Human Force Adept

Shaved Head

Skin is Cold-Scarred & Tattoo'd

Wears Martial Robes

Monk of Ando-Prime

In order to understand Morgan, its important to read about the Priests of Ando-Prime. Another important element of the character is the fact he traveled to Melen-Ker, and that the Cordawan Kenai was assigned by the Jedi to watch over him in his travels.

Morgan was sent to train with the Monks of Ando Prime at a very young age, Morgan is the 3rd son in a very wealthy family. Morgan is unsure if he was sent to Ando Prime to prevent sibling competition, or as part of some political deal. He left Ando Prime due to rising religious doubts in his mind (read the details below), and traveled to Melan-Ker to contact the Jedi. He has since renewed his faith....

Like all the Monks of Ando Prime, Morgan has scarred skin on his face and hands from the intense cold of the planet. He keeps the hair on his face and head closely shaved, and is heavily tattoo'd with symbols representing the life-giving of Kib and the flowing waters of Slid...and in order to decorate his scars.


You woke up from the dream again...the same dream...over and over for nearly a year...

Mana-Yood-Sushai asleep...surrounded by the beating drums of Skarl, and the chanting of the Monks of Ando Prime. You know that one day Skarl will day the chanting will cease...and Mana will awake and sweep away the world with a laugh...

Then the scene changes and you see HIM...a dark shape marching with a tide of shadow warriors behind soul chills at the sight of him, for he is evil incarnate. A glowing red sword he carries, and a silver crown shines above his head...he appears to be made from swirling shadow, as are his followers. He marches with his army traveling from land to land, planet to planet, devouring all who oppose his black might. That is when the fear really hits you...this Dark Lord seeks not only for power...not only for wealth, and conquest, and death at his hands...he seeks to wake Mana-Yood-Sushai...he seeks to end it all!

You awoke covered in sweat. At first you excused your dream as random fancy...and nightmare fantasy. But after a year of seeing HIM devouring worlds, bring about the had come to a new belief. You knew he was knew that even then he was planning his dark jihad...his crusade for the end of all there is...

What good would chanting do...what good can come of beating on drums...none of that will stop HIM. You wondered if your whole life had been a complete waste...all of the training...the powers you've developed...NO! By Kib, you decided to seek a way to make a difference...a way to stay the push back the prevent the end of it all. The sacrifices you have made can not be in wouldn't let that happen.

You went to Dovin-Kant, an older priest you respect, and told him of your dream...of your fear, and your new determination...

"Each must walk his own path, Brother. Each must play the games of the small gods in his own way! Do not fear young are following the course of Slid, and as the raging river finds the sea, your strong bright soul will not be stopped between this moment now, and the time of your destiny. I know some of what you dreamed, for before I came here...I knew an old old Jedi. The young boys in my small town laughed at him, and called him a warlock...but he was strong in ways they could not see. I would run to him secretly and listen to his tales of battle...he knew so much. I will play my small part in your destiny and tell you now...YOU MUST GO to the Aloren the moon of Melan-Ker. There seek the White Tower and do whatever you must to earn the right to speak with the is said he sees all...knows all...he will know what to do."

You respected Dovin-Kant's advice as much as you did the man. You worked your way to the Aloren System on a trader made your way to the White Tower on the moon of Melan-Ker, and there you met the Jedis. You took up residence in the Hamlet of Durn and made your home among the scarlet-skinned race from the planet Cordawan below. For a thousand years the Jedi had ruled the planet below, and so just was their rule, that the Cordawans were happy and satisfied. They served as pilots, squires, scientists, and fierce warriors at the side of the Jedis that ruled them. The Cordawans living around you on the planet's moon amused and confused you. They played so hard, fought so hard, but they are so happy. They were never bland...always fiery...and you admired it as something you will probably never achieve.

It took months...but you made a friend of one of the Jedi's new trainees...called Padawans. The Padawan's name was Mebler-Ton. You began sharing fighting tips with him, and eventually his friends. Eventually, the Padawan's trainer Master Rhee-Gon demanded to know where they were learning such quality moves...and the Jedi Master paid you a late night visit one night.

