I'm not sure about answers...but I can say we are going to see some serious action if we are going to join with Quinn and Vette!"

You skimmed your ship across the lower fallen city...overgrown and crumbling, the ancient buildings appear dark and foreboding. A cliff face rises up from this devestation...and as you steer your craft above it, the upper stretches of the Golden City come into view. It too is overgrown and half-swallowed by the jungle...but the glow...the golden glow. An emotion...pride...honor...all the goodness within you wells up inside at the sight of the Golden City...there is no explanation for it...but you get the feeling you will get the chance to prove yourself here. You will not be too will not fall to superior will save your charge - whatever it takes!


...It has been at least two months since you entrusted the pieces of the disruptor pistol you recovered from one of the "self-destructing" Fendora-Bengala bounty hunters to Davis Pern, the thirty-fingered Chief-Technologist of the Golden Kingdom. He had taken it from you with the gleam of curiousity strong in his eye that let you know that he was looking forward to the challenge of fixing the gun. You figured he would have let you know it was fixed by now. Then you remember how damaged the gun was...and how its powerpack had been completely destroyed in the self-destruction process. Plus, though the Golden Race of Tibaroe was once very far advanced, since the Shadow War they are far less advanced than even the loyal Cordawans....

You have been kept quite busy with the rebuilding of the Golden City, and in accompanying Morgan, a Monk from Ando-Prime, in his travels on Tibaroe. There has been a huge influx of "wandering" Golden Warriors that are now returning to the Golden City. It seems to you that with the Helm of Ossron and the Ebon Blade of Gundri Rosk in the hands of the last true Golden King of Tibaroe, nothing can stop this powerful race of soldiers-born. In just the past two months, the return of lost warriors has quadrupled the population of the Golden City, and with the wit of the technologists behind them, great lengths have been taken to restore the city. You have even seen a few golden skycars whisking past the tower of your guest house assume these were the first of many to follow.

It is just about the time that you have given up on the Xexto Davis Pern, that one of his assistants finds you and summons you to his workshop. The Jedis have told you the tale of how a mechanical machine of war that Pern was working on had attacked the city, and in the process destroyed Pern's workshop. The corner of the Golden Palace where the workshop was located had been destroyed before the Jedis could bring the rampaging device down. Even now the workmen are working on the fine stonework and gold inlay of the wall of this portion of the Palace, attempting to restore it to its rightful luster. Tarps hang overhead protecting the tinkerer's shop from the elements.

You are led into the partially repaired workshop, and you and the assistant stand and wait for Davis Pern to notice you and turn from his work. He is using five of his hands/feet to work on what appears to be the innards of a small skytank...and balancing on his one remaining foot. With the 25 fingers of his five working hands, he is manipulating three clamps, two small welders, 3 screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and a small charge tester! Within minutes the skytank is repaired and in one cohesive piece...and it is only then that Pern turns, and seeing you both standing there is startled into jumping....

"Oh, goodness...I had almost forgotten about you my red-skinned friend." Pern scuttles across the floor, his large friendly eyes never leaving your face. "I have been so busy...the restoration of a fallen kingdom is not work to be taken lightly!"

Pern whips back a tarp from first one table, and not finding what he wants, pulls the tarp from another table. You are dazzled by the complexity and beauty of the golden pieces of machinery and circuitry that lie scattered on these tables...and on the second table...the Tenloss DX-2 Disruptor Pistol!

"The self-destruction circuitry was hard to completely is quite amazing that you pulled this device from the 'fire,' as it were. The power device was destroyed, and the Tenloss Syndicate's technology is much different than our, well...I did my best."

Pern takes the Disruptor Pistol from the table, seeming to weigh it in one of his hands. "If you are caught with not tell anyone that I fixed it for you. I repaired it more out of curiousity than anything...and now I regret it. On most worlds, possession of a disruptor gun is punishable with death. You risk your very life having this gun with you. Do not risk mine, my friend."

Pern hands you the Disruptor Pistol. "I have included a few adaptors I based on power couplings I examined on the Cordawan ship, the Laughing Tingra. The battery takes a charge easily, and can maximize its full capacity after 15 minutes of charging. I wish you well...and mum's the word."

Kenai held the weapon gingerly in his hands, "Do not worry my friend, I will only use this weapon as a last resort. I have seen how power corrupts and will not take this power lightly."


There is certainly a story to be told here. For now, let us say that Kenai Moongazer travelled to Tibaroe in the Mad Twins System, along with the survivors that had been evacuated from the now-destroyed planet Milos. Kenai further developed his relationship with Marna, and tried to help intergrate those from Milos into the society of the Golden Race. It was a perfect fit, for now the society could add a well-trained and skilled workforce to the two social groups that already existed...Golden Warriors and clever technologists. Kenai enjoyed his role on Tibaroe, leaving only a few times for short trips, and one adventure he went on with Quinn to deal with a threat on the planet Peren. But that is a tale for another time!

Kenai sat silently putting the Rattini Musket back together. The Jedi meditated when contemplating things to come, but a good soldier did maintenance on his equipment. He had run diagnostics on his Merr-Sonn rifle that had served him so well through the Rebellion on Milos and cleaning out the evil dark skinned creatures called Tikari from the jungles on Tibaroe. His new Blaster Pistol he had purchased with the help of Meko Dayspinner's contact's at Smuggler's Haven to replace the one he had carried for so many years, the "Tremor" looked and felt impressive when he had practiced with it back on Melan-Ker in the White Tower target range. He had even taken out the Tenloss DX-2 Disrupter from the special case he had purchased for it. The case was made of detection cloaking material and was magnetically sealed. Kenai had it stashed away in a safe place on the Flying Tingra and as always hoped not to have to use it, but after seeing Vette alive Kenai felt drawn to once again handle the weapon.