You talked with Rhee-Gon for hours about the philosophies of your two religions. You were impressed with the simplicity of their religion...The Force...Good vs. Evil...the sacrifice of those that are strong protecting those that are weak. Rhee-Gon was very curious about your small gods...for you dared not speak with him of Mana-Yood-Sushai. The Monks of Ando-Prime do not speak lightly of Mana!

Rhee-Gon introduced you to other Jedi...and you trained with the young Padawans for a little over a year. One day your chance came. You had not mentioned your need to talk to the Seer for this entire was Rhee-Gon who first brought up the Seer to you.

"The One Who Sees All...the Seer. He has asked that I bring you to him...will you come with me?"

You quickly answered yes, and were led up the stairway in the center of the White the Chamber of the Seer. The bright white light of the Beam of Clear Sight coursed upwards past you...AT the top of the tower it spills forth across the cosmos...tracing a straight and true path for all those willing to follow. The Seer's attendants stepped backwards from the partially opened door and motioned you in...

Once inside the Seer's chambers, you first noticed the pure white beam bursting from a hole in the floor, and rushing out into the starry night. You sensed in the beam the pure clarity of truth and just wisdom. Your eyes were eventually drawn to a slight robed figure standing before a large round window. The figure was small and stooped and for a moment you thought that the stars that should be obscured by the figure, shined through his worn robes.

"You have come for see the Dark see the Vilars that follow have seen that he seeks an end to all that is...DO YOU NOT FEAR THE END YOUNG PRIEST?"

You shudder, for his voice is full of knowledge and confidence...he KNOWS you...he has never seen what you have seen! You try to sound convincing when you answer that you are scared, but you will not let that fear end the fight before it has begun.

"We will all have a part to play in the days that are coming...everyone of strength...everyone with good in them...we will all have a part. You must trust me...I will provide you a ship...a will go to the the System of the Mad the planet of Tibaroe. There you will find your answers...there you will begin your fight. I can are on the path...your path...."

The figure falls silent and you know that your meeting is over....

Twin orbs of swirling gas...brightly burning Maron dwarfs her sister, the smaller cooler red Eline. The Mad Twins dance their carefully choreographed eternal dance...oblivious of your questions...oblivious of the darkness that threatens to engulf them.

Wegan, a small rocky planet with an incredibly fast orbit, weaving its way in and out of its mother and aunt...the Twin Stars that made up this system. Though lifeless, it serves an important purpose, stabilizing the system so that Tibaroe, a planet lush with life, may live. Tibaroe rockets into view, its lush green vegetation showing though its blue water drenched atmosphere.

Your Cordawan pilot steers a smooth descent through the white clouds, he's been here before and he has travel advice for you...

"The Tibaroes are a proud people...they have struggled for centuries against the Tikari, and it has made them hard and war-like. Yet they are somehow regal and strong. They fiercely defend their own land and their honor. They are the remenants of an ancient race, some say they have forgotten more science and technology than the outside world currently hold. High Lord Vorgan held the Golden City against the savage wood-demons...the Tikari, as well as a strong democratic rebel force for almost his entire life. Only recently has the civil war ended...and the rebel slaves and the proud Golden Warrior have begun rebuilding their culture and their infrastructure. Quinn Roldoon and Vette-Vanjor...two young Jedis helping bring peace...and now they guide the Golden Race through this fresh new-born unity. But still the dark Tikari wood-demons threaten to destroy all they have built. I'm not sure about answers, but I can say we are going to see some serious action if we are going to join Quinn and Vette!"

You skimmed across the lower fallen city...overgrown and crumbling, the ancient buildings appear dark and foreboding. A cliff face rises up from this devastation...and as you rise above it, the upper stretches of the Golden City come into view. It is too overgrown and half-swallowed by the jungle...but the glow...the golden glow! An emotion...pride...honor...all the goodness within you wells up inside at the sight of the Golden City. There is no explanation for it...but you get the feeling that you will find answers here...Dovin-Kant...the Seer...both of them were right. You are walking the path laid before you....


...It has been a month since you entrusted the strange gauntlet that you took from one of the "self-destructing" Fendora-Bengala bounty hunters to Davis Pern, the thirty-fingered Chief-Technologist of the Golden Kingdom. He had taken it from you with the gleam of curiousity strong in his eye, and you felt that he would have figured out how to make it work sooner than now. Then you remember that these people, though once very advanced, have now fallen to a technological level almost equal to that of your Order of Monks on Ando Prime...

You are kept quite busy with the rebuilding of the Golden City, and in helping accomodate the influx of "wandering" warriors that are now returning to the fold. It seems to you that with the Helm of Ossron and the Ebon Blade of Gundri Rosk in the hands of the last true Golden King of Tibaroe, nothing can stop this powerful race of soldiers-born. In just the past month, the return of lost warriors has tripled the population of the Golden City, and with the wit of the technologists behind them, great lengths have been taken to restore the city. You even saw a golden skycar whiz past the tower of your guest house the other assume the first of many to follow.

It is just about the time that you have given up on the Xexto Davis Pern, that one of his assistants finds you and summons you to his workshop. The Jedis have told you the tale of how a mechanical machine of war that Pern was working on had attacked the city, and in the process destroyed Pern's workshop. The corner of the Golden Palace where the workshop was located had been destroyed before the Jedis could bring the rampaging device down. Even now the workmen are working on the fine stonework and gold inlay of the wall of this portion of the Palace, attempting to restore it to its rightful luster. Tarps hang overhead protecting the tinkerer's shop from the elements.

You are led into the partially repaired workshop, and you and the assistant stand and wait for Davis Pern to notice you and turn from his work. He is using five of his hands/feet to work on what appears to be the innards of a large electrostatic canon...and balancing on his one remaining foot. With the 25 fingers of his five working hands, he is manipulating three holding devices, two small welders, 4 screwdrivers, and a small charge tester! Within minutes the canon is repaired and in one cohesive piece...and it is only then that Pern turns, and seeing you both standing there is startled into jumping....

"Oh, dear...I had almost forgotten my wise friend." Pern scuttles across the floor, his large friendly eyes never leaving your face. "I have been so busy...the restoration of a fallen kingdom is not work to be taken lightly!"

Pern whips back a tarp from first one table, and not finding what he wants, pulls the tarp from another table. You are dazzled by the complexity and beauty of the golden pieces of machinery and circuitry that lie scattered on these tables...and on the second gauntlet!

"The self-destruction circuitry was hard to completely is quite amazing that you pulled this device from the 'fire,' as it were. The power device was destroyed, and the Trade Corp. technology is much different than our adaptation is far from perfect."

Pern takes the Forcenet Gauntlet from the table, careful not to pull it free from a belt and battery pack he has attached to it. "The battery is a little heavier that I would design from scratch, but it was all we had that was capable of charging the force grid. It is a greedy little device, and I am afraid that 2, possibly 3, uses are all that you will get from this large battery. Considering the condition of the gauntlet when you brought it to me...I did what I could, please understand."

Pern hands you the Gauntlet and belt-pack. "I have included a few adaptors I based on power couplings I examined on the Cordawan ship, the Laughing Tingra. The battery takes a charge easily, and can maximize its full capacity after 15 minutes of charging. I wish you well my friend!"


There is certainly a story to be told here. For now, let us say that Morgan Cloud returned to Ando-Prime after the "death" of Darth Vile...his faith in his religion restored. He spent five years there building a new temple to Kib...creator of beast and man.

Ando-Prime had begun a fresh circuit around its sun, Ando. The young students had started seating themselves in the small meditation room. Instructor James Strats was at the head of the class preparing for a new direction in their meditative studies. As he looked over his class of 15 students, 12 male and 3 female, he thought about the pride he felt teaching these young the wisdom of the ancients. All of the students had been on Andro Prime since they were very young, but for most of them this was their third year studing specifically with him. He would guide them into adolescense...and then they would pass to another teacher.