That had been the primary thought Kenai had been going over in his head. After what had happened on Milos, he had had dreams haunted by the grinning visage of Vette as he had looked when taken by the Dark Side. After leaving Milos, Kenai knew the Jedi would require Marna Jade be under close observation and Kenai requested this duty only after asking Marna if this would meet with her approval. Marna was going to Tibaroe to help the Milos refugees in their relocation. Kenai wanted to go there also since he had made close friends with so many of them and was looked at as a military leader and hero. This helped smooth over some distrust toward Marna for her history of serving their old masters as Kenai swore to her true intentions. Marna had gone through some rough times in the beginning with nightmares of her own and Kenai had tried to be there for her. They had a close relationship that stayed platonic as the scars of her past took long to heal.

When the call to go with Quinn to the planet Peren, or Kempin as it was called on-planet, Kenai did not hesitate to go. The Tikari seemed to have been dealt with on Tiboroe and the People from Milos were settled in...helping reawaken some of the long lost artifacts of the Golden race. He had convinced Marna from the beginning she needed to keep up with her training in the use of the force and skills in battle in case agents from Vilardeen ever came looking for her. He had left some trusted and well-trained men behind looking out for her. This time apart would be a test as to the true feelings that might be between the two. Now Kenai wondered what would happen if Vette ever heard of or saw Marna. Such a strong past memory may have the wrong effect on him. Damn, it would be so much easier if he had really been dead?


Rattini Musket
Weapon Type: Frag-thrower Cost: 2500
Proficiency Group: Slugthrowers Critical: 18-20
Damage: 3d10+3 Weight: 10 kg
Range Increments: 3 Type: Slashing
Fort DC: - Size: Large
Multi/Autofire: - Break DC: 12
Hardness: 6 WP: 3
Availability: Rare, restricted  
Special: This weapon fires over-sized ammo and was noisy with a nasty recoil. It was called a Musket do to its large size and the Rittini's small stature using two hands to fire it with its extended barrel. It has a one load clip...and it takes a full round action to reload it...meaning you can really only fire it every-other round. The explosion from the barrel is like a concentrated fragmentation blast. The Rattini's low tech level has resulted in one monsterously damaging gun...that is slow as they come!

Merr-Sonn Model G8 Blaster Rifle (Get stats from Arms and Equipment Guide)

Special: Gun has a greater range, but the housing is more fragile than comparable weapons. Acquired from Mik-Riks that they called a Quantum Rifle.

BlastTech T-3 "Tremor" Heavy Blaster Pistol
Weapon Type: Heavy Blaster Cost: 1200
Proficiency Group: Blaster Pistol Critical: 19-20
Damage: 3d8+3 Weight: 2 kg
Range Increments: 5m Type: Energy
Fort DC: - Size: Med
Multi/Autofire: M Break DC: 17
Hardness: 5 WP: 5
Availability: Common, restricted  
Special: No stun setting, a flip-down barrel support enables usage as a small carbine. An early version of the BlastTech T-6 Thunderer.

Tenloss DX-2 Disruptor Pistol (Get stats from Arms and Equipment Guide)
Special: Max range is 3 increments instead of 10. Slow recycle rates fired 1 time per round. Target makes a reflex save (DC 10) to avoid a critical a target reduced to 0 wound is disintegrated. Power pack holds 5 shots. Vaporizes Starship hulls and other solid objects.

Masterwork +2 Black Obsidian Quarter Staff
Weapon Type: Bludgeoning Cost: 520
Proficiency Group: Simple Melee Critical: 20
Damage: 1d6+2/1d6+2 Weight: 2.2
Range Increments: - Type: Bludgeoning
Fort DC: - Size: Large
Multi/Autofire: Break DC: 20
Hardness: 15 WP:
Availability: Rare  
Special: Can be used as a double weapon. Acts as have one lighter weapon so with ambidexterity and 2 handed expertise you only take a -2 to hit to both attacks.


One nice thing about being on a planet with so many people from a manufacturing planet (Milos) is all the technical and mechanically trained people around who can help modify your equipment. Kenai was able to get his CI Blast Dampening armor custom fit for optimal movement (Personal Modification 1: Increase Dex Bonus by +1). Kenai had become proficient with a tether line and had a 100 foot line with a variable speed, retractable magnetic motor system custom installed into his armor (Custom Modification 1). He also had a more heavy duty Dart Shooter incorporated in the forearm of his armor (Personal Modification 2). He was able to launch a various array of items from this including tether line grapple/anchor with a ranged magnetic disconnect head.

CI Blast Dampening Armor Modified

Damage Reduction 2 or 5 against blaster attacks 100 foot motorized retractable tether line.(Mod)
Maximum Dex Bonus +3 (Mod) Armor Check Penalty -2
Speed 8m/4m Weight 6kg (From modifications)

w/ Heavy Duty Dart launcher (Mod)
Weapon type: dart thrower Type: piercing
Prof. Group: Slug Thrower Size: Small
Damage: 1D6 Break DC: 14
Range increments: 8m Critical: 20
Hardness: 5