Clearing his throat he began, "My name is Instructor Strats, I will give you your meditation exercises...and you manuscripts, for this year of study. After I call your name, please come up and gather your materials. Do not be intimidated by the apparant difficulty of the advances I will demand of you. Within each of you is the life Kib gave you...and you are more than capable of achieving that which I ask of you. Feel free to work ahead, but you dare not fall behind. Sish's hound is upon your heels!" James Strats smiled at his students, and they all laughed nervously.

"As always, I am here for you. Every day you will report here first for meditation and I will attempt to answer any questions you might have, pertaining to the previous day's advances, and the progress of your spiritual journey." As Instructor Strats called the names, each student came up to receive their sacred materials. At the end the Instructor came to his feet and said, "Before we begin the next year of your we have any questions?"

A young boy in the third row spoke up, "Sir, I am a little confused. I have been at my previous temple located in the holy city of Monruse for three years. Then two months ago our Senior Priest came to me and said that I had been chosen to finish my training here at the Temple of the Morning. I was sent the top of this huge mountain, with little or no explanation. I had not even heard of this temple in my studies so far. So as you can see I am a little bewildered...."

This young acolyte was James Lobdell. "I will try and answer your questions. First off you need to know that you have been given a great honor by your previous temple and by the life-giver. The Temple of the Morning is a special, place that only a few priests are ever chosen to attend. Morgan Cloud, the founder of this temple, is a priest of Kib that was allowed to go out into the stars in hopes of learning things that could help our efforts on this harsh world."

"I will give you all a quick history lesson on how this place came to being. This temple of learning was created a little under five years ago. Morgan had recently returned from his travels, when he set out into the snow and ice. Often monks would stop him along his unending path, and ask, "Where do you go, Brother? For what do you search?" Morgan would pull his fur-lined hood closely around his face, and answer only, "I search for the golden ball of the Dawnchild. She cries for her lost joy...." He has never said why he chose the ruins at the top of Mount Frostgen as a place to establish his temple...but one can guess at his motives, for he spends every morning greeting the rising of the sun Ando with tears of joy...and every evening he shed tears of sorrow as it departs our skies."

"He spent months refurbishing the temple, and then he traveled the world once more. He spoke of his temple, and the teachings he would espouse. He explained that the Monks of his temple would not sit in isolation chanting and beating drums to prolong the sleep of Mana-Yood-Sushai. His Monks would not prostrate themselves in fear of Mung. No...his fully trained Monks would leave Ando-Prime, and travel the stars. They would bring the Dawn to those that had lived far too long in the darkness of night."

"Morgan told of his travels to the White tower where he studied with the Jedi to learn combat skills and of the World of fire where he learned to produce flames with the power of Kib. After he showed the priests of these wonders it was agreed that every two years each temple would choose a child-student with great prospects and potential to study at this new Temple of the Morning. The discipline and study at this Temple is more intense that at any other Temple on Ando Prime. To leave our holy world, and to survive among the stars,...this is your goal...the challenge at which you must not fail. For Mung watches you...waiting for you to stumble."

"One student from each graduating class remains to instruct the next graduating class. This will be a very high honor for one of you at the end of your studies. Along with that each temple that sent a student would help with the funding to make sure that all of your needs are meet while you attend this academy. If you are not chosen to instruct at the end of your term, then Dorozhand, He Who Sees the End, has chosen you to seed the stars with our wisdom. You will go to other worlds, assist those in need, and search for children with the potential to study our ancient religion...and preserve our holy world."

"Morgan Cloud does not pretend to lead us...though he was the first of us. We are the World-Walkers, and the stars are ours until that day that the sleeping-god wakes. Know that you can never allow any of the secrets you learn here to be taught or misused by another. Kib has chosen you, but Mung is watching...."